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Gorgeous Alysson_rojas12 tips her hat to you.

Alysson_rojas12 aka Alysson Fernanda of Medellín, Colombia | Alysson has a signature move like several other Chaturbate Trans performers. But if you can call it a gimmick, it’s certainly an original one. How many TS webcam broadcasters do you see with their own dicks up their asses for long periods of time.

Or for any amount of time for that matter? She’ll rub part of the hard shaft that’s not inserted in her amazing butt with her fingers. And she’ll show you what this deliciously lewd act looks like from all angle possible. She’ll do all this without a stitch of clothing on. Clothes could get in the way when you’re fucking yourself I suppose.

I’ve seen the 27 year old sex kitten Alysson_rojas12 doing this once for about forty minutes once. This was without uttering a single word. She just typed on her wireless keyboard to tippers. The next time she went at it for well over an hour! She spoke in her sultry voice this time because fans made her extra horny, I believe. Her bio on says she speaks English, but I just haven’t heard it yet.

I haven’t noticed any requests for Alysson to speak more, however. I simply don’t think that’s what most fans visit this Colombian beauty’s channel for. By the way, the first time I ever saw Alysson on Chaturbate, she was riding a handsome guy’s big dick. I haven’t seen that on her channel in awhile, but perhaps I should follow her and keep an eye out for hardcore.

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