Chaturbate Trans Cams Daminkoga

Chaturbate Trans Cams: Damikoga Trans Lesbian Stream

Damikoga is about to join Madigan O.

I posted “Damikoga Strokes Her Cock!” here on TS Dreamland back on November 12, 2020. When I began watching Southern belle Dami Koga on Chaturbate Trans Cams, I had no idea I’d soon be seeing her in trans lesbian streams with another gorgeous TS. I wrote, “She only dates women romantically, at the moment, but I’m not sure if that means trans women or cisgender women. She loves cock and she loves a strap on. Maybe it’s both. Feel free to ask because she’s very friendly and open.

I never got around to asking, but I just got one of my questions answered. I recently saw Damikoga streaming with Scylla or Madigan O. Damikoga wore nothing and her friend only wore knee socks. Scylla wore a black collar around her neck and her nipples are pierced. They spent a lot of time talking and tips encouraged them to do more. Both beauties had their dicks protruding from their thighs, but Damikoga’s was the first cock to get sucked.

Damikoga then kissed her way across her partner’s lithe form. Then Scylla was on the bottom for a stiff rod frottage session with a lot of deep moaning. Scylla lay back while Damikoga squeezed both of their boners together. A liberal application of clear lube and kissing had Damikoga experiencing too much pleasure, if there’s such a thing. I don’t think Scylla wanted to stop, but they took a break.

A 69 position mutual blowjob came later. The girls took turns sucking each other’s hardons off and on between bouts of more 69 sex. There was also a lot of jerking off and what I enjoyed most was the cuddling and the intimacy. See how you like it on!