Pure-TS: Nikki Vicious & Christina Skyye

“Nikki Gets Her Girlfriend Christina To Join In The Fun” is the title of this Pure-TS.com bareback threesome. The synopsis reads: Nikki Vicious and Christian are in Vegas together, but he is just not in the mood for sex. Nikki knows how to fix this problem…convince her sexy girlfriend Christina to join in the fun! These two sexy starlets are irresistible and Christian fucks them both all over the room. September 23rd is when I raved about the one-on-one scene with Nikki and Christian and I went into detail about that scene here. I raved about beautiful Nikki Vicious and her killer bareback performance with gorgeous Brooklyn Roberts and Christian XXX here on Caramel’s TGirls. October 10th was the release of the debut of beautiful Christina Skyye on Pure-TS. My review of “Gorgeous Sex Slave Pleases Her Master” is on Caramel’s TGirls if you’d like to read it and see some of the incredible photos.

This new threesome with the site owner and Canadian stunner Nikki and Floridian fox Christina could be the finest one on Pure-TS.com. This is now a well-seasoned website with time tested formulas specifically designed to appeal to a broad range of trans porn fans. There’s the roughness of a BDSM feature yet without all the traditional props and gear of that beloved niche. Then there’s the glam porn high production values and strong transbian content that is definitely not mailed in. Combine those elements with a porn king with an enormous cock and two of the most ravishing trans girls in adult entertainment ever and it’s winner winner chicken dinner.

If you can get past the part of the story line of a man who would rather catch up on his sleep than have sex with Nikki, you’ll see the blonde conspiring with her friend Christina who’s come along to Vegas with the couple. After getting encouragement in the powder room from Christina that her man might need something a little different to get him going tonight, she gives her a sweet kiss and they proceed to the bedroom. Christina and Nikki awaken the sleeping giant with a kiss and cocksucking, the gorgeous brunette giving him head first. Then the ravishing blonde joins in to take turns sucking that huge hard dick while shedding their bras as they go down on it. Nikki is first to lose her panties and her cock is raging hard when Christian’s erection is moved from Christina’s stroking hand to Nikki’s tight ass.

With Nikki’s hot bottom facing us as she gets railed, she kisses Christina who’s at the right of her passionately. Then the blonde prepares the big boner to enter Christina. Nikki strokes her hardon and kisses Christina while she gets humped in the cowgirl position until Christina takes over stroking Nikki’s dick. The wide angle footage is magnificent as it captures Nikki standing before the headboard thrusting her erection in and out of Christina’s mouth while she rides Christian’s schlong. Christina’s cock is as stiff as those of her horny partners by the time Nikki sits on Christian’s face. The torrid oral and anal action continues to its rough riding finale. This is one of the few Pure-TS.com scenes where I cannot decide what my favorite part is. I guess I’d have to say that’s generally once all three stars are completely nude and that happens early on in the video.