Review: Adriana Rodrigues & Yasmin Dornelles

Yasmin Dornelles is often described as the new Brazilian “Queen of Cock” because of her huge endowment. Adriana Rodriguez is an original super hung adult actress I’ve admired for the decade I’ve been reviewing porn.

I’ve been a subscriber of off and on for so many years, there’s a multitude of reasons why I signed up. The same goes for you too if you decide to subscribe, but if you haven’t before, this update is a wonderful way to get broken in!

Producer Louie Damazo presents these two legends in a 33:21 minutes HD hardcore scene complimented by 161 hi-res photos. There’s no trailer as of yet, but I have the full-length video to go into detail about. You can either stream or download this torrid scene for yourself.

It begins with the two babes kissing on a bed, fondling and stripping each other. They’re already wearing lingerie and tall heels so there’s not long before actual nudity is exposed. Breast fondling and devouring leads to mutual cock stroking and sucking.

Each girl takes turns bottoming for the other until they release two big cum shots! A sweet kiss informs us that although they’re most likely not true trans lesbians, they probably get along famously as friends.

Brazilian-Transsexuals: Ebony Doll Carol Dias Strokes!

***REMASTER VIDEO 1080p*** – Carol Dias is a gorgeous black tgirl with an amazing body and a juicy ass! Watch this hottie stripping, stroking and having fun! She’s stunning! We haven’t seen gorgeous Carol Dias on since Fall of 2013. Now why is that? She’s so beautiful! I may never know but thanks to Louie Damazo for bringing her back for an encore performance!

As a black trans I can never figure out how people can’t immediately spot the difference between a Brazilian trans girl and one from the U.S. The facial features are so different to me. Carol is beautiful to me in a distinctively Latinx way.

She opens her new scene with wet hair wearing a sports bra, bikini bottom and high heels. As she poses in a variety of views, I see another thing I find distinctive of girls from her location. That’s faint blonde hairs on her incredible rear end and legs.

Carol’s striptease is quick and super sexy. There’s a sequence that jumps from her long and thick uncut schlong being flaccid to a furious fap session with her big erection. She’s propped upon a window sill naked except for her heels pumping away.

Once fully erect, Carol’s cock is enormous! At times she just stands there with it protruding from her thighs. Then she waves it from side to side. Most of the head has emerged from it’s hood. Then she continues jerking off on a towel on the floor sitting with her legs open. Then she masturbates on her hands and knees.

The contrast of the switch to a yellow backdrop is a nice change up. It’s even nicer when Carol moves into a bedroom to get her evasive nut. This babe works so hard to climax but when she finally does, a massive load of creamy white cum ejects from her massive organ in this torrid update!

Carol Penelope & Eveline Moura & Tallyta Garcia

This Brazilian Transsexuals update from May 2017 almost got past me. There are so many shoots from this site I love but some are absolute must rave about scenes and my trans lesbian radar must have scanned the Net back a month to find this masterpiece. Carol Penelope, Eveline Moura and Tallyta Garcia are extraordinary model/performers in their own right. Together they’re almost painful to watch.

Eveline pictured in the middle is a newbie with two solo shoots and this was the seventh scene for platinum blonde Carol Penelope and there are currently eight. Last but not least is Tallyta on the left with a total of five scenes. In this killer threeway shoot produced by Khan, the girls are playing with each other in be wearing lingerie when the scene opens.

In addition to the contrast of each model’s stunning looks, the gradually get down to different stages of dress. More specifically, Carol gets completely naked first, Tallyta next and then Eveline who gets down to her pink stockings and then begins sucking Carol off. Tallyta takes advantage of being right behind Eveline by giving her head. Eveline sucks Tallyta off next and Carol gives her a blowjob. If you’re like me you’ll lose track of who’s sucking who and just enjoy it until as well as when the fucking begins.

Eveline takes a ride on Carol’s erection while she sucks Tallyta’s hardon in a cowgirl spitroast. Carol then sits and jacks off and feeds Tallyta her stiffness while the brunette takes a doggy style drilling from Eveline!

While I’m trying to decide who the best top is, Carol gets to riding Tallyta’s tight ass and I realize there’s no weak link here. Somewhere around the 27th minute, all three beauties are exhausted from their feats of jackhammer pounding. They sit beside each other to jack off until all three of them cum!

Carol shoots her load first and squeezes her spunk across her thigh. Tallyta’s cream shoots across her own tight tummy and thigh. Then Evelin blows her creamy white load just below her pierced belly button. You can tell how happy each babe is at the end of this scene by the way they kiss each other and smile before the scene fades out. This incredible site is now a 3 WEBSITES FOR 1 deal!  

Talhyta Garcia & Grazi Cinturinha

MP4 Scene Trailer

Tanned Tallyta Garcia gets her breasts bared and sucked on from Grazi Cinturinha as soon as the hardcore scene of these stunning Brazilian models begins. Then the more pale brunette receives the same treatment. This pair definitely wastes no time and it really seems like they’re enjoying this trans lesbian tryst. They’re both wearing bikinis with tall sandals and their tops are quickly discarded.

Talhyta gets naked first and also gets her cock sucked first. Grazi looks beautiful giving head and gets Talhyta’s prick stiff very quickly. She develops a boner jerking off while sucking and she stands up on the bed when it’s her turn to get a blowjob. Talhyta’s technique is precise and this is no forced cock sucking with no hints of BDSM roughness.

The protected sex begins with Talhyta easing her hardon into Grazi’s tight ass in the doggy style position. She fucks with the same moderate pace in side saddle and is careful not to make things uncomfortable for Grazi. The raven-haired beauty then lays on her back stroking her cock from flaccid to erect while getting fucked.

Grazi ends up shooting her load but not while getting railed. She cums while jerking off right next to her tanned partner. Then Talhyta shoots her cum while getting one of her boobs fondled by Grazi. This is not the most powerful fucking or most passionate pairings I’ve seen on but it’s absolutely beautiful to watch.

Producer Khan takes the credit for this one. If you’ve ever subscribed to this site before, this scene might not be the one you break it in with by losing your load, but keep on browsing. You’ll get there soon.

This is one of the best trans sites on the Net and the diversity makes it extra special. was launched in 1999 and currently has over 1,300 stunning models in solo and hardcore action.

Brazilian Transsexuals: Adriana Rodrigues & Thayla Santos

Thayla Santos is relatively new to the adult industry. She’s incredibly verse, yet she’s featured bottoming for legendary Adriana Rodrigues on However, she fucked the hell out of a man named Kampfer about four months ago on the same time this hot scene went live.

When the Brazilian Transsexuals video filmed by Louis Damazo opens, both girls lay across the bed and kiss passionately. Neither of them seem nervous at all and Adriana is first to get down to breast and nipple sucking, while stroking Thayla’s cock to erection. More and more clothing is shed and Adriana’s blowjob continues as she strokes her own massive erection.

After getting her thick, dusty rod sucked on for quite some time, Thayla does her best to deep throat Adriana’s big cock. It’s not a wet and messy blowjob, but very precise with firm shaft stroking and tea bagging when her partner stands up on the bed. They trace places and Adriana’s schlong is raging hard. She’s ready to fuck and begins banging Thayla hard and fast in the doggy style position.

Both horny trans girls are completely naked throughout a variety of position changes. Thayla’s wails are sexy and loud while she gets railed side saddle while beating off. The missionary position fucking is mesmerizing and you can tell that they’re close to achieving orgasm at this point. Adriana withdraws from Thayla’s tightness and jerks off while kneeling above Thayla’s big jiggling tits.

But it’s Thayla who explodes first, sending rapid jets of creamy white cum across her pubic region. There’s a surprise twist at the end. Someone is fucking the hell out of Adriana, yet their body is out of the frame. Whoever it is railing Adriana caused her to shoot a white load of creamy spunk across her tummy! Contrast is what I love most about, but I didn’t see that coming.

Brazilian-Transsexuals Laisa Lins & Thays Meclayne

Laisa Lins and Thays Meclayne are both megastars I’ve been a fan of for several years. Laisa was actually one of the first stars I ever raved about online. I’ve been following Thays for about six years, who is mainly a switch with men and more of a bottom with other trans women. In their Brazilian-Transsexuals scene, Louis Damazo films them removing their brassieres while sitting across from each other on the bed. Laisa moves right in to kiss her partners breasts and licks each nipple. After Thays returns the favor, both ladies lie back on the bed to remove their panties. There’s more mutual breast admiration as they stroke one another’s cocks erect. Thays sucks on Laisa’s big lovely dick until it’s raging hard and then Laisa gives Thays a blowjob. They fellate each other in a variety of different positions with varying camera angles zooming in and out. Just after the midway point of the video, Laisa begins fucking Thays in the side saddle position. Then Thays hovers her incredible ass above Laisa and slides down on her stiff cock in the cowgirl position. Then we’re treated to a frontal view of pretty Thays hoisting her body up and down on Laisa’s thick schlong. The sight of Thays’s ass undulating and shaking while getting a doggy style pounding is incredible. Beautiful Laisa fucks Thays like she’s getting the best ass she’s ever had. It looks like Thays is getting the best fucking she’s ever had when she’s on her back stroking her stiff cock until she cums. After spurting streams of creamy white jizz across her pierced tummy, Laisa hovers above her to jerk off. Laisa’s cumshot is equally explosive and wet! 

You can watch the Free Video Trailer on

You can watch the Free Video Trailer on

Twitter: @tscaramel

Brazilian-Transsexuals – Barbara Perez & Sheylla Wandergirlt

I’ve seen blonde Barbara Perez of Sao Paulo, Brazil in action before this Brazilian-Transsexuals set from Louie Damazo went live. I’m always impressed with her performances. TS Thais Meclayne helped her suck a guy named Marcus before on this site. Barbara fucked two other guys on Shemales from Hell and she banged another dude on Shemale.XXX. On top of that, she’s also been featured on Frank’s TGirl World. Sheila Wandergirlt aka Sheyla Wandergelt, the brunette from Rio de Janeiro, is the more seasoned girl at 25 years old. In the video that comes with this preview gallery, both sets of luscious breasts are exposed and Sheylla feasts on Barbara’s. Passionate kissing leads to getting the blonde out of her panties and she gets her cock sucked. When Sheylla pauses to present an explicit view of her incredible ass to us, her partner jacks off to a full erection. She sucks Sheylla hard and gets another blowjob. Both girls kiss again, this time while kneeling and then Barbara penetrates Sheylla from behind. She even helps jack Sheylla’s stiff cock while drilling her in the side saddle position. There’s more, but I’ll leave that for you to see when you stream or download this transbian hardcore sizzler on Brazilian-Transsexuals!

Juuh Osmark & Pamela Levinski

I do like the blonde, Pamela Levinsky in this Brazilian Transsexuals set. I’d take her to Bone City and back, but if I’m being honest, Juuh Osmark is the one who blows me away here. She’s the top and I’ve also seen her in action on Frank’s TGirl World and on Shemales from Hell. While watching the video, I don’t get that these girls are total transbians, not into men, but they’re definitely hot for each other. Pamela is obviously anxious to suck Juuh’s cock to erection and the blonde gets a great blowjob in return. When Juuh begins fucking Pamela, she’s very considerate about not pounding her will all of her power. She allows Pamela to adjust to her thrusts. The positions range from doggy style, to pile driver to side saddle. The missionary railing is slow and sensuous and when the girls are ready to cum, they lay side by side on the bed. I love the way this Brazilian Transsexuals scene ends, too. Be sure to check it out if you love TS/TS porn and don’t forget that there’s a tremendous archive of solo and TS/Male action as well.

Brazil Babe Thays Pezziny

Sample Photo Gallery

I’ve been following the career of Sao Paulo, Brazil beauty Thays Pezziny for about two years now. She’s back on Brazilian Transsexuals, but I’ve also seen her on Frank’s TGirl World and on Black TGirls. In her new performance filmed by Louie Damazo, Thays still looks like she’s about 19, but she must be around 26 years old by now. Perhaps the braces make her look so much younger. She poses in a colorful string bikini and tall sandals, exposing her full breasts and lowering the bottoms. She bends over to present a devastating rear view and, all of the sudden, she’s lying back on a bed stroking her stiff cock. Then she sits up and jerks off, sometimes allowing her erection to just hang in the air, curving to the left. Then she lies down in profile exposing the shiny head of her cock and skinning the foreskin over it. She then sits up and just when you think her spike can’t get any harder, it does. This scene is the gateway drug to getting addicted to Thays Pezziny on Brazilian Transsexuals so be careful.

Brazilian Transsexuals Felipa Lins and Gabriela Ferrari

Felipa Lins is one of my favorite new stars who made a big impact on the adult industry at the end of 2015. It looks like 2016 is going to be a killer year for her as well. I don’t throw the word “star” around lightly. Some of her best performances can be seen on Brazilian Transsexuals, including her railing of another trans performer named Raica Micaheli and a torrid threesome with Ana Karla Lozz and Claudio Marques. Gabriela Ferrari is her latest victim, a Brazilian megastar from Sao Paulo who could have topped Felips if she wanted to. But I think that legendary director Louie Damazo wants us to focus on how well the newbie can lay pipe with her first release of the new year. Felipa and Gabriella are making out when their Brazilian Transsexuals hardcore video begins. Gaby feasts on Felipa’s pretty boobs and Felipa returns the favor. About 3 minutes into the scene, both girls are out of their two-pieces and Gabriella is stroking on her super-thick erection while Felipa enjoys her blowjob. By the way, Felipa’s cock is also humungous and Gaby makes a great show of giving her head. This skull fucking goes on through half of the scene until Gabriela sinks down on Felipa’s massive member in the reverse cowgirl position. Gaby has obviously been looking forward to this moment as her uncut dick is raging hard. The wide angle HD footage of Gabriela’s breasts jiggling and her prick bobbing up and down and swinging all over the place is hot as I don’t know what. Gaby eventually turns to face Felipa as she rides her big dick. Then she takes a side saddle railing. There were glances at the camera during the oral sex, but by this time, these girls have completely forgotten about us. They only stare at each other while fucking. Then the fucking evolves into one of the hardest transbian jackhammer drillings you’ll ever see on Brazilian Transsexuals. There’s even a doggy style pounding that must have left Gaby walking funny for days. After a missionary bang, the girls lay side by side for the big money shots. Do you like seeing lots of flyin cum? This instant classic ends with two furious blasts and an intimate French kiss. This is a must see and must save Brazilian Transsexuals hardcore production with 169 hi-res images for photo collectors.