BobsTgirls Review: Penny Tyler – Penny’s Pink Pussy

It’s none of my business why the superstar adult entertainer, Penny Tyler, went on hiatus. I’m just glad that she’s back. Her recent performances remind me of her prolific updates on her own official website back in the day. It houses a huge collection of glamour and fetish content.

Bob Maverick manages to bring some of the best example of Penny’s kinkiness that starts out with her sleeping in “Penny’s Pink Pussy” on his official website.

She’s dozing in a bondage outfit including fishnet stockings, holding a fleshlight toy. Penny realizes she’s fallen asleep in the midst of being horny and at least one of her problems still remains. That problem is whatever is causing her persistent erection.

Penny decides to beat off manually before fucking the sleeve of the sex toy. She then uses both hands to pump the contraction up and down along the shaft of her big, stiff cock! While moaning deeply, Penny occasionally removes the toy for manually jerking off, then resumes humping it again.

The end result brings back memories of an original devout Penny Tyler fan, namely me. Penny faps a big creamy load of cum from her swollen tool that ejects beyond her erect pink nipples! Legendary Penny may have taken a hiatus, but her libido certainly hasn’t. By the way, “Penny’s Pink Pussy” is all about this incredible model’s sexy toy fucking. Just in case you weren’t paying attention.

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BobsTgirls Review: Nala Stroking her Shecock

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Beautiful Nala is back on with the announcement that she’s been waiting all day to bust this fucking load. Great timing if you are too! She’s been driving in traffic with a lady boner and now she’s finally here where she can finally cum.

She’s wearing a black brassiere beneath her pink halter top and she quickly exposes her pretty breasts. Nala then runs circles around her nipples with her fingers and rises to lower her shorts. Her panties don’t match. They’re purple and that’s even sexier than a matching bra and panty set. You can see a patch of pubes momentarily, but she draws your focus on her pert bottom when she turns around and smacks it hard.

There’s nothing covering her shapely legs and she’s already barefoot so it’s easy to get out of her undies. Her “shecock” as she calls it is obviously a big one even though it’s not erect yet. All that’s required is a little firm stroking to get it fully engorged.

Nala has some porn on her phone to help with her furious fap session. I wonder what she’s watching? Whatever it is, she’s found something to really get her going. Her moans increase and her breaths shorten.

Her masturbation becomes more frantic and the way she cups one of her tits informs us that she’s close to exploding. In just under eleven minutes, Nala forces jets of creamy white cum to spurt from her bulbous cock head.

And that’s the story of “Nala Stroking Her Shecock” on

BobsTgirls Review: Yulia Masakowa in Mirror Mirror

Russian beauty Yulia Masakowa looks exquisite sitting on the bed in open toe pumps, a short dark skirt, and a colorful top that bares her midriff on

The bedroom is lit up like a HD webcam show and Yulia’s movements are quite similar to one. The camera angles zoom in from a low angle which enhances her pert bottom when she raises the hem of her skirt.

After tantalizing us by baring her full breasts without removing her blouse, Yulia reveals that she’s not wearing panties by exposing her lovely uncut cock and jerking off with free access. Her entire pubic region is shaven silky smooth as she masturbates next to the mirror, delivering a double image of her frame.

Yulia moves to the bed to continue her fap session and begins rubbing her butt at the spot that matters most – the one that makes her moan loudly. She finger bangs herself deeply, then jacks her stiff dick while kneeling on the mattress. When she releases her sex, it stands up defiantly, making you wonder if she’s close to coming.

We’re only at the midway point of this torrid solo session, however. Yulia slips out of her skirt next and lays back to resume stroking her erection. When she stands before the mirror again, the bulbous hear of her boner strains upward toward the ceiling again when she releases it.

Next, she casts her blouse aside an begins jerking off more frantically than before. I’m going to let you guess what happens with Yulia pumping her erection in her amazing reflection on with one hint. It seems like a long time since she’s last climaxed.

Bob’s Tgirls: Mia Maffia Fun in the Sun

It may seem stereotypical to suggest that the UK isn’t all that sunny often, but the comparison is inevitable when you see stunning Mia Maffia posing on a deck in Southern California. There’s so much incredible solo content, as well as hardcore, on Mia’s official website. But this photo and video set on is something completely different.

Well, Mia’s classic dirty talk is present as it often is. But this plush background really compliments her beauty in a refreshing way. Mia’s first display of nudity is breast exposure and caressing. Then comes her gradually bared ass which she spanks hard. Next comes a tortuously slow bulge tease. Mia finally lowers her swim panty to let her cock and balls spill out and jiggle from side to side.

While seated, Mia begins to play with herself. Moments later, she’s in closeup with her upward standing turgid erection standing free and then enclosed in her stroking hand. She rubs her tiny fun spot with her curvy legs spread while she masturbates in a lawn chair. That’s followed with some dazzling rear view footage until Mia settles back in the chair to bring herself off. I don’t know if Mia has stored some great porn on her cell phone or if she’s watching some online scenes. Whatever it is has her strong, hooded, self-rising pecker raging!

Her full red lips begin to quiver when she approaches climax. Suddenly, big spurts of creamy white cum burst from the tip of her stiff cock. Just when you think this video couldn’t be anymore perfect, Bob capture footage of Mia cooling off in the pool water. It’s accompanied by a sexy blooper reel at the end. Her official website is and she’s done several amazing solo and hardcore scenes on

You can also find out more about this incredible star by reading our exclusive TS Dreamland PornOCD Interview with Mia Maffia!

Bob’s Tgirls: Jenny Flowers Drenched

If your cock isn’t stiff when you fire up Jenny Flowers in “Drenched” of, it will most likely catch up with Jenny’s boner in record time. She’s looking absolutely incredible lounging in a bikini on Bob’s balcony exposing her boner. “Hello, again,” begins her dialogue because it’s her encore on this remarkable site.

Jenny strokes her cock while telling us what made her so hard in the first place. It’s a fantasy of having multiple guys peeing on her while she masturbates. This scene is so beautiful to watch it’s almost painful! Another fantasy is described of Jenny with just one guy exchanging golden showers.

If peeing isn’t on your mind while you’re jerking off to Jenny, perhaps fucking the ass she fully exposes will be. She’s assumed the doggystyle position with her bikini bottom halfway down her creamy thighs. She then pushes the garment past her dainty feet and off. Her thick dick is hard enough to cut diamonds with and she resumes stroking it.

Jenny’s cock head points up toward the boobs she’s having a bit of trouble exposing. This sequence might have you internally shouting, “I can help you with that!” She laughs charmingly and soon she’s completely naked from head to toe.

She describes how sensitive her breasts and nipples are and upon refocusing on her erection makes a few streams of pee jet out. If you’re wondering if peeing with an extremely hard cock hurts girls a bit too, yes it does. The things a girl will do to make you happy.

As we proceed, beautiful Jenny is eventually drenched in her pee as the title of this torrid and taboo update promises. To watch her LIVE on webcam go to!

Bob’s Tgirls: Jenny Flowers Foot Fun

Beautiful Jenny Flowers has all sorts of fans but this shoot is catered to her foot loving fans specifically almost from start to finish. Jenny asks if you like her outfit first and then draws your attention to her strappy black wedges and smooth legs.

Then she caresses her sensitive breasts and nipples. She’s seated on the world famous red velvet chaise lounger and she then stands up to remove her outerwear. Jenny cups her ass cheeks and her explicit dirty talk begins. She wants you to worship her ass and it’s not a request but rather a demand. Jenny also aggressively orders you to lick her shoes and to prepare yourself to worship Goddess’ feet.

Then she bares them and tells you to lick in between her toes and to take every single one of them into your mouth. The bulge in Jenny’s lingerie is clearly evident as she flexes her soles. In an act of extreme flexibility, Jenny raises one leg in the air high enough to bring five pretty toes to her lips. She then gives herself an oral footjob!

Jenny takes as many as three toes inside her mouth and then points out what she refers to as a little, “Problem down here”. Only it’s not all that little. It’s Jenny’s cock and she’s so turned on by shrimping her toes and licking her wrinkled soles that she can’t help jerking off. She then switches feet and sucks her other set of toes while her raging erection presses against her flat tummy.

Eventually Jenny needs to unsnap the crotch panel of her lingerie to release her straining hardon. At this point she slides one of her feet up and down her cock shaft, literally foot fucking herself! She continues licking and sniffing her insteps and renders herself completely naked.

The way Bob shoots is a deliberate attempt to keep Jenny’s foot fans excited, but it also focuses explicitly on her phenomenal ass too! Somewhere after 16 minutes in, you’ll hear Jenny purr, “Cum on my feet with me.” Can you guess what’s happening now in this kinky little update?

Bob’s Tgirls: Nikki Jade Taylor Pink

“Pink” is the appropriately named photo set of the explosive “Cumming With Her Toy” video. If you haven’t seen Nikki Jade Taylor in studio work or LIVE on Chaturbate I’m thinking you’re new to the trans porn niche. We’re talking about a superstar status performer her captured by one of the most famed producers in the business. Production values are sky high but the view is straight ahead and dead center with Nikki posing on a bed in dual garment top and skimpy panties.

One of the reasons that Nikki is so successful in both webcam and studio worlds is her interaction. You get the feeling she’s only talking to you. When she’s running circles around her clothed nipples for instance, and exposing them one at a time, it feels like a private moment meant just for you. I don’t know how she creates that sensation, but the more she talks, the more engaging she becomes.

Nikki is lactating and after squeezing breast milk from her sensitive nubbins, she tastes a bit. You might suddenly realize how aroused you are after that point. Then Nikki announces that she’s got a special surprise just for you. It’s coy and you know exactly what it is. But presentation is everything and Nikki’s coquettish presentation of her swelling cock is magical. You’ll see that Nikki’s toy fucking speed is only surpassed by her cock stroking.

Her hands fly up and down her swollen shaft with lightening speed and her hardon bounces up and down when she’s not touching it. I could go on and fully describe the way Nikki shoots her cum at the end, but I’d rather you see it for yourself on To catch her performing LIVE, catch her on!

Bob’s Tgirls: Mara Nova – Who is Fucking Whom?

“Mara Fills Willie” is the photo set answer to the “Who Is Fucking Whom?” question on Bob’s Tgirls. Willie is the most famous male co-star on this site other than Bob and he’s not actually human. He often fucks like a man but he’s a lavish fucking machine. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the fucking machine getting fucked however. But here we are seeing Willie with a penile sleeve where there’s normally a big dildo attached. So basically Willie is going to bottom for beautiful Mara Nova’s big cock!

Willie comes ready with lubricant along with his power strips and Mara pretty much prepares him the same way she’d get a real orifice ready. Some machines have all the luck. Mara lubes up the inner sleeve of the toy while licking her licks and stroking her big ding-a-ling to get it hard and ready.

She’s soon adjusting the power with her erection inside the sleeve and she’s slowly jacking her sexy hips back and forth. I’ve never fucked one of these toys before but Mara makes it look like a must-add my sexual bucket list.

I’m sure it doesn’t match the feeling of fucking a live person, but it’s obviously an amazing feeling. You can tell by the rapturous look on Mara’s pretty face and the way her own large power tool is so hard! Once the pump gets going, all Mara has to do is stand there and allow Willie to do all the work.

The sleeve moves down to the base and rapidly pulls back to expose much of the dark glistening shaft of Mara’s hardon and her tightly drawn-up ball sack. Sometimes she takes a break from her machine powered fucking to fully extract her huge schlong and jerk off normally.

Then her soaking wet hard guides her prong back inside the sleeve for more banging. If you’ve haven’t read my May 2016 Interview with Mara Nova I hope you’ll check it out.

I also hope you’ll check out the full-length video and entire photo set that compliments the original update on

Bob’s Tgirls: Mara Nova in Kitchen Dildo Fun

“Cutie In The Kitchen” is the hi resolution photo set that comes with Mara Nova’s “Kitchen Dildo Fun” video update on Bob’s Tgirls. It looks like Mara is gift wrapped with no wrapping paper – just strings and a bow as she hops on the kitchen table and starts stroking her big, juicy cock. Her lovely breasts are openly exposed also.

Her outfit is off in less than two minutes leaving her jerking off completely nude. “My ass is hungry for something,” she purrs as the scene becomes increasingly more explicit. The view evolves from full frontal to scintillating exposure from the rear. Mara is not a grower. She has a really big dick even when it’s flaccid but it’s swelling to it’s greatest proportions at this point.

A generous amount of lubricant is utilized when Mara is on her knees bent over and penetrating her tight ass to deliver the promise of the title of this video. A clear bead of pre-cum clings to the tip of her bulbous cock head as she fucks herself hard with the toy.

Mara changes this rear view exposure to pump her large erection and bang her sexy ass in full frontal footage as this exquisite update continues. Bob’s Tgirls is one of the earliest reasons I decided to begin reviewing the hottest porn on the Net. Years later, Mara Nova is one of the main reasons I’m glad I’m still doing it.

That’s clearly reflected in my exclusive TS Dreamland Interview with Mara Nova of

Bob’s Tgirls – Miran Doll Part 1

MP4 Scene Trailer

If you’re not familiar with the gorgeous trans girl in this delicious duo, she’s Miran, the 2017 TEA winner of Best Internet Personality. She’s been on Bob’s Tgirls before and it’s like a major event each time. Lucy is the lucky girl who gets to play with Miran as a sexualized Barbie in Miran Doll Part 1 of 3.

Lucy displays how wonderful her mouth can be while chewing on bubble gum and licking a huge lollipop when the first installment begins. A blow pop comes next and it’s as playful as it is erotic. She creates bubbles and attacks more candy in her playroom and rushes to the door when a delivery arrives.

The precious cargo is smiling Miran in a toy box. The petite fox is stronger than she looks and she pulls the human toy in the box into the room with relative ease. Upon withdrawing her Miran doll from the packaging, she’s elated that her toy looks just like the vision in the photos she loves. The doll is animated and actually talks while being admired. Lucy decides to put Miran into pajamas which involves removing her top.

The deeply-tanned toy has amazingly firm boobs and a streamlined torso. The strange thing is that once the shorts are off, the bulge in Miran Doll’s pretty panties is “Kind of bumpy” as she puts it. Lucy says that hers isn’t like that, drawing her own panties along the soft ridges of her pussy. Lucy pulls down the doll’s undies and she’s fascinated by what she finds inside. She didn’t understand what a tgirl doll meant in the description, but Miran doll informs her.

She touches the doll’s body saying it looks like that of the other dolls she has. But she then curls her finger around the toy’s cock and balls exclaiming, “But this is extra.” Miran informs Lucy that it’s for extra fun.

Lucy insists that if Miran Doll stays, she must do everything she says. Consider who the girl playing the doll’s new owner in this scene. She’s actually a Los Angeles Dominatrix named Mistress Lucy Khan and I was wondering when this useful talent was going to kick in. Dress up games follow and candy eating but Miran Doll goes about sucking Lucy’s finger the wrong way. There’s still candy under her nail.

Punishment is in order and the doll is going back to the factory unless her owner is pleased. It’s time for a bare bottom spanking in this first installment of Miran Doll on It starts out pretty light, but the BDSM play with a glamorous touch gets really, really kinky!

For the award winning trans model’s 20 solo and hardcore previews, check out her Shemale Japan Miran profile.