TGirls.Porn: Jelena Vermilion & Nicole Montero

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Description: It was at our TEA2018 weekend when Lifetime Achievement Award winner Nicole Montero suggested we shoot her in an all-girl affair with her partner of choice, lovely Jelena Vermilion to which we instantly responded “hell yeah!” before getting Radius on the case to work his magic…

Okay, I’ve seen the legendary and model and producer railing other gorgeous trans women all over the world, but I can’t recall any of her hardcore co-stars being from Canada. I’m hoping you’ll remember Scott’s exclusive TS Dreamland PornOCD Interview with Jelena Vermilion and my several reviews of Nikki’s amazing work over the years.

While I’m not surprised about which partner turned out to be the aggressor, I couldn’t have otherwise predicted the aggressor. Before seeing the actual TGirls.Porn scene, I knew that Nikki would probably fuck Jelena silly, but I just had to see how it all played out.

I can only describe the opening as passionate. These hot ladies give you time to warm up to the wild sex they engage in with slow-rolling intimacy. I can almost sense Nikki thinking, “I can’t wait to fuck the hell out of this girl,” while Jelena thinks, “I like making love too – not just fucking.” What I see is both vibes playing out.

Breasts are bared first and then Nikki’s cock is exposed. Jelena’s nudity follows rapidly as does her cocksucking! Nikki gets a mouthful of Canadian bacon, but that comes after performing a rim job. They repeat a few acts and discover new ones and Mr. Dark captures the action in brilliant close-up and full body footage.

Hee are the ways Nikki both pays tribute to and destroys Jelena’s tight ass: Doggy style first, then missionary, and straight down into the mattress like she’s trying to fuck her through it.

There’s a cumtastic climax and more intimacy yet again! Mr. Dark and these babes did not just mail in in on TGirls.Porn. They’ve delivered a memorable classic.

Two Tgirls: Slutty Schoolgirl Fucked By Principal

I’ve never had a principal like River Stark before. I’ve had stern ones but not hot ones. Gorgeous Jelena Vermillion dresses for school in a slutty outfit with the appropriate tartan plaid skirt yet it’s too short and they’re not to be worn with fence net stockings. Not to mention a midriff-baring tied blouse. When the principal makes Jelena spin around in the office we can even see her panties! This is just so wrong and discipline must be administered with this naughty student.

First comes a brief spanking with a long ruler while she’s bent over the sofa. Principal Stark removes Jelena’s skirt and lowers her panties for some sort of inspection and a bare hand spanking. For some reason she takes hold of the poor girl’s cock shaft and begins pumping it. There’s an option available to Jelena to keep her from being suspended from school. If the student sits on the couch and quietly allows the administrator to suck her cock, this will help keep her out of further trouble. Jelena obviously likes getting her first blowjob but she admits that she’s shy. The principal says she’s not, switches places with Jelena and lifts the hem of her skirt to expose her big panty bulge. The discipline phase is ending and the lesson in cock sucking begins. River’s cock is raging hard already as Jelena takes it inside her mouth. Soon, River tears off her dress and reveals her big tits in their skimpy bra. The principal devours the student’s pretty nipples after giving her a forceful skull fucking. Then the lady and the girl rub their cocks together.

The next part of Jelena’s lesson involves taking the principal’s big cock bareback with her hot, tight ass! “Slutty Schoolgirl Fucked By Principal” is available on in your choice of 4K (Ultra HD) 8.88GB, 1080P (Full HD) 1.69GB, 480P (SD) 400.48MB or 720P (HD) 800.13MB resolution!

TS Playground: Jelena Vermilion, Scene #01

A speculum is medical tool for investigating body orifices and it allows entry into a body cavity. If you want to get technical, vaginal and anal specula were used by the ancient Greeks and Romans. Speculum artifacts have been found in Pompeii. I’d say it’s beautiful Canadian Jelena Vermilion’s inanimate co-star in this torrid update. This website is notorious for gonzo content and this trans anal scene fits right in with the most extreme solo sets.

Although TS Dreamland has presented the exclusive PornOCD interview with Jelena, I now know more about her physically than I could have ever imagined, more so that after seeing her hardcore work with human co-stars! Damian Cane presents Jelena lounging in the tub wearing a sinuous bodystocking when the scene opens. She gives a little leg and foot tease that will drive admirers and fetishes of these areas crazy with lust. The only nudity so far is her pretty pink nipples and breasts. But moments later, Jelena twists her body around in the minimally sudsy water and she raises her round bottom.

The bodystocking she’s wearing is designed for easy access and there’s no crotch panel whatsoever. After a bit of finger banging, a tremendously long black dildo attached to the inside of the tub enters the frame. As Jelena simulates giving it a handjob, she does the real thing with her own phallus. She proceeds to present as explicit of an ass show one could hope for and backs her ass back onto the toy. Throughout the remainder of this scene, Jelena finds it easier to fuck herself with the big toy unattached to the tub. Then comes the speculum and purple dildo. This amazing update ends with a creamy white cum shot while Jelena pumps a huge toy in and out of her tight ass!

You’re invited to read the exclusive TS Dreamland PornOCD Interview with Jelena Vermilion before or after you enjoy the scene on

TGirls.Porn: Annabelle Lane & Jelena

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Annabelle: “Whether it was the heat from the tub or the fire in my loins, I was so turned on from the moment Jelena looked at me. When I saw her staring from her bedroom window, I wondered if she was turned on too. She must’ve been because she signaled for me to join her in the bedroom. Laying there, touching ourselves, tasting each other, I knew I had to have her inside of me. She gave me such a nice dicking down. Best roommate ever!”

Jelena: ” I’m new to LA. I love the sunshine, the sights, and the events here, but I really wished I had somebody to do things with. I’ve been here for almost a month now, and I’ve not gotten laid! I’ve had my eyes on this girl in the house I rent out of… She’s so pretty and cool-looking, but I’m nervous to talk to her because I’m trans. What will she think?.. Lately I’ve been noticing her spending more time in the pool and the jacuzzi. Maybe I can catch a glimpse or two of her in her bathing suit, even if I can’t touch…”

While shooting content for the ground-breaking website, Annabelle Lane and Jelena Vermilion asked if the producers would be down to feature them in all-girl XXX scene. 

Annabelle’s first TGirls.Porn performance was with Chanel Santini. Annabelle was also featured on Buddy Wood’s website, on and on Shemale.XXX. This is Jelena’s first TGirls.Porn performance but she was also incredible in her debut and and whopping total of 16 photo and video sets on You can also learn more about her here on TS Dreamland by reading her Interview with PornOCD.

The video begins with Jelena hearing some splashing around in the pool outside her window. The gorgeous redhead licks her lips at the sight of blonde stunner Annabelle openly flirting with her. Annabelle puts on a show by lowering her top to bare her lovely breasts. She gets even more brazen by reaching inside her swimsuit bottom and exposing and stroking her cock. Jelena invites Annabelle into her room and their foreplay begins. This TGirls.Porn update reminds me of how Annabelle is so talented at making taking cock seem like the best thing in the world. Jelena is one of the most versatile performers of our time and she can top like nobody’s business!

Canada-TGirl – Jelena’s Homecoming!

You can watch a free video trailer of hauntingly beautiful Jelena on Canada-TGirl! I never thought we’d see Jelena in the adult industry again. For awhile there, I never thought we’d see Canada-TGirl back again! Sadly, the Kevin Dong era is over, but producer Vito comes to the rescue with a whole gang of stunning newbies and other veteran models like the still young and fresh Jelena! This also comes with full access to UK TGirls, Shemale Pornstar, Asian American TGirls, and the Hazel Tucker archives. It’s a multi site without now without a mega price. I never would have said, even to myself, “Hey, Jelena. Lighten up on the snacks. You’re really letting yourself go.” But she’s thinner than when on hiatus and looks absolutely incredible. The Kitchener, Ontario model is a dancer and that’s explains her amazingly toned form. Jelena asks if we missed her when her 14th Canada-TGirl video begins. I can almost hear shouts of, “Are you kidding me? Of course!” Lowering her top just expose some boobage and give us some nipple action, Jelena suggests what she’d like you to do involving being touched, sucked and even bitten. She raises the hem of her skirt to rub her center firmly and when she crouches down, her cock slips out of her panty. After this deliberate wardrobe malfunction, Jelena caresses her breasts and they seem to be quite sensitive by the way she moans. After losing her skirt, Jelena produces a large black vibrating dildo that recalls some of her previous performances. She jacks off while penetrating herself with the huge toy. Jelena’s dirty talk is absolutely mind-blowing and cock stiffening. If you already know Jelena, welcome her back to Canada-TGirl. If you’re just getting to know her, consider this your lucky day!

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Canada TGirl – Jelena With Her Man

Kevin Dong presents beautiful Jelena in a blazing hardcore scene with a shredded stud with tribal ink on Canada TGirl. She arrives home on what looks like a night out on the town, perhaps at a fetish nightclub. When she finds her man sleeping on the sofa, she touches the bulge in his jeans and gives him a kiss.

Clearly not upset about being awoken, the guy kisses Jelena back passionately and rubs his big hands across her latex-clad form. He roughly pushes her pants down to expose her lovely round bottom which is clad in a wisp of a thong. He gives her butt a few hard smacks and stands up to continue the process. He’s not dressed like a dominant master, but he behaves like one and Jelena seems to love it. The guy pushes Jelena to the sofa to give her a rim job and soon, all of their clothing is removed.

Stunning Jelena sucks the man’s cock while she’s on her knees and he’s standing, guiding her blowjob along. If you forget about the photographer’s presence, which you most likely will, Kevin captures incredible footage of the beauty sucking the big cock in a variety of angles. “Your cock tastes so good”, Jelena whispers in her sweet voice and next thing you know, she’s on the sofa taking the man’s railing doggystyle! With her tits jiggling and ass thrusting back to meet the muscular man’s powerful thrusts, Jelena is quite vocal.

Next, she’s taking a fucking in the missionary position with her cock bouncing against her tummy. By the midway point of this scene, Jelena is wailing like mad, taking a side saddle pounding. The guy holds her by one breast with an arm around her neck. It’s kind of like a Domination/submission scene without all the traditional props and gear at this point.

Jelena has no problem keeping up and rides the man’s big dick in the cowgirl position and in reverse! Her hair flies about wildly, her boobs shake and her cock spins in erotic circles until this torrid hardcore scene on Canada-TGirl comes to an end.

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