Caramel’s Interview with Kerri LaBouche

Twitter: @KLabouche

September 18, 2018

21 year old Kerri LaBouche started out producing adult content on ManyVids ( in June/July of 2018 and then shot with producer Ellis for Grooby Productions. She’s since been on T.Porn and on Femout.XXX.

Caramel’s Review of Kerri’s Femout.XXX Debut

Caramel: You currently reside in Northern New Jersey. Where are you originally from?

Kerri: I am originally from the Bronx in NYC.

Caramel: Cool. I’ve had some great times there. I’m from Northern New Jersey originally, but I haven’t experienced trans life there in quite awhile. I’ve been a Florida resident for over 15 years. On a scale from 1 to 10, how would you rate your area in terms of trans acceptance?

Kerri: Mmmmmmmm. Hard to say about Northern Jerseys’ stance on trans rights…but I’m gonna say maybe 6 or 7.

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Caramel: What’s your ethnic background?

Kerri: I’m mixed. I’m half black and part white and part Puerto Rican.

Caramel: When did you first realize you might be trans?

Kerri: Well, that’s tough to say. I first heard of the term when I was first in school where I had the pleasure of speaking to someone who was trans. Eventually on December 07 of 2016, I came out as trans.

Caramel: When did you first realize you could most likely become an adult performer and make a living at it?

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Kerri: I had actually considered becoming an adult performer when I was first in school, but that was when I was in the closet. The decision to become a sex worker took me three years, observing some of my favorite adult performers such as Natalie Mars and Lianna Lawson. But what really pushed me forward was just my want to be independent and be my own person. Plus, I had just about enough of being told I needed to go to school to be successful, so I’m going to prove that I don’t.

Caramel: Do you have a main porn role model that you study closely in terms of performance?

Kerri: Oh yes! Natalie Mars being my biggest role model. She’s the reason I even considered going into sex work. Plus she’s got a ass like a black hole and I’d love to a scene or two with her. If I go far in the industry, some of my money will probably go towards purchasing a lot of her content.

Caramel: What was your first sexual experience like?

Kerri: Like a lot of peoples’ first experiences, it was not great.

Caramel: Do you think that once you get further in your adult industry career, will it be difficult to be in relationships with people outside of porn?

Kerri: I don’t think it’ll be too difficult to do create relationships with others. Yes, I know some people have qualms about the industry and to some folks it can be an isolating profession, but I’d still be able to talk and form bonds with other folks.

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Caramel: I understand that you’re polyamourous. Does that sometimes come in conflict with monogamous people you date?

Kerri: At one point it did. Eventually it led to me breaking up with him because I couldn’t be with anyone else while I was with him.

Caramel: You like rough sex and you’re a switch with a slight leaning toward submissive I understand. Are you on any kinkster social sites like FetLife?

Kerri: Yes, I am on My username is KerriLaBouche.

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Caramel: Are you into pet play or cosplay?

Kerri: Ohhhhhh yes! I am hella into cosplay and ESPECIALLY Pet Play. I wanna be a cute doms’ kitten.

Caramel: – Are you big into sex toys?

Kerri: Oh, most definitely. In fact, I’m about to get my first Bad Dragon toy. Always looking to go bigger and better with my toys.

Caramel: Speaking of bigger and better, not necessarily in that order, you’re hung. Someone you worked with in the industry mentioned it and you seem to have been surprised that they think you have such a big dick. Have you ever been with anyone intimidated by its size?

Kerri: So far no one has been intimidated by my dick…..but that could change.

Caramel: You’ve done both major studio porn and independent film. Do you ever consider doing live webcam shows?

Kerri: – Well, I have done one short one already, however to do anymore I’d need to get my own place. (Please spread the word so I can move out and give you all magnificent cam shows).

Caramel: Do you watch a lot of porn? What are your favorite genres?

Kerri: – Hentai, Gangbang, Rough Sex, Big Tits, Hardcore, Oral, Anal, Tit Fucking, Pet Play, and Fetish Porn are my favorites.

Caramel: One of the first times I’ve seen you in action was on Femout.XXX. I said to myself, “Oh, this is wonderful – a seemingly mixed race goth chick in porn.” Please describe your inspiration behind your style of dress for that shoot and your everyday life fashion.

Kerri: Usually my outfit style changes depending on the situation im in. Usually when I try to get into a dommy mood I usually wear anything black or gives off a Gothic vibe. Other times I dress pretty casual or overtly cute (because I friggin’ love being cute!)

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Caramel: Do you do anything to support yourself outside of adult entertainment during slow periods?

Kerri: At the moment, no. It’s difficult to find a job in this economy, and it’s a bit upsetting that I’m not making any money. I try to keep my eye out for anything that may become available while I wait for sales to pick up.

Caramel: Tell me something about how you found out that Planned Parenthood helps trans people?

Kerri: My therapist when I was living in NYC told me about Planned Parenthood and how they offer gender affirming hormone therapy without the need for a therapists’ note. I was ecstatic.

Caramel: Understandably! I never knew that. How long have you been on hormones?

Kerri: Since 20. I’ve been on hormones for over a year now.

Caramel: Let me ask you a question about your high-pitched voice. Did you have any sort of intense voice training?

Kerri: I’ve had four years of choir practice that helped me master controlling my voice.

Caramel: – What sort of music do you listen to?

Kerri: Whatever invokes overwhelming emotion in me. Linkin Park, Coldplay, Maroon 5, any score in any well done video game (Final Fantasy XV, Kingdom Hearts, Devil May Cry…).

Caramel: iPhone or android?

Kerri: Android, I hate Apple products with a burning passion.

Caramel: Are you a gamer?

Kerri: I’ve been a gamer since I was 3 and picked up a Nintendo 64 controller so I could play Legend Of Zelda.

Caramel: Do you have any favorite books or movies?

Kerri: The Dark Tower Series, Bleach and Monster Musume Manga (the latter being a pervy one…..which is good) As for films… current favorite is Doctor Strange and Coco.

Caramel: Do you have any favorite TV shows?

Kerri: Law and Order: SVU.

Caramel: Funny, that’s one of the two I like including Blue Bloods. What are some of your hobbies?

Kerri: Gaming. Anything having to do with being lewd. Singing. I may even start making shirt designs and I may trying to learn how to draw.

Caramel: I understand that you’re into the supernatural and before we proceed, I must credit a Podcast with producer Zo Snow (@zo_studios on Twitter) who indirectly helped me to develop some of my questions for you. How deeply into the supernatural would you say you are?

Kerri: I’m into the supernatural to the point where I believe after death we are reborn to perfect our souls so that we may later rejoin the Mother Goddess and Father God in the astral plane of existence. They in turn are part of everything around us and grant us our ability to use magic in spells and rituals to honor the goddess and god and to help nature all around us.

Caramel: Do you think you’ll ever want to have kids?

Kerri: Hahahahah……….No. I don’t Ever….EVER want kids.

Caramel: Lol. You lived in Florida for three months. How did you like the Sunshine State? As a Floridian, I had to ask.

Kerri: Florida was warm and sunny and I loved it. Although I think I’d settle on living in California. My dad’s trying to get me to go back, but I wanna stay in the industry and grow here for now.

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Caramel: What’s up next from Kerri LaBouche that you can talk about?

Kerri: Well, right now i’m always looking to grow as an adult performer. I would like to perform in a couple clubs. I might start camming, but again that’ll have to wait till I can get my own place. Really, my main focus is working with clip sites and major porn sites. Escorting doesn’t seem like something i’d do though. I have a dirty texting option on my ManyVids profile.

Kerri LaBouche is going to be at EXXXOTICA 2018 in Edison NJ this year. Please follow her links:

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