Caramel’s Interview with Melina Leon

January 11, 2018

Twitter: @MelinaLeon__xo

    Hi, from Caramel. I first learned of Melina Leon as a YouTube Creator. Then I discovered she was breaking into the adult industry. We connected on Twitter and the rest is history. I hope you’ll enjoy our Q&A. 

Instagram: @melina___leon_

Caramel: You reside in Greensboro, North Carolina. I have family there and I’ve visited Greensboro few times. There are of great museums and historical parks there and I really like it. Were you born and raised in Greensboro?

Melina: No, I was born in Siler City.

Caramel: Let’s explore your 4.5 thousand subscriber YouTube (Melina Leon)  account. First of all, congratulations on acquiring so many fans there. Can you monetize your channel with advertising at that level?

Melina: Yes I can, but because of the copyright music that you hear in my videos I don’t get paid. Nor how to.

Caramel: I’m brand new to the Creator side of YouTube but when we’re done with the interview I can help you replace those songs with non-copyrighted music. It’s challenging though. Unfortunately most free music sounds like free music so you have to spend hours listening to find something that’s just right for you. Did your subscriber base grow steadily or did it suddenly accelerate at one particular period of time?

Melina: It grew over the years.

YouTube: Melina Leon

Caramel: Have you ever been flagged or warned by YouTube that your videos were too sexy?

Melina: In fact three of my videos have been deleted because they get reported for too much “nudity”. 🙂 I just wanna show some skins. Give them eye candy.

Caramel: I’m so glad that they didn’t delete your account. They’re getting super strict especially with even what I wouldn’t consider adult content. People are getting demonetized for tagging their videos “trans” also. So how do you edit your videos?

Melina: With a MacBook Air.

Caramel: Are you a computer geek?

Melina: Not really. I try my best.

YouTube: No Ordinary Love

Caramel: Your dancing videos on YouTube are incredible. When, where and how did you learn how to move like that?

Melina: From when I remember since I was a kid I’ve enjoyed moving my hips. Mom used to get when I would dance like Selena. I would twirl and lip sync to her songs all the time.

Caramel: I miss Selena. She made such a huge impact over little time. You have an even bigger following on PornHub (users/melinaleon) than you do on YouTube. 5,800+ currently. Is it hard responding to the many fans you have on both platforms?

Melina: Yes, it is. I get messages all the time congratulating me and sending their best wishes, and from those who are very persistent.

Caramel: When did you first begin to realize that you were trans?

Melina: Since I was kid. Again, I would do things only girls can think of. I was 6 years old when I first wore my first pair of heels and sister dress. I looked in the mirror and I saw a pretty girl. I was raised in a Catholic home where you had to follow the Bible, so my parents made sure I grew up as a boy. It was always a struggle; being someone you’re not but you had to pretend. It was until i was 19 and I started crossdressing on the weekends. Since I was working and paying for my first car, I had an excuse to be Melina for two days, but I knew that was not enough time. It made me depressed not being able to tell my parents. To not disappoint them. But also there comes a time where you have to be happy for yourself. At 23, I moved to Greensboro and started my transition to who I am today.

Facebook: melina.leon.5011

Caramel: I consider 23 an early start. So have you been attracted to guys as far back as you can remember and did you ever have an attraction toward girls?

Melina: I’ve always been attracted to guys. I had my first kiss at 7. ; )

Caramel: Mine was at the same age with a boy but I shut that urge down until much later haha. How old were you when you first started dating and how did your first experiences turn out?

Melina: 19 and he was kind of crazy.

Caramel: Uh-oh. How did your first sexual experiences turn out?

Melina: Good. I lean towards sucking cock. They call me “the Mouth from the South”

Caramel: Awesome! What type of guys are you attracted to?

Melina: All kinds as long as you have a great personality that can match mine.

Caramel: What are a few things a guy can do to get you super turned on?

Melina: Sucking my nipples and rimming my hole.


Caramel: What can a guy do to melt your heart romantically?

Melina: Accept me for me and all my flaws.

Caramel: When did you first entertain the idea of entering the adult industry?

Melina: I didn’t really think about until I posted my first video on Porn Hub. I knew after seeing all my view blow up that it was something I could do for fun. In the end we all win.

Caramel: How did you make the leap into actually filming porn?

Melina: I told my hook up we needed to make a hot movie and mutually agree to post it online.

Caramel: There a lot of adult industry stars who do not live in the cities where most porn is produced. So there’s nothing wildly unusual about your location in the South. But have you considered moving out West where most of the shooting is done for major studios?

Melina: Yes, I would love to move closer if the opportunity presents itself.


Caramel: There are some independent porn labels out there like OnlyFans and ManyVids amongst others directly competing with major studios and constantly growing and expanding. There are several trans models and producers making a lot of money on breakout platforms. There’s also camming that’s taken the adult world by surprise over the last decade. Where does Melina Leon fit into all of this in let’s say over the next five years?

Melina: Winning awards at the AVNs and making more movies for my fans.

Caramel: If you hadn’t chosen adult modeling as a career, what would have been your career path?

Melina: Bartender at night club.

Caramel: What sort of music do you listen to mostly?

Melina: All kinds including country.

Caramel: Great, me too. What are some of your favorite food?

Melina: I have a weakness for a good omelet and hash browns. Sushi and tacos.

Caramel: Is there anyone on your porn bucket list?

Melina: Yes, Chad White XXX.

Caramel: Nothing wrong with that!

Melina’s Pure-TS Profile

   I thoroughly enjoyed my conversation with Melina and I hope you liked it too. I hope that you’ll follow her at the links below.

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    I’m Caramel and you can find me on Twitter at @tscaramel. Thank you for reading our interview.