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Bria_Bloom: Bria Bloom & Miss Nikola Orphan

Beautiful Bria Bloom

I’ve been watching one of the hottest trans duos on Chaturbate I’ve seen in years. They’re on the lovely brunette’s channel, When I saw them streaming on Chaturbate last week, I jumped in at just the right time. Bria was making these sexy moans that were driving me crazy with lust. That’s because Nicola was giving her a blowjob and had her close to cumming!

Big tips should be a reality for all cam girls, and sadly they’re not, but these girls had them coming in hard and fast. When Nicola wasn’t sucking on Bria’s stiff rod, she was pumping it rapidly in her hand. “Fuck! Oh my God, I’m cumming,” Bria finally shouted and Nicola engulfed the head of her cock and first few inches of the shaft into her mouth. A moment later, she showed of the cum she just caught orally. Nicola was so proud of herself for making Bria shoot down her throat. I was proud of her too, and envious! I’d swallow for both of these babes and I have no special fetish for semen. Bria’s fat dick didn’t soften, by the way.

They encouraged watchers to follow them on Twitter and you can find that link on Then you’ll see Bria’s retweets to find Nicola’s Twitter page. Back to the show, both girls threw in some foot fetish content next. They didn’t just show them off though.

Bria learned that she was flexible enough to give herself a foot job. Her cock was still stiff and then Nicola gave her one with her cute peds, too. Then Bria gave Nicola a blowjob and it was so awesome that they were both totally naked! Then they kissed passionately – my favorite trans lesbian thing in the world. Next, they gave each other foot jobs while seated across from one another. Nicola then used a big white magic wand vibrator on her boner while Bria showed off her super-fuckable ass.

Both girls soon had raging hardons, again! Bria sucked the cum straight out of Nicola’s cock, Bria came again, and then they shared a sweet cummy kiss! If you have any questions about why this Chaturbate channel is amongst the best of the best, maybe you need to re-read what I’ve just described. That said, I have absolutely no insider information on this prediction. But I’ll bet that Bria Bloom and Nikola Orphan will be featured on the trans lesbian TGirls.Porn website someday. If it’s not actually scheduled to happen, I’m putting it out there in the universe. I’m a member so I’ll be watching.

When I think about the Femout.XXX Miss Nicola Orphan profile and recall her amazing work there, I hope that Bria will grace Grooby Productions with her presence as well. But both girls have OnlyFans accounts so you don’t have to wait for that shoot to happen. Follow these babes and catch them however and whenever you can!