Caramel’s Interview with Raven Roxx

December 11, 2016

    I came into contact with beautiful and talented Raven of through mutual friends and I hope you’ll enjoy our interview. Let’s jump right into it. TsRavenRoxx @TsRavenRoxx

Caramel: Hi, Raven. Thanks for doing this interview with me. I’ve become familiar with your adult industry work and loved it before we first had the chance to chat. Not only was I impressed by your website work, you’re an incredible live webcam broadcaster. What’s more challenging, doing live shows or website updates?

Raven: First I have to say thank you so much for taking an interest in me and wanting to not only get to know me, but to allow your readers to get to know me also. I really appreciate the opportunity to talk to you about my life. Now to answer your first question. I guess I’d have to say the website is more challenging. On my web show I do a lot of twerking, and I’m not too bad at it for a white girl. I also do a good bit of deep throating dildos, when I don’t have a live stand in. Web shows though, are more make it up as I go along. While with the website, although it’s just porn, it has scripts, sets, and lighting that has to be set up. It’s just so much more involved.

Caramel: You’ve been living in Kentucky long enough to have developed a sexy southern drawl, but you’re originally from up north. What’s the story behind why you relocated? Why to Kentucky?

Raven: I grew up in upstate New York, very close to Canada in an area that got ridiculously large amounts of snow and it got crazy cold. I left because I enlisted in the military. I ended up in Kentucky because I was stationed at Ft Knox back in the late 90’s. I was totally sucked in by the beauty of the Bluegrass region. I moved to Georgia to pursue my career but after several years I was offered a position that allowed me to return to this beautiful state. While Kentucky isn’t exactly known for being a liberal leaning socially progressive place, I actually have met some of the sweetest, most genuinely supportive people here. Plus it is a very pro second amendment state and I love my firearms!

Caramel: I too love firearms too, especially when presented like this and thank you so much for your service, Raven. You’ve surrounded yourself with other cool industry people as you mentioned. I know at least something about a few of them and I admire their professionalism. How did you carve out a niche for yourself in the trans and admirer community in Kentucky? Was it with industry people mainly?

Raven: Well, I have to give almost all the credit to Kimber Haven ( Transitioning for me was very exciting, but once I had come out to everyone and the newness, and shine wore off, I felt like I had come off a drug high. I felt bored and a bit empty. I felt kind of like “okay, I’ve successfully transitioned, now what?” Kimber sensed I was in a funk and she suggested I start dancing at a local tgirl party hosted by trans porn icon Wendy Williams of and That replaced the excitement of transitioning, and after following Kimber’s tutelage, I actually became pretty good at it. After a period of dancing, Kimber then approached me about doing porn. Naturally I was like sign me up! Now HRT was cruel to me in respect to my endowment, so I was a wasn’t able to play the big dick top tranny role. With me being naturally submissive I more or less fell into that type of sexual roll. I’ll admit, the roll suits me well.

Caramel: You’ve in fact worked extensively with Kimber Haven. I interviewed Kimber here on TS Dreamland and saw all your collaborations with her on your respective websites along with your exclusive content. How did you two actually meet?

Raven: We had actually known of each other and were friends on Facebook for a few years before ever meeting. Immediately following the collapse of my marriage because I came out, Kimber messaged me because she knew I was in a dark place. She gave me her contact info and told me if I needed to chat, she was there. Obviously I did, and she invited me to come over to do a makeover since I was still fairly new to makeup. She did my makeup, but things ended up getting a bit steamy. After that night, we realized we had a lot in common, and we started hanging out a lot. As time went on we got really close. Then in July of 2015, we took a trip to Orlando, Florida together. That’s when I discovered just how wild she was, and how wild I could be. We have been on many trips since then, and we seem to push the limit just a little further on each and every time. After the first trip of debauchery, Lexis Steel of now comes on all the trips too. Let me tell you, not only is she sexy, but get a few drinks in her and someone is getting their dick sucked.

Lexis, Kimber & Raven

Lexis, Kimber & Raven

Caramel: Lexis is on fire and the impression I get from seeing your videos with gorgeous Kimber is that you like the way she takes control in sexual situations. I’ve gone into detail about some of them in my scene reviews. Is Kimber sort of like a mentor for you?

Raven: Kimber and I kind of experimented a bit early on, but the way our personalities mesh, we soon found that her dominant side seems to really bring out my submissive side. Kimber is by nature, very dominant with me. I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that Kimber has had huge influence on me, but I’d be remiss to not mention Lexis. She is Kimber’s sexy Latina wife, and I value her opinion and input as much as Kimber’s. They both have helped me become the person I am, a total bimbo slut.

Caramel: This collective dynamic comes through in your work mentally as well as visually. About your style, I love it when you rock 80’s and 90’s looks. I also love music from those times and I know you do also. Who are some of your favorite musicians, singers and bands?

Raven: Hands down favorite band of all time would be Megadeth! “A Tout Le Monde” is epic. I also love Iron Maiden, Pantera, Motörhead, Dio, Judas Priest, Metallica. I also love just about all the 80’s hair bands. Favorite hair band? Britny Fox.

Caramel: I was fully immersed in all of these great bands growing up in suburban New Jersey and still a fan. I also love muscle cars and have a thousand specific questions to ask you about them outside of this interview. I’ll keep it short for the sake of the readers, but what do you drive and what’s your history with muscle cars?

Raven: I drive a 2001 Mustang Cobra convertible. I’ve owned it since 2002 and it is heavily modified for autocross. I’ve always loved Mustangs, the first one I purchased was a 1987 Mustang LX 5.0 hatchback. I loved that car, but sold it in a fit of responsibility, ewwwww! In all seriousness though, not only do I own a Cobra, but I have had it on road course tracks. I’ve done a good majority of the work on my car myself. To me, there’s nothing more sexy than a woman bent over in an engine bay, or a set of long sexy legs sticking out from under a hotrod.

Caramel: I miss those old print hot rod magazines with all the hot girls. They were like porn to me as a kid. Thank you for doing these photos. 🙂

Caramel: So when did you first begin to realize you might be trans?

Raven: Well, I knew I wanted to be a girl when I was 4 or 5 years old, but I had no clue what to call it then. I did a lot of sneaking my mom’s clothes and dressing up my entire childhood and teenage years. I tried to play the straight game as an adult. I even got married to a genetic female. My 20’s and most of my 30’s I spent doing the typical buy clothes, dress, feel guilty, and purge. I was a total tranny chaser though. I’ve always been attracted to transsexuals. I was surfing anywhere transsexuals might be looking to hook up with guys. Around 2011 or 2012 is when I started to question if I might be transsexual myself.

Caramel: Did you have anyone to confide in? Who did you tell first?

Raven: I came from a very homophobic family, so I never dared ever utter a peep about my true feelings to anyone. The very first person I ever told how I felt was a girl I dated in high school. She was a cheerleader. I was at her house one day and I went to use her bathroom. Her cheer leading outfit was on the floor, so I couldn’t help myself, I had to try it on and you guessed it, she walked in on me…….busted! I told her everything and she was very receptive to the idea, but we only dated for another six months or so and then broke up.

Caramel: Aw. When did you first decide to make the leap and start HRT?

Raven: In the summer of 2013 I was eating lunch with a fellow transgender girl. She worked for the Veterans Affairs (VA), and was explaining to me that the VA had just started covering gender therapy and all medical aspects of transition up to but not including surgeries. I made an appointment to see a gender therapist, and after about three months, she referred me to an endocrinologist. A few weeks later I was given my first doses of estrogen and testosterone blockers. That seems like forever ago!

Caramel: I love your ink. Can you explain the meaning behind your tattoos?

Raven: Well, the ink on my right arm is a cover up, but I love roses and filigree, so naturally that’s what I went with. Plus I just wanted to erase an obvious male tattoo to appear more feminine. I’ve always loved Harley Quinn, so when I did my lower back piece, I wanted the focal point to be a cute version of her. The banner reads “Wild Card”, which I thinks describes me well. I just love tattoos. Some of the sexiest men and women in my mind are covered in tattoos.

Caramel: You’ve developed muscles through training in areas of your body where I’m not even sure if I have muscles. But since I’m human, I guess they’re there somewhere. What is your workout regime like?

Raven: I’m only 5’6, but at one time I weighed 215 lbs. As a way to overcompensate, I tried to get big. I succeeded, but now I try to lose muscle mass while retaining fit look. Lexis Steel and I workout quite a bit together and we have similar body goals in mind. We do a lot of super sets and low weight/high rep workouts. The elliptical and stair machines are our friends. It’s not uncommon for me to do an hour of fat burning on the elliptical and then turn around and do 1/2 hour to an hour on the stair machine.

Caramel: You also run to keep in shape?

Raven: I adore running. Nothing is more therapeutic than plugging headphones into my ears, starting my 80’s metal station on Pandora and running anywhere from 4 to 8 miles. I usually average a 10 minute mile on my runs. Anyone who follows me on Twitter (@TsRavenRoxx) knows I’m always flooding my feed with RunKeeper posts.

Caramel: I’m hoping that everyone who reads this follows you on Twitter if they have an account. I understand that you love to cook. What are some of your specialties?

Raven: I love making chicken parmesan, or chicken marsala. I also cook a mean chili. My favorite meal to cook is breakfast though. There’s nothing better than eggs, sausage, cheesy hash browns, homemade biscuits and homemade sausage gravy. I have to be careful with my cooking though, I could get fat very easily. At one time I used to grow, make and can my own salsa, and spaghetti sauce. Before I transitioned, I actually had a garden.

Caramel: A sex scene with you being approached outside while tending to a garden could be hot. Speaking of sex scenes, you’ve got solo masturbation videos like “Watch Me Cum” which is about as direct as a scene can be, and your elaborate “Butt Slut” dildo fucking and gaping video is incredible. In one scene that’s also on Kimber’s website entitled “Tranny Bitch”, she leads you to a sofa by by a chain attached to your collar. She fills us in about what’s going to take place. Basically, your task is to show us how good of a sub you are. Your wrists are cuffed and attached to your collar just below it, and she taunts you with a paddle with “Bitch” written on it. She occasionally taps your bare thighs with it. Then she makes you stand up and show us your cute ass which she swats harder than she cracks it across your legs. Then she has you sink to your knees on the wood floor after she’s done paddling your butt. When she withdraws her big cock from her panties, it’s already hard. She teases you a bit before making, or letting you begin sucking it. Do you prefer being in this submissive type of situation, or do you sometimes enjoy enforcing domination on others?

Raven: While I occasionally like to be dominant, I’m most comfortable and sexually aroused as a submissive bottom slut. I love the feeling of giving up control, and feeling like I don’t have a choice. I get so wet when light pain is applied, along with the domination. With that said, when it comes to sex with a man, I am a total bottom. With other transsexuals or women I can kinda switch, and those are the girls I enjoy being dominant with. With Kimber or Lexis, I’m completely and 100% submissive.

Caramel: Did you like being roughly forced to give Kimber a blowjob and ordered to swallow most of her cum and to show off what was left?

Raven: I absolutely adore when Kimber uses me like her personal sex toy. I love swallowing her load, but when we film, she doesn’t allow me because it looks better on camera. To answer your first question though, I love when she talks nasty to me and puts me in my place. She knows me better than most people, so she knows exactly what buttons to push to make me leak like a cheap faucet.

Caramel: I might have to borrow that last line for a blog post sometime. “Lunch Time” on your site and on Kimber’s is one of my favorite lesbian videos with the two of you, even though I love the BDSM props and gear in “Tranny Pet”. I think it’s because it also has a high level of Domination/submission content and also because she fucks you really hard in this scene. You’re wearing a polka dot dress looking like a 50’s housewife or a pin-up model preparing lunch when Kimber enters the kitchen to find out what you’re doing. She’s wearing a red bikini top and tartan plaid skirt and she’s not interested in what you’re making to eat. She removes her tear-away skirt and there’s a hard on in her bikini bottom when you’re about to drop to your knees to get your proverbial lunch. I’m asking myself half seriously, is Kimber hard every time she’s around you? Of course since you’re besties and together quite often, perpetual boners is a bit of a stretch, but when did the two of you first realize you had such great sexual chemistry together?

Raven: Well, I think that goes back to the first time we ever met in person. She lead me down the hallway on a leash during a photo shoot, I had a total raging hard on. When she realized I had it, it was on. The more we hung out, the more we realized how similar we were in our thought process, goals in our transition and sexual desires.

Caramel: The way you give head is amazing. It’s almost as if you have no gag reflex sometimes when you’re sucking a big dick balls deep. In this scene, there’s also some pretty harsh verbal humiliation. Does this turn you on even more?

Raven: Again, props to Kimber. She has such a big dick that now that I’m used to deep throating her, most other dicks are pretty easy. Plus it doesn’t hurt that I just plain enjoy a big throbbing cock in my mouth. I totally get so turned on by being called a sissy faggot shemale slut, and things of that sort. The dirtier a person talks to me the more I get turned on.

Caramel: I find it’s pretty broad thinking to include the sissy dynamic in trans porn. I don’t see that often enough because most people seem to think each niche should exist in separate spaces like it’s taboo and dangerous to merge both worlds. Actually it just might be, but I love it anyway. Back to that scene I just mentioned, I love the way Kimber made you ride her big cock in the standing position in the kitchen before she began pumping away hard and fast. Then she railed you doggy style on the floor. What’s your favorite position to be fucked in?

Raven: It really depends on the dick. If it angles up, I love cowgirl or missionary. But if it angles down you can’t beat doggy style, or reverse cowgirl. Whatever position, it’s all about hammering that prostate and making me scream!

Caramel: About that top favorite scene of mine, it ended with Kimber shooting a huge load of creamy white cum across your pretty face. When receiving a cum shot, it’s that your favorite way to take it, or do you like it to land somewhere else even more?

Raven: Privately, I like to swallow or take it in my ass, but if I’m filming guys love to see cum.

Raven: So I love it all over my face, my back and ass, or my tits. Ultimately, in a perfect world, I really love hot loads in my ass like a bred little bitch. Nothing puts a girl in her place faster than knowing that the throbbing cock in her ass is painting her insides.

Caramel: I can’t disagree with that. In “Old Friends” with Brent Peters, a cute guy visits the home of a buddy he hasn’t seen for a long time. But he’s greeted by hot babe in a bikini top, denim cut-offs, and tall sandals. This is you and after he assumes that you’re Steve’s girlfriend, he goes into the story of how far they go back. To fast forward a bit, you end giving him an intense blowjob. During this sequence and when he gets to fuck you, he’s quite aggressive and verbally humiliating. Do you prefer men who are A-type and domineering in your personal life? Also, how would you describe your sexual preferences?

Raven: Yes, any guy I date I love to be total alpha. I want my man to tell me what I’m going to do in bed and then follow through and makes me do it. I love guys who are strong and can pick me up and throw me around while we fuck (I’m only 5’6″, 155 lbs). Hold me against the wall, grab my hair, pin me on the bed, just treat me like your dirty little fuck toy. Now with girls, whether they are genetic or trans, I tend to gravitate more towards being sensual. Lots of touching, kissing, and mutual oral.

Caramel: I loved the position changes from doggy style to reverse cowgirl in “Old Friends”. I think it was the first studio video in which I’ve seen you getting your cock sucked. Do you like getting blown in your personal sex play or is that just something you’re willing to do for the sake of porn like external cum shots?

Raven: I love getting my dick sucked. When a guy can really give good head it’s a huge turn on. I look at it like this – if a guy wants to perform oral on his partner and she happens to be transsexual, it’s basically just a big clit. Clits like to be licked. Although, if you give me my preference, I’d rather have my ass eaten by a skillful tongue masseuse, hands down. I just love anal stimulation that much.

Caramel: In the Bad Girl Mafia presentation of “Kimber’s Toy Chest Episode One”, the subtitle is “Cage That Sissy”. As a pansexual trans top, I love sissy porn and feminized men, but this is one of the rare scenes in my collection with a trans woman portrayed as a sissy. The same sort of verbal humiliation is employed by Kimber as the Domme. Sissification is one of the least popular activities in the trans community, yet it’s way up at the top of my list because of my lifestyle. You must have known how controversial a video like this might be. Did you or Kimber receive any negative feedback with this release?

Raven: It might be controversial, but if someone doesn’t like it, they don’t have to watch it. Whether we want to admit it or not, sissification is a huge fetish with a huge following. I had a lot of fun doing that video and at the end of the day, isn’t that what sex is about? Consenting adults doing what’s fun for them. What does it for me, I’m sure is a turn off to someone else. But that’s what makes us unique.

Caramel: The only thing I don’t like about sissification is misgendering on social media. That’s where I draw the line. Moving on, there’s deep sex toy fucking by Kimber with props from your sponsor for that video, as well as you getting fucked by Kimber’s big juicy cock. This is my all-time favorite lesbian scene with you two, partly because she had you in chastity while banging you. Have you ever had a dominant partner in real life that forced you to wear chastity devices for long periods of time? If not, is that something you’d be interested in?

Raven: No I have not. Actually that was the first time I had ever been caged. I don’t think I could be caged for long periods. I like my fleshlight way too much. But in the right circumstances I could see the appeal of denial of self gratification. When I fuck, my fetish of sorts is that I like to deny my own orgasm while devoting all my attention to making my partner climax.

Caramel: Are you currently or have you ever been officially collared and/or owned as a slave?

Raven: No I have not. I dabble a bit in the dom/sub lifestyle but I’m not immersed into it enough that the opportunity has ever presented itself. Not to say I wouldn’t try it out. I really feel like we grow as a people by experiencing different things; some of them naturally being things that take you out of your comfort zone.

Scene Review on

Scene Review on

Caramel: I agree 100%. I loved the post-coital review you two did of the products you used during the sex. I’ll bet the company was pleased.

Raven: was very pleased. We’ve actually invited the owner to be on set and watch live. The next installment will have me, Lexis Steel and a gratuitous amount of fetish bondage gear. He says he has no plans to be anywhere else other than on set when it’s filmed.

Caramel: I don’t blame him. As far as live webcam shows go, you have a bit of an edge in this competitive niche because of your good filming quality. No matter how gorgeous webcam broadcasters are and how sexy their content is, it’s doesn’t have the same impact without good camera work. Take “Using Raven on Cam” for instance. The threesome with Kimber and the male star Razor Rammington has the same resolution as your studio performances. I love the spit-roast sequence also, by the way. Outside of relationship sex, are do you have more fun with having a cock penetrating both ends, or is one-on-one sex more fun for you on camera?

Raven: Really? When are two dicks not better than one? (LOL) What’s better than two dicks? Three or more! In all truthfulness, it really depends on the situation. Sometimes I want a good old fashioned grudge fuck or group fuck. There are also merits to having that one on one sensual connection. It’s easier to convey more emotion with one on one filming. I am guilty of losing myself in the moment occasionally in one on one’s.

Caramel: Speaking of Razor who some of may have seen also in webcam shows with you, that guy can really fuck! At least it looks that way to me. Where did you find him?

Raven: I actually put out a casting call on Craigslist. When I do, I usually get 100+ responses. I saw Razor and his dick, and I was like “I want that!” So I contacted him. He immediately came across as the muscular, I’m gonna make you my bitch kinda guy, and I instantly knew that I wanted him in my butt. And yes, he buries all 9 inches like a boss. Interesting side note: After we filmed “Car Trouble”, it was late so I invited him to spend the night. I never slept. He continued that scene off camera all night. I walked funny for two days. Stamina much!

Caramel: In “Car Trouble” which is also a Bad Girl Mafia production scene from Dogg’s Angels, is that your white Mustang convertible you’re driving in the movie? That ride is so hot.

Raven: Yes, that is actually my Cobra that we used in both videos. I call my car Molly and I have had her for years. here aren’t many nuts or bolts I haven’t turned on that car. Everything I’m physically able to do on that car, I do. I love Mustangs, but the next car I plan on buying will be some type of Audi. Maybe an A4, or an S3.

Caramel: I love Audi. I’m a fan of Thor Johnson who I first saw in the Dogg’s Angels full-length movie and interviewed just last week here on TS Dreamland. He’s a suave, good looking dude with serious swag and he can fuck like nobody’s business. From what I’ve seen on his website, I mean. How did you meet Thor and when did you begin working together?

Raven: I met Thor at an orgy at Fetish Con, no lie. I’ve actually not filmed with Thor yet, but there are plans very soon to change that while we are at the AVN’s in Las Vegas. I know that when he does, I’m in for a serious workout.

Caramel: Tell me a little about B Dogg the narrator in this video that’s loosely based on Charlie’s Angels. Is there going to be a sequel to Dogg’s Angels?

Raven: B Dogg is actually the CEO and producer of Doggvision. Doggvision is a production company we collaberate very closely with. B Dogg is a really cool guy and he’s a super funny cut up on set. He really knows how to keep things light hearted and he always has his model’s best interests in mind while making filming arrangements. He does however know when to get serious, and he’s very protective of all of us in Bad Girl Mafia Productions (@bad_girlmaffia Prod). Dogg’s Angels most definitely has a sequel in the pipeline. No date is set yet as we are currently filming the T-team.

Caramel: Yes, I’m looking forward to that. Lana Hart got into the act with you and Kimber in a live cam show. She gave you a toe fucking while you were going down on Kimber. Then she and Kimber fucked you. How did you meet Lana? Also, her switch scene with the long grey-haired male performer Katt Steel is everything.

Raven: I’ve known Lana of from very early in my transition. You could say we kind of transitioned together. I think I actually met her on Facebook too. We actually met in person at a transgender prom hosted at the resort called The Dunes in Southaven, Michigan. She then made the trip several times to Kentucky to watch Kimber and I strip. While here I invited her to attend the AVN’s last year and we had so much fun. Although I haven’t seen her in awhile, I still have always thought of her as a sister.

Caramel: I was wondering about how you met Lexis Steel. In the second week of August 2016, I saw that she was traveling with you an Kimber to Fetish Con where Kimber ended up winning Best Fetish Alternative Performer and Best Transgender Alternative Cam Performer. I was familiar with Lexis, but I hadn’t seen much of her in action until watching Dogg’s Angels and a hardcore scene with Thor Johnson. I’d never seen her in a candid clip until I watched the candid Fetish Con day two footage on your site. She’s stunning! How did you hook up in the beginning and decide to start filming together?

Raven: Well, Lexis is married to Kimber, so I literally met her face to face the same time I met Kimber. We spend a lot of time together. Honestly, I think I spend more time with Lexis than I do Kimber. We are like BFF’s. We grocery shop, work out, get our hair cut, and scores of other things together. As I’ve been laid up from my breast and lip augmentation, she has been acting like a mama bear making sure I was as comfortable as I can possibly be. I love her!

Caramel: That is so sweet and I hope you’re healing well. When did you begin dancing at the nightclub in Lexington?

Raven: I started dancing at Bluegrass Connections at the Lexington Tgirl parties @LexingtonTgirlParty about a year ago. Kimber had been dancing for a while and Wendy Williams had an opening come up while at the AVN’s. I approached Wendy and asked if she might be interested in me filling the open position. She was very receptive and said yes. Unfortunately I had never really danced at all in my life, and I literally had less than two weeks to not only learn to dance, but learn to dance as a stripper. I’m happy to say with a bit of help I was ready and I killed it.

Caramel: What’s up next for Raven Roxx?

Raven: Well as I type this, I’m recovering from breast augmentation surgery. I’ve gone from a 36C to roughly a 36DD. I also had fat grafting to my lips to give me big ole DSL (dick sucking lips). So be on the lookout for a big tit bimbo Raven very soon. We will all be at the AVN’s in January and the TEA’s in March. I also have an upcoming radio interview with Gross Misconduct Live (@GrossMLive), and another radio interview with Kimber on IndustryXXX Radio @industryxradio. Both can be heard on the Demon Seed Radio Network.

Caramel: I couldn’t believe you powered through this interview while you’re hurting. You are so dedicated and driven. Describe yourself in five words.

Raven: 1.Bimbo, 2.Ditz, 3.Funloving, 4.Loyal, 5.Goofy

Thank you for reading my interview with the talented bright light, Raven of Follow her on Twitter @TSRavenRoxx and stay tuned for future updates! For ALL Raven Roxx updates here on TS Dreamland, click here.

Twitter: @TsRavenRoxx

Twitter: @TsRavenRoxx