AJ180 Amy Jeaux Johnson

AJ180: Amy Jeaux Johnson on Chaturbate Trans


AJ180: Amy Jeaux Johnson of Dallas, Texas | It’s a wonderful thing when you catch AJ180 aka Amy Jeaux Johnson masturbating on Chaturbate Trans live. I think it’s a special treat when she’s completely naked from head to toe because every inch of her is exquisite.

I recently say her on cam full frontal with her legs spread wide. She was stroking her big dick up and down and whenever she let it go, her cock would stay up in the air, bobbing and swaying. Amy has a gravity-defying schlong. When she has a narrow pink Lovesense Lush stimulator up her tight ass, her reactions are wild when it’s activated.

Tips get the toy buzzing and Amy gets lots of them. But just because you see a lot of other fans tipping, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t add your donations. It’s never enough as far as I’m concerned. If it was, there would be no need to come back night after night for webcam girls.

Amy has a special talent for inducing powerful orgasms. There’s a build-up to her climaxes that you can easily time with your own. An Amy Jeaux Johnson nut is intense. She convulses, moans loudly and often laughs from the sheer force of cumming hard.

In her downtime, she’ll sometimes sing, very well I might add, and she’s an engaging chatter. She’s a vision walking around her room, smoking weed, or just playing with her hair.

She always records her Chaturbate cum shots! Wanna see where you can find them? I hope so. Check out her channel for links:

AJ180 Amy Jeaux Johnson Chaturbate Trans Cams

Amy Jeaux Johnson on Chaturbate Trans

Amy Jeaux Johnson – Dallas, Texas

Amy Jeaux Johnson aka AJ180

Amy Jeaux Johnson was already naked and her big cock was fully erect when I logged into her Chaturbate Trans channel one night last week. She had a narrow pink Lovesense vibrator embedded in her sexy ass that buzzed highly pleasurable sensations with incoming tips. “Look how hard you got me,” she breathed between moans and and she bent forward.

In a full frontal view, Amy Jeaux took the bulbous head of her cock into her own mouth and sucked in some pre-cum. I’m not going to joke about never leaving the house if I could do that. A girl’s gotta tend to other business. I’ve noticed that Amy Jeaux’s sexual frenzy goes into overdrive whenever she gives herself a blowjob. It was no different this time around and Amy Jeaux jerked off and moaned wildly with a thin layer of sweat covering her beautiful body.

More tips rolled in when she gave a foot arching and toe wiggling session. She has sexy feet so she gets foot fetish requests a lot. About ten minutes of watching Amy Jeaux’s incredible show, a fan went on a tip tirade, trying to make her cum. She was leaning back at this point with her curvy legs spread eagle.

It seemed as if she was about to shoot her load, but she backed off and took a little water break. Then she lay down in profile, a position that makes her dick look even more massive than in frontal views. She eventually stood up and made her large tool swing from thigh to thigh. The slaps her heavy penis made were so loud!

I don’t know why, but she donned a white bra next. Amy Jeaux appeared to be cooling down even though her big schlong didn’t deflate. Next, Amy Jeaux placed a suction dildo on the floor beneath her fine ass. She proceeded to ride up and down on it.

Then she lay on her side with her butt facing us and fucked herself with the toy. I wanted to stick around to see Amy Jeaux cum, but a whole hour passed and I to run some errands. If you’d like to see something like what I saw, and I highly recommend the Amy Jeaux Johnson, be sure to check out the channel!

AJ180 Amy Jeaux Johnson Chaturbate Trans Cams

Amy Jeaux Johnson aka AJ180 on Chaturbate Trans

Wreck this pussy, baby!” cried Amy Jeaux Johnson. It’s AJ for short “Cream inside this ass.” Her back was facing the crown and her incredible ass was framed by a dental floss strip of a yellow thong on Chaturbate Trans. She also wore a white midriff-baring t-shirt and her incredible legs and dainty feet were bare.

After tips rolled in setting off the Lovesense Lush toy inside her butt buzz, she seemed close to cumming. So she turned around and began chatting with us to calm things down a bit. Mid-tempo and fast 90’s Hip Hop and R&B played in the background and it wasn’t distracting. I knew I’d gotten to her channel when she hadn’t been on long because her tokens earned were still in the low hundreds.

I totally forgot how big this beauty’s dick was until she hit the level to withdraw it from her thong. A silver cock ring encircled her balls and shaft. She was standing, but she took a seat and asked if viewers were ready to see her get her cock hard. Amy developed a huge erection in no time! Amy interacts with fans well and she goes absolutely nuts when tips buzz her vibrator!

A heavy tipper asked to see her sex toys and she stopped masturbating to grab a plastic crate. She proceeded to show off a small collection of the biggest dildos in creation and a cock sleeve. The real stars of the show, aside from AJ’s pretty face, are her bubble butt, her extra-long schlong and high-arched feet that her foot fetish fans can’t get enough of.

She eventually stripped down to a yellow bra that matched the panties she removed. Amy’s reactions to the narrow toy in her butt are so powerful. At one point, she had to turn it off because it’s so intense! She was shaking as she beautifully articulated the sensations that little thing has on her nerve endings.

My favorite moment came when she got completely naked and said, “Maybe I should just cum for you guys.” But first, she decided to fuck a plastic rear end replica before shooting a huge, creamy white load of cum! Register free and follow