Caramel’s Interview with Kimber Haven

January 8, 2016

March 30, 2016 Update – Kimber’s Playroom Launches!

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I’m so proud to present my interview with Kimber Haven @kimberhaven on Twitter. But first, a word about how this came about. The mega star hostess of  and is also Public Relations agent who represents some of the finest talents in the adult industry, including Kimber, a webcam broadcaster on Chaturbate. Before Wendy tapped me to interview Kimber, I’d not only seen her super sexy live performances, I’d even blogged about one of them here before. On January 15, 2016, Kimber will be the hostess of BlueGrass Connections T-Girl and Admirers Party at BlueGrass Connections on 942 Winchester Road in Lexington, Kentucky. Kimber will also be dancing three times throughout the night starting at 10:15 p.m. BlueGrass Connections host the T-Girl Party every 1st and 3rd Friday of the month from 9pm – 2am ( Since Kimber recently joined with HotWendyPR, she’s scheduled her first major studio porn shoots in January for websites including Trans500 and WendyWilliamXXX.SMCNetwork.Net. “I’m excited about hosting on January 15 at BlueGrass Connections,” said Kimber. “January is going to be a busy month as I make the crossover from a cam model to doing porn. I have several shoots scheduled and look forward to showing what I can do.” Fans can check out Kimber and her cam shows on Meanwhile, I hope you’ll enjoy my exclusive interview with Kimber Haven:

Caramel: Hi, Kimber. As you know, I think your performances are incredible. I think it’s great that you’re making the crossover from webcam broadcaster to studio adult entertainment. How excited about it are you?

Kimber: Hiya hon and thanks for the interest in me. I am extremely excited! As you know from my cam show, I’m a bit of a wild child and doing adult film shoots is where I need to be. I’m a very sexual person and a natural exhibitionist, so it just makes sense. Of course I will still be camming. I have a love for creating my own show, but I also am excited being someone else’s clay and seeing their creativity when using me for a shoot as well. Whether on video or cam, I’m still gonna be the same wild, fun loving girl I’m known to be. And I think people are gonna respond to the fact that I’m genuine and I’m actually really having the time of my life in front of that camera.

Caramel: I can see that 100% every time. Although I find it crucial for an adult entertainer to aspire to success in every market available, I sometimes wonder if live webcam sites like Chaturbate are the future of porn, especially in the transsexual niche. Studio performances are my first love and always will be. But do you think that live cam shows might someday eclipse sales revenue of adult paysites someday?

Kimber: I don’t think cam shows will ever “replace” mainstream porn videos because too many cam shows are all the same. It irks me a little. A trans girl gets on cam…doesn’t really talk to anyone unless she gets a tip…checks her Facebook…occasionally flashing a tit for a tip….jerks off…and calls it a day. Most don’t even look like they are having fun. You know from watching my cam show I’m not like that at all. I don’t see camming as a replacement for video….more like another way to enjoy sex that caters to the voyeur who wants to see the action live instead of a controlled environment. However, porn videos are getting so damn creative now. Wendy did one called Kaitlyn Gender that was awesome, sexy and hilarious and full of comedy. It reminded me of my show and I thought it was really well done. It even had a blooper reel at the end that had me rolling.

Caramel: I didn’t know if I should be offended by Kaitlyn Gender or not. Then I finally decided I’m cool with it.  I’m mean Jonelle Brooks… c’mon now. I’m arguably her #1 fan. A lot has happened since its release that’s changed my thinking about the whole situation. One of the main things that set your shows apart from others is your sense of humor. I expected to see all kinds of hotness when I first saw one of your broadcasts, but I didn’t expect you to be so funny. I later learned that you actually worked as a stand up comedian, which explained a lot. For instance, your celebrity impressions killed me. How and when did you make the transition from comedy to adult entertainment?

Kimber: Lol…you find me funny? Funny how? Like a clown? Like I’m here to muse you?….Sorry, had a Joe Pesci Goodfellas moment there. Well, I’ve always been the class clown getting attention by being wild and making people laugh. I love making people laugh. It’s like a drug to me. As for my celebrity impressions, well I’ve spent a lot of time watching movies and TV and would copy the voices I heard when I went to school to make people laugh. I have done a few stand up routines, but it was more a hobby than anything else…. something I wanted to try and look back on and say “Hey, I did that.” I’m like that with a lot of things. We only get one go ’round and I don’t want to look back and say, “I wish I would have done that.” I want to look back at my life and when I know it’s over say, “That was one hell of a ride….damn I had fun!”

Caramel: It seems to be contagious with you. What was it like the first time Wendy Williams put you on stage at BlueGrass Connections as a dancer/performer?

Kimber: It was so awesome! I came alive and just had the time of my life. I went to her parties to hang out with the men and the girls and drink and started getting to know her and thought she was super cool and she’s a legend in trans porn. She came up o me and asked if I wanted to dance up there and I was like, “Hell yes!” I was so flattered that she wanted me to do it. I’m such an attention whore….. ok I’m just a whore… when I got up there, I was gonna make sure all eyes were locked on me and people were gonna leave saying, “Who was that Kimber chick? She was wild!”

Caramel: I’m so curious about how you became a webcam performer (curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back). Had you made “home movies” that gave you a little practice and experience before performing live?

Kimber: Lol…since I was old enough to fuck. I lost my virginity at 19….lol…figured you might ask so I beat ya to it. I’ve been making nasty home movies. I love watching them and reliving the experience. As for camming…well, I retired from a good career at 40 and got bored sitting on my ass at home. So I went on Adult Friend Finder and started camming, just to talk and chat with people to amuse myself for free. I got such a response and everybody kept saying, “Why the hell aren’t you doing this professionally?!” So I applied with a few mainstream cam sites and believe it or not, they all turned me down except for True story…Chaturbate, the site I’m most known for, turned me down the first time I applied to be a model. At that time, my state ID was of my old boy self and looked nothing like me. They thought I was trying to use someone else’s license. Even after I wrote them and explained I transitioned and used to be a boy, they still didn’t believe me… I had to go get a new license before they would accept me to cam on the site.

Caramel: That’s a lot of hurdles. Do you have any trans porn influences aside from your major porn star PR agent?

Kimber: Well, of course I look up to Wendy… I mean she’s the godmother of trans porn. I don’t really have any “influences” because I’m a bit different and i like to be a clown as well as seductress. However, Bailey Jay and and TS Foxxy are mega hot. I’ve spent many a day going through a box of tissues and lotion thanks to them…lol. Never really tried to be like anyone else….I guess I just always wanted to be a girl that’s a bit different (you know besides being different because of the big shenis between my legs….lol)

Caramel: Speaking of PR, you’ve done an incredible job of self-promotion that propelled you to the position of finding an agent who trusts your work ethic. That’s not an easy feat. Have you always been a self-starter?

Kimber: I’ve always been a hardcore workaholic and thrown myself into everything I do because I don’t do anything I don’t have a genuine passion for. I didn’t really market myself intentionally actually….. I just wanted my fans to have ways of contacting me and being able to talk to me so i got involved with social media. I LOVE talking to my fans from all over the world and answer everyone of them. I spend about 4-5 hours everyday talking to my fans. I love it…they are so sweet and dedicated …one even started a Kimber Haven Fan Club – Vegas Chapter……they are so damn dedicated and I love them.

Caramel: I can’t imagine the temptation of growing up in Sin City. Were you aware of anything going on in the transgender community in Las Vegas, Nevada when you were very young?

Kimber: Not really. Since I transitioned late in life, I didn’t really get to experience it before I moved away from Vegas about 15 years ago (I transitioned only three years ago). So my transgender experience has been in Kentucky mostly, although I did vacation in Miami and Orlando and the trans scene there is wild. The only aspect of the trans community I knew was jerking off to trans porn. Hey I like transexuals…lol…what can I say?

Caramel: Only three years. Damn. And yes, the trans scene is wild here in Florida, although the trans porn scene could use a little help. So when did you first begin to realize that something different was going on with you?

Kimber: My earliest memory is when I was 8 years old and got caught dressing up like a girl by my daddy….whew..was he pissed! I never really felt I fit in because of my feelings as a kid. So I guess that’s why I started doing comedy and celebrity impressions…to help me fit in and try to make friends. Of course back then I just thought I was a freak with how I felt because the transgender community we have now didn’t really exist back then. So I had no idea there were so many others like me. The only exposure I ever had to girls like me where in the pornos.

Caramel: The same thing happened with my father beginning at about the same age. SMH

Kimber: After my daddy came unglued, I repressed my feelings for a long time and they resurfaced when I was a teenager. My parents would spend all night out gambling at the casinos and I had the house to myself. So I would dress up and put on make up (raiding my mommies shit) and grab our VHS camcorder and video… me trying to be sexy for the camera…..this was how I spent my alone time.

Caramel: A lot of people don’t understand the difference between gender identity and sexuality. Many trans are a bit confused ourselves in our early years. I know that you identify as pansexual now, as I do. But when did you discover that you were also attracted to boys? Did both attractions occur at the same time?

Kimber: Well, growing up I liked girls and trans girls and I wasn’t really all that attracted to men. However when I started hormones, that changed. I began seeing them in a new light and became all about the cock…lol Damn hormones made me into a cockslut…yeah that’s it,….it’s the hormones’ fault I’m such a slut for dick…that sounds like a good story to stick to…lol

Caramel: Ha! Who were you first trans porn discoveries and feel free to elaborate. I always do.

Kimber: So many days spent to jerking off to them…good times. My first huge crush from back then was a trans girl named Stasha…she was unbelievably beautiful. She passed really young due to cancer. I didn’t know that until later in life when I searched for her on the Internet. I just thought she stopped doing movies. She was my first big trans crush… I had all her movies although she didn’t make many because her career was so short and they are hard to find now days. Most people don’t even know who she is, which is a shame because she was beautiful.

Caramel: I used to buy Stasha’s VHS tapes in the pre-Giuliani days in Times Square NYC adult bookstores. She was born on March 24, 1969 and died way too from leukemia in April of 1993. R.I.P. Stasha was one of my first favorites too, obviously. So if it’s not too uncomfortable, please tell me more about the friends and family situation when you were growing up.

Kimber: Well, I never really had friends and stuck to myself as a loner. My family consists of two big brothers and my mommy. They had no idea and I came out to them about two years ago when I started developing from hormones and was afraid my days of being able to hide it and present as a boy were over. My mommy was awesome and always wanted a daughter anyway, so she was very supportive, despite the fact she HATED transexuals because my Daddy was a tranny chaser. She’d caught him with a trans escort’s number in his wallet once (lol….yep Daddy liked the chick sticks). My brothers turned their back on me…called me freak, man in a dress, gay… they were a little less supportive…lol. My oldest brother has come around a bit, but he hates what I do for a living. My other brother told my mom I’m nothing but a faggot who is gong to end up getting AIDS and die… So he is still having a small issue with it and I haven’t seen him since telling him. I also have a wonderful 20 year old son who is a Marine. He’s a godsend and has had my back every since I came out to him and has been super supportive. He just wants me to be happy. He’s a wonderful kid….he turned out great….I must have raised him right… Fuck, I should get Parent of the Year at the next TEA awards…lol. My wife has always supported me too. She’s a very special lady…oh yeah…I’m married…have been for 15 years….to a smoking hot Latina goddess. She supports my transition and career 100%…..she oozes awesomeness.

Caramel: I was just about to head down that road, and congratulations on the way things turned out with your son. Please thank him for protecting our country for us, Kimber. Now with the impact of a major celebrity like Caitlyn Jenner coming out to her family, millions of people are baffled that a transwoman like her lived the heterosexual life of being married to a genetically born female. I get it as I came close to marriage once. You understand it even better as you’re married to a genetic woman. When your relationship first began to develop, were you anxious to tell your then girlfriend about Kimber? Did it drive you nuts that you felt like you couldn’t?

Kimber: Oh hell no I didn’t wanna tell her! lol She was magnificent in ever way. Beautiful, funny, just all around wonderful and I hit the jackpot and had something really special and I knew it. Last thing I wanted to do was lose her. If you find the Holy Grail, you hold onto that shit tight (mostly because if you take it past the Great Seal, the whole place falls apart…oh shit…started thinking about Indiana Jones…fuck you Attention Deficit Disorder!). We rarely fight…maybe twice a year, but when we do, we make up for lost time and it ends up being a dozy. When I came out to her, it was a really bad fight and I thought we were headed towards a separation. So I laid it on the table…figured if we were gonna break up I might as well be honest. She took it very well….became my #1 supporter and it brought us even closer.

Caramel: Having a successful married life and an open relationship must be amazing. With genetic women and other transwomen, are you usually the more aggressive or more passive partner?

Kimber: With women and tgirls, I tend to be dominant sexually…but with men I am very submissive and just want them to make me their bitch. However I’ve been the bitch for my wife many times (aka strap-on) and love it. Ive also found myself getting bitch fucked by another tgirl and it was super hot. I switch between submissive and dominate sexual feels. Although I can be a very dominant oral top wth men. Nothing more thrilling that making a straight man into my cocksucker…lol.

Caramel: That’s so interesting to me. I’m pretty much a top with everyone, except sometimes with very masculine men.

Kimber: I tend to be submissive with guys and want them to fuck me like a bitch and talk dirty and put me in my place. It’s fucking hot. However, if I like a man and he tends towards the submissive side, I have no problem making him my bitch cocksucker and force feeding him my giant trans dick. I’ve never “topped” a guy….never held much interest to me….I don’t really look at hairy man ass and say “Damn, I want some of that!” However if a man was petite and smooth (basically a twink for lack of better term) I would be up for it. Ain’t nobody want no hairy ass. Ain’t nobody got time for that. I don’t want to have to take a comb and part the hair before I stick my dick in…lol

Caramel: I adore twink bottoms sexually. For anyone who thinks that gay men and trans women, and a variety of gender identities in between, aren’t attracted to each other, we need to have a long talk. There are so many misconceptions out there to even mention. This train of thought leads me to another grey area. There are a lot of trans performers who will work with GGs (genetic girls) and other trans, but when they’re straight, their performances sometimes seem ingenuous. Do you think that being a pansexual performer will give you an edge in the industry?

Kimber: Yeah, pretty much it will, mostly because there’s not a lot i won’t do…lol. If Wendy calls me up and says “You’re fucking a girl, then a tgirl, then being fucked by three guys, then a circus midget” I’m like ok, boss…lol. I’m a wild girl and I love sex….the adult industry is like a playground for me….I show up on set and I’m like “Ok…who do I get to fuck today?! Let’s do this!!!!”

Caramel: That’s the spirit. Moving on to a more sobering note, Southern trans; both men and women have it hard. I know myself from living in Florida for 13 years after living most of my life up north. What’s life like in Kentucky for a transwoman? Is it as conservative and intolerant as one might assume?

Kimber: Well, it sucks…lol. But hey, I’m not gonna let the intolerant bigots harsh my good time. They better just get over it because I’m not going anywhere. lol….You wouldn’t believe the looks I get at Wal-Mart dressed like a transsexual whore. I don’t believe in toning it down to “fit in”….Fuck that shit. I’ve never fit in before. Why start now and in Kentucky? I’m not gonna fit in anyway, so why pretend I do? My motto is they’re gonna point and stare anyway, so why not give them something to stare at? I stand 6’8” in heels and I used to be a heavy weight cage fighter and bodyguard. So what they gonna do? They feeling froggy, they can leap and go back to their bros saying they got beat up by a giant tranny…lol. I hid my secret and lived a lie out of fear for 39 years. No more fear for this chick… me or hate me, I’m still gonna have a good time being me.  I’ve waited a long time to do so… I deserve this shit… so I’m gonna be me to the fullest. Being normal is boring…. People say “Do you ever wish you could just fit in?” Hell no….I WANT to be different! Stand out of fade into nothingness in this life. Don’t expect attention…take it.

Caramel: Genetics and HRT have resulted in a buff yet ultra-feminine, curvaceous figure or you. But you’ve had breast augmentation to a 36DD. Are you planning to go bigger and still accepting funding assistance?

Kimber: I’m actually pretty happy with my new ta tas…my dubba Ds. I wasn’t with my size B mosquito bites. B’s might be fine for some girls, but I’m a giant, so they looked way too small on me. However since you hinted at my Gofundme account, guys should feel free to give till it hurts. There’s other procedures I would like… Hey, I’m a work in progress, so there’s always more to do and more clay to sculpt. I don’t think I will go bigger… I mean where the fuck would I get bras? Not that I really need to wear them anymore since my knockers defy gravity now…lol

Caramel: Do plan to ever undergo SRS (Sex Reassignment Surgery) in the future?

Kimber: No way would I’d ever turn my outie into an inny. Never even considered it. I have a big dick and I like my mini me….she’s brought me lots of good times, so why would I treat her like that and turn her inside out? I don’t need another hole down there for sex…I already have one and I don’t need two of them. It’s common for a trans girl to say “I’m a girl…I was born a girl”…..I’m not a girl….I’m transexual. I’m married to a girl…I’ve seen that plumbing up close and I don’t have that going on. I enjoy being transexual…a third gender. Biologically I’m not a man anymore, but I’m not a woman….I’m the next stage of evolution….a culmination of the genders…..a chick with a dick with a male sex drive…what can be better that that?


Caramel: My question is what can be better than someone who refuses to be labeled? Nothing. What sort of music is on your playlist and what are some of your favorite books and movies?

Kimber: I have almost every type of music on my playlist except Classical. My moods switch dramatically with music. I will go from listening to 50 Cent to Kermit singing Rainbow Connection (hey, it’s a great song). My favorite go to is 80’s rock…..Motley Crue, Joan Jett and stuff…and I dabble playing electric guitar. As for books….uhhh…you realize I’m a porn actress right? I fuck for a living. lol. I am actually a comic book geek and have a massive collection. I don’t think I have the mental patience to read a novel all the way through. I get distracted and bored easily. I’m always in search of fun…not relaxation. As for movies…well Army of Darkness with Bruce Campbell is my favorite movie of all time! Hail to the King baby!

Caramel: Wish your professional work, do you still have time to enjoy many of your favorite hobbies and what are some others?

Kimber: Not really. Wendy keeps me pretty damn busy…however I love it. I have a blast with what I do and can’t imagine more fun of an activity then what she’s keeping me busy with. If in a rare moment of down time, I will play Grand Theft Auto 5 online or play electric guitar waiting for Wendy to call. My fun time is work, so times in between that are just passing time until Wendy calls and I get to go have fun again. I get 200-300 fan messages or emails a day nowadays, so when I’m not working for Wendy, that usually keeps me pretty busy.

Caramel: How soon can we expect to see your first performances on and on Trans500?

Kimber: Well, I will leave the promotion up to Wendy as well as the official announcements, but I can say you’re gonna see a LOT of me (literally…lol) very very soon. Wendy has made sure to help me make a big splash in the adult world, so pretty soon you’re gonna see a bunch of things with me in them (or them in me).

Caramel: And guess who’s going to be adding updates about all that action. Thank you so much for the interview, Kimber. I’ll continue to look out for you on Chaturbate. Break a leg at BlueGrass Connections and all the best with your upcoming studio performances.

Kimber: Thank you so much Caramel for the interview…’re a total sweety….we need to do lunch or some shit. If anyone wants to reach out to me or say hey…here’s some ways to do it:

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