Review of Casey Kisses & Sean Michaels on EvilAngel

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TS Facial: BBC Anal, Interracial Facial Description: Stacked, statuesque TS model Casey Kisses looks hot in fishnets. The blonde trans beauty is eager for interracial anal thrills courtesy of legendary porn stud Sean Michaels’ big black cock. Casey releases and strokes her big girl-boner for the camera, and she exposes her puckered bunghole. The trans temptress gives Sean’s monster meat a serious blowjob. He fucks the white T-girl’s tight asshole as she masturbates to orgasm. Sean splashes Casey with a messy cum facial.

Review: Even the world’s finest adult industry studios including Evil Angel are still using the “interracial” keyword. I think it’s a bit tired but I have friends who insist that it helps them narrow down their niche faster in searches. I can’t argue with SEO (search Engine Optimization), especially when I’m still learning more about it.

I’d be lying if I didn’t find skin color contrasts appealing however. I’m just skeptical about people who go down the IR path of “Queen of Spades” and terms and other that raise a red flag and seekers of interracial porn for unsavory reasons. But let me get off my soapbox and onward to my review.

You may have seen superstar Casey performing solo or with her ravishing cis female girlfriend live on If not, register for free and follow this fox. At any rate, in this update, Casey opens the scene talking dirty. She begins rubbing her naughty bits. She strokes her cock to a huge, bouncing erection. It bobs and sways as she walks across the room at eye level. Then she continues to masturbate sitting down.

Casey then shows us how absolutely incredible the roundness of her ass is. This 8 minute sequence almost makes me forget that legendary Sean Michaels is going to join Casey. But what happens next is unforgettable. Sean offers his amazing cock like it’s a gift to be worshipped and Casey goes down on it like it truly is a privilege to suck it. She then rises to line her raging erection across his and this footage is breathtaking.

Within under 15 minutes of this 29:38 minute update, Sean Michaels is pumping Casey’s tight ass raw! I lose track of the position changes because here are just so many of them. Casey has an explosive orgasm and Sean’s nut quickly follows hers. Get to and have some wonderful climaxes of your own!

EvilAngel Review: TS Chanel + Female Ashley: Anal/Facial

Flash Scene Trailer Description: TS superstar Chanel Santini teams up with sexy, cisgender babe Ashley Fires for a decadent anal date! Ashley flashes her thick, round rear as Chanel masturbates; soon, Ashley crawls to Chanel to give a worshipful blowjob. Chanel eats Ashley’s pussy and ruthlessly fucks her face. The T-girl bends the booty-blessed blonde over and fucks her asshole. Ashley hops onto Chanel’s prick for a wild buttfuck. This crude sodomy session serves up raunchy rim jobs and wet, ass-to-mouth fellatio, climaxing as Chanel splashes Ashley with a messy cum facial.

Caramel’s Review: TS NOW! #03 Big Bunda is an astounding movie including TS Chanel + Female Ashley: Anal/Facial, the subject of today’s review. Have you ever taken selfies with an incredible looking trans woman while holding and kissing her boner? That’s what gorgeous cisgender actress Ashley Fires is doing with Chanel Santini when this scene opens! Joey Silvera is my all-time favorite Evil Angel director because, I love gonzo porn, but with certain limitations. I only need the envelope to be pushed so much.

There are certain things I really don’t need to see in porn and Mr. Silvera seems to know how to be extreme, yet not to cross certain lines. He makes even the most sordid sex acts somehow appear classy and respectable. That’s because in truth – they are! I don’t know how he achieves this balance consistently, but that’s one of the elements that makes him a master of porn. And the way he captures the stunning talents of Chanel and Ashley is yet another example of his genius.

EvilAngel Review: Trans Glam – Natalie Mars & Adriana Chechik

What could possibly g wrong with an production featuring the two superstars, Natalie Mars and Adriana Chechik? Everything could go wrong if there’s no chemistry! I wasn’t expecting this union to excite me half as much as most of these great lady’s biggest fans. I absolutely adore these ladies, but the hype behind this update seemed over-rated to me, but I had to give it a chance. The opening moments with both girls posing together is mesmerizing because they’re on such a high level of beauty. The pale/tan skin contrast is striking and the tongue kissing, which could come across as just too much, is highly erotic. The lovemaking that soon follows becomes abruptly voyeuristic in a good way. If you were Natalie and Adriana, would you pay attention to anyone else while you’re getting busy?

I love the oral sequence with Adriana sucking Natalie sloppily to a raging erection. I was kind of expecting reciprocation here, but treated to something else highly arousing next. But that special something I was hoping to happen actually occurs a bit later. These sex acts are also traded and Adriana introduces the trans queen of butt sex to a huge toy. Then another one. And another one yet. Does it ever stop? Getting to the point, this Jonni Darkko video, TS Natalie + Adriana Fucking and Gaping, is a gonzo, wet and messy affair for those who love that ultimate extreme. If you’re expecting anything tame, move on to something else. Something tells me that most fans already know this.

EvilAngel Trans Glam Review: TS Chanel + MILF Joanna’s Anal Date

The official description of TS Chanel + MILF Joanna’s Anal Date reads: Voluptuous TS bombshell Chanel Santini and kinky, tattooed MILF icon Joanna Angel come together! Dressed in sheer lingerie, the passionate girls kiss tenderly. Chanel pushes Joanna’s head down onto her stiff she-cock, and Joanna gives a slobbery, deepthroat blowjob. The thick trans doll eats Joanna’s pussy and then shoves her raging she-dick inside. An inflatable anal toy expands Joanna’s sphincter, and then Chanel buttfucks her. Joanna sucks Chanel’s dick ass-to-mouth. When Chanel cums, Joanna laps up every drop of splooge.

With Scene #02 of the Jonni Darkko film Trans Glam, I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect from the pairing of one of the most downloaded trans superstars of the decade, Chanel Santini, and the killer model/producer of the Alt-Porn powerhouses, and I knew they’d be hot and raunchy, since it’s coming from and, however.

The roll-out is a glam style makeout session that looks like two sessions joined together by masterful editing skills. Chanel gets her raging hard erection sloppily sucked by Joanna and she reciprocates with a muff diving session. The bareback fucking session begins in the missionary position and more cock sucking is followed by big sex toy insertion to prep Joanna’s tight butt for the real thing. To say that Chanel fucks Joanna’s tight ass with gusto might be an understatement! Doggy-style pounding is followed by a reverse cowgirl position railing most humans leave for porn stars to accomplish. Chanel ends up shooting one of the biggest cum shots of her adult industry career and Joanna patiently waits for us to witness the entire explosion before hungrily taking Chanel’s spending dick into her mouth.

EvilAngel Trans Glam Review: TS Aubrey + Curvy Angela’s Anal Date

Scene Description: Glamorous blonde TS superstar Aubrey Kate can’t wait to invade thick, naturally busty bombshell Angela White’s big ass. Their gender-bending anal date begins with Aubrey worshiping Angela’s huge, soft boobs.

The perverse pair swaps spit until the trans vixen pushes her she-cock up Angela’s bunghole. Amid Aubrey’s passionate buttfucking, Angela shows off her ass-to-mouth blowjob skill. The luscious T-girl shoots cum onto Angela’s tongue, and the couple shares the gooey load in a kiss.

Caramel’s Review: The opening sequence featuring Aubrey Kate and Angela White in Trans Glam looks like what every girl who has fantasized about being featured in an adult industry video should be. It’s classically shot and it really heats up when their lips touch. It’s two settings and wardrobes fused together with lesbian lovemaking one might say. Or you can just call it classic torrid sex. Ravenous for hot sex is perhaps the best way to describe what goes down in this scene. Skipping past the feverish foreplay, the footage that takes this scene over the top for me is the doggy style fucking. It’s extraordinary! The side saddle jack hammer drilling is incredible too and although the final scene action with Angela helping Aubrey cum is predictable, it’s a vision that no trans adult entertainment fan should miss!

Trans Glam DVD Description: The stylish, high-fashion video approach of director Jonni Darkko makes a perfect match for the wild glamour of porn’s TS celebrities. In ‘Trans Glam,’ Jonni pairs some of the adult industry’s smokin’ hot T-girls with beautiful and kinky cisgender porn babes. The results are nasty and passionate! Blonde trans icon Aubrey Kate invades thick, naturally busty bombshell Angela White’s big ass. Their anal date climaxes with a gooey, cum-swapping kiss. Voluptuous TS bombshell Chanel Santini expands tattooed MILF Joanna Angel’s rectum using an inflatable toy. Chanel buttfucks her. Joanna gives Chanel an ass-to-mouth blowjob and laps up every drop of splooge. Blonde transsexual Lena Kelly takes raven-haired girlfriend Katrina Jade on a gender-bending adventure of rim jobs, face fucking and cock/dildo double-pussy penetration! Slender T-girl Natalie Mars invites XXX superstar Adriana Chechik to deepthroat her she-meat and tongue her bunghole. Adriana stretches Natalie’s sphincter with four fingers and spears her butthole to gaping with a huge horse dildo!