Kayleigh Coxx: Transsexual Girlfriend Experience #07

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Description: Girls love to be taken on a picnic. Especially when it is a remote location and you get taken their on the back of your hot boyfriend’s motorcycle. Wine, cheese and meats lead to an afternoon romp as the two lovers get down on the hot afternoon to make hit it deep and hard on the picnic blanket. Dane powerizes her asshole bringing his sweet blonde TS maximum pleasure with his huge tool. The couple suck and fuck to their heart’s’ content and Dane rewards Kaleigh’s hard work with a gigantic glob of sweet milky jizz.

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Review: This DevilsFilm.com scene is beautifully shot, crystal clear and well-directed. But the performances of beautiful Kayleigh Coxx and Dante Stewart drive it’s eroticism. The actors waste no time giving us what we want to see. Dante isn’t shy about sucking Kayleigh’s lovely she-cock and she ends up totally nude even before she returns the favor. Then she’s on her hands and knees blowing Dante’s big dick with her own hardon swinging enticingly between her legs as she rests on her hands and knees. The oral sequences are quite long, but shot from changing angels to enhance the bodies of each star. It takes almost 16 minutes before Dante eases his schlong inside Kayleigh’s tight ass, but the moment is wonderful and the total scene including fucking is a whopping 36 minutes long!

Transsexual Girlfriend Experience #07: More romantic tales of love with trans women. Starring VALENTINA MIA, KALEIGH COXX, NAOMI CHI and introducing KHLOE KAY. Also featuring DANTE COLE, KANE STEWART, KAI BAILEY & WOLF HUDSON. Watch ALL the trailers.

Chanel Santini, Lance Hart: Transsexual Girlfriend Experience #06

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Today, Chanel’s boyfriend pops the big question to her. He asks her to move in with him. Wow, this is a big one. She loves him but will this be too much? It can never be too much as he loves to fuck her every day. They start passionately kissing and he soon has her huge cock rock hard as he sucks it. They both fuck each other long and hard and Chanel erupts a massive orgasm as Lance soon fills her mouth with his love juice.

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Let’s pump the brakes and go down this DevilsFilm.com erotic journey just a little bit slower. Lance Hart is the super handsome boyfriend who’s lonely and he really wants to start a life with Chanel. After considering his proposition from all angles, she accepts and they kiss passionately. When Chanel’s dress straps fall to expose her large bare breasts, she doesn’t try to cover up.

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Chanel is wearing panties under her dress in Transsexual Girlfriend Experience #06 but when Lance gets his hands downstairs, an already stiff cock emerges from her undies! Lance strokes it while they make out and Chanel sits up to get her panties off. He tosses her salad and gives her cock a good sucking next.

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Lance gets down to his skivvies while Chanel strips to her corset and tall, strappy sandals. He returns to sucking her big, beautiful dick and then she goes down on him. A game of dueling swords ensues when Chanel straddles Lance and they rub boners together. Then her hardon stabs his abs as her ass tightens around his cock. Chanel’s erection remains while she’s riding Lance in the reverse cowgirl position too! The staying power of Chanel Santini is revealed when after getting fucked and jerking off for a long period of time, she still has what it takes to fuck Lance good and hard. But we’re back to seeing Lance fuck again leading up to the explosive climaxes!

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Chanel Santini in Transsexual Gangbangers #19

The official synopsis of Chanel Santini’s write-up for her performance in Transsexual Gangbanger’s #19 is the same as the one I included with Annabelle’s Lane’s: Annabelle is tired of Chanel getting all the press and recognition in the contested world of trans adult entertainment. “Why is that bitch getting all the props when nobody can take a cock pounding like me?” Her head minion Chad Diamond suggests she call out superstar Chanel Santini in a fuck off live on the Internet to settle this for once and all.

What a great idea Annabelle came up with. Bringing her boy toys to the forefront, she lays down the fuck of the century as she is mercilessly double ass pounded and pulverized by the hardest cocks in the industry! She even fucks Gabriel up the ass to show she is just as good a top as Santini is. Chanel calls in her 3 main studs – Jonah Marx, Damien Thorne and Kai Bailey. She has her fuck room set up and ready to go as the men proceed to double anal her and pound her holes. She even fucks Jonah up the ass! Welcome to the competitive world of Transsexual Gangbangers #19 on DevilsFilm.com!

There’s no sense in comparing Chanel and Annabelle. They’re both beautiful and brilliant and if you prefer one actress over the other, no one sould suggest you do otherwise. My role is only to encourage you to enjoy both actresses work as well as the actors. Chad Diamond, Gabriel D’Alessandro and Owen Michaels are the lucky studs who gangbang Annabelle.

One big wow factors are that both actresses top, obviously not what we usually get in mainstream scenes with gangbangs unless the girl does it with a strap-on. It’s effective but not quite the same as seeing a trans girl fucking with her real cock. After seeing Annabelle top, it’s an unspoken porn fans demand that Chanel bring it. She does just that. This is why it seems silly to judge one actress against the other. Their combined performances are what makes this DVD a memorable force to be reckoned with. Take a close look at DevilsFilm.com to browse their list of remarkable movies. 

Annabelle Lane in Transsexual Gangbangers #19

Annabelle Lane is tired of Chanel Santini getting all the press and recognition in the contested world of trans adult entertainment. “Why is that bitch getting all the props when nobody can take a cock pounding like me?” Her head minion Chad Diamond suggests she call out superstar Chanel Santini in a fuck off live on the Internet to settle this for once and all. What a great idea Annabelle came up with.

Bringing her boy toys to the forefront, she lays down the fuck of the century as she is mercilessly double ass pounded and pulverized by the hardest cocks in the industry! She even fucks Gabriel up the ass to show she is just as good a top as Santini is. Chanel calls in her 3 main studs – Jonah Marx, Damien Thorne and Kai Bailey.

She has her fuck room set up and ready to go as the men proceed to double anal her and pound her holes. She even fucks Jonah up the ass! Welcome to the competitive world of Transsexual Gangbangers #19 on DevilsFilm.com!

How brilliant it is to come up with a trans porn movie that makes one think more than it makes you laugh or even cum. It makes you wonder how close to reality the premise of Transsexual Gangbangers #19 actually is.

Annabelle portrays the jealous bitch to perfection. “I’m gonna crush her like a Saltine cracker,” she says like she means it. Couple that with the acting chops of Chad Diamond and you’ve got something to sink your teeth into. I’m tempted to but will not go too deep into the sexual acrobatics Annabelle gets into while getting gangbanged. But since producers have understandably let the cat out of the bag about Annabelle fucking Gabriel and the other unexpected events that occur. These guys know marketing inside and out and I hope the teasers work.  But I’ll be so disappointed if this DVD somehow flies under the radar as just another trans porn film. It’s extraordinary.

Devil’s Film: Natalie Mars & Jaxton Wheeler

Tranny Hoes In Pantyhose #04” is a blazing hot Devil’s Film production and it was more than just the video teaser trailer that made me want to see Natalie Mars and Jaxton Wheeler in it. Natalie is mesmerizing in every porn scene she’s in and Jaxton always seems to me like that sweet guy who could protect a chick from just about anyone and fuck her silly too. This great looking pair portray a couple about to go out and take in a play. You can see how Jaxton’s expression reveals that he might have a change of heart about going out by the way he looks at Natalie descending their long, winding staircase.

A fetish for hot trans girls in pantyhose is the theme of all the scenes of this devilsfilm.com movie and Natalie looks exquisite in them. She accentuates how tight and sheer they are as she seductively rubs her thighs. Jaxton kneels down to rub her calves and thighs and plants kisses across the tops of her platform heel clad feet and pedicured toes. This is more of an act of just indulging in what he loves, not one of submission.

“Fuck the play,” he mutters when reminded of their plans for the evening. The fact that Natalie isn’t wearing panties is revealed when Jaxton raises the hem of her mini skirt. Jaxton rubs Natalie’s lovely cock through the sheer black pantyhose and then he runs his tongue across her shaft through the fabric. When Jaxton stand up to unbuckle his belt and unzip his jeans, Natalie kneels down to show her appreciation for the licking she’s just received.

Natalie takes Jaxton’s fat cock inside her mouth and gives him a deep blowjob. When Jaxton stands up again he rubs his erection across Natalie’s hose cock and she gives him another sucking. She then bends over and provides a smoldering view of her wide bottom clad in the hose. As instructed, she plays with her tiny wrinkled rosebud through her pantyhose. Her balls are meticulously clean shave and everything she’s got comes into view before Jaxton begins fucking her hard and fast in the doggy style position on devilsfilm.com

Alexa Scout in Transsexual Girlfriend Experience

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First I watched the beautifully filmed trailer, then downloaded the full DVD for each deliciously torrid scene of Transsexual Girlfriend Experience which is perhaps the most couples-oriented hardcore video I’ve ever seen from Devil’s Film. It was directed by Jim Powers who has directed 658 movies from 1994 – 2016. The four scenes in order include Alexa Scout, Franchezka, Chelsea Marie and Aubrey Kate. In Scene #01, Alexa is a fashion designer who was up all night working on her line. Her sweet boyfriend purchased a massage table to pamper her with. He helps her get undressed before she lays across the table completely nude and her body is insanely gorgeous. So is her face for that matter and the erection he sucks on during this intimate massage. Alexa sucks her boyfriend’s cock in return and then the fucking begins – good, hard naked fucking. The theme of having gorgeous, intelligent and witty a transsexual girlfriend hits is mark right on target with its Alexa Scout and the entire trans woman cast under Mr. Powers’ visionary direction. Head on over to Devil’s Film for more trailers and images. 

Transsexual Cheerleaders #16: Laela Knight and Spencer Fox

Laela Knight and Spencer Fox star in Scene #02 of Transsexual Cheerleaders #16 on Devil’s Film. I did a write-up on Scene #01 on 12/8/15 if you’d like to read it. In the second scene, Spencer is a fighter whose girlfriend Laela want to be his cage fighting cheerleader. She does her little routine for him that gets his big dick hard and she drops to her knees to give him a blowjob. Spencer gives his girlfriend a multiple finger banging while she sucks away. She’s still wearing her panties and her ass looks incredible, especially with her balls falling out of the garment. Spencer reaches beneath Laela to jack her off while she continues to give him head. Once she’s fully charged, Laela stands up to remove her cheerleading outfit. Spencer gives Laela’s staff a good sucking while she exposes her other pom poms. Next, he turns Laela around for a salad tossing. Then he sinks his big dick inside his singular squad’s incredible bottom while she strokes her uncut spike. The first position Spencer bangs Laela in is doggy style on the sofa. After taking Spencer’s side saddle pounding, Laela takes his spunk in her mouth and jerks herself off until she releases a big, creamy white cumshot of her own. You can watch all of the trailers of the 1 hrs. 51 mins Transsexual Cheerleaders #16 DVD available now on Devil’s Film!

Transsexual Cheerleaders #16: Kylie Maria, Chad Diamond

Scene #01 of Transsexual Cheerleaders #16 stars Kylie Maria of kyliemaria.xxx and prolific Chad Diamond. Chad is hilarious as usual as a coach who doesn’t want to give in to Affirmative Action pressure to admit genetic girls to his cheerleading squad for the West Hollywood Christmas Parade. But he’s so excited when Kylie lifts the hem of her jersey dress to reveal that she’s been hiding a cock underneath. It’s raging hard and the coach can’t resist leaning over to suck on it. She gets her cheerleading outfit off while getting blown. The coach beats off while sucking Kylie’s dick and develops an erection also. Kylie hops on top on him for a 69, looking absolutely gorgeous I might add, as she sucks his big schlong and tea bags his balls. Next, the coach gives his auditioning cheerleader a standing skull fuck and a tittie-fuck! Kylie plays with her boner while getting a missionary position railing next. Then he sinks his long rod in and out of her tightness in the doggy style position. This hardcore scene isn’t bareback, but I can barely see Chad’s condom until I see the closeup footage. I think you’ll be paying too much attention to Kylie’s amazing ass and hard spike to let the jimmy hat bother you. Things get a little rough when the coach pins Kylie’s wrists behind her back. He kind of chokes her a little while fucking her side saddle, but he kisses her to. It’s not BDSM, just a good hard fuck! And Kylie’s erection isn’t about to deflate during the entire scene. Her stiff cock bobs and sways this way and that during the reverse cowgirl ride and she suddenly sinks to the floor for a big facial. See more previews of Transsexual Cheerleaders #16 on Devil’s Film.

Khloe Hart and Christian on Devil’s Film

Christian XXX is making out with Khloe Hart and they’re both standing until he kneels down to suck her cock in the Devil’s Film Tranny Hoes In Pantyhose #03, Scene #04 with these two trans porn legends. Khloe returns the favor on her knees with her dick swinging up and down and a tight close-up displays her pretty face before the camera moves into POV perspective. It really works if you have a massive white cock like the man behind Pure-TS. There’s a lot of kissing and intimacy in this scene as this is far from the first time they’ve worked together. There’s another scene with Khloe getting fucked by Christian on Pure-TS and she fucks him in Big Boss Fucks Her Job Applicant! Khloe’s ass looks phenomenal once again in the Devil’s Film as Christian bangs her on the sofa from behind. Her voice sounds incredibly sexy too as she begs for his big dick. Khloe takes some hard slapping and her deep tan can’t hide the marks his hand makes. Khloe strokes her hard spike while Christian pounds in and out of her from behind next. She looks exquisite from head to toe in that bodystocking and tall sandals. A cowgirl ride soon follows and Khloe swings her petite form into reverse with her dick bobbing, swinging and spinning before our eyes. “I love sitting in daddy’s lap,” she moans and starts jerking off furiously while bouncing up and down on her man’s powerful thighs. Khloe takes her facial in a classic Christian XXX favorite position… on her knees. Don’t miss this torrid hardcore scene on Devil’s Film. As for the photo set, how does 580+ hi-res images grab ya?

Diamond Dixon: Tranny Glory Hole Surprise




Chad Diamond is hilarious from the start of this scene, but there’s nothing funny about his cock. When gorgeous Diamond Dixon sees it slip through the glory hole, she starts sucking on it immediately. Tranny Glory Hole Surprise, which also stars Aubrey Kate, Jessy Dubai and Luna Rose, is perhaps the most intelligent transsexual DVDs Devil’s Film has ever made. Considering the success of the cheerleader, prostitute and babysitter series, that’s quite an accomplishment. With the exception of this scene some of them deliver surprises with more smarts than your usual “Oh my God, she has a cock!” scene. Even though the age old cliche is employed in this scene, it works here because Diamond is so freaking funny. Diamond seems to really get into his cocksucking and she looks amazing completley nude when returning the favor. She gives Chad’s extra-long prick what seems to be a world class blowjob. Her ass looks absolutely glorious when she’s bent over, ready to take a raining. Her high-pitched moans and wails are sexy as hell, too. The HD quality is superb as is the side saddle fuck footage. Diamond looks equisite from head to toe. Chad pays special attention to Diamond’s huge breasts even while he’s banging her. There are multiple position changes and you might the second doggystyle positon railing even hotter than the first! The next time Diamond pays special attention to Diamond’s boobs is when he blasts his cum across them. It spurts across her pretty face as well. Watch all the previews of Tranny Glory Hole Surprise on Devil’s Film.

Delia TS in The Tranny Bunch

Devils Film presents “The Tranny Bunch,” the world’s first-ever hardcore transgender parody that pokes fun at one of America’s favorite families. “The Tranny Bunch” hit streets on DVD June 1! So far, I’ve watched Scene #01 with Mrs. Carol Brady, played by Delia DeLions of Delia-TS and her step-son Greg Brady, played by Ruckus (Florence Henderson, Barry Williams were the original TV series actors). The scene opens with Greg jerking off in the bedroom when Mrs. Brady walks in to make sure he’s ready for school. She decides that he shouldn’t go to school in the state he’s in and helps solve the problem he’s having by stroking his big cock. Mrs. Brady doesn’t seem surprised that Greg has fantasized about Marcia. But she wants to know if he’s fantasized about her. Of course he has! Let the blowjob begin. After several positions of coitus, Mrs. Brady cums while getting railed in the missionary position, looking fabulous completely naked. Greg blasts his load on her face and lovely tits. Then she tells him to get ready for school. Each photo below will take you to trailers and a sample gallery of this forbidden, incestuous XXX scene. Take the Devil’s Film tour and don’t forget to visit the official Delia-TS website!

Kylie Maria – Tranny Hoes In Pantyhose 2

After a romantic dinner, Gabriel D’Alessandro waits for Kylie Maria to come to bed in her super sexy little thot outfit in Scene #04 of Tranny Hoes In Pantyhose #02. When he lifts up her tartan plaid skirt while they’re making out, her cock is raging beneath her fishnet pantyhose and he begins licking it through the black fabric. Next thing you know, he’s naked and jerking their erections together as they kiss. He stands up on the bed and Kylie gives him a jerking and a blowjob with her lovely breasts fully exposed. Kylie gets her salad tossed after Gabe tears an opening in her hosiery. She’s in the perfect position to get fucked in so we can see her incredible ass getting pounded. Next, she takes a missionary position railing and Gabe tears another hole in Kylie’s pantyhose. This way he can stroke her hard dick while fucking her. Kylie’s tits bob and sway all over the place as she moans and whimpers. I don’t want to give too much away, but this is one of the best performances from the veteran male star and the hostess of KYLIEMARIA.XXX! Between TsDreamland and CaramelsTGirls, I’ve given my input about every scene of Tranny Hoes In Pantyhose #02 from Devil’s Film. I guess you can say I really liked it! 500+ hi-res photos compliment the Tranny Pros video.

Tranny Hoes In Pantyhose 2 Jonelle Brooks

The first 260 or so out of about 500 huge hi-res images of Jonelle Brooks and the rest are with her Tranny Hoes In Pantyhose #02 co-star Chad Diamond. I don’t know what Jonelle is looking out the window at when Chad enters the room, but her cock is almost fully erect in her fine hosiery when this scene begins. She doesn’t seem to like surprises and pushes him on the bed for a teabagging, dick-licking and salad-tossing. Jonelle rips a hole in the hose for easy access and also has Chad pinch her nipples hard. He does such a good job pleasing her, his skills earns him a blowjob. The high production values of this Devil’s Film joint show off Jonelle’s beauty to perfection in the closeup footage. Chad is usually hilarious in his scenes, but he’s too busy getting dominated and fucked by Jonelle for fun and games this time. My favorite parts are the pile-driving and missionary position railings, but you might like other parts better. I live in Central Florida like Jonelle and everyone in our neck of the woods knows she’s the hottest TS porn star in our neck of the woods today. You can see a plethora of her videos on the official Jonelle Brooks website.

Holly Parker in Transsexual Babysitters #27

Wolf Hudson gets a call from a friend who tells him that his babysitter is a transsexual! Boy is he pissed off by the suggestion. He doesn’t believe it and when Holly Parker comes over, she denies it. How could his friends think that? He tells her she looks like a super model and she’s flattered and willing to prove them wrong. She gives Mr. Hudson a blowjob and when he touches her clit, he believes it’s just a really big one. The Devil’s Film Transsexual Babysitters series is all about comedy and good, hard fucking and installment #27 is no different. In Scene #02, Wolf Hudson delivers yet another world class big cock assault. Hung Holly Parker taking it completely nude is absolutely magnificent. This video runs 28 minutes and not one of them is wasted. Check out the video trailer and sample photo gallery: