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Jade’s voice is so sexy, especially when she’s stroking her huge cock while wearing a pretty dressed hiked up around her waist. She had a black sex toy in her ass and was seated in a computer chair when I joined her fap session the other day. She had on red eye wear that matched her crimson lips to perfection. Jade’s tits weren’t exposed, but her sexy legs and feet were completely bare.

She was interacting wonderfully with fans who were asking about her wish list. She also pulled her feet into the scope of her camera lenses for tippers who requested to see more of them. She literally moved the camera around with her feet as not to miss a beat with her intense masturbation.

Jade is one of those Chaturbate Trans broadcasters I cannot understand something about. I don’t get how someone can watch or listen to her without stopping everything to masturbate to completion. One fan mentioned how it was impossible to hold off from shooting his load. Jade encouraged him to hold out longer. Another tipper tried to get Jade to go private, but she rarely does that.

She then gave JOI (Jerk Off Instructions) to a submissive who needed to be trained. He’d never sucked cock before and if Jade’s enormous member was actually to be his first, that would be what I’d call a crash course. It amazes me how she can speak so sexily and for so long while fisting and sometimes double-fisting her erection on Chaturbate.

Jade went on to ask what a cross dressing fan was wearing. She added how cool it would be if they were actually connected and how she’s make them watch while she had sex with other lovers. I almost lost it when she said, “A proper Dom(me) can make me subby). She then told a story of how she’d take a cucumber into the shower when she was much younger and living at home. She’d knife down the vegetable until it was small enough to take. She continued using cucumbers to fuck her tight ass well into her 20’s.

I think all that talk about getting her butt fucked inspired Jade to stand up, turn around and bend over across her gaming chair. I stuck around until Jade turned around again and made herself cum by jerking off furiously with both hands. Sh’e actually made me nut long before that but I wanted to give you a full report. To make one of your own, register for free and follow!