Caramel’s Interview with Keelin Nyx

April 5, 2015

Twitter: @keelin_nyx

I came into contact with beautiful Keelin Nyx through the multi-talented and gorgeous adult model/producer Mayumi Sparkles @TSMayumiSays on Twitter. I had the pleasure of interviewing Mayumi in Issue #95 of Transformation Magazine, so I’m always up on her latest projects. As soon as Mayumi launched, the first trans website in 4K, I subscribed and asked her about one of her co-stars in the blazing hot scene, “Keelin and Mayumi Play a Game.” Keelin was the only one I hadn’t seen in an actual professional adult website performance before. This was her official debut and she was incredible. Keelin is a natural in front of the camera and after Mayumi put me in touch with Keelin, I was immediately impressed by her sweet, down-to-earth disposition. I hope you’ll enjoy our interview.

Chaturbate: room=keelinnyx

Caramel: I think that what I’ve seen you doing magnificently on Chaturbate in room=keelinnyx prepared you so well for your first pro-studio performance on Not only had I seen your magnificent live solo broadcasts on Chaturbate, I’ve seen a couples shows with you and a hot genetic girl. I didn’t catch the whole show as it was already in progress when I logged in, but she made you hard and wet with pre-cum in your panties and the two of you looked so sexy together. She went off-camera for a bit and you withdrew your hardon from your microfiber panties and… I estimate that your solo and duo shows average at least an hour long. How many times do you usually broadcast per day?

Keelin: Actually, most of my broadcasts last an average of two and a half hours. How many times I broadcast per day depends on the day really.. Friday and Saturday I typically try to broadcast at least three times each so that I can hangout with folks from all over the world. I’ve met some really awesome people this way.

Caramel: Sometimes you can learn a lot about things through what they want. On your Amazon Wish List, I noticed one of the items you’re hoping to get is a HD camcorder. Will you use it to produce your own studio porn someday?

Keelin: While yes, it is a camcorder, I was looking to be able to broadcast at a higher quality and framerate (nearing 60fps at 1080p). Since my current camera is limited to a much lower quality and framerate which is a limitation of the technology webcams are built on. However, producing my own content somewhere down the line wouldn’t be outside the realm of possibilities.

Caramel: I also saw a keyboard on your wish list. Do you play piano, too?

Keelin: Haha, I don’t play the piano well, but I’m in the process of learning. The keyboard would be to help out with one of my personal hobbies of producing electronic music (I’m not that good, but hey.. that’s why you practice). I don’t have a midi controller at the moment so, delving into that hobby is a little difficult without one.


Caramel: When you first started doing webcam broadcasts, you’d just started transitioning. You took a break and you’ve enjoyed great success on Chaturbate since in September, 2015. What made you a stronger performer when you returned to broadcasting?

Keelin: That is true. When I returned to broadcasting, I was much more confident in my appearance and I was armed with a much more free loving attitude and a thick skin (I’m rarely offended).

Caramel: You never look nervous during your Chaturbate broadcasts, nor did you seem to have the jitters in your website debut. Do you ever get stage fright?

Keelin: The honest truth is that I get nervous before every broadcast. Stage fright is something that I experience all the way up until I click the “start broadcast” button. The butterflies tend to quell after I give my first hello though. Which is weird, because I’m used to being in front of the camera and in front of crowds while being quite risque (I used to be fairly active in the local kink community). My debut with Mayumi was much easier, everything felt natural and I was completely comfortable.

Caramel: I think that aside from the way you look, the biggest thing that stands out about you to me is the way you smile and interact with your viewers. You’re very personable and give your fans an equal amount of attention. But there’s a downside I know of regarded as trolls. Do you have friends who help moderate your broadcasts?

Keelin: Awe, thank you! *blushes* .. I actually get help with moderating from a few of my fans who chose to step up to the task. They are all very wonderful people, each and every one of them are full of sincerity.

Caramel: How has modeling and broadcasting helped you on a personal level?

Keelin: It has helped me become more confident in my daily life. I also feel like its much easier to make more honest and sincere connections with new people, as well as rekindle old flames. I feel more in touch with myself now than I have in a long time.

Caramel: That’s great. Where were you born and raised?

Keelin: Detroit, Michigan!!!

Caramel: How hard a decision was it to tell your family and friends you were going to live a trans life?

Keelin: Extremely difficult. To make a long story short, I lost everything and everyone that I cherished because of it (with exception to my little brother and sister).

Caramel: I’m sorry to hear that, Keelin. I’m glad your siblings are hanging in there. Does your family know about your adult industry career? If so, how do your siblings in particular they feel about it?

Keelin: My brother and sister do, and they’re fully supportive of me. I honestly have no idea (nor do I care) how the rest of my family would respond to this new found knowledge.

Caramel: When did your ambitions of having an adult industry career begin to develop?

Keelin: I’m not really sure to be honest. I used to be active in the local kink community and I always toyed with the idea. Once I started broadcasting again and started becoming more popular, my ambitions really began to form. Now, its all I can really think about, it really is so much fun.

Caramel: I’m so anxious to hear more about your involvement in the kink community. But next, how old were you when you realized that something different was going on with you in terms of gender?

Keelin: That is a very difficult question actually. Only because I raised in a very intense Southern Baptist household. But I would probably say sometime around 7 or 8 years old (?).

Caramel: Who was the very first person you developed a crush on and/or lusted after?

Keelin: This might be a little corny or cliché, but.. Her and I live together these days. It was back in high school, near the end of my sophomore year. Her and I dated briefly for about 3 weeks (typical high school relationship)! When we broke up, we remained pretty good friends. Then after almost 7 years, we got back together (about 3-4 months into my transition) and have been inseparable since.

Caramel: That’s not corny or cliché to me. It’s beautiful. How old were you when you began to discover your sexuality?

Keelin: Well, that probably didn’t happen until after I graduated high school and moved out on my own for the first time. I was able to explore who I was without the judgement of my family or friends. It was difficult coming to terms with myself. Due to my upbringing, I felt brainwashed into thinking that being attracted to anyone that wasn’t a Cis-Female was wrong.

Caramel: I know the feeling, girl. When did you first begin to identify as polyamorous and what led to this discovery about yourself?

Keelin: I began identifying as polyamorous when I was 21 after I fell in love with two different people while in a long term monogamous relationship. I still loved my long term partner, but I also wanted to explore my feelings with the other two individuals. This didn’t necessarily mean anything sexual, but mostly emotionally intimate thoughts and feelings. I was genuinely in love with these people, that’s when I realized I wasn’t a monogamous person. I also feel strong sense of compassion (where most would be jealous) seeing my partners in love with another, and seeing that love being reciprocated brings me an immense amount of joy.

Caramel: How old were you when you first began dressing as a genetic girl and when did you first go out en femme?

Keelin: I never really experimented with dressing. I went out on Halloween once to a local club in drag, but that was the only time I ever wore women’s clothing prior to transitioning.

Caramel: How have you dealt with rude and narrow-minded people growing up?

Keelin: When I was younger, I was much more abrasive and felt that I could somehow change their minds through discourse and reason… I have since learned that the best way to reason with narrow minded individuals is to live your own life as genuine and honest as possible. Give them an alternative frame of reference, that you are not a cliche or a stereotype and that you don’t fit into their definition of what they think you are.

Caramel: When did you first view porn?

Keelin: Haha, well, when I was 7 or 8 years old a friend of mine and I discovered his older brother’s VHS collection… need I say more?

Caramel: Nope! Not yet, at least ha ha. Your scene with Mayumi Sparkles on her website is absolutely incredible. For those who for some unfathomable reason haven’t subscribed yet, the 4K video begins with you and Mayumi bored with games and you come up with a new one. It starts with kissing on the sofa. You’re the aggressor in this scene and when Mayumi sinks to her knees and exposes your panties, you already have a great big raging erection. So I don’t have to ask how much fun you had, especially since you ended up fucking her like crazy. How did you and Mayumi get together in the first place? Did you connect online?

Keelin: Mayumi and I originally met online in an IRC channel. It was probably a year before I started my transition now that I think of it. But we have been friends for many years now.

Caramel: Do you think that Mayumi expected you to fuck her so powerfully and for so long?

Keelin: I honestly have no idea. But from what I could gather, I don’t think she did. Overall, she seemed to be satisfied with the end result!

Caramel: I think that everyone will be satisfied with the end result! Finally about kink. You’re into BDSM (yay!) Do you have any particular fetishes?

Keelin: Oh dear God yes. I have a laundry list of fetishes that could be potentially triggering to some folks, so I’ll list some of the more tame ones. I’m into rope play (both giving and receiving), Anything involving electricity, biting, blindfolds, bondage of numerous varieties, orgies, creampies, etc.

Caramel: Oh my goodness! 🙂 What sort of porn turns you on the most and are you also into Anime, Manga, Yaoui, etc.?

Keelin: My go to porn is watching creampie, gangbangs. However, I do have a very sore spot for most things Hentai.

Caramel: What’s the last thing someone has done to you that unexpectedly drove you half out of your mind sexually?

Keelin: This might sound weird, but one of my partners nibbled on my perineum.. it was amazing!

Caramel: Not to me. That’s such a sensitive area. I don’t think most people know just how sensitive it can be. But I digress. Do you have a favourite sexual position?

Keelin: Whether I’m on top or bottom, I love when the bottom is on their side with their upper leg bent and lower one straight. The top individual straddles the bottom leg and penetrates the bottom. Does this position have a name?

Caramel: Give me enough time and if there isn’t one, I’ll come up with one. But moving in a different direction, what’s the most romantic thing anyone has ever done for you and do you consider yourself a romantic?

Keelin: The most romantic thing that anyone has ever done… I was surprised with an impromptu weekend long camping trip. I unfortunately am a terrible romantic.

Caramel: What sort of music do you listen to mostly and are you a big gamer?

Keelin: I enjoy listening to mostly Electronic Music and Classical or a cross of the two. I’m not a big fan of lyric heavy music since it feels too distracting. That statement aside, allow me to contradict myself by saying that over this past week, I’ve been binging on Ken Ashcorp and Steam Powered Giraffe. I like to consider myself a hardcore gamer more than anything. While I don’t have any of the latest consoles, or a computer powerful enough to play any of the new stuff, I enjoy challenges. Once upon a time, I held record speed runs for certain maps when Mirror’s Edge first released. I’m currently on NG+++++ of Dark Souls (haven’t played the second one). I’m proud to admit that I only died once while playing through Bioshock Infinite’s 1999 mode.

Caramel: Do you have any favorite shows, movies or books?

Keelin: Some of my more favorite shows? I love Supernatural, Lost Girl, Legend of Korra, and most things DC comics related.

Caramel: How did you get to know so much about cars?
Keelin: I learned about cars by working on them with my grandfather from a young age. We grew up fairly poor and if something needed repair, we did it ourselves because we couldn’t afford to take anything to a mechanic. So we always had car manuals laying around. I learned to rebuild my first engine when I was 11 years old. When I was 18 I started my own project car with the help of my uncle. I turned a meek little ’93 Saturn into quite the sleeper (11.1s quarter mile). It was a lot of fun. I also learned how to weld along the way.
Caramel: Back to work-related stuff, who else would you love to do porn scene with in the future?

Keelin: Oh God, I don’t even know where to start on that one. I enjoy meeting new people and exploring new opportunities. It would be awesome to work with anyone that I have chemistry with.

Caramel: Now that you’re both a cam girl and a official adult actor, what’s next on your plate professionally?

Keelin: I honestly don’t know yet. I feel like I’m a small fish in an ocean of talent right now, but I feel like I could work as a technology consultant and coach within the adult industry if there is a need. But as of right now, I would love to further my porn career.

Caramel: Are you willing and able to travel for work?

Keelin: Yes and Yes!

Caramel: There’s a raging debate about transwomen being sexualized circulating heavily in social media. What is your response to opinions and assumptions about transwomen in porn?

Keelin: This is a very controversial subject and obviously putting myself in a position to be sexualized may make me a little biased. I believe that there can be a problem with certain fetishes objectifying the subject in any type of fantasy. That said regardless of gender identity everyone has the right to feel pride in their sexuality, putting themselves out there and showing the world that we are beautiful and sexy and human. The great thing about camming is it’s hard to look at me as just my gender. I’m able to talk to these people and they really know the real me.

Twitter: @keelin_nyx

Follow Keelin @keelin_nyx on Twitter, room=keelinnyx on Chaturbate, 5700067 on FetLife and check out her Amazon Wish List under Keelin Nyx.

Thank you so much for reading.

Chaturbate: room=keelinnyx