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Blondelashes19: Oral Strawberry on Chaturbate Trans Cams


Blondelashes19 aka Oral Strawberry had the top spot on Chaturbate Trans Cams last night when I took a look at the active channels. She had over 7k followers and no one was even close. She’s obviously incredibly pretty, but I had to see what she was doing that had fans so enraptured. She was lying across her bed with a top on, healing from breast augmentation, and her legs and feet were bare.

She had one of those huge magic wand vibrators squeezed between her thighs. The look on her face spelled out sheer ecstasy. That intense erotic charge of pleasure she passed on to viewers is something you can’t fake or duplicate. Fans were sending in crazy tips that set off the Lovesense Lush vibrator in her ass – the narrow pink toy.

Oral Strawberry was at the peak of her orgasm and she used a towel to clean up her cum. You might think she’d log off post-nut, but instead she donned a pair of pink gym shorts and began interacting. Lying face down with her gorgeous face in sharp focus, she answered tons of questions about herself.

She was casually jamming out to the low volume dance music in the background while responding to thousands of strangers and regulars. This went of for about five minutes or so. Then it was back to sex. She lubed and jerked off a big dildo attached to a fucking machine the way some of us would prepare a real live cock!

Then she showed off her incredible, now naked, bottom as it sank down upon the faux phallus. I don’t know if she experienced an anal orgasm, but it sure seemed that way. Then she made these confrontational, “Look at the way I’m licking your erection,” faces before giving a fellatio sex toy show. Next, she took a fucking machine railing while on her back. Then she stripped totally naked and her tits look amazing, by the way.

Tips are wonderful and in a perfect world, they’d roll in from everyone. But since they don’t Oral Strawberry announced how many tokens it would take to go private with her. It didn’t take long before someone had her offline. To watch this beauty in full technicolor with no filters, check out