Transsensual: Transition – River Stark, Mercedes Carrera

When handsome James (River Stark) goes off to war, beautiful, devoted Angie (Mercedes Carrera) spends her days awaiting his return. But when James is unexpectedly discharged, Angie finds that the person who comes home to her is not the same man who left. In an emotional exchange, Angie discovers James has begun gender reassignment surgery, and her world is turned upside down. As their marriage implodes, Angie tries to open her mind to sex with a TS woman (Aspen Brooks), while James finds solace in the arms of an ex (Erica Lauren). Can their love survive the Transition? Starring Mercedes Carrera, River Stark, Aspen Brooks, Roman Todd and Erica Lauren. In this scene, River’s character home to pick up her things after divorcing Angie. The only thing she wants is one last hug goodbye. Angie tells her how beautiful she looks. The two still have chemistry and love for each other the hug goodbye ends up turning into one last fucking session between the two. They fuck each other deeply this one last time will be the best one ever, leaving both of them shaking into climax.

Transition is based on the real life story of TS porn star River Stark. Transition features Mercedes Carrera in her first ever TS sex scenes. The groundbreaking film also stars Aspen Brooks, Roman Todd, and Erica Lauren, also making her TS sex scene debut. Transition was written and directed by Nica Noelle. “Nica took the true story of River Stark’s transition and brought it to life, capturing all her emotion and struggle,” explained Mile High Media Vice President Jon Blitt. “This is a film sure to redefine what fans expect from the trans genre – and regardless of your sexuality, there is no denying the power of Transition.

In an emotional exchange, Angie discovers James has begun gender reassignment surgery, and her world is turned upside down. As their marriage implodes, Angie tries to open her mind to a new life—sex with a TS woman (Brooks) – while James finds solace in the arms of an ex (Lauren). The question becomes whether their love survive the Transition.

River Stark teamed with Nica and Mercedes to deliver Transition, stating, “Everything fell in its place with this film. Mercedes and I got to work on something meaningful that went beyond just bodies coming together on camera; thankfully it involved a lot of other equally dedicated people. I believe Nica’s amazing directing allowed pieces to shuffle and fall in the right order to give everyone involved an immense sense of ownership in what we were creating, which you don’t see a lot of in what we do. “I feel like that all culminated in the naming of the film itself,” River continued.

“The title Transition came up, and it just made sense. For me it meant a few different things. It was a social and medical transition of a character in a film; transition of a soldier from battle to civilian life; a transition away from the narrative that sex workers are exploited drones; a transition from the stigma that stands between trans people and mainstream porn; a transition away from casting cisgender [non-trans] people as trans people, and so on. The first time I heard the film’s name I was all about it, as was the case with the entire film. It has definitely turned into one of the best projects I’ve been a part of and something I plan on doing more of in future work.” TransSensual exemplifies Noelle’s distinctive style with a slight twist, producing trans-positive erotica, deviating from the typical TS porn genre. New releases, trailers, and the best of Noelle’s TS erotica are available on the official member site, website, and DVDs on the theater and on

TS Twink Party from Staxus

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Bravo to Staxus for taking on the transsexual niche. Their entire fanbase wasn’t as excited about TS Twink Party as I was, to say the least. What I love is that Staxus must have anticipated this, but did it anyway. Sasha Shatalova is absolutely ravishing and she’s a versatile sex machine. I love twink porn and that’s how I found out about this DVD which is split up into three scenes on AEBN. In Scene #01, Sam Williams is a super cute patient in need of a doctor, but he’s greeted by horny Nurse Sasha instead. She gives him an anal inspection with a speculum and he gives her a blowjob after discovering the hard cock in her panties. She returns the favor and gives him a simultaneous shaft pumping and finger banging before fucking him bareback. He fucks her bareback also and the tittie fucking footage amazing, too. Sasha looks lovely stroking her erection while getting railed and I’ve never seen anyone more innocently beautiful with a face covered with cum. Scene #02 reveals that this is actually less of a story with plot development than a series of scenes strung together. This gets a pass from me because of the quality of the content. Benjamin Dunn and Luky Svit are dominated by Sasha in Scene #02. This is straight up twink porn. You might not like it, but I live for it. Sasha doesn’t get fucked in this one. But she’s the top who takes time out for sucking cock and getting a big facial before shooting her creamy white spunk. Scene #03 is the gang bang finale with Shane Hirch, Nick Vargas, Joshua Levy, Sasha – the pièce de résistance. TS Twink Party is a masterwork that bridges the far too wide gap between gay and trans porn.

TS Robbi Racks Takes Charge



TS Robbi Racks Takes Charge would have been my gateway drug to if I hadn’t known about her official website yet. This svelte blonde with double-D knockers is a popular model, webcam performer, and escort who said that she’s determined “to keep the sin in Sin City.” She does this with the help of some top industry names you’ll see when you take the tour. Robbi’s co-star in this DVD is Carl Hubay, a mature producer who stars in his own films in genres including straight, bisexual and gay daddy porn. The story unfolds with Hubay as a pilot with Robbi as his housewife. Captain Hubay is getting a quickie blowjob on the porch, but he’s got to go before he comes. Robbi is all worked up with a throbbing erection of her own. She get a big black stud to visit her, but we don’t get to see them have sex. But when the pilot returns home from his flight to Hawaii and back, Robbi tells her husband about the fun they had while Carl sucks his wife’s lovely dick. He loves hearing about her exploits while he’s been away because they have an open relationship. The oral sex leads to Carl fucking Robbi while she’s bent over the kitchen counter. They also do the nasty on a stool naked and the fucking is bareback with lots of dirty talk. Robbi’s hardon strains to reach her pierced belly button while she’s getting railed. Moments later, Carl is on his back on the porcelain counter stroking his thick tool and that’s when TS Robbi Racks Takes Charge! The busty Las Vegas transsexual fucks Carl bareback with his captain’s hat on and, thankfully, nothing else. She pauses to give him a chance to take control again by laying across the tile floor on all fours. Robbi’s ass looks incredible as the pilot flies in and out of it. I’ve only described the first half of this movie so far! The switching continues in the couple’s bedroom. For more of Robbi’s hot, original porn visit

Trans Trans Revolution DVD



In the Scene #01 of Trans Trans Revolution, gorgeous Melaynne Vilhena visits her man who waits in a hot tub to get his big, dark cock sucked. He tosses her salad, feasts on her full breasts, then gives her a blowjob. Melaynne’s dick stiffens to a gravity-defying erection and their bareback fucking begins in the doggie-style position. The footage of Melaynne gazing into the camera seductively while getting railed in the reverse cowgirl position is the fantastic. So is her big cumshot. Scene #02 is a transbian hardcore gem featuring Sabrina De Castro and Juliana Souza. Sabrina is the one in black lingerie. In the beginning, she’s the aggressor and her oral talents make Juliana’s cock erect quickly. Sabrina strokes her big tool while sucking away. Then Juliana returns the favor until the ladies arrange themselves in a 69. By this time, I’ve realized that the superb HD quality of this video will most likely be the standard for the following three scenes. Juliana takes charge next by fucking Sabrina bareback in the missionary position. I forgot that the credits for this scene included the hot cisgender female star Britney Bitch. The double penetration she gets is amazing to watch. Britney’s pretty face gets covered with cum from both ladies at the end. In the third scene, Monik Lorran enters sleeping Alex Victors bedroom in a black fishnet bodystocking. Her thick cock is stiff when she pulls his briefs down as he lies face down on the bed. When she rolls Alex on his back, Monik gives him an incredibly devoted blowjob. She’s on her knees above him when he sucks her cock. Then she forces her thick tool inside him bareback. Monik looks stunning as she fucks Alex and again while he turns the tables on her. That big cock of hers stands high on its own during the reverse cowgirl railing. Then she fucks Alex again! This brunette beauty is a heavy cummer who lays down a creampie, then takes a facial. Monik is still so horny, she strokes her organ until she blasts a second creamy white cumshot! Juliana Souza is back in Scene #04 half-sleeping in bra and panties when legendary Bruna Butterfly enters the bedroom. Bruna can’t resist playing with Juliana after watching her touching herself. They’re both stunning once totally naked and Juliana’s cock flopping around all over the place while Bruna bangs her is everything. Juliana fucks her friend bareback also! Both beauties fuck like bunnies and cum hard. In the final Scene #05, Leticia Yanovici is lounging by the pool when a hung male swimmer emerges from the water. He approaches her with his dick standing up at a 45 degree angle. Naturally she sucks him off. Letitia’s full breasts jiggle and sway and she takes her fucking from the man’s long cock. The chemistry between these two is evident, especially when Leticia gives him a bareback banging. At first, Trans Trans Revolution sounded like a funny name to me. But it’s a great name when you consider it as a welcome addition to the incredible porn this studio turns out. This type of high quality Brazilian hardcore is revolutionary indeed.

Christian XXX in An Officer And A Shemale

Christian XXX, the prolific star of Pure-TS had a great Pornstar Platinum Network website named “Kinky Exploits”, but he bought out the content and he’s more in control of his porn destiny these days. An Officer And A Shemale features Christian XXX in top form with gorgeous transsexuals Chanel Couture, the star of Venus Lux Entertainment, Demii Dabest and the hostess and blogger Nadia Gurl. I highly recommend watching this 97 minute VOD military fuckfest!