Caramel’s Interview with Mara Nova

May 12, 2016

Mara Nova on Twitter @sailorFOX
Twitter: @sailorFOX

I recently connected with Mara Nova as a big fan of her prolific adult industry career and when she followed me back, I requested an interview with her. The hardest part of conducting this Caramel’s Tgirls interview was certainly not the discussion and process. I’ve never had a more delightful interview experience. The biggest challenge was keeping up with the incredible body of work she keeps expanding upon. I hope you’ll enjoy my interview with the gorgeous and talented Mara Nova!

Christian XXX of gets ready to seduce TS Mara nova!

Caramel: The first time I saw you in a studio performance was with Christian XXX of Pure-TS. The synopsis reads: Mara Nova is a super cute young TS that has never been on camera before. She meets Christian and the sparks fly and the sexual tension builds. He guides her onto his big cock and she enjoys a glorious bareback anal sex session. Did you meet Christian on Instagram and were you nervous at all prior to meeting him? He is the industry’s most popular male star in trans porn after all.

Mara: Yes, I met him through Instagram. It was amazing we connected right off the bat and he actually made me feel at ease. Even though I was extremely nervous only because I’d seen him like everywhere and it was my first time meeting a super well known adult performer, so I just wanted to leave a good and lasting impression.

Christian sucks Mara Nova's huge cock!

Caramel: Obviously you impressed him very much. He even joked that you’d become his exclusive model in an interview with you. I can’t think of a better professional compliment. You must be so glad that you started at the top of the porn food chain and didn’t have to waste much time getting your name out there. How instrumental do you think that working with Christian was to your popularity as new porn starlet?

Mara: It honestly helped a lot because he produces so much content and he kind of was pushing me to get more out there. So with some of his connections, it helped get me a foot in the door than it would for most girls.

Mara Nova on

Caramel: The next time I saw you was in December and January of 2015 on in two phenomenal sets with Buddy Wood, another adult industry living legend. Had it been a major goal to appear on a the flagship Grooby Productions website?

Mara Nova shows her huge cock on GroobyGirls!

Mara: It honestly was because I knew if I made on their website, it would help with a lot of exposure and also be the start to me being taken serious as a performer.

Caramel: When you appeared on Pure-TS again in threesome with Christian and another gorgeous, petite trans girl named Kitty, it was a fantastic video, but I got a deliciously hot tease of transbian sex, but no authentic transbian vibe. I decided then that although I didn’t know much about you, you were definitely straight. You’ve since performed with other trans, but am I pretty much correct about your sexual orientation?

Mara: Yes, I’m super duper straight. It was mostly because Kitty was a personal friend that I knew before transitioning, and she was kind of a close friend that I helped come to terms that she was trans herself. So it was awkward because we both had never seen each other nude. haaha.

Christian fucks Kitty and Mara on Pure-TS!

Caramel: It was a scorching hot scene, nonetheless. What kind of guys are you mainly attracted to? Is financial status important and does dick size matter to you?

Mara: If I was asked this question when I was 18 or 19, I would tell you a wealthy man that can provide, but honestly now that I’m older, that’s not what being with someone is about. I rather be with a man I love and plan on getting married to and starting a family, someone that when I look at them I get those butterflies in my tummy. Ya know than to be someone miserable and rich. And no, size doesn’t matter to me, but I do prefer it to be on the bigger side.

Caramel: I was going to ask if you’d ever experimented with a cisgender female and if a scene called for it, would you do a scene with a CIS girl. But since you’ve been filming more new content than I can keep up with reviewing over the past few weeks, I already know the answer.

Mara: Yes, for TS Factor #03, I guess you can say I lost my V card to Mia Li.

Caramel: The V card, never leave home without it. When you had breast augmentation, which looks fabulous by the way, is it true that you wanted a full C cup but got a B cup? Did you feel the urge to go bigger or did you decide you were satisfied by the end result?

Mara: So when I had first got them, I had originally wanted them to be a full C or baby D, but now that I’ve been properly measured, my breasts are the exact size I wanted which is a 34-C. I’m waiting to see how things work before I decide to go bigger. I think what a lot of girls forget is that they don’t let their hormones help and they just rush to get bigger breasts, which can cause a lot of complications. I’ve noticed this with some past friends, hence why I’m not in any rush and I’m finally okay with my body. 🙂

Caramel: That’s awesome. Do you plan to undergo SRS someday and if so, will you continue to work in the adult industry?

Mara: Yes, I do. The latest would be 25 years old. I probably will, but kind of just more of nude modeling.

Caramel: How old were you when you got your first ink and did you get your septum (nose piercing) at 14?

Mara: I was about 15. At my high school, we were allowed to leave campus for a hour for lunch, so me and my best friends left to go get tats on the inner part of our lips. Yes, I got my septum at 14 because my mother had found out I was doing it myself and wanted me to get it professionally done.

Caramel: Were you a shy kid, A type personality ,or somewhere in between as a child?

Mara: I was very shy growing up, yet outgoing around certain people. It wasn’t till I transitioned that I showed my true colors.

Caramel: Were your parents liberal during your upbringing and how old were you when you first realized that you might be trans?

Mara: No, my mom was very closed minded and would deny I was different. I remember being 4 and knowing I wanted to be a girl. It wasn’t till I was 14 and had tried committing suicide that I was like, “I want to be a girl.” I didn’t know what it was called or what trans even was. I just knew that I was gonna become a woman no matter what.

Caramel: Trans teen suicide is so widespread, yet the media continually pushes it under the rug. Were your friends accepting when you began to transition?

Mara: My friends were more accepting than my family was, but now my family are my biggest supporters and accept everyone’s differences.

Caramel: What a turn around! I’m so happy for you about that! What’s your ethnic background? I just sort of decided you were of mysterious racial origin, couldn’t figure it out, and didn’t think about it until now that we’re doing an interview.

Mara: I’m Mexican, Native American, Black and European 🙂 a great blend of different mixes to make the perfect mut hahah 🙂

Caramel: I’d say you hit the genetic lottery. Did you try escorting to supplement your income?

Mara: Yes, at the time I was young and it was either escort or live on the streets. I’ve grown way past that part of my life and I’m just more happy to be home with my family and saving up money and trying to get back into school for my other passion which is hair and special effects makeup and regular makeup. The money is good, but the mental abuse I put on myself and body is not worth it whatsoever. And I wanted more than to be just another TS on Backpage or other escorting sites and just doing that for next couple years like you see with most girls in our community.

Caramel: “When I was young,” she said! You’re still barely legal, you know! But I’m not bitter haha. When I first visited your Tumblr blog, I noticed a lot of holographic art and mentions of mermaids. Are these some of your favorite things or just something you found cute and interesting?

Mara: They’re really just stuff I find interesting, things that catch my eye. With mermaids, I’ve always been into mythology, so that’s where that came from.

Caramel: You wear some bad ass heels in your performances, but is it true that you’re not really a high heels girl?

Mara: Honestly, I love them… the many different styles, but I love my boots. They’re just easier to walk in and I don’t look like a giant either hahaha.

Caramel: And you’re not a top or bottom, but versatile?

Mara: Verse all the way.

Caramel: I know that one of your favorite foods is sushi. What are some others?

Mara: I love love love Korean bbq.

Caramel: We lost the amazingly talented and philanthropic artist Prince recently and I understand that purple is your favorite color. It’s mine, too. Are you a fan of his music?

Mara: Yes, but it was because my older cousin was obsessed with him, so it was something me and her connected with. I have many memories of dancing with her to Purple Rain and always watching the movie with her as well.

Caramel: What sort of music is in heavy rotation on your playlist?

Mara: A lot of EDM, Deep House, Happy Hardcore, Drum n Bass, Trance, Hip-Hop, Indie, Rock, Scream and Rap.

Caramel: Do you have any favorite books or movies?

Mara: The Lovely Bones, the Divergent Series and the Hunger Game series, and basically any horror film.

Caramel: Are you a big gamer?

Mara: Yes, a huge Mortal Kombat fan and other fighting games.

Caramel: 420 lifestyle?

Mara: Yes, I smoke like 24/7.

Caramel: I cannot believe that Trans Factor #03 is out already. In April of 2016, you busted out with an incredible solo performance in TS Factor #02 an in a scorching hot scene in Trans Visions #08 with Eli Hunter, both for How much fun was that and what was it like to meet porn star turned multi-award winning director Joey Silvera?

Mara: It was a lot of fun meeting finally after so long. I had first gotten in contact with him right after my first scene with Christian. I feel extremely honored to have gotten to work with him three times now and I hope to do a lot more work with him in the future.

Caramel: It must have been fun meeting Bob Maverick for your shoots. How did that meeting develop?

Mara: It happened at the TEA (Transgender Erotica Awards) 2016 show after party. I was sitting with my friend and he had came over asking if i was a cis girl or trans, which I let him know I was trans and it took off from there. I loved working with him he made me laugh and I loved his music taste as well.

Caramel: About your incredible performance with Mayumi Sparkles on her website. How did that union develop and where did the filming go down?

Mara: She basically contacted me through Twitter and next thing I know, I’m flying to Florida for the first time.

Caramel: Back to where you said you weren’t a top or bottom, but that you were verse. You certainly proved your prowess as a top with Mayumi. Did people often assume you were a bottom only before Two Tgirls? Do you switch in your personal life with men?

Mara: Yes, right off the bat. With men I’m okay with being fully verse, but with other trans women, I prefer to bottom because it harder for me to get into I guess. But then again, I just barely started filming with cis girls and trans females.

Caramel: Do you have any interest in BDSM or fetish porn?

Mara: I wanna try suspension and hardcore gang bang.

Caramel: You are so wonderful. Another surprise was seeing you in a trans lesbian scene with Nina Lawless on TGirls.Porn. How did that come about and how was it?

Mara: That happened all thanks to producer Radius Dark, but it was finally good meeting Nina because I had actually come in contact with her a while ago when I was first starting off this dating site called OkCupid haha.

Caramel: Why did you choose the handles m00nf0x on Instagram and @sailorfox on Twitter?

Mara: I really love things that have to do with celestial beings, entities and being obsessed with Sailor Moon, the fox part came from it being my nickname, Foxie. And that I loved reading stories about mystical Nine-tail fox / Kitsune.

Caramel: It’s been a minute since we’ve seen you on Chaturbate in a webcam broadcast. Have you put that on the back burner and will you be doing webcam performances again soon?

Mara: Yes, I plan on returning and I feel bad, but it’s hard because I don’t have my own laptop. So I usually cam late at night or when I’m at a friends.

Caramel: I totally understand. It’s not like you’ve been sitting around eating bon bons all day. You’re a busy girl. Can you give me any hints about what’s coming up next from you in the adult industry?

Mara: Well basically a lot more artistic stuff on my site, more blog stuff, and I might even be on Reality TV, so those are some stuff to look forward in the future. 😉

Twitter @sailorFOX

Thank you for reading our interview. Please follow Mara on Twitter at @sailorFOX, on Instagram at m00nf0x and on!