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I hope that you share my love for live shows where you can support trans performers directly. We can do that for models we see on studio premium sites unless we have their social media links. There’s still a middle man taking their cut, but I love this platform and I seldom, if ever, hear complaints about it.

It’s been almost a week since I’ve seen Женька (Jenka) on but some Catholic Russians celebrate Christmas on December 25th like so many Americans do. Their Christmas is mostly celebrated on January 7th but either way, the holiday season is busy all over the place. While Jenka seems to be on a mini vacation, she certainly went out with a bang.

I don’t literally mean a bang since is was a solo show, not a hardcore webcam experience she delivered when I saw her last. I didn’t know she wasn’t American when I discovered her channel and saw her speaking with fans. In perfect English, she was having an every day life conversation, about nothing overtly sexual.

The only thing strange about this was that she had a raging erection standing upward from the side panel of her grey panties. I don’t know what I missed, but it must have been an arousing chat. Aside from her panties, Jenka was wearing a t-shirt and a sports bra, all grey. She sat up on her sofa and gave us closer look at her boner and more tips and a special request came in.

Jenka was asked to get naked and she did so eagerly, revealing a perky set of small breasts and a virtually perfect figure. She then began jerking off. She closed her thighs tightly as she sat with her knees folded. Her smoothly shaven balls were exposed and the bulbous head of her cock almost pointed toward the ceiling. She made her shaft bounce with no hands continued stroking.

The fan interaction with this cutie pie never stopped, even when she closed her eyes, frantically masturbating to reach orgasm! She’s adorable when she grimaces and announces “I think I’m going to cum soon.” There was no big blast but she’s on hormones and she explained that she’s on hormones. No one was complaining. At that point I saw all I needed to see to recommend following her channel!