Sean Michaels’ Trans Slayer Review

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The plot that supports “Sean Michaels’ Trans Slayer” is a spy movie spoof. The title has nothing to do with trans women being more likely to be victims of sexual violence than cis women. “Slaying is just a euphemism for fucking voraciously. 2018 marks legendary mainstream star Sean Michaels entering the trans genre and that’s huge for the adult trans niche.It’s created a lot of buzz and even if years long Michaels’ fans don’t follow him on this journey, they’ll certainly talk a lot about it.

If you’re thinking that this movie includes the trans stars developing raging hardons and shooting big cum shots, that does not happen here. The four scenes here with Lena Kelly, Natalie Mars, Janelle Fennec and Khloe Kay are all about Sean being satisfied. Khloe portrays a Moneypenny type of character who informs “Mr. Dick” about his mission that will help him find a dog.

His contacts, or rather, “allies” are introduced in the order in which he’ll meet them. This is a clever director’s tool to showcase each trans performer in solo before the real action begins. The wardrobes are luxurious and production value insanely high. Lena Kelly comes first, beginning a striptease all in white, a bodysuit and stripper platforms.She bares her full breast and jerks off outdoors before Sean meets her in a mansion wearing a sharp black suit. After she blows his extra long cock, rides it and gets her pretty face splattered with jizz, gorgeous Natalie Mars has her “Ally #2” outdoor modeling showcase.There’s no time wasted on plot development in spite of the spy music still playing. Natalie simply gets Sean’s huge cock out, gives him head and him fuck her and cum on her tongue.

“Ally #3” is radiant Janelle who also poses and strips outside. She masturbates her erection and she’s the first actress to meet Mr.Dick outside in this movie. But they take the actual action indoors. The blowjob sequence is especially striking because of their contrasting skin tones. If you’re here for mainly the interracial aspect, this might be the most visually captivating scene for you.Her facial is absolutely torrid!

Finally, we get to the actress director GenderX director Jim Powers exposed to us first, the alluring ingenue Khloe Kay.She joins casual jeans and t-shirt Sean in a black lingerie get-up. and also receives a big facial at the end. This is a solid A production that’s pure glamour- thin on plot development but heavy on beauty and hot sex.