TGirls.Porn: Jenna Creed & Freya Wynn

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Here’s a killer update on my favorite website with two TS Dreamland fan favorite models: Jenna Creed and Freya Wynn. Scott aka PornOCD had the honor of interviewing both models here and I’ll provide links after this brief scene review. Omar Wax presents yet another spectacular production performance and this one provides viewers with a bit of a build-up prelude with two girlfriends getting frisky. It plays not like a first time experience but rather relationship sex. The display of intimacy on TGirls.Porn is one of the elements that makes it my favorite adult website today, plus the hardcore sex of course. It’s not clear which babe takes the lead in the beginning, nor does it need to be. However, it’s redhead Freya who gets her cock sucked first. The blowjobs are deliciously filmed in wide angle, close-up and POV footage.

Each girl’s stroking and sucking techniques are different yet the results are equally successful. In other words, Jenna and Freya have no problem giving each other raging erections. When these beauties get down to fucking, Freya does the humping first and it’s incredible to see how Jenna handles the jackhammer railing she receives. It’s a good thing the leather sofa they fuck on is a sturdy one. This is Freya Wynn’s fifth spectacular TGirls.Porn performance and the second for Jenna! As for the links I promised, they’re PornOCD Interview with Jenna Creed and PornOCD Interview with Freya Wynn exclusively on TS Dreamland.

Freya: “After long day at the office I’m arrive home to find my gf strip down to her unmentionables. Not that I’m complaining, in fact it’s ritual that on my way home from work to stop and get her Red Bull and in return we go a couple of rounds in bed. She had been on my mind all day and as soon as I felt her pretty little mouth around my girl-cock I just knew I had to be inside her….I’m getting tingles just thinking about it!”

Jenna: “Freya arrived home a little later than usual. I had been beginning to wonder where she was and how I may punish her tardiness by holding out, but screw it how can I resist her lean, slender body and gorgeous yummy cock. Within seconds of her arriving we were both naked and caressing each others soft skin. I slid my tongue into her cute little rosebud before we pounded each other silly. Trust me when I tell ya – there ain’t no sex like tgirl sex!”

Freya Wynn – Sultry Trans Girl Wants To Get Hot, Wet And Sticky With You!

The official synopsis reads: Stunning and statuesque Freya Wynn slips out of her red hot lingerie to take a shower. As she pulls down her black thigh socks, you notice her perfect little bulge poking out. As she rubs her gorgeous feet and lets together, you imagine sucking on each of her pretty, pink toes. Fully nude, she starts rubbing and massaging her all natural tits, which causes her to let out an instant moan. As her hands wander down her stomach toward her swollen cock and balls, she props a leg up on the bathroom counter. That’s when you discover the glass butt plug already stuffed inside her sweet trans girl pussy. While she’d prefer to ride your hard cock, she settles for bending over and thrusting back against a dildo, suction cupped to the shower wall. Freya must love her toys too. She stuffs her ass hole with a vibrating dildo, and then she brings herself to climax by grinding a wand vibrator into the tip of her lady stick. After all this playing in the bathroom, Freya has managed to squeeze out quite the sticky mess. Maybe you can help her clean it up.

In this dazzling encore performance with fine as frog’s hair Freya on Sammy Mancini’s acclaimed website, the young star is quite vocal, yet there’s no need for an introduction this time around. This is what happens once you’ve already made your mark on the adult industry. She simply invites you to join her in the shower. She sheds her long thigh-high stockings and while wearing her Spiderman bikini. “With great power comes great responsibility,” the super hero once said and your duty is to try and make it past Freya’s bare leg and foot tease without cumming. If you can’t hold back that’s okay however. You can stream Shemale Strokers movies or save them for later on your own device.

By the time Freya makes it into the shower completely naked, she’s already got a great big hardon and she’s stroking it firmly. Her naughty talk compliments the lustful look on her pretty face and the way she moves her absolutely sick body. You might think you’re in for some finger banging next, but her tight ass is already deeply embedded with a sex toy. There’s also no way you could have missed the blue suction dildo attached to the shower wall. Wait until you see her riding the big toy and buzzing her big dick with a buzzing vibrator until she shoots her cum!

Mandy Mitchell, Bianca Stone & Freya Wynn

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“Here’s the incredibly hot video of Bianca and myself banging hot 20 year old TS sensation Freya Wynn. This fantasy role-play starts out hot and just keeps getting hotter. Bareback and strap-on fucking, blowjobs, cougar and kitten. One of my favorite scenes in quite a long time.” That’s what Mandy Mitchell said about Mandy and Bianca Bang 20 Year Old TS Freya Wynn! Mandy and her cis female wife Bianca finally have a date night with the promise of hot strap-on sex and more. Bianca already has her harness on with the huge toy jutting from her thighs. Mandy isn’t wearing panties under her dress and the gorgeous brunette girlfriends begin making out. But suddenly a stranger knocks on the door. Bianca responds to see this young skateboarder who needs tools to fix her board right then things were getting hot an heavy. Bianca might be able to help but she warns Freya that she and her wife kind of have a thing going on at the moment. Meanwhile, back at the sofa, Mandy has to hide the rock hard cock she’s been stroking when Freya comes in. While Bianca searches for tools, Mandy is polite enough with Freya, yet obviously frustrated. The tools aren’t the right fit for the skateboard and since Mandy and Bianca are already so worked up, they open up about the tools between their legs. Freya accepts the invitation to be driven home later. She confesses that she likes Mandy’s cock and Bianca’s simulated phallus and gets down to proving it. Bianca could have actually found the proper tools, but her sneaky mind compelled her to use the dildo, a vibrator an Mandy’s stiff tool to fix things instead.

TS Factor #03 Freya Wynn & Mike Panic

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In the 35 minute 6th scene of TS Factor #03, two of my all-time favorite stars go at it like it’s their last sex act and they’re making the best of it. Freya got her adult industry professional career started after doing webcam shows while working a full time job. You can learn more about her on her website. I’ve been a fan of Mike’s work for many years and is absolutely superb. The scene opens with Evil Angel director Joey Silvera asking personal questions I’ve wanted to ask her myself. None of these questions involve why she’s wearing a collar and latex. When shirtless Mike joins topless Freya, the making out begins. I wasn’t expecting much D/s content even though I know most of these star’s work from BDSM-related masterpieces. But then Mike busted out with a flogger and I got to see what I’m really into including powerful bareback fucking and vibrator play. If Silvera’s closing interview had gone on as long as the actual sex, I wouldn’t have had a problem with that at all.

Heritage Girl #8 Freya Wynn

Something about the latest Freya Wynn video on this site reminds me of her debut her Shemale Yum debut two years ago. This gorgeous Salt Lake City, Utah native aka Shyvie Shiv and Siobhan Summers torn her stockings purposely the first time around. When a model is that good, you don’t forget details like that. Stocking runs are a pet peeve of Freya’s and we like seeing her tears them simply because it’s a hot way to be exposed to her lovely legs. One other thing I noticed was that when she stated that she was a little kinky and into bondage and electro-sex, I was surprised. With some girls, you just can’t tell if they’re kinky until they tell you. For some people, certain kinks are for foreplay, but with Freya, the kink often is the sex. She’s more of a bottom than a top, but preparation and mood can inspire Freya to be the aggressor. Everyone is wired differently. In her latest Shemale Yum video, she’s filmed by Radius Dark like in her debut, and she seems to feel comfortable talking candidly about herself with him as she strips. This is a really nice, really long masturbation session complete with butt plug insertion and vibrator buzzing. Once Freya lubes up her long erection, sit back and enjoy a long journey through Fap City. She’s vocal and she makes eye contact when her pleasure isn’t so intense that she has to close her eyes. The intensity builds with the dildo placed against the most sensitive area of her cock until she cums. When you get to Shemale Yum, click on Shyvie Shiv to watch the free video preview and download all of her videos, especially if you love seeing the progression of a beginner evolving into an accomplished and successful adult actress and bonafide star.

TS Pussy Hunters: Freya Wynn & Angel Allwood

Our exclusive TS Dreamland 30% off all 30 channels continues with TS Pussy Hunters – Orgasm on the Mat!

Freya Wynn and Angel Allwood perform in a competitive erotic wrestling bout! No matter when you join through the links in this post, you’ll get the sale subscription price.

Long and Lean, TS Freya Wynn has challenged beautiful, blonde, Angel Allwood to an erotic sex fight. These girls must put it all on the line as they prove who is better at erotic wrestling. Orgasm on the mat!! Winner gets to tie up the loser and do what ever she wants. Blow jobs, pussy pounding and anal! That’s the official synopsis and I’ve got a few things to say about this exquisite bareback bout.

First off, I’m so glad that is now offered as a network package because now I get all the non-trans websites along with TS Seduction and TS Pussy Hunters. This one for example is a crossover of Ultimate Surrender with the incredible director/performer Ariel X. Ariel’s introduction of the foxy fighters includes the revelation that it’s not Angel’s first time on TSPH, but it’s Freya’s and her first official hardcore scene. Limits and safe words are established on the wresting stage and director Ariel is also the referee of this Ultimate Sex Fight. There are never any “real” losers in these types of matches, especially in this one where Angel gets her pretty pussy pleasured. Freya gets her big cock sucked and drills Angel’s quim before the action is moved from the mat to a private room. That’s where Angel also gets her tight ass fucked bareback!

Don’t leave here thinking you can find offers like 30% off all 30 channels all over the Internet. Kink Unlimited is a special network and we were given the opportunity to share this discount with you because Mistress Caramel is a devoted kinkster who’s been raving about Kink’s brilliantly erotic BDSM and Fetish sites for years.

Bailey Jay and Shyvie Shiv

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I first saw trans punkhouse porn starlet Shyvie Shiv aka Freya Wynn on webcam performing solo. She’s incredible on her own and also in her new scene on Shyvie and Bailey Jay are casually cuddling in bed wearing t-shirts and denim. When Shyvie asks how they should get started with sex, she’s given permission to take charge. Things proceed quickly with Shyvie having Bailey get on her hands and knees. Once Bailey’s jeans are lowered, Shyvie swats Bailey’s pantied ass briskly with a long metal prod. Bailey responds that it’s “kinda nice” when asked how it feels. That’s pretty much the answer I expected since as far as I know, she’s not totally into BDSM. I get the feeling that Shyvie is advanced in the D/s lifestyle however. She urges us to look at those “beautiful marks” she’s created on Bailey’s full bottom and adds a hard open palm slap!

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Shyvie then hops off the bed to retrieve an electrosex device that sends shocks through her fingers to Bailey’s butt, torso and tits. Shyvie explains how the gear works so well, I find myself wishing I had one to zap someone with. She encourages Bailey not to be scared, but when she kisses her, the zapping continues with her lips! Shiyvie asks if Bailey wants to try it on her, but she doesn’t so they move on getting more of Bailey’s clothes off. With Bailey in her top and panties, Shyvie removes her bra to expose her lovely hormone breasts. After a few more zaps, including on of Bailey’s pantied cock, Shyvie straddles Bailey and gets a nice compliment on her svelte body. While getting her boobs caressed, Shyvie exposes Bailey’s big tits and then removes her jeans. Next, the girls kiss passionately. After Bailey sucks on Shyvie’s nipples for awhile, she’s asked if she likes to be bitten. Shyvie proceeds to nibble at Bailey’s neck when she gets her affirmative answer. After more French kissing, Shyvie says, “Someone’s getting hard.” She’s referring to her partner’s cock, but when Bailey helps withdraw Shyvie’s dick from her panties, it’s obvious that they’re experiencing the same condition. While kissing again, Shyvie holds both erections in her hand for some pleasurable frottage. Bailey then sits up to remove her panties and she’s in total lust mode when Shyvie lowers her head to suck on her big hardon. By the midway point of this torrid pairing, Bailey is sucking Shyvie’s big dick too! This scene is also available on The TGirl Network that gives you full access to a whole lineup of other high profile contract stars.