Caramel’s Interview with Ms Rianna James

July 4, 2016

Ms. Rianna James is a model, business woman, independent porn producer and owner of  She’s also a professional dominatrix.  Her content is primarily fetish and FemDom with some rough sex thrown in because, like she says, “It makes me tingle!  Nothing like authenticity.”  The types of people who pique Ms Rianna’s interest are most likely to be collaborative, smart, classy, fun, honest, kind, kinky, authentic, and submissive.  Most of her shooting is done in Vancouver and Victoria, British Columbia.  I hope you’ll enjoy my interview with Ms. Rianna James:

Caramel: When I mentioned in your introduction that you’re a business woman.  With, that goes without saying, but you also created a a limited liability company (LLC).  What was the purpose and what are the benefits?

Ms. Rianna: For me the benefits are being a legitimate production company.  I work very hard at what I do, and it’s important for me to do things right.  Living in Canada, some Internet business service options are limited.  For instance, I could only find one payment processor that would deal with adult Canadian sites.  Their rates seemed extremely high in comparison to what you could get through the States or Europe.  So, from a strictly business standpoint, it made good sense.

Caramel: Yes it certainly does. How did you get your start in BDSM?

Ms. Rianna: That is a tough question.  I can remember tying rope around my high school girlfriend’s boobs in about grade 11, so I guess that was kinky.  I started attending quite a few swinger events about 8 years ago and they were great, yet there was something missing for me.  Don’t get me wrong, the sex was great.  It was just missing something.  Then one of the swingers parties I attended had a dungeon.  I found myself drawn to the dungeon area and the sounds and sights there, and wound up spending most of that weekend in that dungeon.  Spanking and being spanked, trying flogging and many other things!  Interestingly, the dungeon at that party was produced by my current poly partners.  We didn’t really even meet that weekend.  Though we did make a lasting impression on one another that was the perfect conversation starter when we met again.  Something about me and a butt plug….. The rest we will leave up to your imaginations.  Let’s just say I play hard at swingers parties.  Since then I have preferred going to kink-oriented events over swingers events.

Caramel: Were you nervous at all in the beginning?

Ms. Rianna: I only get nervous at silly things like family reunions and stuff like that.  Kink has never made me nervous.

Caramel: Does it get sexual to the point of climax?

Ms. Rianna: In my personal life, yes!  Almost always.  BDSM is like foreplay for me.  If I am dominating a sub or slave.  It really depends on my mood.  The power over someone’s climax is pretty amazing.  I make them work for it.  I really make them work for it!

Caramel: Damn, you’re good. On Model Mayhem (, the genres you listed as a model include Art, Cosplay, Erotic, Fashion, Fetish, Glamour, Hair/Makeup, Lingerie, Pinup and Promotional Modeling.  As a dominatrix what do you offer?  What’s your main “thing”?

Ms. Rianna: Dominatrix sessions are a very individual personal thing.  Each session and client is a little bit different.  Most services revolve around three things their desire to worship my feet, ass or cock, it’s how we get there that varies.  I am a sweet, smiling, sadistic Dominatrix.  I like to hear them scream, whimper and moan during nipple torture and impact play. It’s music to my ears.  Smothering is a favorite of mine, I enjoy watching them squirm or panic as their breath is taken away from them.  Having a foot fetish myself, it really makes me tingle when I can stuff my foot as far down someone’s throat as I possibly can. These are many of the services that I offer:

Smothering/face sitting
Smothering/ tits
Small Penis Humiliation
Ruined orgasm
Ball busting
Human furniture
Human ashtray
Golden showers
Boot, shoe or foot worship
Nipple torture
Pegging (strap on) anal training
Prostate massage
Stuffing my panties in a man’s mouth / Breath play
Forced cum eating
Spreader bars/ Predicament bondage
Corporal punishment
Wrestling /Scissor holds
Sensation/Touch play
Wartenberg wheels and Knife play

Ms. Rianna: Anyone looking for these kinds of sessions should go to the blog page on my website.

Caramel: That list reminds me that I’m just an amateur top!  I have a lot to learn yet, but that’s partly why I was so excited about doing this interview with you.  So what happens in a normal session?

Ms. Rianna: I always try and have an interview before each session.  That can be in person, a phone conversation or via Skype.  That way we can discuss their personal fetishes and desires and also review any limits or conditions that either of us has.  There are things a submissive should disclose; medical conditions (such asthma or heart conditions), STI’s. (regardless of the barriers we will use), physical ailments (bad knees, backs, etc.).  Hard limits are also very important to discuss.  Are there things that the client has no interest in trying, are there things that he, or she, or expect from me that I am not comfortable providing.  Really, this is about ensuring that both the client and I both get something out of that the session, and that it is enjoyable for both.  That’s what it’s all about.  Of course, not telling me about these things can make for an extra “stingy” session.

Caramel: I’ll bet!  How much do clients pay for various services?

Ms. Rianna: It varies by request.  Minimum rate is $260 per hour.

Caramel: How long does a session last?

Ms. Rianna: The average is approximately an hour, but two hours isn’t unusual.  Sessions can widely vary.  I have a friend who is working on a four day bondage session.

Caramel. Wow! Is there a safe word?

Ms. Rianna: I don’t give them that option to be honest.  If a client is honest in the interview, then we shouldn’t have any problems.  I have been doing this long enough to read body language, and will check in when needed.

Caramel: I found you through your website, Twitter (@tsRiannaJames) and FetLife ( profiles.  How do your clients find you?

Ms. Rianna: My web sites, Twitter,, LeoList, Backpage, FetLife and word of mouth.

Caramel: Where do the sessions happen?

Ms. Rianna: I have a space in my home for regulars and a space I use in Victoria.  Hotel rooms work nicely as well when traveling.  Ball gags and panties stuffed into mouths come in handy for those occasions.  To be honest, you don’t need a fancy place with all kinds of equipment to have an intoxicating scene.  A bit of creativity goes a long way.

Caramel: I agree 100%. How many sessions do you do a week?

Ms. Rianna: It really varies.  When filming I have done 5 in a day.  With clients, 4 to 6 per week is about average.

Caramel: Is there a peak “BDSM season” and down times?

Ms. Rianna: Summer seems to be slow.  I think it has to do with the sunshine and great weather.  People are on holiday with family, doing vanilla things.  Kink and BDSM seems to take a back seat.

Caramel: Until they come up with things like BDSM banking or kinky grocery shopping, I think we’ll all have to resort to vanilla things sometimes.  What’s the riskiest part of your being a professional Domme?

Ms. Rianna: I don’t put myself in risky situations.  To me it’s about personal responsibility.  My mother house sitting the pets?  Now that’s always risky and takes more than a 10 second tidy.

Caramel: Ha ha I’ll bet. Why do you think people are drawn to BDSM?

Ms. Rianna: I think everyone has a slightly different story.  For me, I find the kink community as a whole is accepting of individuality and for the most part is supportive of everyone.  There is a sense of belonging!  You can be as kinky as you want to be.  Everyone has some sort of fetish.  Sex is as natural as anything else and, exploring sex and sexuality between consenting adults should be celebrated.

Caramel: I really love your replies. What are some of the biggest misconceptions about your work?  I mean as a Mistress and as a porn producer and actress.  Do you have anything to say that can clear up people’s misconceptions about S&M?

Ms. Rianna: People tend to be afraid of what they don’t know.  I have heard someone say that 99% of people in porn are scam artists.  Not one of the people I have met are scam artists.  They are just people doing their job to the best of their ability.  I have also heard someone say, “All porn is fake”.  That is a crock of shit!  Have a look at what I produce.  There is nothing fake about it.  My porn is, and always will be authentic.  I will always stay true to myself and do what I am into.  Hopefully, other people will think it’s hot and get off on it.  Everyone has a kink!  Live and let live.  If you don’t like it then don’t buy it.  Simple as that!

Caramel: Do you ever feel persecuted for what you do?

Ms. Rianna: I choose how I feel.  That is the one thing everyone gets to do!  No one can ever make me feel anything that I don’t choose to feel.  So… FUCK NO! 🙂

Caramel: I hear that! Do your parents know about your job?

Ms. Rianna: My parents know, but we don’t discuss it.  I don’t hide what I do.  I also don’t rub it in people’s faces.  I don’t entertain rumors, so when I started doing this work I announced it to friends and family, I wanted them to hear it from me.  I am sure that some aren’t thrilled about what I do, but at the same time, they see my smiling face and support my happiness.

Caramel: When you’re meeting someone new offline, do you tell them outright that you’re a dominatrix?

Ms. Rianna: Not usually.  Unless the conversation goes long enough for them to ask what I do for work, lol.

Caramel: I’m laughing at my last question right now.  Do you get close to your clients?

Ms. Rianna: I have cam clients that I call friends.  They understand how I make my living and respect it.  I also give that respect back and understand they have private lives.  Some of them moderate my chat room to help out, and some of them order panties and fan posters because it turns them on.  We chit-chat and catch up on each others lives.  I’ve known some of them for years.  I call them kindred perverts. 😉  My professional Dominatrix client base is a bit different.  Our relationship is such that it doesn’t always transfer well into the everyday.  I do have coffee with some, or they take me shopping etc. It’s a different type of close.  Besides, I can’t always keep them tied up, maybe in chastity though 😉

Caramel: That’s awesome. Do you have any female clients?

Ms. Rianna: I do, yes.  I wish I had more.

Caramel: How does your work affect your relationships outside of work?

Ms. Rianna: I can honestly say I don’t have a lot of vanilla friends.  I think that is par for the course, for most.  Questions like, “So how was work today, Rianna?”, or “What did you get up to this weekend?” These kind of questions aren’t always easy to answer in an honest manner and conversations fizzle out quickly.  In relationships it always comes back to communication and a willingness to be vulnerable.   Right now I have partners that I can share myself with and accept me as I am.  We have a commitment to talk through whatever feelings or issues comes up for any of us.

Caramel: Is dominating men kind of like stress relief?

Ms. Rianna: Dominating men is work.  A lot of planning goes into my sessions.  Don’t take that the wrong way.  I love my life and love my work.  Though I can say the foot worship sessions can be very relaxing and a welcome relief at the end of a long day or week.  Sitting around with the ladies having wine served by naked men is relaxing. Those are parties that I do enjoy. Speaking of which. We need to plan a CFnm ( Clothed Female naked male) party soon. MsBlaze what do you think?

Caramel: I’ve just had my first CFnm experience recently and hi, @Ms__Blaze!  (She knows I’m a big fan).  So, are you always dominant?

Ms. Rianna: Both of my partners are dominant.  So, I have my moments in private when I’m not, and that is my choice.  At times it may look like I am bottoming on camera, but you can be sure I am topping from the bottom. 😉

Caramel: Topping from the bottom is why I’d make a lousy sub, ha ha.  What are the rules? For example, are there any pet names it would be a mistake to call you?

Ms. Rianna: I don’t do pet names of any kind.  Miss, Goddess or Rianna depending on the situation. Anything else is at your own peril.  If I am lying naked drinking coffee with my guy or gal, that’s a different story.  We have special words and names we share with each other.

Caramel: That’s a hot visual. Can you explain what it means to be a brat?

Ms. Rianna: OMGosh!  Is that still there?  Brat: Someone who is an instigator, trouble maker, problem child, evil temptress, smart ass, tease, and the list goes on.  Even as a Dominant I am all of the above.

Caramel: Do you have limits?

Ms. Rianna: Scat and age play.  I don’t do the adult baby thing or any role-play depicting minors.

Caramel: Moving in another direction, the thing that got us in touch with each other was when you saw that I raved about one of your webcam broadcasts.  I was surprised that you found my first review and glad you liked it!  When did you begin doing cam shows?

Ms. Rianna: I started doing cam work about 8 years ago.

Caramel: One of my favorite cam shows is one you did with another beautiful trans woman named Aubrey Bix on How would you describe your sexual orientation?  I have to ask because you seem no less comfortable with other trans women and cis females as you are with men including the gorgeous Ms Blaze and your handsome boyfriend, Scott.

Ms. Rianna: I am pansexual.  I am attracted to other humans that have something that I can’t pin down. I just love sexy confident people.  It’s not about the body parts, it’s about the mind and the heart and the fire.  There has to be fire.

Caramel: Hooray for pan and the fiyah!  I attribute some of my greatest successes to the people I surround myself with.  Who has been instrumental in the success of your website and please tell me a little about some of your co-stars.

Ms. Rianna: MsBlaze and Scott Knight support me at every turn as I do them.  We all seem to have similar dreams and share an openness that works.  We share a creative energy and similarly very dirty minds.  Thomas, a good friend of mine, has been super helpful in getting the site going.  Without him, I wouldn’t be where I am today.  He has helped with the technical side of things a lot!  Aubrey Bix. What to say about Aubrey.  I was unsure about shooting with someone for the first time that I hadn’t met previous.  We met in Vegas at the Adult Webcam awards.  She was a total sweetheart, completely professional and a blast to be around.  At that point in my career I was pretty new.  We kinda fumbled through to get some lighting set up and just went with what felt right.  I would and will jump at the chance to work with her again.  I think she helped me realize that this thing could be exactly what I hoped it could be.  Fun, kinky and sexy!

Caramel: When did you first begin to realize you might be trans?

Ms. Rianna: I always knew.  I grew up in a small town in rural BC and when I was about 8-11, that age when kids start to show or talk about sex and sexuality, I knew.  It was also when I learned that it wasn’t okay with others to have those feelings or thoughts.  There wasn’t even openly gay people in my town.  Boys were boys and girls were girls!  End of story.

Caramel: Ugh, sounds like where I grew up.  I couldn’t wait to get out.  When did you begin living as a trans woman?  How did your friends and family handle your decision initially?

Ms. Rianna: I came out 7 years ago.  I lived the life I thought everyone expected of me.  I grew up as a 4×4 driving, hunting, fishing, beer drinking, bad ass!  Lots of drugs and alcohol among other things kept it under wraps.  Then I got married and had a son.  The perfect life.  My marriage ended when my son was almost 11.  He stayed living with me.  About 6 months to a year after that, I kinda snapped to it and realized I didn’t have to be that person anymore.  When I came out, my son was my rock!  Kids love you no matter what.  I have a tattoo on my arm signifying the strength he gave me!  My father, he came around after about 6 months. Mom?  She got it.  My aunt still uses the wrong pronouns.  I love her dearly, but damn, does it ever strike a nerve every time.  Some friends got it.  Some didn’t.  That is par for the course I think.  All of my co workers at the time were awesome!  For the most part, my transition was the scariest thing I’ve ever done, and not as bad as I thought it was going to be.

Caramel: Outside of work, what activities do you enjoy and what sort of music do you listen to?

Ms. Rianna: I have pretty eclectic tastes.  I listen to a mix of music: Motörhead, Chris Isaak, Devil Doll, Eddie Vedder, Pink Floyd, to Nina Simone or Mighty Sam McClain.  I am still a tomboy, so take me fishing, riding dirt bikes, camping, swimming in a lake, or anything outdoors.  I can also spend a day in the spa and be just as happy.  I think my pastimes are as eclectic as my music tastes.

Caramel: Do you have any words of advice to share with someone new to the adult industry?

Ms. Rianna: Be true to yourself.  Don’t let anyone bully you into doing a scene you don’t feel right about and be authentic.  Oh yeah, Be KIND.  No matter what you’re doing!

Caramel: Priceless. What’s next on the horizon for Ms. Rianna James?

Ms. Rianna: The sky’s the limit. Let’s start with getting kinky! 🙂

If you’re interested in shooting with Ms Rianna, send an application to with a nude photo including face. 18+ years of age only.  Masks can be available to submissives on some occasions.  Check out Ms. Rianna’s Clips4Sale store and watch her performing LIVE!