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Andylynn Payne aka Fut8nari on Chaturbate Trans

22 year old Andylynn Payne soars to the #1 spot of my favorite webcam platform every time I see her broadcasting. This Los Angeles, California-based bombshell has phenomenal staying power. With red lingerie encasing her lightly oiled form, I saw her online the other night literally edging for hours! She’s gracious and kind to viewers and only looses contact when she’s about to nut. Her breasts are large orbs with sensitive nipples, judging by the way she fondles and tweaks them.

Andylynn’s cock is enormous. I saw her beating off mostly while seated in a black leather office chair on Chaturbate Trans. Black curtains closed out the white trim floor-to-ceiling windows of her room. Although Andylynn often sat very close to the camera, she managed to raise her bare legs and feet to get them into the action.

No one wold argue that she’s exquisite from head to toe. One moment she’s a brazen sex goddess and the next she’s just an adorable girl with braces. She makes these transitions while performing on a fraction of a second. There was no reason for Andylynn to completely remove her thong and bra while stroking her big cock.

The cups of her brassiere simply weren’t there and the panties were like dental floss. Sometimes. Andylynn would rise to her feet to show of her tremendous rear end. Then she’d finger bang her tight ass before concentrating on her massive tool again. When she’s not concentrating on making herself cum, she enjoys interaction with fans.

One night, not long ago, Andylynn shared a moving story about an event that occurred before she began her transition. It’s so refreshing to see a broadcaster who isn’t afraid to share herself with her fans so candidly! This model’s beauty isn’t the only reason her channel goes straight to the top so consistently!