Chaturbate Trans Cams Ebonyxliz Liz Samantha

Ebonyxliz aka Liz Samantha on Chaturbate

I think it’s safe to assume that Liz Samantha broadcasts out of Colombia. But don’t quote me on that. Am I stereotyping Latinx trans women with my coloring by suggesting they’re from that part of the world? I hope not. In 2009, when I began adult industry blogging, trans girls who look like Liz were likely to be from Brazil.

I don’t know the reason for the regional change over the years, but most of the Chaturbate girls of a darker hue are Colombian these days. Liz cams by herself and sometimes she brings girlfriends with her. I’ve never seen her engage in any lesbian action with them. That’s why I prefer seeing Liz when she’s on her own. There’s something frustrating to me about two hot trans girls camping an not touching, kissing, sucking or fucking each other. Liz is something of a cock tease to me even when she’s by herself!

She doesn’t just whip out her cock and jerk off until she cuts. If she does, I’ve never seen that. Her shows are more erotic striptease sessions. There’s tit fondling and erection rubbing through the clothes, but I’ve never seen Liz doing many blatantly sexual things. I think she gets away with not going all out lewd because she’s ridiculously beautiful. These pictures of her don’t even do her justice. But don’t take my word for it. See for yourself by visiting