BlackTGirlsHardcore Review: Rose and Smash

Watch The Trailer Description: Rose is a sexy Florida girl who made her debut last summer on when she was discovered by Jack Flash. Today, she makes her Grooby comeback, but this time she returns to make her hardcore debut! Watch her sucking Smash Thompson’s big dick and letting him fuck her tight hole until they both cum!

Bio: Birthday: 15th July
Location: Florida

Welcome the new kid on the block, Rose. Rose just recently moved to South Florida and is into music and she’s a stripper at a local club. Rose was camera shy so I had to walk her through the introduction. Once she warmed up she put on a great show and really knows how to twerk her nice round butt.

Review: Gorgeous Rose sits on her bed leaning over to unstrap her tall sandals. Her white pedicure contrasts her brown skin. Foot lovers, let that sink in for a moment. What’s next is a leg lovers dream when Rose applies lotion to her curvy stems. Her buff boyfriend enters the room to rush her along. He wants to get to the public pool before it gets too crowded. He offers to help her apply her lotion and not only does she accept, she straddles the mattress face down. After applying some of the oil to her back and rear end for a moment, he suggests they skip going to the pool. She patiently waits as handsome Smash Thompson prepares to give her a full rubdown. Rose smiles prettily and moans softly in her high-pitched vice as Smash helps get her bikini top unstrapped. Once he lowers the bottoms a bit, he can’t help kissing her bottom a bit. Actually, more than just a bit.

He eventually removes the garment for full access to her incredibly curvaceous buttocks. Then he helps her roll over to plant a kiss on her lips. He duplicates the process with her nipples next, and as Rose completely removes her skimpy top, Smash withdraws his big hard cock from his gym shorts. Rose clasps his mighty erection in her hand and gives it few strokes. He jerks her off in return and soon he’s sucking her cock! Oh, I love watching him give his girl head. I also love it when Rose returns the favor. After a long sequence of further foreplay, Smash prepares her bottom with a salad tossing.

Moment’s later, he’s guiding his BBC to the tight entrance of her ass. Smash gives Rose an extraordinarily gentle yet powerful railing. He cums just the way she asks him to before shooting a big, creamy white cum shot of her own! This is one incredible couple ought not missed on!

BlackTGirlsHardcore Review: Gorgeous Girl & Soldier Boi

MP4 Scene Trailer 

Description:Gorgeous Girl is a super sexy girl with a smoking hot slim body, long legs and an amazing ass! This girl has been one of our favorites ever since she made her debut a year ago! Today, she makes her hardcore debut here on and we can’t wait to see her in action! Watch her enjoying herself as Soldier Boi pounds her tight hole hard in this smashing hardcore scene brought to you by Omar Wax!

Gorgeous Girl says, “I’m a young, slender glamour girl. Not arrogant but confident in who I am and what I strive to achieve. Some guys are intimidated by my strong personality, but overall I do have a gentle side. I’m more of a versatile bottom. Be nice to me and I will satisfy your every desire.”

Review: Gorgeous Girl is doing what her name suggests while seated, wearing a black fishnet body stocking with fuchsia trim when this update begins. She rubs her nipples in her direct confrontation with you and the camera zooms out to reveal that Soldier Boi is watching her from the end of the long sofa. He takes a seat next to her and begins touching her upper torso and breast, nuzzling against one of her exposed nipples.

Soldier Boi encourages Gorgeous Girl to rise from the sofa and we get a closer look at her figure. She’s petite and slender yet with curves in all the right places. Gorgeous Girl allows her man to strip her slowly and to playfully smack her firm ass. Her bottom is soon raised high in the air as she rests on her hands and knees on the couch for whatever is to happen next.

She’s completely naked as she receives a prolonged rimjob and then it’s her turn to help get Soldier Boi undressed. The muscular stud’s shirt comes off but he’s sliding his cock in and out of GG’s mouth before they get his pants off. He challenges her to suck as deeply down along his long rod as she can and this girl is talented!

Next, Gorgeous Girl assumes the doggy style position she had her salad tossed in again. But this time she’s about to get penetrated by Soldier Boi’s stiff cock! The ex-military hunk fucks Gorgeous girl in the reverse cowgirl position next, side saddle and in the missionary position.

The position changes don’t end there, but I don’t want to give away everything you’ll see on By the way, I raved about this stunning trans model twice before and you can read those at Gorgeous Girl Caramel’s TGirls where I talk about her performances on

I’ve raved about Grooby Award winner Soldier Boi so many times I’ve lost count. My UK Adult DVD Talk reviewer friend Scott presented his PornOCD Interview with Soldier Boi in January of 2016. If you’re a male aspiring adult industry hopeful, you should definitely read that interview!

Review written by @tscaramel on Twitter.

Black-TGirls: Ms. Rose Strokes For You!

MP4 Scene Trailer 

I’ve already raved about “Introducing Ms. Rose“, the debut, here on TS Dreamland. “Ms. Rose Strokes For You!” shot by East Coast producer Ellis deserves the same treatment. This gorgeous new model’s bio reads: Ms. Rose is a brand new, never before seen mixed Sicilian and Puerto Rican cutie with a long cock and pretty brown ass. She has no inhibitions and is willing to be a dirty girl for you. Although a little nervous for her first shoot we’re sure to see more of her in the near future. Switchable, but prefers to top pretty young TGirls and straight men. Enjoy this pretty lady as much as I did shooting her!

Ellis pretty much picks up where he left off on with Ms. Rose, some of us at the verge of cumming and many that fell completely off the ledge. The encore performance is playful with Ms. Rose posing as an Western movie bandit with her bandanna as a mask. Her top is covered for the first sequence by a sports jersey, but her wonderful lower extremities are completely bare.

Ms. Rose has beautiful skin and hair, pretty enough to model in commercials, but we’re so fortunate to see her doing porn instead for now. While obviously developing an erection, she coyly asks if we like the cute little birthmarks on her cute little cock. She’s pretty modest. The birthmarks are little, but she doesn’t have a little dick by any means. Study the way she swings it from side to side while standing. Watch the way it expands as she strokes it firmly.

Ellis captures some amazing aerial footage that puts you in the mind of Ms. Rose hovering about you with that fabulous butt of hers and gently rocking hardon. And then she talks about fucking! While jerking off, Ms. Rose talks about hearing someone moan as she fucks them slowly and deeply. That dirty talk in the encore shoot of stunning Ms. Rose on is enough to make someone completely lose it!

Review written by @tscaramel on Twitter.

Black TGirls Hardcore: Chyna Tops Jaxxx!

Description: Gorgeous Chyna returns on with a banging hardcore scene brought to you by KilaKali! She’s definitely ready for action! Chyna has a taste for some ass (literally). She contacts Jaxxx who is more than able to help her out! Watch Chyna pounding Jaxxx’ tight ass hard!

Producer Remy who first filmed Chyna way back in 2011 said, “I met Chyna the Blasian Barbie through a friend and member of the site who knew her personally from their hometown of Detroit. When she moved out here to Virginia we didn’t waste any time and immediately met up for this shoot. This Chyna doll is 100% TOP and is ready to put her hard cock to work! Pretty face, slim body, and fully functional she will leave you in awe, so lube up and enjoy all you can take. She has a great personality and oozes sex appeal. She is very interested in coming back for a hardcore shoot in the future.”

This Black TGirls Hardcore update rolls out like a good looking couple making out after settling into a nice hotel room. Jaxxx kisses and straddles Chyna when she lays back on the bed and begins sucking her huge cock.

After receiving the remainder of this worshipful blowjob while she’s standing, Chyna decides to explore her man’s cute bubble butt. She gives him a rimjob and penetrates his tight ass with her big dick in the doggy style position.

Chyna is fucking Jaxxx before the midway point of this instant classic! She then drills him in the side saddle position. Chyna closes the connection in the missionary position with a huge creamy white cumshot in this riveting scene. Also, check out the latest updates on the sister site!

Black TGirls Hardcore: Nala Tops Michael Steele!

5’7″(170cm), 125 lbs(57kg) superstar Nala Neal of Houston, Texas returns to for another magnificent performance. What many fans are thrilled about also is that she hasn’t changed her phenomenal physical attributes since her adult industry debut. She’s also been on a few other sister sites including, TGirls.Porn and the Internet’s longest running black trans adult site.

Sometimes the range in skin tones in black porn is so vast it’s almost like watching interracial porn at times. One of the things I love most about being black is the variety and diversity of my people in every realm. I really like the way that range is exemplified by beautiful Nala and handsome Micheal Steele.

There’s not a whole lot of a warm-up involved in this update. Hot Nala approaches her boyfriend in the living room wearing sexy lingerie and it’s on. Nala’s outfit provides easy access to her pointy nipples and Michael quickly can get to them even more easily when she unzips herself. After feasting on her nubs, he helps her out of the garment ad begins to unbuckle her tall sandals. He compliments her pretty feet and stands up to push down his athletic shorts. Nala stares in admiration of his ebony cock and she bends over on the sofa and asks for a spanking.

This is not a BDSM type of scene but Nala is thoroughly worshipped throughout this scene. Her big dick is almost at full mast once her panties are off. Michael gets to suck it until it’s raging hard! She’s completely naked when it’s her turn to suck her man’s big boner and at this point I realize that this update is going to be a keeper.

We’re not even a quarter of the way through this update. In fact, verse Nala begins fucking the brother before the midway point! If that bit of information leads you to believe that Nala fucks this man in a variety of positions for quite some time, you’re 100% correct. The tremendous cum shots from both actors are the proverbial icing on the cake with this torrid scene.

Black TGirls Hardcore: Kami Piper & Soldier Boi!

Omar Wax presents super stud Soldier Boi ushering in the debut of a stunning new adult industry model, Kami Piper. This photo and video set comes with the applauded re-branding of monumental veteran adult site –! ALL Grooby websites are in transition and it all began with the renaming of what is now Grooby Girls – the longest running and world’s most successful trans adult website. I’m excited about this transition mainly because without the sister site, I wouldn’t have been inspired to make a career out of adult industry blogging and several black trans models would be unemployed. If Kami’s following work is half as good as her debut performance on, she’ll be getting plenty of requests for new work. Kami is required to display acting skills in this update on top of this being her first time in a major website production. She doesn’t appear to nervous about it at all. Soldier Boi is a perfect gentleman but he can fuck like nobody’s business. I’ve seen girls visibly nervous in their first scene’s with him. Kami deserves half the credit for that, of course!

The initial sex begins with high heel sandal removal and a bit of toe rubbing across the bulge in Soldier Boi’s pants. This evolves into actual clothed foot sex and when it ends, Kami had a hardon in her panties. Breast and nipple baring, caressing and oral devouring comes next and Soldier Boi is rewarded with an obviously skilled blowjob. Kami straddles the bed and has her balloon knot orally pleased and the full nudity is exquisite. The bulbous head of her erect cock rests above her belly button as Soldier Boi eases his erection inside her tightness in the missionary position. Then we’re in bareback fucking heaven with multiple position changes!

This could be my all-time favorite hardcore scene that Soldier Boi has starred in. Check out the exclusive TS Dreamland PornOCD Interview with Soldier Boi and you’ll see that there have been several! The last thing I have to saw about this hardcore debut for Kami Piper is welcome to a refreshing, beautiful and bright new talent. The new name website name is refreshing too!

Amour Gets A Taste Of Soldier Boi!

Beautiful Amour didn’t just land on Black Shemale Hardcore out of the blue. Before hooking up with 2016 Transgender Erotica Awards Best Non-TS Male Performer Nominee Soldier Boi, she was on Black-TGirls three times dating back to June of 2015. You can check out a free trailer of her latest solo performance there. But today’s focus is on the Omar Wax produced hardcore scene. Soldier Boi looks out at the Houston cityscape from the hotel room he shares with Amour. He pays her a compliment when she joins him on the balcony dressed in sexy lingerie. She looks stunning and if any office workers caught a glimpse of her standing there, I’m sure they were turned on. After making out on the balcony for a moment, they take their little romance into the bedroom area. She sits back on the bed and teases the bulge in his pants with a stocking foot and they resume kissing. When Soldier Boi helps Amour move to her hands and knees on the bed, you’ll discover she’s not what you’d describe as a “grower” by any means. Her cock slips out of her crotchless panties and it’s pretty huge even when flaccid. The stud slaps her hot ass playfully and helps her undress down to just her stay-up stockings. The reward he gets for a prolonged rim job and finger banging is a deep blow job. Once his cock is raging hard, Soldier Boi begins penetrating Amour in the doggy style position. Amour grinds above him while cowgirl riding like she’s giving him the world’s best lap dance. She holds her sex during the first part of their reverse cowgirl fucking. Then Amour lets her big dick flop and swing around all over the place as she rides his famous porn star prick. Amour jacks off while getting pummeled in the missionary position. Omar captures great footage of Amour’s cock shooting a creamy white blast of cum across her tight abs. She works out the last rivulets of cream across her dark and lovely uncut cock and then takes yet another ramming from behind! Then Soldier Boi creampies her magnificent ass. For some insight on what it takes to become a male porn star, you can check out the exclusive TS Dreamland PornOCD interview with Soldier Boi.

Trailer of Amour & Soldier Boi on

Trailer of Amour & Soldier Boi on 

Sexy Slim Erika Takes Soldier Boi’s Cock

Sample Photo Gallery

“Hi guys. Here is a little about myself, I’m a versatile bottom that loves the type of guys that are rough and rugged and have street sense. I loved being controlled and dominated. When I am on the bottom, I love an aggressive guy to take me doggy style and to make me suck his cock long and deep until I gag on it. On the occasion when I do top I also like doggy style, but I don’t care too much for having my own cock sucked. I rather you just watch it bounce around as you slam your dick inside me with no abandon.” That’s not what the petite DC vixen said on Black Shemale Hardcore, but on Black TGirls where she has eight sets including two hardcore scenes dating back to 2012! Soldier Boi is in a rush to get to the sports bar in this Black Shemale Hardcore scene, but Erika is taking her sweet time getting ready. As she puts the finishing touches on her makeup and hair, he’s getting more anxious by the minute about seeing the playoffs. Erika enters the livingroom and she’s still not dressed! While chatting with her on the sofa, Erika’s only wearing a bra, panties and stay-up stockings. He might be a little annoyed, but he’s no fool. Soldier Boi tells his girl she doesn’t need to keep working on her look because she’s already so beautiful. His smoothness gets not into a bar, but into the bedroom where they proceed to makeout and undress. After getting his delicious-looking dick sucked by Erika, Soldier Boi first rails her sexy ass in the doggy style position. Photographer Omar Wax films a cowgirl ride and reverse cowgirl hunching, followed by a side saddle ramming. Erika caresses her own cock and balls while taking it in the missionary position. She shoots a creamy white load of jizz while her man pistons in and out of her. Damn, this girl is hung and full of cum! Soldier Boi blasts a creampie on Erika’s bubble butt at the end of this fine as fuck Black Shemale Hardcore scene. Also, click here to read the exclusive PornOCD interview with Soldier Boi.

Natalia & Soldier Boi Fuck

One of my all-time favorite porn stars, Soldier Boi (@SoldierBoiXXX on Twitter), and the super sexy Afro-Latina Natalia happen to be in the same hotel in their Black Shemale Hardcore video. He visits her room for a booty call and you should see her booty when she answers the door. They waste no time making out on the sofa in this 25 minute scene. “Ah, that ass is so fat and juice,” he says after smacking and spreading it. A salad tossing follows and Natalia shows her appreciation with a devoted BBC sucking and tea bagging. Natalia is gloriously naked as she lies back on the couch to take Soldier Boi’s stiff cock. Her body looks incredible and her partner looks like he runs a gym. Natalia’s ass is the main event and Omax Wax captures it magnificently during the cowgirl railing. You might remember Natalia’s recent solo performance on Black TGirls in which she told us what she loved having done to her in English and Spanish. Apparently, Soldier Boi was listening intently. Natalia goes bilingual again as the muscular stud bangs her doggy style. Another salad tossing makes Natalia’s big, uncut cock spray a big series of clear jets of cum across her tummy. She sucks Soldier Boi’s cock and takes his big money shot across the surface of her “bubble” as he appropriately call it. You can watch or download the full video on Black Shemale Hardcore.

Tiyara Fucks Lalo Ambriz

I didn’t catch Tiyara’s resemblance to the late great singer Aliyah in her previous Black TGirls solo sets or in her scene getting fucked by Soldier Boi on Black Shemale Hardcore. It’s the hair style in her new video and photo set with Lalo Ambriz that reminded me of Aliyah. I’m just seeing it it her face, however. Tiyara’s sleek form exemplifies more of a femboy type of beauty, but I appreciate that as much as those of the busty babes on these amazing transgender porn sites. In soliloquy, Tiyara says that Lalo has no idea what she has in store for him, but he does look pretty timid when she approaches him in the livingroom. She makes him worship her ass and I realize at this point that both of these performers are totally versatile. I’ve seen Lalo’s dominant side before and it’s the first time I’ve seen Tiyara as a dominatrix. She’s incredibly forceful with her forced fellatio and her stiff cock stands up at a 45 dress angle when she allows Lalo to stand up and undress her. Once Tiyara is completely naked, she begins fucking Lalo from behind as he bends over on the sofa. She smacks his ass hard, calling him her “bitch boy” and I’m taking mental notes o the way she dominates him. Tiyara pummels Lalo in a variety of different positions and finally she sits above him on the couch to release a torrent of creamy white cum on his face.