Bailey Jay VR – Fucking My Ass on My New Couch

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Bailey Jay jokes around a little as she casually introduces herself in this update. Then she stands up announcing that she already has a semi in her shorts. “It doesn’t take much to make me happy,” she says after exposing and grasping her she-cock and swinging it around a bit. As it hangs from one of her shorts legs, she also makes it bounce and swing from side to side and up and down when she takes a seat. Then she lowers her black top and I have a question for you. Are you used to her bigger new knockers yet? Every time I see them they make me smile. My brain still tells me to expect to see her former boobs. I typically don’t go for breast augmentation but Bailey Jay obviously had the best of the best work done. I love her tits. Also, I see a lot of fans online questioning if her cock has grown bigger. Well, that tends to happen once a girl’s hormone regime is reduced. Now that thick juicy cock is something I didn’t have trouble getting used to. I particularly like the way she slaps her shaft against her palm like it’s a slab of beef. While she’s doing this you can see her full body and that’s something I’m not sure I’ve mentioned in other reviews of scenes from her Virtual Reality site. I’m not saying it’s a better experience, well it is to me, but it’s definitely more all-encompassing. Aside from the normal jerking off, an incredibly erotic sequence rolls out when she produces a huge black dildo and fucks her tight ass with it! She also does some intense finger banging and this action along with her dick stroking results in a powerful cum-laden orgasm! “Mmm, I want to feed it to you,” she says with some jizz on her fingers taking full advantage of the features of This is the incredible sister site of the original!

Bailey Jay VR

VR Video Preview

It’s not necessary to break out VR goggles to watch the following preview vids, but it helps. They’re available everywhere. Here in Florida went into a dollar store to pick up a card and spotted a unit for just $5.00! Of course it’s better to get a more expensive set but I’m just stating what’s possible. My favorite virtual reality video on is still “Suckin’ On The Pool Boy’s Cock” because #1, I’m also in central Florida where this was filmed and we’re just now getting our second cold snap. It’s not odd to be out by the pool later in the afternoon wearing a skimpy top, bikini bottoms and marabou slippers and giving head. #2, The sunny day is awesome for VR scenes!

VR Video Preview

Jackin’ It In The Gameroom” is more no need to guess what it’s about porn. Dressed in animal print lingerie, Bailey looks like a stunning trans version of Tarzan sans loincloth. She wants to jerk off with you. Sit right across from her and let’s get to it!

VR Video Preview

Another favorite is “Foot Worship” because handjobs are fun but footjobs with sexy feet I find more interesting and creative. I mean when is the last time a hot girl brought you off with foot sex and stroking her big hardon? Who was it that gave you a blowjob and a footjob in the same session? Tough to remember if not impossible, right? She models a pretty dress in “Get On Your Knees and Suck My Dick“, exposes her thick cock and confesses how she needs it drained. Next comes a full on jerk off session while standing and showing off her huge new knockers. “Okay, now open your mouth for me,” she gasps and you can guess what’s coming soon. “Bedroom Quickie” is one of those lazy day scrunchie in the hair, tank top and shorts wearing blowjob sessions with special emphasis on POV. Anyone who’s seen her sucking her hubby’s long cock and teabagging his balls knows how much she loves giving head. That passion is sure to transfer it’s way to your junk too. “Masseur’s Extra Service” is exactly what you imagine – Bailey Jay pretending she’s at the massage parlor and you’re her client. You don’t even have to ask about happy endings. So check out the brilliant new website and don’t forget about the iconic original –!