Tiffany Starr & Bailey Love in NYC Bondage

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I don’t know if this update was previously released or if it’s from the archives. Whenever it was filmed, it’s one of the hottest trans lesbian porn scenes on this or any site that specializes in the niche. Tiffany Starr also has hardcore scenes with men on her site, but her Trans/Trans scenes are amongst the best of the best. I’m not sure if gorgeous Bailey Love was already an actual porn star when this was filmed. There’s a big difference between a porn performer and a porn star. Whatever the case, she’s certainly a top star now and it’s clearly evident here how her rise to fame came about.

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Bailey Love enters Principal Starr’s office as a petulant student and the principal is annoyed and tired of repeating this admonishment over and over again. It seems like Bailey is making an infraction of some sort every single day! But today’s punishment is going to be the most severe yet. Bailey doesn’t know exactly what the corporal punishment the principal warns her about is, but she’s soon to find out. First, Bailey is lifted from her seat and tossed against the principal’s desk. Upon raising the student’s tartan plaid schoolgirl skirt, beautiful Miss Starr can hardly believe the girl isn’t wearing the school issued panties she was supplied with when she got her uniform. A hard spanking begins. Bailey has one of the cutest bubble butts around and the principle renders it beet red!

Miss Starr pulls Bailey’s hair and grinds against her from behind, making her promise to be good. I’m pretty sure that when Miss Starr sits down and exposes her cock for Bailey to suck, that’s why her cock is stiff already. Well, that plus I really get the feeling she absolutely loves the feeling of dominating Bailey who looks amazing sucking her big dick and flicking her tongue across her large breasts and tight nipples. Bailey gets treated to a rim job for being good so far. In fact, she must deserve an A+ for the way she’s submitting. Tiffany fucks the hell out of the naughty schoolgirl!

TwoTgirls: The Dildo Factory: Quality Guaranteed

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Description: THIS WEEK! On TwoTgirls! The girls are HARD at work at The Dildo Factory! River Enza is working in product testing under the supervision of Bailey Love. When Bailey questions River about her progress for the day, things go south. River Enza has so many dildos to test before the end of the business day and Bailey can’t go home until she’s finished! Frustrated by the prospect of staying late, Bailey Love decides to give River Enza a hand in testing out the merchandise. Neither girl can stand it, the sexual tension between them during testing is too much and before you know it they’re both fucking on the company couch! It all ends though when Bailey Love blows a load all over River’s face!

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I watched this scorching hot update two days ago and I’m recalling the first moment I feel that it goes into hyper speed. After the initial trademark humor, and dildo testing on River’s gorgeous ass, Bailey decides she needs to test River’s cock sucking skills on her real dick. She raises the hem of her skirt and River goes to work orally when veteran sex goddess Bailey’s big prick literally lurches up toward her pretty face.

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There’s a lot of finger banging and salad tossing to follow. But it’s Bailey’s fucking rhythm and the way River takes her tremendous pounding that keeps things riveting. Two sets of the prettiest hormone breasts in trans adult entertainment jiggle about wildly through the tumultuous bareback railing.

This Two Tgirls update is good to the last drop (of creamy white cum across River’s lips). The Dildo Factory: Quality Guaranteed is available on in your choice of 4K (Ultra HD) 8.88GB, 1080P (Full HD) 1.69GB, 480P (SD) 400.48MB or 720P (HD) 800.13MB resolution! Also check out the new sister site from Mayumi Sparkles:!

Shemale Strokers: Bailey Love

Did you see the Bailey Love scene trailer above? I didn’t expect the preview video to show her cumming but it does! Her official Shemale Strokers synopsis reads: Tall brunette Bailey Love is from Green Bay, Wisconsin, and she loves drinking Miller High Life and Puerto Rican hookers. She also loves to suck and ride big dick, especially being spit roasted.

And the two of you already have something sexy in common… you both love to fuck girls with cocks and make them squirt. Already turned on, Bailey takes off her thong and spreads her juicy ass cheeks wide part for you. Bending over, her clenched asshole is on complete display. Just a little bit of teasing has her dripping precum from the tip of her lady cock, so she indulges herself with a taste her own yummy girl juices.

Next, she pulls out a big 9-inch dildo to play with. She sucks on its entire length, and you can’t believe how she stuffs the whole thing down her throat. Now that it’s nice and wet, she sits down on the toy cock and rides it. The deck below her gets soaked with all her sexual fluids, but she just keeps bouncing on up and down in her high heels.

She keeps jerking her long clit while fucking herself in the ass, until she shoots tons of white gooey cum all over a glass plate. Of course, this dirty little trans girl licks it all up! I’m a little biased about this actress considering my interview with Bailey Love that you’ll find right here on TS Dreamland. Luckily my reviews aren’t numbered because I’d probably rate this update higher than the website would.

Even though I think I did a pretty good job with our highly enjoyable interview process, I really love what the Shemale Strokers interview drew out of her. She drove from Wisconsin to Las Vegas to the shemalestrokers set in Seattle, Washington where this debut was filmed. After learning her non-sexual likes, she gives us the whole enchilada about what turns her on sexually. It’s so arousing to hear about what she loves about sex with guys and girls! The only surprise for me is that she doesn’t mention the fact that the big boobs she’s squeezing are all natural while she’s handling them.

Perhaps she’s hoping you’re paying attention to her incredibly fit physique in her debut and the big cock rising before her creamy thighs.

Rob Yaeger: Fit TS Bikini Babe Bailey Love Wakes Me Up for a Fuck

The Fuck Chronicles omnisexual star Rob Yaeger sums up his new tryst with gorgeous Bailey Love saying, “I barely got enough sleep the other night. But hot babe Bailey Love wasn’t having it. She wanted dick. So she caressed my body and the next thing you know, my dick was in her mouth. This got me in the mood nice and quick. I facefucked her, then licked her sexy round booty. From there I put her through the Yaeger paces. She was shouting and making the neighbors jealous. I must say I made a fair amount of noise, too! Once I fucked her fill, she wanted my load all over her face. I obliged!” Bailey’s large all-natural breasts aren’t fully exposed just yet, but when she curls her fingers around Rob’s big boner in bed, her stiffening cock is protruding from the waistband of her pink panties. While she’s performing a lengthy and deep blowjob with Rob up on his knees, he unsnaps her brassiere and it slips off as she in for a kiss. Rob devours her tits and kneads her butt cheeks causing Bailey to moan softly. Her cock presses against his abs for a few moments before she leans downward to give him head again. Bailey’s big dick is fully erect at this point and Rob wants to get another look at her magnificent ass too. Her panties are still on but a great expanse of her heart-shaped bottom is exposed. Rob strokes his hardon as he takes in the sight of it. He gives it a couple of hard spanks and a compliment, then swoops down to give her a rimjob. Bailey is stripped down to her pink platform stripper heels while she waits on all four for Rob’s big bare cock to penetrate her tight ass. Bailey plays with herself until it’s an effort just to keep up with the powerful fucking she’s getting. But when she flips over on her back, her cock that was just being smashed against the mattress is hard enough to crack walnuts with. With one of her pretty legs raised as she gets railed again, Bailey resumes stroking her hardon. A position change follows with Bailey getting pile driven and Rob firmly grasps and squeezes one of her big tits. The other firm orb continues jiggling as they scream wildly from banging into each other. Bailey takes a cowgirl ride on Rob’s large prick and her own thick, lengthy rod bounces and swings about. She jerks off frantically while bouncing on Rob’s hard prick until she cums! But Rob isn’t even close to finishing yet and this bareback pummeling shifts into the missionary position until he gives her a huge facial Bailey eagerly accepts with her mouth wide open. For more information about these incredible stars, check out the PornOCD Interview with Rob Yaeger and Caramel’s Interview with Bailey Love!

Shemale Yum: Bailey Love Strokes And Cums!

This Shemale Yum update presented by Radius Dark features one of my all-time favorite stars – Bailey Love and it’s all about her encouraging you to cum with her! It’s an installment of the new Cumshot Mondays series. She’s just returned from the hotel’s pool and she says she doesn’t tan. I didn’t think of asking her about that during our interview so maybe we’ll cover that in an update.

As the scene progresses with Bailey fully dressed, She rises and strikes a full frontal pose and then turns around for a long focus on her firm and virtually flawless butt. I don’t even really know why I added “virtually” but no one is supposedly perfect (?). Well, this is about as close to perfect as any set of buttocks I’ve ever seen.

Being in the sun all day makes Bailey horny and she can’t stop thinking about Daddy’s big dick. She made a mold of it and it just happens to be sitting on the bed behind her. She grabs the huge phallus and simulates oral sex with it. She’s going to play with it more of course but now it’s time to take off her top and reveal her natura D-cup tits. How often do you see hormone induced boobs this big?

Bailey shows how sensitive her nipples are and even tweaks them a bit painfully. Then she lays back, stretches her curvaceous legs and asks if you like her heels. It’s impossible to not notice her meticulous sparkly pedicure. Bailey then withdraws her cock from her panties and it’s already standing up on its own. When she rises from the bed, her lovely cock head is swelling right in front of her face.

Her smoothly shaven, wrinkled ball sack is just begging to be tea bagged. She strokes the firm shaft momentarily and then we get views of it bobbing and swaying from what looks like her own POV. Her cock is so hard now and you can still see it bobbing between her thighs when she bends over on the bed to present an explicit view of her ass. I’m once again trying not to use the word “flawless”.

She says that she knows you want to fuck it and then turns over again after saying you’ll have to perform a rimjob first. Then she’s seated facing you, gently rubbing her fingers up and down the length of her big hardon. Bailey beats off more intently while kneeling and she reaches back to play with her butt also. Then her gorgeous ass is in the frame again because it’s time for that huge dildo to reappear.

I should perhaps say the phallus disappears because it’s slowly sinking inside her tight bottom. After the midway point of this Cumshot Monday update, Bailey is completely naked, taking a ride on the enormous tool with her erection pointing directly up at the ceiling! Kudos to you if you can hold back your climax before Bailey shoots her big creamy white load of spunk!

Sexy Big Cocked Bailey Love!

Model/Producer River Stark presented the debut and follow-up shoots with gorgeous Bailey Love. Radius Dark is responsible for her third set. In this one, the Green Bay, Wisconsin fox is Sin City wishing she had a big dick to deepthroat. She pinches the pert nipples of her natural 32D tits and stands up asking if we like her little pink outfit. “This is what you want, isn’t it?” Bailey asks with her back facing the camera, raising the hem of her skirt just above her g-string. Lawda mercy! The camera pans down Bailey’s bare curvy legs to her platform heeled feet and cruises back up to her magnificent bottom. She says she likes having her butt spanked and claps it hard to prove it. When she faces the camera again, her smoothly shaven nuts are working toward escaping her thong and the outline of her cock is clearly visible. It’s so cute the way she later deceptively describes her cock as “little”.

Bailey takes a seat next and proceeds to ask if we like her g-string. Moments later, her cock is fully exposed and she confesses her love for dick. What she loves most about dick is the hot, sticky, salty man-cream it produces. She likes pussy and girly cum too, she clarifies while curling her fingers around the shaft of her rod. It expands rapidly as she strokes it firmly and Bailey knows that everyone watching her masturbate would love to suck it.

It doesn’t take long before Bailey’s bulbous cockhead is straining up towards the ceiling. She plays with her ball sack that’s hanging before her g-string pouch, perfectly presented for tea bagging. I’m left-handed so I picked that trait up about Bailey from previous displays of her jerking off. She stands up after awhile to remove her dress and we get an aerial view of her lowering it down her lovely legs and stepping out of it. Her amazing boobs are now in full display and her cock stands out from her creamy thighs raging hard now! As she resumes stroking the hard shaft, she begins moaning softly. Bailey seemed seriously horny at the beginning of this update, but now she’s really into it. She pauses her fap session to remove her tall platforms for her foot fans and does some teasing with her pretty peds.

When she resumes her fap session, a big bead of clear pre-cum emerges from her swollen cockhead. Bailey tastes some of it and says it tastes sweet like strawberries. I’ve only described about three quarters of this sizzling hot Shemale Yum update.

For more information about this absolute stunner, check out caramels-interview-with-bailey-love which is exclusive to TS Dreamland. Also don’t miss the phenomenal scene with Bailey Love fucking stunning Valentina Love on the hottest trans lesbian website on the Net! Check out the TGirls.Porn Bailey Love Profile!

You can Watch the Free Bailey Love Trailer on

Bailey Love: Packer Fan

Beautiful Bailey Love from Green Bay, Wisconsin is a “cheesehead” which is the the nickname for the fans of the Green Bay Packers NFL football franchise. Her team didn’t make it to the Super Bowl this year, but Bailey’s scene here is a world class winner. She’s sitting on a Packer’s blanket at the fireplace when she greets us once again wearing a skimpy gold bikini, micro-mini skirt and tall, strappy sandals this time around.

Her first display of nudity is her amazingly large hormone breasts. Bailey pinches her nipples hard and moans deeply, then sits up on all fours with her curvy round ass looking incredibly inviting.

She gives her bottom a hard smack and raises the hem of the skirt to show more of it. “I just need a big dick right now,” she mewls while simulating getting fucked.

Bailey then spanks herself again and asks if you’d like to do it. Then she raises her gorgeous legs in the air while on her back and removes her spandex skirt. Bailey’s cock head escapes the waistband of her panties and she begins rubbing her swelling dick through the fabric.

“I know this is what you really want,” she says when exposing her cock fully and slowly stroking it. Her full ball sack is exposed also as she makes herself develop a raging erection. If you’re hoping to see more of her ass, you won’t be disappointed.

After jerking off for awhile, she sits up on her knees with her sexy butt in the frame. She slowly lowers her panties, discards them and begins finger banging her gorgeous butt. At about the midway point of this scene, Bailey lays on her back and continues her fap session. With one hand pumping her hard shaft, she uses the other to squeeze one of her nipples, then begins fucking her fun spot again. She then expresses her need for a toy and her fingers are replaced by a super long blue dildo. Bailey fucks herself steadily with the sex toy while jerking off until she cums in this scorching hot update!

This Bailey’s third performance on this landmark site since her “She Loves Cocks” debut and it’s fighting hard to beat her “Gym Jackoff” video.

For more information about this incredible star, check out my exclusive TS Dreamland Interview with Bailey Love. Bailey Love

First, please allow me to provide a little background information on exquisite Bailey Love with Christian XXX before delivering this scene review. On November 7th, I raved about the Bailey Love scene on on Caramel’s Girls and you can click here to read it. The main reason I added that review on my transition-based blog is because I directed readers there to my exclusive TS Dreamland interview with Bailey Love to show off her progression from amateur to major studio work.

Her “Bored Newlywed Bailey Fucks Hubby’s Workout Partner” bareback debut on was scorching hot, but I might like her performance on even better. The shooting is excellent in her video and photos on the original sister site, but I find it just a bit better here. But I might be biased because there’s much more focus on Bailey’s face and body in this case. The camera pans up her curvy legs and torso to her pretty face and she introduces herself wearing a pink bikini saying she’s horny and that she’s loves pink, being a little pink slut.

Bailey bares her big natural Wisconsin homegrown tits after confessing that she loves cock. Then she turns around to show off and spank her ass. This is followed by an explicit exposure of her tiny pink rosebud before she lowers her bikini bottom. As she strokes her big hard cock, she draws attention to the pre-cum oozing from its tip.

A few moments later, she sitting on the sofa completely nude. She raises her legs in the air and her large dick points toward the ceiling. Next thing you know, a “mystery man” is diddling her fun spot. After beating off while having her bottom explored, Bailey sinks to her knees on the floor and asks if she can suck the cock in front of her face.

She goes about licking the extra-long shaft and tea bagging the big balls before handling the huge prick firmly. Bailey looks incredible in POV action sucking as much of that mammoth cock inside her mouth as she can. After awhile, Bailey straddles the man and rubs their erections together. In a gravity defying feat, her large cock points skyward as she jousts up and down facing us on the man’s tool bareback.

Bailey also strokes her pre-cum oozing organ while fucking the POV man (which is you) in the cowgirl position so that the focus is on her supremely wide ass. The next position is doggy style and Bailey’s dirty talk involves a little self-degradation. The wide angle footage capture her fit form from head to toe in the missionary position bareback railing.

Bailey’s eyes roll back when she cums and she’s rewarded with a facial at the end. “All gone,” she beams after swallowing her man’s cum in this instant classic.

TGirls.Porn: Bailey Love & Valentina Mia

If you turn your speakers up loud enough, the sounds alone of Mia getting fucked by Bailey might make your neighbors cum. TGirls.Porn calls this photo and video set an inferno of an update and they nailed it. The gorgeous top in this scene confidently laying pipe is Bailey Love who honored me with an exclusive TS Dreamland interview you can read here. Bailey has made extraordinary fap material on Shemale Yum and on Bob’s Tgirls.

Valentina Mia made her adult industry debut on Femout.XXX. If you register for free on Chaturbate, she’ll be performing LIVE tonight on I’ve been raving about hot Valentina since the early summer months.

In this killer Omar Wax production, Bailey and Mia are just a couple of hot trans girls out on the town. Bailey can’t resist confessing her attraction to Mia who’s yet to have had a transbian experience. The look in Bailey’s eyes seems to say, “I’m gonna fuck this girl so good it’s gonna make her head spin,” and Mia’s performance as a slightly nervous first-timer is superb.

Bailey’s powerful brand of fucking leaves no doubt in my mind that she could satisfy the most demanding needs of a bottom. And if you were already a fan of Mia and dying to see her getting railed relentlessly in a studio performance, the time has finally come. One moment etched in my mind is the sight of pre-cum oozing from Mia’s big stiff cock onto her thigh while riding Bailey’s large, raging hard prick.

Bailey Love:“First of all my time with Valentina Mia was unbelievably hot. She had these eyes that just got my blood burning deep with desire as soon as we met. When she kissed my skin it was so electric and when she had her tongue in my ass it felt so fucking wonderful my entire body felt like it was covered in goosebumps. Our chemistry was off the charts. When I kissed all over her body and stuck my tongue in her ass she made the most erotic whimpers. Her lips against mine gave me such an adrenaline rush. When I had her cock in my mouth and could make her squirm and moan and cry out for more. She had no clue what she was in store for when I stuck my dick in her ass. She couldn’t get enough of it. She wanted it from behind, on her back, in cowgirl reverse cowgirl and a few others. She worked my cock like a woman starved of sex for over a year. We fucked for what seemed like hours with no finish in sight. Then she started begging me to cum. Being a pleaser I was happy to try and acquiesce her request but once she started kissing me again as I worked my very hard cock in my hand it proved too much for me and I exploded all over myself. To date it was the hottest sex I have ever had with another Trans Girl, but something tells me that there are hotter scenes to cum ;)”

Valentina Mia:“Feeling the soft lips of another girl and getting turned on was definitely a first for me. I felt like Bailey and I connected faster than I have with most men. It’s like we both knew what we wanted from one another. I love pleasing my partner, and she made it very obvious that I was pleasing her, and that drove me wild! Kissing, followed by sucking her succulent nipples, made me want to discover more and more of her body. As I disrobed her, I pushed the boundaries of my sexual desires and came to love her feminine embrace. Bailey’s throbbing cock deep inside me made me a little more than just bi-curious. I think I should try this again soon, you know, just to make sure this wasn’t just an exception, because if this is what it’s like to be with a girl, then sign me up for more. Can’t wait to try this again!”

You can watch the Free Trailer on TGirls.Porn.

Caramel’s Interview with Bailey Love

A recent conversation with one of this model’s mentors led to my interview with Bailey Love. A long time friend of mine mentioned Bailey to me, but I’d already known of their incredible multiple performances together and with other friends. My friend runs websites centered around feminization and transformation. Bailey’s solo and hardcore performances there broadened her adult entertainment exposure and popularity. The timing for this interview could not have been better. Click here to read my interview with the wonderfully sweet, sexy and gorgeous TS Bailey Love.