Chaturbate Trans Cams Crystal Thayer

Chaturbate Trans Cams: Crystal Thayer & Dakota Wilson

Crystal Thayer in lingerie Dakota Wilson fucked her tight ass in!

I love seeing hardcore sex on Chaturbate Trans Cams. Crystal Thayer, one of my favorite major studio and live performers, has just made cam magic with Dakota Wilson. This stud from Amarillo, Texas allowed Crystal to do most of the talking. This was his first Chaturbate stream.

OnlyFans Stud Dakota Wilson!

For example, she was the one announcing tip goals and communicating with fans and tippers. As handsome as Dakota is, Crystal was the main event after all. The plan was to cam for a few hours and it all began with Crystal sitting beside her guest in bra and panties a garter belt and stockings, but no panties. The trans star set up a moderator for the event and stroked Dakota’s big dick at the same time.

crystalthayer with her cock about to expand to enormous proportions!

Dakota returned the favor and got a blowjob while her gave Crystal and hand job. Crystal eventually went topless but the other lingerie stayed on. There was kissing, nipple nibbling and Dakota went down on the beautiful femme’s big cock. Dakota’s foreplay with the 24 year old Floridian was such a delicious prelude to the hardcore action. The OnlyFans hunk gave Crystal a forceful face fucking as she jerked off. This made her large rod so stiff and ready to be sucked again. I lost track of how much time had passed before Dakota vanished shortly.

He returned with a huge bottle of lubricant. Lovely Crystal’s camera was set up to capture her from head to toe as she lay back on the sofa. Dakota had a bit of trouble easing his big tool inside of super-tight Crystal. But soon the missionary position fucking was fully underway! Crystal Thayer stroked her erection, moaning loudly and cursing as the talented fucker increased the speed of his lunges. They kissed while they fucked and then Dakota pushed herself out from under the man.

But that was only to show off her pre-cum and to ride Dakota from above. This bareback session was absolutely incredible! After this hot pair took a break, a jackhammer sidesaddle fucking began. Dakota fucked Crystal until she came and for anyone who misses the Chaturbate show, they can subscribe to Crystal’s OnlyFans site. You’ll find that through her channel which is! Be sure to give her a follow.

Chaturbate Trans Cams Crystal Thayer

crystalthayer: Crystal Thayer on Chaturbate Trans

Crystal Thayer is ready to cam hardcore for you!

Crystal Thayer of Florida on Chatubate Trans

I’ve seen beautiful Crystal Thayer on various major studio sites before I first saw her live on Chaturbate Trans. But I know Crystal mainly from her adult industry debut on and graduating to Her trans lesbian photo and video shoot with Lizbeth Kyo on TGirls.Porn was also incredible! You should click on the photos I’ve enclosed from these Grooby Productions websites for more pics and video previews.

But nothing tops watching Crystal performing LIVE. Her bedroom was lit with a blue tint when I last logged into her channel. She’s got a live-in boyfriend and she describes their relationship as serious. Crystal mentioned that she has an OnlyFans account and a new Twitter account because her old one was sadly hacked. She was speaking naked from the waist up.

Someone asked how big her dick is, but she says that she hasn’t measured it. She might do that for ManyVids someday (but you might want to know that she guarantees replies to fan questions from her OnlyFans account). At this point we could see she was wearing stay-up stockings and her semi-hard cock was fully exposed. She then sat up and stretched across her mattress. This is where her fap show began.

After watching for about 25 minutes, Crystal was joined by her man. He’s a fit, handsome young guy with black hair. Although he seems like a friendly dude, he went about spanking Crystal’s perky ass hard! Then he gave her a blowjob. This made Crystal’s big schlong fully erect!

Someone asked if she’d put heels on and she slipped into some sparkly pumps next. But she’d kicked them off soon after because her boyfriend’s thick cock was rock solid. He was clearly ready to fuck and he wasted no time in doing so! Boyfriend went to town railing Crystal in the missionary position. Then he barebacked her doggy style. Crystal’s facial expressions and loud moaning were such a turn on. If it was good for us, it was especially good for them. He came inside her pretty fast and she showed off her creampie.

Crystal went on to jerk off long after her boyfriend had exited. She did so sitting up on the bed and it was one of the best solo fap shows I’ve seen in a long time! Crystal has one of the best webcam profiles I’ve seen in a long time too! You can find her links on her channel at!