Franks-TGirlWorld Review: Horny See Cums

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Description: Beautiful See with sexy boobs and sweet looking ass is going to masturbate for you now, because she is all alone and bored and she needs your attention. Watch her get naked and shoot a load of cum for you.

Well, puts this scene in a nutshell nicely. Allow me to elaborate. This gorgeous freelance dancer from Bangkok is shown rubbing her legs while seated. Her sheer top leaves little to the imagination regarding her breasts and her legs look incredibly smooth.

See’s goodies are threatening to escape her panties and she has a naughty habit of parting her thighs open. See teases herself through her undies for quite some time. It’s well over three minutes that she exposes her cock and her tiny little starfish.

She masturbated quietly while posing, yet she doesn’t begin to develop a hardon until after 7 minutes. But when she does, her uncut flaccid member turns into a hard, gravity-defying spike. The head reveals itself all on its own and the shafts flares out wider as it extends to the base.

See’s ass is remarkable – virtually flawless. She’s in the doggy style position finger banging herself rapidly and deeply. In the next moment, she’s facing us again, jerking off frantically. See is obviously watching porn playing off to her side. But she makes eye contact with you and whispers, “Cum,” right before a few pearly jets of white cream emerge from her swollen cock head. There’s a wonderful instant replay of See’s creamy climax at the end of this update!

Frank’s TGirl World: Pretty Joy Gets Herself Off!

MP4 Scene Trailer

Description: Lovely princess Joy will treat you something special today. You’ll gonna get your eyes glued on your screen as soon as she goes fully naked, giving you a heart stopping view the moment she begins to fuck her tight ass and jerks off her cock ’till she cums.

Review: That’s the official write-up about from about pretty Joy’s encore performance. Joy aka Sammy works at Kings Corner Bar in Patpong, Thailand. She’s also featured on Ladyboy.XXX and on

In this Frank’s TGirl World update, busty Joy is sitting on a bed barefoot and in lingerie. She seductively rubs her hands up smooth-looking calves and begins cupping her large breasts. Then she forms a deep cleavage that makes you imagine tit fucking her. Her foot play suggests sucking her pedicured toes and fucking her soft soles.

After a bit of toe wiggling, Joy opens her legs and her bare, uncut cock is on full display. It’s not hard yet, but please be patient. Joy will rub it to a fierce erection quickly. Her dick has a slight curve to it I’m sure you could figure out how to straighten if she asked you to.

Franks captures amazing footage of Joy making her hard dick bounce and she’s a grower, ladies and gentlemen. She presents herself nude in a dazzling full frontal display before turning around for a closeup anal inspection. Then she’s shown in profile pulling her hardon back from hiding and fully out in the open. It’s virtually impossible not to imagine fucking Joy doggy style in the next few positions she assumes!

Joy also fucks her tight ass with a huge silver butt plug. Then she lays on her back to jerk off to orgasm. The founder brilliantly captures Joy’s creamy white cumshot in 4K!

Franks-TGirlWorld: Indiazinha Is A Real Treat!

Sometimes models with pronounced and abundant ink and piercings don’t impress me as original but “Indiazinha Is A Real Treat!” as the title of this update states. I had mixed feelings about Indiazinha’s outfit, love the mesh and colors, but she shoes have got to go. But do you care about her threads. They’re coming off soon anyway!

I think this model looks amazing with all of her adornments and I don’t even think they’re necessary. Indiazinha is a ravishing beauty who is bound to turn heads without any shock effect.

But she’s expressing herself and with good taste. I’d like to see what sort of art she has in her home. What makes me think so deeply about a porn debut? It’s what this São Paulo, Brazil model brings to the table – the type of personality that makes one think.

I rarely see a debut this good. This girl is just plain ridiculous from her striptease to the way she presents herself completely naked. Indiazinha Trans is on fire! The way she finger bangs her ass and the way her stiff cock points upward as she moves about are just exquisite. Every little bump and grind she makes is so well thought out.

Best of all is the look in Indiazinha’s eyes while she masturbates. Be careful or she will own you. And when the finale comes, she’s suddenly in bed, jerking off furiously.

Indiazinha holds one breast while pumping her erection rapidly with her other hand and the look of total concentration spreads across her pretty face. Is she going to cum in her debut? Yes she is! Don’t miss it!

Juuh’s Creamy Comeback!

MP4 Scene Trailer

Her Frank’s TGirl World profile reads in part: Juuh is back and she is playing with herself today. She gets totally hard and so she grabs her thick meaty cock, strokes it nice and slow ’till she erupts her cum right in front of you. Juuh’s is from Rio De Janeiro, Brazil and her latest update is filmed by Louis Damazo. This is her third update since January of 2016 on

Seeing her wearing a t-shirt promoting reminds me of where Frank got his start as a producer before launching his own website hosted by his original founders. While I’d normally find hairy legs a turnoff, I find the faint blonde hair on her legs a turn on!

I don’t know who Mae is, the name tattooed above her left breast. Is it her mom? I’m hoping it’s her girlfriend. Hey, it’s my trans lesbian fantasy and no one can take it away from me. Her cock has a slight curve to it when it’s raging hard. Do you think you could come up with a way to straighten it out?

To all the tops out there, tell me you don’t want to smash that big ass. I’m not even hearing that! Sure, it would be nice to gaze into her pretty eyes while fucking her with her legs hooked over your shoulders. But imagine pumping your hips and slapping those pillowy butt cheeks in the doggystyle position!

Watching Juuh masturbating nude (except for her tall sandals) at poolside is mesmerizing. After about 12 minutes, Juuh is stroking her cock on a sofa indoors obviously close to having an orgasm. It looks like she’s watching porn until her eyes lock on her swollen cock head moments before it spurts a load of creamy white cum across her thigh in this exquisite update. 

Jessica Angel’s Cum Shooting Debut!

Jessica Angel is from São Paulo, Brazil but if you told me she was from right down the street from me here in Florida, I wouldn’t have questioned it. This debut of hers comes with rapidfire stripping. She’s anxious to bare her big round boobs, cute ass and pretty cock and balls with no hesitation. She begins beating off early in her scene and develops a raging hardon in no time.

Her cock is uncut and when aroused, the head is fully exposed and her shaft is gravity defying. Jessica’s session is not extraordinarily different when it comes to quick strip and stroke updates, but her look is.

There’s a sequence where she briefly lays on her tummy and you can just imagine fucking her in that position. But most of the time she’s laying back or sitting up masturbating. Her climax came as a surprise to me, not because of the timing, but because of the volume.

I don’t have any idea when the last time Jessica came was but at the end of her scene, she fires a huge load of creamy white cum across her inner thigh! Watch the Jessica Angel Free Trailer on

Frank’s TGirl World: Toying Cindy Splashes Cum!

Chili Bar is where adorable model/dancer Cindy works under #33 in Bangkok, Thailand. She’s 19 years old and there’s more private information about her in her profile on Frank’s TGirl World.

This is the encore set to her “Sexy Cindy Teases and Plays” shoot. Production values are high right down to the glam fan and canopy bed she walks beside in the luxuriously decorated bedroom. Cindy is not just pretty – she’s extraordinary.

She moves around the room like she was born to pose. Cindy isn’t encouraged to speak English. She’s just obviously expected to look amazing, slowly strip and then masturbate.

Cindy spends a considerable amount of time rubbing her private parts through her night wear. When she exposes the uncut cock inside her sheer black panties, it’s raging hard. Cindy lays across the bed next with a friendly and inviting look on her face, It’s also incredibly seductive.

It’s pretty amazing how long she goes without actually stroking the stiff rod between her legs. Perhaps she’s intent on not cumming too quickly. She does however engage in some nipple play and this continues as she finally begins to beat off.

Once Cindy is completely naked from head to toe, she begins rubbing her wrinkled rosebud and spreading it widely as she also spreads her legs. She doesn’t ignore her hardon, but she pays more attention to penetrating her tight ass with a large clear bulb. When she lays back and jerks off, it appears that she’s going to climax so easily.

Then it happens. Big spurts of creamy white cum jet out of her shiny cock head to land just below her lovely hormone boobs. “You came a lot!” the photographer exclaims at the end of this fantastic video!

That Tight Thai Tgirl Bell

This gorgeous new Frank’s TGirl World model Bell looks so cute with her braces, her full perky breasts and legs that seem to go on forever. She loves being rimmed and fucked and she finger bangs herself slowly in her debut video. But as a warm up to get her cock stiff, Bell strokes it through her sweater dress which is a big plus for those who’d rather fantasize about what they can’t see. When Bell’s cock is fully erect, her foreskin barely exposes the bulbous head. But it could be a fun DIY project for the lips. I kind of like a clothed dick before my face or growing stiff in my hand, so that’s what love about her scene. Eventually Bell jerks away at her un-cut boner, but I do love that teasing she does. She also speaks a little English. That’s how I learned what she likes having done to her. She’s 21 years old and originally from Bangkok. The large points of her nipples you see protruding through her dress look even more succulent when fully exposed. Her big lovely knockers look amazing as well, especially when she poses almost completely nude. She keeps her mid heel sandals on while jacking off most of the time. When she’s not stroking it and it’s fully erect, it points straight at you. Bell pays particularly close attention to her grooming and her tight ball sack is shaven completely smooth. You can stream or download the debut of Bell of Frank’s TGirl World. I’m looking forward to seeing her follow-up scene.

Jazzy’s Stunning Debut on Frank’s TGirl World

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Jazzy works at the Check In bar, located between Sukhumvit Soi 5 and Sukhumvit Soi 7 in Bangkok, Thailand. Her Frank’s TGirl World debut opens with the handsome photographer arranging the sheer curtain she poses behind, looking gorgeous in her cut-off t-shirt, jeans tall pumps. It’s kind of like watching a fine art shoot until Jazzy moves from behind the gauzy curtain and we see her smoothly shaven balls slipping out of an opening of the shorts. At that point, this becomes what I like to think of as art-porn. There’s also a hole in them with the tell-tale bulge of fleshy cock exposed. When asked Jazzy says she stands at 165 cm which is about 5’4″ tall. I’m not great at math or the metric system. I’ve seen so many great models of the same height on Frank’s website I’ve lost count and stats like these are pretty common with his Thai models. They’re also easy to remember because they’re not so common where I’m from which is the good old USA. Jazzy has a warm, pleasant smile that evolves into that of a total vixen as she rubs her boobs through her top. With multiple camera angles it’s easy to see that Jazzy’s sexy little bottom might be virtually flawless. But the main event seems to kick into high gear when Jazzy sits on the stairs with a raging erection to remove her shorts. The head of Jazzy’s stiff cock strains toward the ceiling when she’s not stroking it. Jazzy kicks off her pumps either because they’re killing her or because foot admirers need love too. During the finger banging sequence and more explicit back door footage, what I suspected is revealed. Jazzy’s bare ass is as flawless as any other I’ve ever seen. This is one super sexy Franks’ TGirl World debut.

The Sexy Stunning Palmy Cums!

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This busty Bangkok beauty poses gracefully in her encore Frank’s TGirl World video. She teases with the deep cleavage of her breasts and lifts her sheer panty pouch to let her smooth-shaven balls spill out. Her uncut cock is to follow and it goes from semi-hard to fully erect right before your eyes. It even springs way up in the air for you. Palmy turns to the side and uses her left hand to make her dynamic dick bounce up and down. She finally reveals her virtually flawless breasts and the side view evolves into footage from floor level. It’s impossible not to imagine Palmy sitting above you with her swollen prick right in front of you face. Then there are wide angle rear views so you can take a long hard look at every inch of her. The camera closes in for tight closeups from the front again. Palmy’s dick is hard all throughout the scene either pointing straight out from her thighs or standing up at a 45 degree angle. A rosebud show let’s you know that the scene is soon to end. Palmy begins stroking her erection firmly next. Then a huge load of creamy white spunk blasts across her torso and as high as the bottom of her orbs. If you missed anything, it’s followed by a classic Frank’s TGirl World instant replay closeup money shot.

Luiza Trajano on Frank’s TGirl World

You know that slogan, “It takes two hands to handle a whopper?” I’m sure that she’s right-handed, but near the end of her new Frank’s TGirl World video, she uses both hands to work herself into a frenzy. She makes her huge cock shoot a creamy white load of cum with her right hand. Who cares which hand she favors. No one perhaps. I just mentioned that to remind you that I haven’t blogged about a scene that I haven’t actually watched for as long as I can remember. Back to Luiza, she’s a quiet little thing in this video until she reaches climax. Luiza is from Sao Paulo, Brazil where this money shot scene was filmed. When her scene begins, she exposes one adorable hormone boob and makes progress with sweet, yet knowing smile. Once both breasts are exposed, she stands up to show off what’s going on beneath her pretty dress in the lower area. Her ass is out of this world and there’s a big bulge in front of it. When she’s ready to get down to the serious business of masturbating, she sits down to slip off her panties. Then we’re off to the races. Check out the tremendously sexy February 11, 2016 updates on Frank’s TGirl World.

Beautiful Ami Cums

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I’ve seen Ami of Bangkok, Thailand before, but only twice on Frank’s TGirl World. She puts everything into her two performances. Actually, in this case, she delivers even more than last time. However, I asked myself if someone so cute looking could really pull off something sizzling hot and sexy before I first saw her in motion. Sugar and spice doesn’t always convert to eroticism for me. She was getting fucked on the other site I saw her on and she’s not as innocent as she looks. The Fairies Bar dancer #34 walks to the foot of the canopy bed in her second Fran’s TGirl World solo scene. A raging hardon is clearly visible in her panties through her sheer negligee. She rubs the bulge periodically while baring each hormone breast and circling her nipples with her palms. Ami smiles sweetly while allowing the swollen head a bit the shaft of her boner to stand out from her panties. Guess what Ami is doing when her cock blasts a stream of creamy white cum on her tummy. Better yet, guess what’s being done to her. I don’t want to spoil the fun for you. I’m sure you’ll love it when you see it on Frank’s TGirl World.

Nina on Frank’s TGirl World

Freelance dancer Nina wears a sheer pink and white robe as she sits on the edge of a tub on Frank’s TGirl World. There’s a bold, almost confrontational look on her pretty face as she caresses her full breasts and unties her sash. Her flaccid cock and smooth hairless ball sack are impossible to miss as they protrude from her thighs. When she props one foot on the tub, you can see her uncut cock getting aroused. She runs a hand through the bath water to moisten her hand and wets her boobs, then begins stroking her rapidly growing penis. Soon its head is staring at us directly. Nina gets into the tub standing and sinks down to get her erection wet. Her robe is still on, but it doesn’t hide much. Then she lets it slip down to expose her entire upper torso. She makes her hardness splash the water and soon her glorious ass is facing us. She begins bouncing in the bathwater, gives us an explicit view of her rosebud, then proceeds to play with her big tits and pert nipples. We get some underwater footage of her hardon next and then she produces a dildo in the shape of anal beads. We hear Nina moaning for the first time as she fucks herself with the big toy. The contrast is her dark cock and ball sack to her olive skin is an amazing sight to see. Suddenly we’re propelled to Nina sitting before us jacking off furiously! The look on her face is incredibly intense as she announces, “I’m about to cum.” After we see a huge blast of creamy white cum blast from the swollen head of Nina’s beautiful cock, we’re treated to a GoPro POV instant replay. I almost feel like I’ve just had a had a facial. Then there’s yet another instant replay closeup. Watch or download Nina’s torrid sets on Frank’s TGirl World.

Gao on Frank’s TGirl World

Charade Bar dancer #22 Gao of Bangkok, Thailand speaks English well in her naughty schoolgirl set on Frank’s TGirl World. She’s 19 and she’s been working at Charde Bar for about a year. She sits before us at a low glass table on the floor with a glam fan on and her pink panties are exposed. She rubs the bulge in them a bit and begins to undo her top. We see one small hormone boob first and then the other and she circles both nipples with her fingers. Then she reaches inside her panties to begin playing with her cock. Gao places her glasses on the floor and masturbates more intensely. Then she allows the head of her uncut dick emerge from the top of her panty. She smiles pleasantly and rubs her balls. Next, she walks across the room and sits down on the table. This time, she releases her erection which pokes up at a 45 degree angle. She lies back for wide angle long shots and closeups, then we see her straddling the table only dressed on her low-heeled pumps. It’s now time to focuse on Gao’s cut little ass. A moment later, she’s completely nude, running a dilver butt plug across the wrinked surface of her well-lubricated rosebud. Goa fucks herself with the sex toy and gets some help with that from her photographer. For the Frank’s TGirl World finale, Gao announces, “I cum” and her stiff cock releases a smattering of creamy white cum across the glass table. There’s an instant replay closeup of Goa’s climax and she gets up and leaves the room with her spent cock still standing up high before her loins.

Tayla Leal on Frank’s TGirl World



Tayla Leal of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil might be grinning in the opening of her scene because of the porn playing in the background. Her cock isn’t hard yet, but this is a 15 minute Frank’s TGirl World video so there’s plenty of time for that to happen. When it does, you’ll see one awfully long dick in her stroking hand. When she lets it go, it bobs and swings all over the place. I’ve seen her here twice before, the last time in September of 2014. That was before her breast augmentation. Back to her new video, Talya faps her 9″ cock on the bed first and then while sitting in a wicker chair. She performes more amazing tricks with her dick when she stands up. Then she jerks off back on the bed with her bare ass raised in an explicit invitation. That ass of hers is absolutely incredible, enhanced by her small waist. Finally Tayla lays back to masturbate with more intensity. She trembles on the bed and releases a torrent of creamy white cum on her pierced belly button and pelvis. There are over 325 photos of gorgeous Tayla Leal right down to her explosive cumshot on Frank’s TGirl World.