IKillItTS Review: Janelle Fennec & Sean Michaels in Business Casual

Description: Boy Oh Boy! Today we have a fucking treat for you guys.Our boy Sean Michaels is out on a business trip with the always gorgeous Janelle Fennec. Now you know business trips come a dime a dozen but how often do you ever get paired up with a sizzling hot ass like this one? We can probably say never. Now one thing leads to another when they are booked in a room with just one bed. Do we need to explain what happens after? Let’s get right to the fucking action with these two in “Business Casual.”

IKillItTS.com Review: Beautiful Janelle Fennec is well on her way to achieving legendary status. Sean Michaels, with his mainstream fame has attained that years ago.

When Sean recently made the transition to trans porn, what the straight world considers to be a highly controversial move, it’s only logical fr him to start at the top of the trans porn food chain. The pairing of Janelle and Sean is pure casting magic, even if you had no clue about their past work.

They look great separately, but more importantly, they look amazing together. On top of that, there’s an intangible good chemistry and obvious respect from each actor. Now let’s talk about the way they go about sucking and fucking, shall we?

I anticipated cumming to this scene and I did. It fulfilled my expectations 100%. I’m not usually so easily intrigued by interracial project because people are people and all that stuff, but the contrasting skin tones of Janelle on Sean is simply striking. I don’t care what anybody says about interracial porn being irrelevant. I highly disagree!

For those who are not into plot-driven porn, trust me, it’s comical and cute here. No one takes themselves too seriously and it’s a brief, necessary set-up to so much naughty fun! The seduction sequence is on fire and I’m not going to spoil it with too many details.

Janelle’s cock sucking skills are mesmerizing to watch and Sean’s bareback fucking is masterful! There’s a kinky little foot fetishist sequence and some explosive cum action at the end.

I know I’m being uncharacteristically vague with this review, but I really want you to see how this all plays out in the IKillItTS.com area of the Trans500.com network!

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