Caramel’s Interview with Kiersten Bunnz

April 20, 2016 (New Photos Added June 28, 2016)

When I first moved to Florida from Northern New Jersey almost 14 years ago, I immediately made new connections in the thriving LGBTQ community here. I’ve also made new friends in the adult industry in Florida which is growing in leaps and bounds. I’m always excited to meet locals and I learned about TS Kiersten Bunnz via social media which led me to her insanely arousing webcam broadcasts on Chaturbate. Kiersten is soon to make her major studio debut and I want all my friends to know about her before her first scene goes online. I hope you’ll enjoy my interview with Kiersten Bunnz @tskierstenbunnz on Twitter and LIVE on

Chaturbate room=tskierstenbunnz

Caramel: I love what you’re doing in your webcam broadcasts and your fans obviously do, too. Please remind me of how long your shows run on average and tell us how many times you perform during the week.

Kiersten: My shows run from 6-8 hours, 3-5 days a week on Chaturbate.

Caramel: Do you ever get nervous before broadcasting and what’s the most fun part about it (aside from the tips)?

Kiersten: At the beginning when I first started I was very nervous. Now I am at the point that I get a thrill doing it with the fact other people are watching me and fantasizing about me. Plus, I have met some really down to earth people while camming.

Caramel: How has broadcasting live on Chaturbate helped you on a personal level?

Kiersten: It has taken away all shame and embarrassment and help me blossom into my true self.

Caramel: That’s wonderful! There are so many cool things on your Amazon Wishlist  including some items that I want for myself including clothing and toys. You also have some photo equipment listed. What are you in need of the most?

Kiersten: Bondage accessories, whips, paddles, cuffs, restraints, ball gags, and more dildo’s.

Caramel: Me too ha ha! I understand that you’re major studio debut will be on Femout.XXX. Congratulations on that news!  Who will you be photographed by, Jack Flash in South Florida?

Kiersten: Yes! I am very excited about this. I will be shooting for Femout.XXX with Jack Flash!

Caramel: On your Twitter profile, I read the terribly upsetting news of your lock down in Sanford, Florida. Can you explain what happened?

Kiersten: Basically being Transgender and in Seminole County Jail, I felt safer requesting Protective Custody Isolation and spent 107 days in Solitary Confinement. I had some alright C.O’s who treated me well, but I had others who looked at me like I was a (Stain on Society). I was given cold showers twice a week, denied haircuts because I refused to cut them to their standards, and forgotten about when it came to them taking me out to the little box of a recreational yard. Also, they housed me to Admin with the high profile cases like Child Pornographers and Murderers.

Caramel: Good Lord. I’m so sorry that happened to you. Where were you born and raised, Kiersten?

Kiersten: Born in Lumberton, North Carolina and raised in Seminole County Florida.

Caramel: How hard a decision was it to tell your family and friends you wanted to live a trans life?

Kiersten: I came out full force. I posted pictures of me on Facebook so everyone could see, then I walked into my mom’s house for Thanksgiving dinner and I was dressed to the T , looked at all my family and said the queer is here. That was my coming out to everyone all at once.

Caramel: Well that’s about as subtle as a Mack truck. I’m getting a strong visual of your family sitting there with their mouths hanging open even though I haven’t met them. Does your family know about your adult industry career? If so, how do they feel about it?

Kiersten: They know. They do not approve of it, but what can they do? This is my life. I’m living not theirs and I am doing what makes me happy!

Caramel: I get the sneaky suspicion they weren’t paying your bills. More power to you. Do you have any children?

Kiersten: Yes I have 2 children, a 10 year old son and 7 year old daughter.

Caramel: That must be sweet. When did your ambitions of having an adult industry career begin to develop?

Kiersten: Honestly. About 5 years ago. 2 years before coming out.

Caramel: How old were you when you realized that something different was going on with you in terms of gender?

Kiersten: 15 years old, but I hid it very well.

Caramel: Who was the very first person you developed a crush on and/or lusted after?

Kiersten: Oh my, well let’s see here. I would have to say a girl named Farrah who was a girlfriend in high school. She was my first real crush. I had been with girls before her in middle school, but that was experimenting, I really loved Farrah and adored her and still do, but we do not talk anymore.

Caramel: I always wonder about how past relationships with people would change if they saw me now. We probably wouldn’t talk either. How old were you when you began to discover your sexuality?

Kiersten: 11 years old.

Caramel: How old were you when you first began dressing in girl’s clothing and when did you first go out en femme?

Kiersten: I’d say 18. I went through my live-in girlfriend’s clothes while she was working and put on some outfits and did my make up. I first went out femme 3 years ago.

Caramel: How have you dealt with rude and narrow minded people growing up?

Kiersten: I got into fights. I was a bad kid and overcompensated to try and feel manlier because I felt like a woman on the inside. So I was just a little shit growing up and tried to be tough.

Caramel: When did you first view porn?

Kiersten: Around 14 years old, I mean I had found my dad’s magazines but the videos on the Internet was where I mostly ventured.

Caramel: Are you into the BDSM lifestyle? Do you have any particular fetishes?

Kiersten: I LOVE BDSM. I also like cum play, anal play, oral play, cock ‘n ball torture, wax play, brutal spanks and I also like water sports.

Caramel: After friending you on Facebook, I wondered if you were on FetLife. I searched your name and found your profile there at User: 5822681. We have a lot of common interests (obviously). What sort of porn turns you on the most?

Kiersten: Cum in Mouth Compilations with Females and TransWomen.

Photos by TS Caramel

Caramel: Goodness gracious! What’s the last thing someone has done to you that unexpectedly drove you half out of your mind sexually?

Kiersten: Beat me, spanked me and then masturbated afterwards. That was sooo hot!

Caramel: Do you have a favourite sexual position?

Kiersten: I love them all, but prefer doggy style while they look back at me, because I am more of a top than anything.

Caramel: There’s a shortage of top trans girls in this part of the Sunshine State. I’m sure you know all about that. What sort of music do you listen to mostly and are you a big gamer?

Kiersten: I used to game a lot, but not so much anymore and my music taste is very broad. I listen to everything, but prefer Hard Rock.

Caramel: Do you have any favorite shows, movies or books?

Kiersten: I’m a nerd. I’m watching DragonBall Super right now and finishing up the Naruto Manga. I like Anime and serial killer documentaries as well as stuff about aliens and government conspiracies. I prefer horror and gore movies, and when it comes to books, I like to read BlackOps Books, War Stories, Fantasy, Murder Mystery, and Erotica!

Caramel: Who else would you love to do porn scene with in the future?

Kiersten: Foxxy, Delia DeLions, Trixxy Von Tease, Morena Black, Chelsea Marie, Isabella Sorrenti, Christian XXX.

Photos by TS Caramel with Kiersten and @tsMorenaBlack on Twitter

Caramel: Now that you’re both a cam girl and about to add official adult industry actress to your resume, what’s next on your plate professionally?

Photo by TS Caramel with Kiersten and @tsMorenaBlack on Twitter

Kiersten: Maybe go back to school for Computer/Information Technology and finish my degree. Help build my own website and if I can, in time have my own Cam Studio that models can come and work from: Males / Females / Couples / Trans, a safe place for them to not be judged by anyone while they do what they love and make a living.

Kiersten with

Caramel: Are you willing and able to travel for work?

Kiersten: For the most part yeah, when I can afford the travel.

Caramel: There’s a raging debate about transwomen being sexualized circulating heavily in social media. What is your response to opinions and assumptions about transwomen in porn?

Photos by TS Caramel with Kiersten and @tsMorenaBlack on Twitter

Kiersten: People look at porn as degrading. I look to it as invigorating. I have that don’t knock it ’till you try it attitude, but It’s not for everyone. Haters gonna hate.

Caramel: Even some who hate can’t seem to help watch trans women and masturbate.

I’m looking forward to seeing Kiersten’s official studio debut on Femout.XXX .

and I hope this interview drives more viewers to her Chaturbate broadcasts on tskierstenbunnz and I also hope people are generous with support for Kiersten’s gofundme project.