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I just discovered a phenomenal Chaturbate Trans webcam broadcaster I’ve never seen performing before. Her name is Amymarykinglove (Amy Mary King Love) and she’s a 27 year old pre-op TS who was dividing her show between full body shots and split-screen masturbation. In the top left corner was her pretty face and shelf of her breasts. They were covered however in a spaghetti strap black floral print dress and her legs and feet were bare. Most of the rest of the screen was filled with the stiff cock she was stroking furiously.

This soft-spoken Asian-American beauty was speaking in a way that normally wouldn’t arouse me. She was speaking as a Dominatrix, gently yet firmly ordering viewers to suck the stiff cock she was jerking rapidly. But she was also answering questions about her sexual preferences. Once that started, I didn’t want her to stop. This dominant fox who lists her location as Rosenwolfembourg had me transfixed although I’m also dominant so that was highly unusual! Amy’s bio says that her “clit” squirts with anal orgasm. It must feel amazing for anyone who has that honor. She said she doesn’t like the way her face and body looks when she’s cumming. I’d imagine it would make so many of us come if we hadn’t already. Besides, we all loose control when we orgasm. It’s just part of life. Amy’s biography goes into more detail about herself and it’s an incredibly interesting read!

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