Caramel’s Interview With Pixinun

February 13, 2021

I’ve been focusing on mostly Chaturbate trans streamers lately because it’s one area of the adult industry I’ve neglected for far too long. When I see great ones, I try to describe something you might see in a model’s live stream without giving too much away. The element of surprise can be quite a turn on. is a channel that really impressed me. We followed each other and I was anxious to learn something about what makes this bright young webcam model and content creator tick. I hope you’ll enjoy our interview!

Caramel: Your Chaturbate channel is Femboyforhire and @Pixinun is the name on your Twitter account. Does Pixinun have a special meaning?

Pixinun: Pixinun is just a cute name I like that sounds like Pixi.

Caramel: What is the meaning behind Femboyforhire?

Pixinun: It’s the name I came up with before I realized I was trans. It’s very poor nomenclature lol, if I could change it I would.

Twitter: @Pixinun

Caramel: Your geographic location is mysterious and I get the feeling you’d like to keep it that way. Without saying too much, can you give us a general idea about where you’re from?

Pixinun: Nope.

Caramel: What inspired you to make Chaturbate live streams?

Pixinun: Seemed fun and I wanted a way to make money and masturbate at the same time just seemed like a win win.

Caramel: Did you study other cammers? Was it necessary to study different techniques before embarking on your own?

Pixinun: No not really. Not that I don’t stand to gain anything. I’m just lazy.

Caramel: I couldn’t help notice your collar and leash in some of your streams. And then there’s the chastity cage. Plus, the large butt plug that can make you gape. On a scale from one to ten, how deeply immersed are you in BDSM?

Pixinun: Maybe like 6.5ish. I like the idea a lot I’m just not very practiced.

Pixinun on Chaturbate!

Caramel: Your streams have a certain style. For instance, you have the good sense to capture your full body in the frame. Some models don’t and I’m not sure if they’re aware that they alienate fans that might want to see certain body parts like leg lovers and the “show feet” crowd. How did you develop your style of camming that also thankfully includes large dosages of full nudity?

Pixinun: I just like being naked lol. Doing it from my bed full body just seemed easiest.

Caramel: Would you consider yourself a top, a bottom, or somewhere in between?

Pixinun: Bottom Vers.

Pixinun will make you cum on OnlyFans!

Caramel: How do you identify in regards to gender?

Pixinun: I’ve been identifying as a trans girl she/her for about a year now.

Caramel: How do you identify sexually? And are you attracted to any particular sort of person?

Pixinun: I’m pretty Pan, I just love people.

Caramel: How old were you when you realized you were different from most of your peers? Did you have anyone to talk about sex and gender issues with? Or did you get most of your information from the Internet?

Pixinun: I knew from an early age I wasn’t ever gonna strive to be a macho manly man, but I didn’t know of any alternatives for me until the Internet.

Caramel: Can you give us an idea of what your OnlyFans content includes?

OnlyFans with Pixinun!

Pixinun: Right now my OnlyFans has pics and videos of me trying my best to be sexy. I wanna do longer and better videos and shoots in the future, but right now I’m fairly consistent and I think the porn I produce is pretty good.

Caramel: Would you consider doing major studio porn?

Pixinun: Yeah probably, would depend on my availability and the pay but I’d be more than willing.

Caramel: I understand that you like to paint. What’s your medium and what do you like to do mostly?

Pixinun: I paint with 50 cent acrylics from Wal-Mart. I’ve always loved painting, I like to make art that I think is pretty cool.

Caramel: What do you like to do in your free time for fun?

Pixinun: Mostly play games watch YouTube and smoke weed.

Caramel: Describe yourself in five words.

Pixinun: I don’t play by your rules.

Caramel: I love it.

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