Bob’s Tgirls – Candy Licious Behind The Scenes

I once asked one of my art teachers if he liked my painting style and he replied, “You don’t really have a style until you’re really good, so don’t worry about that just yet.” It took years for me to fully understand what he meant and by that time, I was making a living with my work. Bob of definitely has a style with his art, developed over years of practice and honing his skills.

It doesn’t hurt that he has access to the finest trans adult models in the industry like the new Candy of Tennessee. I’ve seen examples of Bob’s time lapse filming before and they remind me of how he runs circles around so many competing photographers. It’s not sad, really. It just makes the others work harder. It’s healthy competition.

At this point, it’s like Bob could almost present full length traditional scenes in his sleep. So every once in awhile, he mixes things up with a different sort of erotica like you’ll find in his behind-the-scenes videos. I’m sure that Bob is aware that many of his fans are aspiring producers who love getting insight as to how a modeling session goes. What you see in this scene is how fun it must be shooting a fox like Candy with you’re favorite music blaring in the background. You also see Bob moving around with his top notch photo equipment as Candy strokes her big cock to a turgid erection while sitting on the pool table.

Best of all, he doesn’t get in the way of your enjoyment of the beautiful model he’s capturing. I did an Interview with Candy Licious on and she mentions how fun it was shooting with Bob. It’s one thing to hear her telling me that, but more exciting to see how it all went down for yet another remarkable shoot.