saralove2u on Chaturbate Trans

saralove2u aka Kimberly Ebano
AKA: Kimberly La Caleña
Date of Birth: 20 September 1996
Country: Colombia
Place of Birth: Cali, Colombia

Look at the big cock under Kimberly's skirt!

saralove2u aka Kimberly La Caleña has one of the most stunning Chaturbate Trans channels on the platform. I never know if I’ll see her next with another Colombian trans beauty or masturbating solo. There’s a reason I didn’t just say jerking off. Kimberly often uses a penis pump on her big cock. This machine makes Kimberly’s dick a bit thicker and longer, as if that’s really necessary. She usually bares her lovely breasts and puffy nipples while moving gracefully through her shows.

Kimberly will often lay her heavy schlong across one thigh when she types replies to her fans’ comments and questions. She’ll wear sexy lingerie most of the time, but she’s not against shedding every stitch of clothing upon request. The more you tip, the faster you’ll get what you want.

Kimberly Ebano on Trans500

After making big, clear cum shots, Kimberly thanks her fans and regular Chaturbate viewer before signing out. I think this is a very effective way to build her fan base. Everyone doesn’t already know of her as a studio porn actress. It took me a minute to remember where I’d seen this beautiful Chaturbate Trans broadcaster before.

It finally clicked that it was from her amazing studio porn work as Kimberly Ebano on Trans500! I think my favorite shoot was the trans lesbian hardcore with Maria Fernanda. But I absolutely love that we can now see her LIVE on!

Morrigan Luxus on Chaturbate Trans

Beautiful Morrigan Luxus looks pensive as she stares off into the galaxies.

Morrigan Luxus of Medellín, Colombia: The overwhelming majority of Colombians speak Spanish, yet 20 year old TS Morrigan Luxus shares about half of her erotic commentary English with her worldwide Chaturbate Trans admirers. She gets tons of tips no matter what language she speaks in because most fans aren’t watching her channel to hear her speak. Except for me haha!

Morrigan Luxus takes a selfie in her panties in an adult bookstore!

I’m on of those people who needs voice to get me off. This petite beauty has so many visual attributes to make climaxing easy, however. There’s her pretty hair and beautiful face. Then there’s her fit, compact form with an incredible ass, curvy legs and cute little feet. I think you’ll love the way she spanks her ass hard with a narrow Lovesense Lush vibrator deeply embedded in it. But when she speaks, it may send many of you over the top. Morrigan Luxus has the sexiest, femininely low voice.

Naked Morrigan Luxus is covered only by a few strategically placed towels.

Even when she’s not masturbating, hearing her asking tippers to stop activating her vibrator because the sensations is so seductive! And if you think that’s something, wait until Morrigan’s cock stroking begins. Do not let the channel pass you by. By the way, it’s a myth that webcam modeling is by far the easiest to do and you can work anywhere as long as you have a webcam and a computer with high speed Internet. You must have talent to make it in this niche.

avrilvixxxen: Avril Vixxxen on Chaturbate

Avril Vixxxen of Canada

Avril Vixxxen has her big tits and pierced nipples out and her rock hard cock is standing straight up!

There’s a new kid on the block from Canada on If you see her broadcasting again soon I must warn you that it’s hard to stop watching her. Avril Vixxxen has used her avrilvixxxen brand all across the Internet on platforms including Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, PornHub, FetLife, OnlyFans, ManyVids, etc. That’s pretty amazing considering that she doesn’t have a full year of adult industry experience under her belt yet.

avrilvixxxen stands outside on the balcony in a latex BDSM bodysuit and tall ballet boots.

It’s also odd that she performs like a seasoned Chaturbate performer so early in her porn career. Avril says that her ass is 80% gym and 20% hormones. She also has a French-Canadian accent, by the way. Avril’s erotic stage was a canopy bed and she wore a few BDSM accessories around one thigh, her neck and one wrist. A metal device had her pee pee locked up.

Avril also wore black eyeglasses. She also orally played with the two dildos on her bed while answering questions. Avril also scooted off for a moment to retrieve a twelve inch long double dong. The size she’s most comfortable with is about 8.5 to 9 inches long. Avril understands that she talks a lot and guys she dates will mention it.

She’ll tell him to stick his dick in her mouth to get her to shut up. I personally love that she talks non-stop for two reasons. Chaturbate shows are not supposed to be silent movies and the things that come out of her mouth are usually pretty smart.

Wouldn't you love to replace this dildo with your cock and fuck Avril Vixxxen in the ass?

Avril promised to deep throat one of her longer fake dicks for tips. It worked! Avril had some problems getting her cock cage off because it was so tight. The pain caused her to scream which had my she-cock raging. When she mentioned that she loves being told what to do, I was smitten.

Her ass fucking was loud and thrilling to watch with one of her bigger sex toys. Her fake phallus spit-roast fucking was an erotic visual masterpiece. Keep your eye on!

Michellnaug on Chaturbate

TS Michell Naug of Colombia

You'd never know that Michllnaug was hiding such a huge cock under her bikini bottom

Fall in love with my big black cock,” read the ticker beneath the Colombian beauty running the Chaturbate Trans channel I’m reviewing today. I covered TS MichellNaug back on July 22, 2020 and this 21 year old’s look may have changed, but her performances are only getting better. She still seems to prefer stroking her massive cock in full frontal views with her long legs spread wide.

Can you believe the size of her enormous dick?

The up-tempo dance music she DJs manually is a bit loud for my taste. But it doesn’t completely drown out the sounds of her moans and oily hand pumping her slick boner. I’m glad to see that fans go crazy, and it isn’t because of all the chatting she does. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Michell utter a complete sentence. But I hear the way this hung cutie with braces moans and it’s so electrifying. When her masturbating hand goes into hyper-drive, you know she’s close to cumming.

She’ll start playing with the long strings of pre-cum oozing from the bulbous head of her cock. More tips roll in to activate the vibrator in her tight ass. Sometimes she’ll cut the music off and you’ll hear the porn she’s watching in the background. I can’t help but wonder if she jerks off with a liberal amount of petroleum jelly because of the build-up that gathers around her tree trunk shaft. Not that I’d ever masturbate with half a jar of Vaseline haha (but you might wanna try it sometime).

That coating makes it kind of hard to decipher the cum that pours out of Michell’s dick head, but her climax is the main event. The most interesting part about it is the way her cock is enormous even once it deflates. Sometimes when you’re on she won’t be the only girl on her channel!

TS Dreamland Cams

MissLetiBlane on Chaturbate Trans

MiaaLetiblane will stroke her thick cock for you.

Miss Leti (Letisia) Blane is a 24 year old Chaturbate Trans broadcaster with a large social media presence. Even her private Instagram account is large as is her Twitter account. Miss Leti’s profile will take you to all that, but I’m her to tell you about a few MissLetiBlane lewd details. When I happened upon her channel the other day, her pear-shaped ass was in full view with a narrow pink vibrator in it.

Miss Letisia Blane wants you to see her cock shooting cum!

Her uncut cock and smooth balls were clenched between her curvy thighs. She typed on a keyboard amongst the stuffed animals on her ultra-girlish bed. Letisia wore a black off-the-shoulder peasant blouse but her legs and feet were bare. She eventually produced a big erection which made me think to myself, “My, my this girl is a grower.” Miss Leti’s schlong is so thick when it’s raging hard! When it comes to getting fucked, I now know she can take a big dick. The fake black phallus she assfucked herself with is enormous!

Watch MissLetiBlane strip and stroke her thick dick on Chaturbate!

I really think you’ll love the way Miss Leti moans when she penetrates her lovely butt. When you don’t have the time to, or simply aren’t around when Letisia is on her channel live, she has an OnlyFans with a sale currently running! But if you’re registered (FREE) on the world’s finest webcam platform, you know what to do. Please tip generously.

crystalthayer: Crystal Thayer on Chaturbate Trans

Crystal Thayer is ready to cam hardcore for you!

Crystal Thayer of Florida on Chatubate Trans

I’ve seen beautiful Crystal Thayer on various major studio sites before I first saw her live on Chaturbate Trans. But I know Crystal mainly from her adult industry debut on and graduating to Her trans lesbian photo and video shoot with Lizbeth Kyo on TGirls.Porn was also incredible! You should click on the photos I’ve enclosed from these Grooby Productions websites for more pics and video previews.

But nothing tops watching Crystal performing LIVE. Her bedroom was lit with a blue tint when I last logged into her channel. She’s got a live-in boyfriend and she describes their relationship as serious. Crystal mentioned that she has an OnlyFans account and a new Twitter account because her old one was sadly hacked. She was speaking naked from the waist up.

Someone asked how big her dick is, but she says that she hasn’t measured it. She might do that for ManyVids someday (but you might want to know that she guarantees replies to fan questions from her OnlyFans account). At this point we could see she was wearing stay-up stockings and her semi-hard cock was fully exposed. She then sat up and stretched across her mattress. This is where her fap show began.

After watching for about 25 minutes, Crystal was joined by her man. He’s a fit, handsome young guy with black hair. Although he seems like a friendly dude, he went about spanking Crystal’s perky ass hard! Then he gave her a blowjob. This made Crystal’s big schlong fully erect!

Someone asked if she’d put heels on and she slipped into some sparkly pumps next. But she’d kicked them off soon after because her boyfriend’s thick cock was rock solid. He was clearly ready to fuck and he wasted no time in doing so! Boyfriend went to town railing Crystal in the missionary position. Then he barebacked her doggy style. Crystal’s facial expressions and loud moaning were such a turn on. If it was good for us, it was especially good for them. He came inside her pretty fast and she showed off her creampie.

Crystal went on to jerk off long after her boyfriend had exited. She did so sitting up on the bed and it was one of the best solo fap shows I’ve seen in a long time! Crystal has one of the best webcam profiles I’ve seen in a long time too! You can find her links on her channel at!

Jhenna_greey on Chaturbate Trans

Jhenna_greey: Susana Velasquez of Colombia

This is beautiful Jhenna_greey of Chaturbate Trans.

I just ran a TS Dreamland website search on Colombia to see how many Chaturbate Trans broadcasters are based in this part of the world. There are quite a few but none rival the beauty of Jhenna_greey aka Susana Velasquez. Jhenna has the prettiest face and the best body of anyone you’ll find on the platform. When I recently logged into one of her shows, she was wearing a lacy and pricey looking white lace body stocking. It left little to the imagination.

She even had white matching soleless footies on to complete the look. Blonde wood furniture and a white comforter on Jhenna’s bed framed her beautifully. Jhenna walked around the room and eventually settled on her bed, spreading her legs widely and closing them again. She was fully in the frame from head to toe most of the time. 80’s rock was playing in the background including Bon Jovi and Aerosmith love ballads and eventually some hard rock by Led Zeppelin.

Jhenna toyed with a narrow pink Lovesense Lush vibrator in her ass that activated with tips. She’s grimace slightly or moan a bit when the frequent tips rolled in. But she didn’t make her arousal seem faked. I was there for about 20 minutes before I saw Jhenna masturbating.

Even then, she hid what she was rubbing. After about an hour, she switched to some upbeat dance music. It was a mix of Latin and American House. Then she began speaking and gave us an unbridled view of her cock stroking. The jerking off and twerking that followed was absolutely magnificent.

I kept telling myself that I thought she’d performed to the peak of perfection, but then it got even hotter! I also could not believe how pretty she is. Go to to check out her page. If you just happen to log into the platform, she might have one of the top channels when you get there.

Kayli Teague: tsKayli on Chaturbate Trans

TS Kayli Teague sittin' pretty in Wyoming.

Kayli Teague of Wyoming

25 year old Chaturbate Trans broadcaster Kayli Teague aka tsKayli has a BA in Political Science. This gorgeous TS also has a YouTube channel that focuses on fashion, natural sciences, philosophy, fitness and nutrition and transgender issues. She also has a website, a blog and she’s on both Twitter and Instagram. Coming soon is her OnlyFans site where she’s been quietly creating her first set of exclusive pornographic videos and images.

TSKayli has a perfectly round fuckable ass!

Kayli Teague is on of the best self-marketing talents I’ve seen in the adult industry in quite a long time. To describe how a Kayli Teague show might go, expect her to interact with her fans and tippers. If she finds a guy cute, she’ll tell him. Hell, she’d even painted her toes purple for a serious fan one night. Not on camera, but she came prepared, knowing he’d be there. She’ll stroke her erection naked, or maybe with sexy footwear on, with a keyboard and mouse on her mattress.

One thing that makes her edge for so long is masturbating with a dildo up her cute ass. Some might not get it but I do. Kayli also has an unconventional method of beating off. She sometimes holds the base of her throbbing hard dick with one hand and jerks with the other. One of the high points for me is that she gets loud! I freaking love the she talks dirty loudly and her moans a ultra sexy too.

TSKayli looks so sexy outside!

Kayli talks about how she’d love to be bathed in cum. She makes chicks like me feel like it’s okay to climax like you’re having an out of body experience. It’s okay for your body to convulse wildly. It’s okay for your face to contort. Kayli also makes it okay to taste your own cum, but I don’t thank that many of us have a problem with that! One thing that’s especially hard for some Chaturbate Trans girls to do is do is keep their shows going after an orgasm. Not only can Kayli do this, but she can also keep it sexy.

After shooting her load one night, one of her foot fans started going in and she removed her sandals for him and picked a dildo up with her toes. This is why she says she’d be good at giving foot jobs. Plus, she’s very flexible. Kayli also looks hot walking around the room naked. When showing how she can kick up clothing from the floor with her feet, I noticed how cute her figure is while standing and in motion.

Naked Kayli Teague is stroking her raging hard cock and she's cumming!

On the social media side, she’s also on Zoom, Skype, Kik, Reddit and as I mentioned, her OnlyFans profile is almost live. In summary, Kayli has a lot on the ball and there are probably a thousand other things she could have chosen to do out of porn. We should be grateful she’s in it and since she’s so focused and good at it, I see her going a long, long way. One last thing is she also fingered her tight and did some dildo sucking post climax. On!

Wondervalentina on Chaturbate Trans

Wondervalentina on Chaturbate Trans!

Wondervalentina of Cali, Colombia

24 year old Valentina aka Wondervalentina held the top spot on Chaturbate Trans the other morning when I checked in. This stunning cammer from Cali, Colombia had some low music playing in the background. Thankfully I didn’t overwhelm the sight of her jerking off full-frontal in a desk chair. I couldn’t tell what the black and white print garment was around her trim waist. I’m guessing it was a dress with the bodice lowered and the hem raised.

Valentina in jeans.

Valentina had on eyewear that gave her this wonderful studious appearance. The only other clothing I could make out was black stay-up stockings. There was a narrow pink Lovesense Lush vibrator that activated with the several tips that rolled in driving Valentina nuts with pleasure. Her full breasts would jiggle more and her reactions appeared almost orgasmic. Valentina stroked her rather large erection with her left hand. It stood out straight in front of her when she’d lean forward to type answers to admirers’ questions.

Her moans are incredibly sexy, high-pitched and although she didn’t speak at all while I was there, I didn’t find it necessary. I can’t stand silent live shows so luckily for me, I could hear her arousal as well as see it. I haven’t reviewed a live performer this perfectly voluptuous since Thaira Miaus back in July of this year.

This beauty at the channel is an edging queen. I don’t know how she can stroke her hardon so firmly for so long without cumming! But that’s clearly another reason why she rises straight to the top. It’s not just because of her extraordinary good looks. Valentina keeps coming dangerously close to coming for long enough for hoards of fans to build up. Once they’re in, they’re simply transfixed by watching her masturbate! This morning my timing was great and I got to see Valentina cumming. Her rock hard cock shot out thick streams of creamy white cum that poured down across her bronze hands and French nail fingers.

The head of her dick was fully exposed and she didn’t just log off and split immediately following her explosive climax. She stood up, turned around to show off and spank her phenomenal ass. Then she poured baby oil on it’s round surface. I could go on, but I’m thoroughly spent. I often forget to mention that registration to the world’s finest website platform is free! Be generous with the tips please. These girls are out her giving a lot of themselves and they’re absolutely incredible!