Caramel’s Review of Shiri + Yulia: TS-On-TS Gaping Anal!

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Description: Redheaded trans girl Shiri Allwood gags as she gives sexy TS bombshell Yulia Masakowa a deepthroat blowjob. Yulia returns the favor, swallowing Shiri’s hard she-dick. Yulia’s she-prick penetrates Shiri’s asshole slowly, waves of pleasure radiating through their bodies. Shiri’s eyes roll back in her head as Yulia fucks her asshole. Yulia spreads her legs to let Shiri do more buttfucking. Shiri stuffs a toy up Yulia’s rectum, and Yulia’s asshole gapes! The T-girls masturbate side-by-side, and Yulia feeds Shiri a hot load of cum.

Yulia Masakova fucks Shiri Allwood in a raw gaping anal scene!
Flash Scene Trailer

Directed by: Aiden Starr

Featuring: Shiri Allwood, Yulia Masakowa

Caramel’s Review: First, please allow me to tell you a little about the video trailer that compelled me to review this scene from “My TS Girlfriend #02” today. Sometimes I just skim writing and what I see is that Shiri of Las Vegas, Nevada and Russian star Yulia suck and fuck each other. To me, this isn’t any kind of contest for who fucks faster, harder and longer and who is the better bottom. I’m just here to judge how hot the scene is.

Shiri Allwood fucks Yulia Masakova raw!
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The full-length video starts with background music that doesn’t drown out the sounds of the trans lesbian action we’re witnessing for too long. Looking at this scene from a wardrobe point of view, these beauties aren’t wearing the type of lingerie or footwear I’d be interested in wearing, but alas, this is not a lingerie or shoe commercial. I’m not happy with the choices in dress, but maybe that’s just me.

I’m fine with Aiden Starr’s direction, yet I’m not at all aroused until the raw fucking begins. Usually, it’s the foreplay that gets me going. As for the chemistry between Shiri and Yulia, I don’t get the feeling they’d ever speak to one another again unless they bumped into each other at an awards ceremony or starred in another porn production. In real life, I have no idea if they made a connection or not. I’m just not feeling any real chemistry between these fine adult actresses.

Yulia fucks Shiri raw again!
MP4 Scene Trailer

They don’t seem to be just going through the motions, however. I love Yulia relentless pounding and the way she spanks Shiri’s ass to resemble a road map of South America. Taking Yulia’s thrust certainly does not look easy.
Yulia seems more adept at taking a powerful railing. That’s not a good thing or a bad thing considering I sometimes prefer an uncomfortable-looking fuck scene. But the assumed “top” in this situation is definitely Yulia for those who are curious. The ending is absolutely cumtastic. The quick fade-out made me sense a missed opportunity for a snippet of intimacy. Intimacy was the one main thing that was needed to warrant the highest rating I could give a scene presented by the legendary studio.

Caramel’s Review of TS Lianna: Interracial Anal & Cum Kiss with Sean Michaels

Lianna Lawson
Flash Scene Trailer

I provided the synopsis of “My TS Girlfriend #02” on Caramel’s TGirls and it reads: Provocative director Aiden Starr provides an up-close look at passionate transsexual beauties in “My TS Girlfriend 2.” Two of the scenes include sexy T-girls fucking each other lovingly, and another features a fierce trans minx playing with a tight cisgender lady!

Pretty blonde transsexual chick Lianna Lawson plugs her asshole with a slew of big dildos, anticipating a hot interracial anal date. She tries to fit legendary stud Sean Michaels’ big black cock in her mouth. He chokes her as he slams her butthole from behind. Cute T-girl Casey Kisses licks busty blonde Kenzie Taylor’s nipples. Casey eats Kenzie’s sweet, cisgender pussy and then slides her stiff prick into Kenzie’s twat doggie-style.

Trans stunner Aspen Brooks and edgy T-babe Allysa Etain share a TS-on-TS date. Allysa gives a spit-soaked blowjob. Aspen’s round tits bounce as she buttfucks Allysa passionately, and Allysa loves every second of the rectal reaming. Redheaded transsexual sweetheart Shiri Allwood caresses TS bombshell Yulia Masakowa’s round tits. Shiri stuffs a toy up Yulia’s bunghole, and Yulia’s sphincter gapes! The trans girls masturbate side-by-side, and Yulia feeds Shiri a hot load of cum.

TS Lianna: Interracial Anal & Cum Kiss

Description: Pretty blonde TS Lianna Lawson strokes her she-cock and plugs her asshole with a slew of big dildos. Legendary stud Sean Michaels presents his thick black dick, and Lianna tries to fit it all in her mouth. Her prick stands at attention as she sits on his boner bouncing and moaning in delight. He chokes her as he fucks her butthole from behind in a hot interracial anal reaming. Alluring Lianna’s dick is hard as steel! See masturbation, an ass-to-mouth blowjob and sexy anal gaping! Lianna and Sean share a sticky cum kiss!

Caramel’s Review: I really think that Lianna Lawson is one of the greatest MTF trans performers of our time. Forgive me if I rave a bit more fondly of Sean Micheals whose career eclipses most other stars in the game today. I can count the number of male stars I rave about on one hand and Mr. Michaels is my all-time favorite dude. It’s been that way since I began following the adult industry, let alone blogging about it.

TS Lianna: Interracial Anal & Cum Kiss” begins with Lianna staring directly at you, rubbing her panty bulge and one of her brassiere enclosed breasts. Her stiffening cock is exposed shortly after and Lianna assumes a variety of tantalizing positions. She does so while stroking her dick to a big, raging erection.

Lianna primes her exceptional ass with sex toys before Sean joins her. That doesn’t happen until abut 16 minutes into this scene, but when it arrives, the chemistry is electrifying. Sean takes control of the situation verbally and Lianna takes control of his massive meat orally.

When the sequence comes where Lianna uncomfortably lowers herself along the length of Sean’s cock, I’m about to lose it completely. It’s not easy for her, but her cock seems to grow stiffer and rise higher as she eases down on Sean’s rod. I’ve never taken a cock as large as Sean’s and I can’t even imagine doing so. I’m sure it wasn’t easy for Lianna Lawson, but that’s part of what I enjoyed most about this update. This performance was quite a challenge!

Caramel’s Review of Jaqueline A, Scene #01 on EvilAngel

Beautiful Jaqueline A before she strips and strokes her huge cock.
Flash Scene Trailer

Jaqueline A is touching herself when this Jay Sin video begins on and she’s obviously very horny. You can just tell by the look in her eyes and the stiffness of her nipples. You’ll get a hint of the bulge between her legs, but she’ll have you focus on that later.

She first moves through a variety of tantalizing poses, both seated and standing. She exposes her lush boobs next. Jaqueline then begins rubbing her latex-covered center for quite awhile. By the time she withdraws her cock it’s swollen to tremendous proportions.

Jaqueline’s penis is a monster cock, not only long, but very thick. Size doesn’t matter to me and I couldn’t even handle a schlong this huge in real life. I’d have fun trying orally, but I really don’t need this much dick. I absolutely love seeing enormous schlongs like this however, especially when they belong to beautiful women.

I don’t think this Brazilian beauty utters a word all throughout her scene, in English or in Portuguese. She doesn’t need to speak and when she jerks her tool double-fisted, I feel that she’s just showing off. But who wouldn’t with equipment like that?!

I couldn’t believe how serene she is when she makes her rod shoot its creamy white cum. Still she makes hardly a sound and not even a grimace. I love the way she stands up and Jay captures her full frontal still sporting her hardon. Then he tops it off with an instant replay of her cum shot from a different angle! 124 hi-res images compliment the video of the debut of Jaqueline A on

Review written by @tscaramel on Twitter.

Review of Casey Kisses & Sean Michaels on EvilAngel

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TS Facial: BBC Anal, Interracial Facial Description: Stacked, statuesque TS model Casey Kisses looks hot in fishnets. The blonde trans beauty is eager for interracial anal thrills courtesy of legendary porn stud Sean Michaels’ big black cock. Casey releases and strokes her big girl-boner for the camera, and she exposes her puckered bunghole. The trans temptress gives Sean’s monster meat a serious blowjob. He fucks the white T-girl’s tight asshole as she masturbates to orgasm. Sean splashes Casey with a messy cum facial.

Review: Even the world’s finest adult industry studios including Evil Angel are still using the “interracial” keyword. I think it’s a bit tired but I have friends who insist that it helps them narrow down their niche faster in searches. I can’t argue with SEO (search Engine Optimization), especially when I’m still learning more about it.

I’d be lying if I didn’t find skin color contrasts appealing however. I’m just skeptical about people who go down the IR path of “Queen of Spades” and terms and other that raise a red flag and seekers of interracial porn for unsavory reasons. But let me get off my soapbox and onward to my review.

You may have seen superstar Casey performing solo or with her ravishing cis female girlfriend live on If not, register for free and follow this fox. At any rate, in this update, Casey opens the scene talking dirty. She begins rubbing her naughty bits. She strokes her cock to a huge, bouncing erection. It bobs and sways as she walks across the room at eye level. Then she continues to masturbate sitting down.

Casey then shows us how absolutely incredible the roundness of her ass is. This 8 minute sequence almost makes me forget that legendary Sean Michaels is going to join Casey. But what happens next is unforgettable. Sean offers his amazing cock like it’s a gift to be worshipped and Casey goes down on it like it truly is a privilege to suck it. She then rises to line her raging erection across his and this footage is breathtaking.

Within under 15 minutes of this 29:38 minute update, Sean Michaels is pumping Casey’s tight ass raw! I lose track of the position changes because here are just so many of them. Casey has an explosive orgasm and Sean’s nut quickly follows hers. Get to and have some wonderful climaxes of your own!

EvilAngel Review: TS Chanel + Female Ashley: Anal/Facial

Flash Scene Trailer Description: TS superstar Chanel Santini teams up with sexy, cisgender babe Ashley Fires for a decadent anal date! Ashley flashes her thick, round rear as Chanel masturbates; soon, Ashley crawls to Chanel to give a worshipful blowjob. Chanel eats Ashley’s pussy and ruthlessly fucks her face. The T-girl bends the booty-blessed blonde over and fucks her asshole. Ashley hops onto Chanel’s prick for a wild buttfuck. This crude sodomy session serves up raunchy rim jobs and wet, ass-to-mouth fellatio, climaxing as Chanel splashes Ashley with a messy cum facial.

Caramel’s Review: TS NOW! #03 Big Bunda is an astounding movie including TS Chanel + Female Ashley: Anal/Facial, the subject of today’s review. Have you ever taken selfies with an incredible looking trans woman while holding and kissing her boner? That’s what gorgeous cisgender actress Ashley Fires is doing with Chanel Santini when this scene opens! Joey Silvera is my all-time favorite Evil Angel director because, I love gonzo porn, but with certain limitations. I only need the envelope to be pushed so much.

There are certain things I really don’t need to see in porn and Mr. Silvera seems to know how to be extreme, yet not to cross certain lines. He makes even the most sordid sex acts somehow appear classy and respectable. That’s because in truth – they are! I don’t know how he achieves this balance consistently, but that’s one of the elements that makes him a master of porn. And the way he captures the stunning talents of Chanel and Ashley is yet another example of his genius.