TransAngels: Doin’ It For The Deed

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Official Description: When it comes to selling houses, real estate beauty Bianka Nascimento is the best! But, with Michael Del Ray focused on her big tits, Bianka will have to drop to her knees and wrap her pouty lips on a big dick to close this deal. The busty, Brazilian babe is always taking charge, making Michael get naked and lick out her ass in the living room! Moving up to the bedroom, Bianka reveals her huge, tgirl cock and stuffs it into Michael’s mouth before he can even say a word. Without skipping a beat, Michael spreads is ass wide open as Bianka fills him to the brim with dick until he takes both their loads! Another successful deal closed for the sexy Bianka Nascimento.

The first HD look at beautiful Bianka Nascimento busting out of the jacket of her business suit sets up this exquisite update. The handsome Windy City native Michael Del Rey is totally convincing as a rich young playboy who can afford a home like his stunning realtor is about to see him. He’s cringing with lust upon seeing Bianka for the first time and he’s not shy about making his attraction obvious.

Bianka proceeds with a tour of the swank digs and she makes it clear that she’d like a tour of Michael’s body by unbuttoning his shirt in the kitchen. She sinks to her knees to also undo his pants and to withdraw his rapidly expanding cock from his briefs. Bianka then takes the thing of beauty inside her mouth. With her glasses on, Bianka’s portrayal of a business woman is complete and convincing. She injects humor into the scene by completely taking control over her hung client. There is a naked male clothed female element that’s almost painful to watch without moving to Bianka’s full nudity, but try hard to fast forward to that sequence. Try to wait until Bianka leads Michael deeper inside the house toward the patio.

If you are familiar with the official website of this adult industry trans goddess, or you’re seen her on you already know that she’s supremely verse. Her collection of videos is a plethora of pansexual performances and one of the finest individual sites in the TGirl-Network. As for her performance with Michael in Doin’ It For The Deed on, I challenge anyone to come up with a finer demonstration of a trans woman topping a man bareback. If you’ve seen it done better, I need to know about it A.S.A.P.

VRBtrans: Bianka Nascimento in TS Escort

There is nothing worse than going to a sumptuous party – such as prom, ball or the wedding – without the accompanying person. Everyone is looking at you strangely, you have nobody to talk to, and all the fun seems to be much less pleasant when you see happy and smiling couples around you and you are sitting alone. Thankfully to the wonders of modern technology and your VR headset, you don’t have to go solo ever again! It’s hard to say what’s worse, going unaccompanied or inviting some random person – if you think of it, the second option seem to be an even worse solution. First of all, if your partner isn’t too attractive, then all of the guests will be looking at you strangely, while judging that “you can’t afford anyone better” – unfortunately not all women are as beautiful and sexy as the TS VR Porn stars working with VR Bangers. Secondly, your date may not have too many topics to talk about with you – especially when it’s a blind date – and consequently, her presence may not change practically anything in terms of levels of your party enjoyment.

What can be done in such a situation, then? Well, there is one option we have not mentioned yet. If you have enough money, you can rent an escort for an evening that will keep you company and all make all your friends jealous. Such a girl knows how to behave as shouldn’t make you feel ashamed in any way, even in the most sublime surroundings. Also, if you choose someone as sexy as transsexual VR Porn Star, Bianka Nascimento, you can be sure that every man in the room will look after her, and you… might actually get lucky later.

After the evening spent together with Bianka Nascimento, you return to the hotel room to settle the deal and finish this very nice ceremony – as expected, the girl not only was a great companion to talk, but she’s also dazzled all guests with her beauty and sexy body – many natural women could envy her feminine shapes, full breasts and firm butt. Yet, it doesn’t look like Bianka wants to go home. Wait… can this be true? Yes, she liked you so much that she’s decided to stay with you and reward you for being a gentleman whole evening!

The girl throws you on the bed and starts undressing – you’ve had a feeling that she was horny at the party, but even in the wildest anticipations, you didn’t suspect that you would get so lucky tonight. Bianka unzips your pants and grabs your growing cock, putting it in her mouth down to her throat. You can observe how her penis slowly starts to grow under her dress, when giving you head makes her even hornier and she starts to get hard.
How will things go that evening? What else can you expect from this sexy Transsexual VR Porn star and how will she repay you for this nice and romantic evening? Wear your VR Goggles and watch the latest TS VR Porn movie from VRB Trans and see for yourself! Check out the official website. You can find more such VRB trans sex movies in their category and the main page, here!

TransAngels: Poolside Peeper

The official Poolside Peeper synopsis reads: Every day, like clockwork, the busty Bianka Nascimento oils up her big juicy tits by the pool. D.Arclyte always pops in to catch a glimpse, unbeknownst to Bianka. This time however, she notices D. stroking his cock and waves the lucky stud over. Before he can get a word in she’s got her tgirl dick in his mouth! After a sloppy blowjob, D. buries his face in Bianka’s ass before diving into her deep end. She returns the favor to her peeping lover with a fantastic footjob before he straps in for a special surprise: an anal creampie finish! This is one pool party you won’t want to miss.

D.Arclyte looks more like a businessman on his day off instead of a typical pervert. That’s because his career was in business before he became a porn actor and adult industry producer. But D. actually does look extra horny when he gazes at the sunbathing Latinx beauty known for spending a considerable amount of time in Dublin, Ireland.

If you haven’t seen any of my blogs about yet, I’ve been raving about her website for years. Once Bianka exposes her breasts, and moments later, her cock and balls from her swimsuit, D. cannot resist approaching her.

Bianka is well aware of what’s happening. Not only that but she welcomes the attention. D. has his cock out of his shorts and is stroking it when Bianka waves him over eagerly. D. is so relieved that Bianka isn’t mad at him for peeping on her.

He’s elated when she rises to her feet to stuff her dick inside his mouth. After stripping completely nude, Bianka bends over to get her salad tossed. Bianka gives him a blowjob in return before sinking down on his boner and riding him in the first of many positions! And away we go with yet another blazing hot update.

Bianka Nascimento: Bianka Fucks A Lovely Couple

If I hadn’t been familiar with the voracious sexual appetite and versatility of beautiful Bianka Nascimento this is the video that would have informed me. But I was a big fan since her website launched so I already knew that. With that said, she still continues to amaze me.

If I’d been unaware of what I was watching, I’d think that this cute European guy was proposing marriage to his super pretty blonde girlfriend. I see no wedding rings and the video plays out in the beginning like a romantic movie. As it turns out, the surprise that Jimmy has for his lovely lady is Bianka! She’s more excited and happy than shocked. This seems like a conservative couple on the outside but freaks in the sheets on the inside. Perhaps they’ve done this sort of thing before.

Whatever the case they sure look gorgeous doing it. What I really like is that the couple seems like so many I know of – with a straight male and gorgeous girlfriend who are turned on by sex with trans women. Add a fox like Bianka Nascimento and you’ve got porn magic that emulates real life. Watching both girls go down on hung Jimmy is on fire and so is seeing the couple giving Bianka head. The blonde gives Jimmy a blowjob while Bianka eats her pussy and it only gets hotter from there.

Jimmy does a great job fucking his girlfriend while she sucks Bianka’s big cock and then comes my favorite parts. After Bianka face fucks Jimmy while he bangs his babe, she fucks the girlfriend. I mean she totally rails her in the missionary and reverse cowgirl positions!

Then she bangs Jimmy while he fucks his girl in a killer daisy chain. This isn’t a short sequence either. Bianka is just incredible and this scene ought to be a serious contender during the awards season at the end of the year. The way Bianka and Jimmy shoot big loads of cum across the pretty blonde’s breasts at the end is a classic porn three-way moment not to be forgotten. It’s available now on and!

Bianka Nascimento & Proxy Paige

Proxy Paige looks adorable climbing the stairs quietly to surprise Bianka of Although she’s padding barefoot on the floor, Bianka can hear her from inside her bedroom. She ends her phone call when Proxy enters the room, telling her that she did manage to freak her out. The beautiful tan trans spanks Proxy’s voluptuous bottom as the sexy kitten hops upon the bed giggling like a schoolgirl. Bianka is ready to give Proxy exactly what she wants beginning with some French kissing, mutual breast admiration and a powerful fucking after some torrid foreplay. This scene is more than just a visual pleaser. There’s lots of naughty dialogue between these beauties. It really begins to heat up when Bianka devours Proxy’s big boobs and diddles her colorfully trimmed pussy mound.

If I hadn’t eaten pussy a thousand times before, I think I could benefit from the way Bianka muff dives. As far as sucking cock goes, Bianka’s dick is already raging hard by the time Proxy wraps her lips around it. It’s not just her technique that makes her brand of blowjobs so impressive, but the way she looks up into her lover’s eyes for signs of approval. Then of course it’s the wet and messy fellatio and the sucking of Bianka’s turgid member balls deep.

Bianka can’t even see the way Proxy wiggles her big, sexy ass while she gives her head, but we sure as hell do! When Bianka sits up on her knees and sinks her organ inside Proxy’s pussy, it seems like Proxy hasn’t been fucked in so long. Bianka manages to handle Proxy’s jiggling tits while fucking her with jackhammer thrusts. The toe-curling missionary position drilling leads to doggy style after some hard spanking. Bianka rides Proxy from behind while muffling her mouth and pulling her hair like the world’s finest trans dominatrix. The footage is from the rear vantage point when Bianka give her a piledriver railing.

Next, Bianka squeezes Proxy’s undulating boobs and rubs her clit while the babe rides her in the cowgirl position. I thought it seemed like Proxy hadn’t been fucked in awhile. It looks like Bianka hasn’t cum in awhile judging by the big, creamy white cumshot she floods Proxy’s face and mouth with.

You can stream of download this amazing action of the official website of Bianka Nascimento or the TGirl Network that comes with the incredible line-up of other SMC Productions contract stars.

Bianka Nascimento & Allan

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Before I saw the torrid hardcore scene with Bianka Nascimento and Allan, I saw the solo scene with Bianka stripping and jacking off by the pool. She tells us how she gets so excited thinking about naked guys on the beach. She looks ravishing with shades on, a sheer lacy one-piece and tall pumps by the pool. She bares and fondles her large breasts, then simulates fellatio with the arm of her sunglasses. The closeups on her lovely face and bright eyes are exquisite and so is her completely nude form as she strokes her cock to a full erection. Bianka takes a brief dip in the water and continues jerking off. If you’ve been craving to see another video with Bianka playing with herself naked from head to toe, you must get this.

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In her scene with handsome, muscular Allan, Bianka is already grabbing his boner through his briefs as the kiss when it begins. As for the oral action, Bianka does most of the cock sucking and Allan devours her with a rimjob. Doggy style is the first position he fucks her in. You simply must subscribe to either the official Bianka Nascimento website or get a TGirl Network multi-pass for the entire lineup of legendary SMC stars. For more of this top trans star, take a look at the Bianka Nascimento Filmography on Adult Empire. Her body of work is incredible!

Bianca Nascimento Filmography 

Bianka Nascimento in Let’s Play S&M

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Beautiful Bianka Nascimento tells you exactly what she’s going to do in “Let’s Play” on her official website. She’s going to be dominant and she’s going to play with herself. She wacks her latex-clad round bottom with a riding crop to give you an idea of how it would feel striking you. She repeats the process a few times and don’t know about you, but there are only a few sounds I love more than the squeaking of tight latex. Next, Bianca gives you a view of her deep cleavage and plays with one nipple, then the other. The Mistress tells you her cock is sleepy at the moment while she exposes it with her legs spread wide. You know it’s your duty to make it wake up. But this gorgeous dominatrix feeling generous today. She’s going to beat off and make her cock hard for you while it stares you in the face. She’s even going to toy with her wrinkled rosebud as you masturbate for her. After jerking her erection in the dungeon area, Bianka Nascimento then leads you to the shower area for a surprise you simply must see for yourself.

Bianka Nascimento and Bianca Hills

When Beautiful Bianka Nascimento introduces her stunning blonde friend in her new video, her partner goes under the name Bianca Rios. I’m more familiar with the Juara and Sao Paulo, Brazil native as Bianca Hills and you might be as well. Their new video together begins with mutual breast admiration and light kissing. Then they begin exploring each other’s lower extremities a bit before more big rack loving continues. Bianka Nascimento assumes the passive role in this scene, but it could have gone either way. The hostess gives her guest what’s obviously an amazing blowjob. Bianka strokes her cock to a raging erection while giving head and she stands up for a deep sucking from Bianca. So when it’s time to assume the position on all fours to get fucked by the trans porn icon, she’s got a full on boner bobbing and swaying beneath her. Bianka Nascimento takes a tremendous railing from Bianca Hills, mostly in the side saddle position. The filming is magnificent and it displays both amazing bodies to perfection. I’ve been a fan of Brazilian Bianka Nascimento, who resides in Dublin, Ireland now for quite some time. I’ve actually been a fan for five years now, come to think of it. On her superb website, you’ll see Bianka’s exquisite solo performances and more scenes with amazing male and other gorgeous TGirl Network superstars. I urge you to take the tour.

Bianka Nascimento and Wolf




Wolf Hudson cannot understand why Bianka Nascimento is so angry with him. All he’s done was take a shower and brush his teeth. When he returns to the livingroom to join her, she’s sitting on the sofa furious! She won’t even tell him what he’s done to upset her, but perhaps she’ll calm down if he sucks her cock. As a matter of fact, she forces him to do it. Naturally, Wolf’s dick gets hard sucking Bianka’s and she’s obviously not as upset as she was before. She does her best to deep throat his massive member before allowing him to fuck her doggystyle. After awhile, this Brazilian beauty who’s lived in Dublin, Ireland for quite some time straddles Wolf for a reverse cowgirl humping. She plants her feet on his thighs for greater leverage before they go at it side saddle. Bianka jerks off furiously while getting railed, her tapered spike hard enough to pound nails with. That’s when she spurts her cum against her own thigh. Wolf then creams on her full breasts. Find out if you’ll learn what this fox was so mad about by watching the full scene of the official Bianka Nascimento website. Over 180 hi-res images complement the video!

Bianka Nascimento in Blue Lingerie




As ravishing as Bianka Nascimento looks in blue lingerie, a perverted, pansexual girl like myself is more interested in seeing her undressing out of it. So I watched her amazing video which runs just under 11 minutes. She’s already hard and stroking herself just about as soon as the scene opens. She begins moaning while jerking her erection and rubs on her breasts, too. There’s a shot of Bianka’s hard dick pointing towards the ceiling right before she lifts one of her boobs to lick one of her stiff nipples. She even squeezes her scrotum tightly, offering you to tea bag her full balls. She stands up to shake her curvaceous ass and when she turns around, that hardon of hers is staring you right in the face. You can see that her tummy is moistened with some of the precum that has oozed from the tip of her cock. There’s lots of puckered rosebud exposure and Bianka’s hard pecker is coated with oil when she uses her unique masturbation methed to yank a big, creamy white cumshot out of her tool. Learn more about Bianka Nascimento by visiting the website of this exquisite solo and hardcore performer.