Caramel’s Interview with Thor Johnson

December 2, 2016

I learned about the man behind through a mutual friend whose name will come up a few times in our Q&A. This is my first interview with a male adult entertainment star and I hope you’ll enjoy it.

Caramel: Congratulations on the success of! I seldom see individual male adult sites with such a wide range of genres. How do you identify sexually?

Thor: Actually, I consider myself straight. Since I’m not at all attracted to men and consider trans to be female.

Caramel: What were your ranges of attractions when you were growing up?

Thor: Just girls. I grew up around a lot of Mexicans, but sadly they wouldn’t date out of their race.

Caramel: Oh wow. I haven’t experienced that problem in metro NYC or where I live in Florida. Perhaps each state is different in that aspect. How did you choose your stage name?

Thor: Stage name?? Thor Johnson is my real name.

Caramel: Get the fuck out of here. That’s a cool name to be born with and end up in the entertainment business. Where were your born and raised and how was growing up for you?

Thor: I was born and raised in the great state of Utah around Salt Lake City. Growing up as a red head is hard no matter where you are, people treat you ignorant and badly for being different. Girls call you ugly and gross for no reason. All the kids pick on you. But all that changed around 8th grade.

Caramel: When things began to change, how popular were you when it came to getting lucky between the sheets when you were younger? Did you eventually become one of the popular kids?

Thor: In high school every girl had a crush on me at one time or another. When I was 14, I got my first kiss and my first blowjob and spent the night sleeping with TWO girls. I’ve never been a one woman kind of guy.

Caramel: What was your very first ambition for your life and career?

Thor: I wanted to be a porn star ever since I was a kid. I found one of my step dad’s magazines and it had a shoot with an Italian guy’s name Tony (great hair and a big dick) and two hot babes with HUGE fake tits. He was doing them both at the same time! I knew at that point if I wanted that to happen, then that was who I needed to be when I grew up. I still have that same magazine.

Caramel: When did you first begin watching porn and what niche was it?

Thor: There was no niches back then, just a VCR, a stack of VHS tapes and a really horny boy.

Caramel: What’s your favorite sort of mainstream porn these days? Major studio? Amateur? Webcam?

Thor: Major studio is actually a major turn off to me (never really watch it unless is BBW or Amateur is always the best and I consider webcam to be amateur as well.

Caramel: When did you decide that the adult industry might really be the right fit for you?

Thor: When I was a kid, I knew what I wanted to do with my life; to be a porn star and be a movie star. Since the media keeps pushing the envelope on TV, I believe that porn actors will no longer be shunned for the taboo and will be accepted in movies and TV. Every thing will line up just right.

Caramel: What was your first porn shoot like? Were you nervous about it?

Thor: My first porn shoot was with (a solo jerk scene). I was very nervous, never been naked one on one with a guy in the room before. He was talking to me and taking pics while recording. I was so nervous that my dick didn’t get all the way hard and I almost couldn’t cum. He never caught me at my full potential and I still don’t like looking at the pics because I’m limp in half of them.

Caramel: Fast forward to today. How does it feel knowing people across the world have been and will continue to be masturbating over your scenes?

Thor: I love it, I actually had a 17 year old boy in the Thailand contact me on Facebook a few years back. He was a fan, I was so shocked with myself because I had never been attracted to another boy before (like an Asian Justine Bieber mixed with Miley Cyrus). We actually had a little Skype relationship for a couple years.

The start of this year 2016, I flew to Bangkok to meet him, but he had already started his transition at the age of 19 into becoming a girl (a beautiful ladyboy). I was still happy to meet and we had sex and filmed it. Karley Cyrus on my site.

I had been with trans girls before and I was really excited about experiencing a gay relationship with him, but by the time I was able to fly there he was basically a girl. (Never been attracted to a guy before and still haven’t since). I love my fans in other countries and not at all shy to fly, meet, have a micro relationship and film. Some of my best times have been from that.

Caramel: Do you ever watch your own porn scenes and what other porn do you really like watching?

Thor: When I first started filming myself, I’d always watch what I just filmed and sometimes I’d get so turned on that I’d have to jerk off again. If it didn’t get me aroused I wouldn’t post it. If you can turn yourself on from something you just did, then it’s probably gonna turn everyone else on to.

Caramel: In a solo scene, you’re working an 80 lbs punching bag looking like an experienced fighter. What’s your training in boxing and self defense?

Thor: Training for fighting really just builds endurance. You can learn technique, but if you are not born with the instinct and you find yourself in a street fight, it’s not gonna end well. I’ve taken Judo and Kung Fu. I only fight to protect someone or to defend myself. Always give them the chance to walk away. If they simply won’t, just hit them in the throat.

Caramel: It’s quite obvious to see you work out. When did you begin hitting the gym, or lifting extensively at home, and now it is part of your daily routine?

Thor: I think every boy starts in High School. After school ended, I was working a lot of construction jobs and one day I joined the YMCA in the town I was living in. When I finished with one lift, I couldn’t wait to do the next. My girlfriend at the time said I was addicted to working out.

Caramel: I know you have a weakness for BBW’s. Is that your favorite body type? What sorts of shapes turn you on the most? Please break it down into male, genetic female and trans MTF’s and FTM’s .

Thor: I love BBW’s, but that more of a sexual fetish. Genetic female (BBW giant breasts and huge booty) (Petite very dark skinned black girls. I’ll marry and African woman some day). Mature women with grey hair, healthy and a mom attitude. Tran MTF (verse top with a BIG dick, plump butt, pretty eyes). Tran FTM (HUGE clit, Not hairy, pretty eyes) Never been with one and always looking. Male (very pretty androgynous with a nice dick) still looking for one.

Caramel. When did you first discover and then explore the BDSM world?

Thor: Never have. In fact, I don’t completely understand wanting to control or whip or tie some one up outside of having sex. During sex it’s HOT, but before and after… not my thing. I guess tying someone to a chair and walking in and out of the room using them as you want all day sounds fun.

Caramel: Do you have any particular fetishes?

Thor: Fisting and training pussy, helping a woman learn how to squirt and teaching them to stretch their cunt with big toys. I’ve trained several women and they all enjoy sex %100 more with a stretched pussy.

Caramel: Do you ever get star struck when you meet an adult industry professional you admire?

Thor: Actually I’ve yet to meet one, but the AVN’s are coming up and I’ll be there.

Caramel: You work as a stripper also. How did you get your start with dancing?

Thor: I wouldn’t really call myself a stripper. I’m more the (Hammer) in a competitive rowing team. I lift up big women and hump people on stage. lol

Caramel: Ha! Got it. Gorgeous Mya Gold was your co-star “Driving and Jerking” and as a matter of fact, you do a lot of outdoor work in fact. Does the fear of getting caught turn you on?

Thor: No. I’d hate to get caught but it makes for a good video.

Caramel: “Waterfall Jerk” was a masturbation solo shot in the Philippines. That trip must have been amazing. How did it come about? I’m sure that all the general sightseeing must have been great, but where were some of the first places you visited out of sheer horniness?

Thor: Well I was backpacking and I’m always horny. lol

Caramel: How did your trip to Japan come about?

Thor: When I was 18, I had an online relationship with a girl and after we grew up, we lost contact. She found my videos online and contacted me. Turns out she became an English teacher in Japan so I went and stayed with her for a month.

Caramel: Awesome! The Asian beauty Karley Cyrus that you mentioned, your co-star in her first hardcore video, had became a devoted fan of yours from across the world before you actually met in person. That my favorite scene of yours shot in Thailand hands down. It must have been a sad day when you had to say goodbye, yes?

Thor: The last time I saw her was my last night there. She was still very pretty and still very shy. But I’m positive I’ll see her again.

Caramel: I love the Asian Rose also. How did you meet her?

Thor: Asian Rose has the best pussy hands down! I posted an ad on Craigslist while I was in Bangkok looking for people to film with and she replied. The story on my site “Finding a Rose in Asia” explains it all.

Caramel: What are some of the quickest ways to get you to develop a raging hardon?

Thor: Playing with my nipples.

Caramel: I noticed that. How do you prefer being made to climax? Oral sex or actual bodily penetration?

Thor: If you think you are good enough to get me off orally, I’d love to see you try. I really have to try to cum.

Caramel: I didn’t know you were into cosplay until I saw you modeling with and fucking a hot black girl named Storm.

Thor: I think cosplay is very fun and it should be more popular and less competitive.

Caramel: Coco Bango is another hot black chick you’ve worked with. How did you meet and begin working with Coco?

Thor: On vacation with my girlfriend in the Dominican Republic. I actually picked her up on the beach. She was local working in a little surfing shop. She isn’t an actual model like %90 of the people I film with. Just real people experiencing real sex.

Caramel: What elements of interracial sex and porn turn you on mostly? I love that there’s a lot of it on your website.

Thor: I guess because its taboo and people think of it as wrong. I’ve always like women of different races. I’ve never had a normality to things that I was attracted to. But one thing I LOVE is when a black woman spread her lips and you see how pink she is inside!

Caramel: I like the French girl you fucked named Delphine. Tell me how you met her.

Thor: We used to date. Then I moved and when I came back into town and we hooked up, I noticed a sheet on her wall. I’ve only see that in webcam shows. Turns out we both got into amateur porn so we filmed together. We used to fuck a LOT back in the day.

Caramel: How did you get the group of horny people sucking and fucking in the “Gangbang” video together?

Thor: I’ve been filming with another website called up in Ohio. I’m the only white guy in the crew.

Caramel: I like that Hunny Bunnz BBW MILF hotel hardcore scene also. How did that scene develop?

Thor: She is a main model on DoggVision. We filmed content trade.

Caramel: One of my favorite solo scenes of yours is the “Fan Underwear Jerk” with the sheer black garment. This isn’t really a question. #SorryNotSorry.

Thor: Thanks, they were sent by a fan in the mail as are most of my underwear.

Caramel: How did you meet and start working with Ms. Sammi Ross? I love that girl.

Thor: Ms. Sammi Ross @MsSammiRoss is an amazing talent. She is a model and has her own site as well. We met on the set of a porn site in Jacksonville, Florida. She came up and stayed with me for a couple days and we filmed as much as possible. Beautiful girl, very sexual and she LOVES trans.

Caramel: She’s been very supportive of me on Twitter and I reciprocate whenever I get the chance. I saw that in the 28 minute video with you fucking the hell out of trans star Kimber Haven, and another trans star Lana Hart (both interviewed here on TS Dreamland) was filming. Who else was filming that wasn’t in the scene?

Thor: Well that should have been cut out, but there were several black dudes watching (which seems is the case on most porn sets. lol

Caramel: I didn’t mind a bit. How did you first meet and develop a working relationship with Lexis of

Thor: I first met Lexis through her wife Kimber of at the same time after my New Year’s stripping show in Lexington, Kentucky. Then we reconnected once again this year at FetishCon.

Caramel: How did you become a made man with BadGirl Mafia @badgirl_mafia?

Thor: Kimber Haven (director) has been a fan of me since before she was famous. We will all be at the 2017 AVN’s together.

Caramel: Say hi for me. Riding on the huge success of the first title “Dogg’s Angels”, Bad Girl Mafia Productions has gone into production on the next XXX Parody. “The T Team” is a parody of “The A Team”, a popular 80’s action adventure TV show about a U.S. Army Special Forces Unit that goes rogue, becoming soldiers of fortune. “The T Team” features some of the same key players from “Dogg’s Angels” as the trans of fortune. Lexis Steel is HanniBell, Kimber Haven is T.A. Barebackus, and Raven of is Facial. Additional characters and special appearances will be revealed once the movie streets. Written, co-directed, produced, and starring Kimber Haven, “The T Team” is sure to be another hit for the new trans studio. I understand you’re returning as the suave arms dealer. You killed it in “Dogg’s Angels” in the sex scenes and even before then with your signature swag. How excited are you about the new upcoming sequel?

Thor: A chance to work with Kimber Haven or any one she decides suitable to work with is a great decision. Very excited to always work with Kimber behind or in front of the camera.

Caramel: Although you’re now part of the Bad Girl Mafia, you’re still allowed to work with other companies in this non-exclusive contract. Are there any other studios out there you’d be anxious to work for?

Thor: I’d like to branch off into BBW sites as well, amateur or studio.

Caramel: Had you ever been with a trans woman before you did your first sex scene with one? Was is it a big decision to shoot with trans girls?

Thor: Yes, I dated a ladyboy in the Philippines the first time I flew out there. I hear that a lot of female talent won’t work with you if you do trans porn or gay porn, but Christian XXX seems to be cleaning house and I’m aiming my career to be the next Christian.

Caramel: Have you ever personally received any negative feedback for working with trans women? If so, how have you handled it?

Thor: 90% of my fan base is gay bears and what they have to say towards trans people is hardly ever nice. For being people who want equal treatment, the gay world is pretty judgmental. From a straight guy’s perspective, gay and trans is the same. They really don’t know the difference. I tell them you don’t like what I film, then don’t watch it.

Caramel: How do you think the state of trans porn is going today?

Thor: As an avid porn watcher for a very long time, I’ve noticed a huge climb from it only being 1-800 porn ads at the back of the magazine to being everywhere on the Internet. I love it! I just wish more trans were verse. If you have a dick, use it. It doesn’t make you less of a trans woman if you want to fuck ass, fuck pussy, or gag mouths. In fact, that’s what all of us trans lovers are looking for in a relationship with trans women. We are straight guys who want to suck and get fucked, but aren’t attracted to men.

Caramel: Who would you like to work with that you haven’t yet?

Thor: My favorite porn stars are Ms. Cotton Candi, Pinky, Mz Booty, Samantha 38 f, Marie Moore and Norma Stitz.

Caramel: What’s something sexual on your porn bucket list you’d love to check off someday?

Thor: To date a verse trans girl who wants to travel around the world fucking different women and men with me.

Caramel: What scenes can your fans look forward to coming up?

Thor: I’m starting to film more driving and jerking with male co-drivers, blowjobs and jerking each other off.

Caramel: What kind of music do you like?

Thor: Music isn’t really my thing. Put on a good TV show or movie.

Caramel: What are some of your hobbies and are you a gamer?

Thor: Editing video, photography, filming, lifting weights, jogging, and EATING. I’m such a foodie.

Caramel: Do you have any pets?

Thor: Boomer is my Boxer. We spend most days together.

Caramel: Do you have any favorite books or movies?

Thor: Conan the Barbarian and all the rest of the Arnold Schwarzenegger movies. Or comedy movies like The Naked gun and The Evil Dead. TV shows (Netflix has saved my life) Hell on Wheels, Gotham, Dare Devil, King of Queens, Rules of Engagement, Frasier, Seinfeld, Impractical Jokers. I hate reading, but I love to write.

Caramel: I miss Hell of Wheels. That was a great series. What advice would you have for other male performers either currently working in the adult industry or just trying to break in? I mean mentally, emotionally and professionally.

Thor: Love your fan base as much as they love you. Have an open mind to other people’s sexualities. Don’t take anything personal on the Internet, and never fuck some one for money that wouldn’t fuck for free.

Caramel: Sound advice. Describe yourself in five words.

Thor: The nicest guy in the industry. Well, that’s six words.

Caramel: My last question is what would be your motto for life?

Thor: “YOLO” you only live once.

Thank you for reading my interview with Thor of! Follow him on Twitter @thorjohnsonxxx. This is Caramel @tscaramel on Twitter.