Bailee Paris And Friend In Trans Lesbian Fucking Review

Daniela Hansson is the blonde cisgender Austrian babe that beautiful trans star Bailee Paris gets railed by in Bailee Paris And Friend In Trans Lesbian Fucking on and on the!

Bailee and Daniela would just seem like two lesbian lovers kissing on the bed romantically if we didn’t see Bailey’s handcuffs. Even though Bailee goes down on Daniela, the blonde Domme takes her time before asserting her dominance. As a matter of fact, it takes over ten minutes for Daniela to introduce a huge dildo to their foreplay.

This scene plays more like a vanilla couple experimenting with BDSM for the first time together, not a Mistress/submissive situation. But once Daniela forces Bailee to suck on the huge toy and then spanks her sexy bare ass once it’s bent over, it’s clear who’s running the show.

I’m a top, but even if I were a bottom, I can’t imagine being fucked by suck a large toy, let alone as hard and fast as Daniela thrusts. I wouldn’t go as far as to say that Bailee makes it look easy. But she does make it look hot as fuck! She’s got a boner while getting relentlessly railed doggy style.

Bailee’s big cock is also erect as she gets her tight ass pounded in the missionary position! Those familiar with real BDSM situations will admire the brief, yet crucial after care sequence in this remarkable and update! Site Launches

About two weeks ago, one of my favorite adult industry performers announced, “Bailee Paris website launch coming soon. So exited that this is finally happening and I am thankful that SMC Productions gave me this opportunity! I am blessed to work with some of the best in this industry and we are gonna make awesomeness. :)”

“Never give up your dreams is what I want to say to all the ts girls for who I may or may not be an inspiration ! If you believe in yourself can do everything. We all start out small. I am blessed with the best friends and fans anyone could hope for.”

I’m so excited for Bailee! Allow me to tell you a few things about her new site,! After following my #1 favorite fashionista online to see what she’s wearing, now I get to rave about her official website.

Mixed Gallery

I’ve seen this bisexual globetrotting beauty getting down and dirty with guys in hardcore action, with cisgender girls and other beautiful trans girls. She’s bringing this sort of content to brilliantly and the original launch is quite impressive. You can get a pretty good idea of what’s already poppin’ with the image and video previews I’ve included and also by taking the tour. Congratulations, Bailee!