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Bridget Lane, Ladyboyhomemaker

The Ladyboy Homemaker, Bridget Lane

Bridget Lane isn’t just a Chaturbate Trans show. It’s an erotic experience. i don’t know why she chose Ladyboyhomemaker as the name of her channel, but it’s a damn good, frequent broadcast. Bridget isn’t a true dominatrix or sissy, but she can play each role equally well.

Her closet is full of kinky cosplay wardrobes and she has a few daddies that her her closet in a heavy rotation of outfits. She provides her social media links and email address for fans who’d like to make special requests of all sorts. Some trans women drive themselves to climax from mainly cock stroking.

Others prefer anal stimulation. When Bridget’s ass meets a vibrator or a dildo, the reaction could be described as not only pleasurable, but convulsive! And her vocal interaction with fans is non-stop. This super sexy Scottish-American lass describes herself as the ultimate sub.

Bridget is also a musician and she plays drums. So if you want to get off with someone who’s skilled in the old-fashioned art of striptease and delivers the modern edge of cosplay, go with Bridget Lane!