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Clara Blitz, Alice & Katya on Chaturbate Trans

Clara Blitz is doing the most on Chaturbate Trans. One night I saw her forcibly skull fucking blonde Alice while lying on her back. Alice’s cock was rock hard in spite of her obvious discomfort I noticed when Clara, the strawberry blonde, gave her a break. Clara would then jerk off furiously, doing whatever she had to to nut.

I can’t stand quiet sex so I loved Clara’s loud moaning. At some point, Clara’s pumping hand wasn’t enough for her stiff, massive cock. So she had Alice blow her again while she jacked her hips up and down. Then Clare gave Alice another rest while she resumed her solo fap session with her speedy left hand. My timing was pretty good that night because I was there just in time to see Clara shoot her load across her partner’s pretty face.

By the way, the only nudity Clara revealed was her big hardon. She wore a black bra, panties and fishnet stockings. Alice wore a matching outfit in white without the bra and panties. Someone kept asking to see her fishnet-clad feet and she fulfilled their request in exchange for some generous tips. Clara showed us the cum on her big dick in close-up.

I hadn’t notice until then that she had a large butt plug in her ass the whole time. The next night, I saw Clara in her chat room with someone else! This was a super pretty brunette named Katya. This wasn’t blowjob sex, but rather bareback fucking! Katya was geeing spoon fucked by Clara who held Katya’s big boner in a reach-around while she pummeled Katya’s tight ass with her own erection.

For the way Katya’s huge dick looked, smashed between her thighs as it were, both girls are equally hung. And they’re loud and romantic, sometimes passionately kissing while fucking! After watching this Chaturbate Trans hardcore play out for about 11 minutes, I thought Clara might have cum inside Katya’s bottom as she withdrew for a bit.

But after a little break, Clara re-inserted her enormous member and resumed her furious fucking! She also jerked Katya’s big, swollen rod while fucking her again.

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