Caramel’s Interview With Jaime Royale

July 2, 2019

Twitter: @jaime_royale Photo by Radius Dark

Caramel: Thank you for doing this interview with me, Jaime. Were you born and raised in Oregon?

Jaime: Thank you for having me, Caramel! Yes, I was born in Portland, Oregon and have lived here all my life. It’s really a beautiful place to be, only an hour and a half away from the beach, Mt. Hood and everything in between. I also attended and graduated from Portland State University in 2013 and currently live in downtown Portland.

Caramel: I think you were definitely in the right time and place to have your GroobyGirls debut and encore shoots presented by one of their best producers, Radius Dark. What was shooting day like? Were you at all nervous?

Jaime: I was excited and nervous, for sure! I never in a million years thought I would try doing porn, but it ended up being more fun than I ever imagined. I wasn’t sure what to expect at first, but Radius Dark made me feel very comfortable during the entire shoot. I have nothing but good things to say about him! He was extremely professional, fun to talk to and easy to work with. I left feeling confident about myself and eager to do it again!

Caramel: I couldn’t detect a bit of nervousness. The biography on your GroobyGirls profile reads: “She’s a five foot ten inch tall bottom who loves to be dominated! Jaime likes to go on road trips and meet random guys to hook up with. She loves the tall, muscular type. All types are great though! She’s got that round butt with an extra layer of fat, so you know she can take a pounding! For fun, she likes to go on hikes around the waterfront and watch nature.” Let me dig into this a bit. Who do you go on these kinds of road trips with? A bunch of girlfriends? Just one?

Jaime: There’s no way I wasn’t nervous! But I figured if I was going to be on camera, I should give it my best first shot. I quickly realized the most important thing was to relax and talk about my own kinks, one of them definitely being domination.

Twitter: @jamie_royale

Jaime: I’m blessed to be able to say that I have an amazing girlfriend to spend my road trips with. Whether it’s a spontaneous midnight drive to the ocean to sleep on the beach, or gazing at the stars through the moon roof of our car while we camp by the mountain, she makes it easy to make memories that’ll last forever.

Caramel: That’s beautiful. When asked about your taste in men, I understand you replied that you like tall, muscular guys. Do you have a type?

Jaime: I consider myself to be bisexual. I’ve dated women and men, but I’ve definitely drifted towards men since I started my transition. Any middle-aged guy with a salt and pepper beard, a sexy body and a personality to match, and, oh, you don’t mind me drinking all of your expensive wine? Those are the types of guys I’m completely enamored by. There’s nothing better than the contrast of a rough, strong body and the softness of Boll and Branch sheets up against your skin on a drunken night, and I say that based on personal experience!

Caramel: Great taste in bedding! Some people, like myself, need a model to talk dirty through solo performance to get off. One of the things you moaned in your GroobyGirls debut was, ““I wanna take all your cum,” she just said. “Shoot it deep inside me. Get me pregnant, baby.” I found your dialogue to be such an additional turn on. How did you find out that your naughty talk was so damn sexy?

Jaime: It was actually pretty simple. Once I stopped trying to make stuff up and just say exactly what I feel during sex, the dirty talk came easy. I love the thrill of giving up control of my body during sex, and knowing that I’m making the owner of the massive dick inside me feel that good makes it a beautiful experience for me.

Caramel: What was it that led you to the adult industry in the first place?

Jaime: I’ve always liked trying new things. For me, realizing I was transgender, I wanted to do something that in some way might be able to reaffirm my evolving identity and perhaps even help me discover something new about myself. I think life is about trying and sharing new experiences, and that’s definitely what porn is about for me.

Caramel: Did you have any mentors to show you the ropes? Or did you have any inspirations such as other performers already established in the adult industry?

Jaime: I didn’t have any mentors, but I was very much inspired by the backgrounds of many girls in the industry. Every person has a unique story to tell and a unique set of challenges that they had to overcome to be where they are today. It’s great to see that porn was a positive part of that journey, and I hope I can have the same takeaway as well.

Twitter: @jaime_royale

Caramel: What sort of porn turns you on the most?

Jaime: I’ll give almost any type of porn a shot. But generally, what turns me on the most is erotic stories about dominance and submission from a psychological point of view, both consensual and non consensual.

Caramel: Fantastic! So, what was it like growing up for you in the Portland area?

Jaime: All I can say is that the Pacific Northwest has got it all! From the environment to the culture, it’s a great place to grow up around a wide variety of backgrounds, lifestyles and philosophies. Plus we don’t have to pump our own gas!

Caramel: When did you first begin to realize that you might be trans?

Jaime: The first experience I can remember that I would now think of as “gender non-conforming” would be stealing clothes from my moms closet to try out. I was probably 10 or 11 at that time. I had no idea what being transgender was, but I knew I did like the feeling. Throughout my teens, the feeling continued to nag at me, but I immersed myself in school and didn’t really take the time to explore how I felt until after I finished college. I then made the decision to start self-medicating when I was 22 and begin my medical transition.

Caramel: How did your friends and family take it when you told them about your plans to transition. Were and/or are they accepting?

Jaime: So they actually found out by accident! I was raised in a conservative, Romanian Pentecostal family. Many of my family members are involved in the local church, and my parents in particular were completely devastated. It’s caused a lot of anguish, but I still love them to death. I hope it’s something that will get better over time.

Caramel: You’ve had an orchiectomy. Can you describe its purpose to our readers and what it was like to undergo the procedure?

Jaime: An orchiectomy is essentially the surgical removal of one or both of the testes. The purpose of an orchiectomy for transgender male to female individuals is to stop the body’s production of testosterone, thereby erasing the need to take androgen blockers. I believe taking the least amount of medications possible is generally a good idea, so an orchiectomy accomplished that for me. I can also rest easy that I’ll never have to deal with testosterone again. In my opinion my genitals look more aesthetically pleasing this way too!

Caramel: Awesome explanation. Do you think you’ll ever undergo sex reassignment surgery someday?

Jaime: To be completely honest, I’m not sure. I’m pretty happy now that I’ve had an orchiectomy. My plan is to be on hormones for another year or two and then invest in voice surgery or a nose job.

Caramel: You’re kind of young for me to talk about having a bucket list, but was porn something you just wanted to try out, or do you plan to continue taking it seriously as a profession? Because I think the sky is the limit for your adult industry career as long as you keep at it.

Jaime: Going into my first shoot, I had no idea what to expect and didn’t know if I’d like it. But now that I’ve had my first taste of how fun it is, I definitely want to see how far I can take it! I think it’ll be a good way to meet interesting people and hopefully I can use my career to help fund my transition. I want to make the most of it and I’m eager take the next step!

Caramel: What can people expect to see when they follow you on your SextPanther (

Jaime: I love meeting new people and indulging in their kinks. They can expect to get everything from a fun conversation to custom photos and videos to satisfy all of their dirty desires.

Caramel: Can you tell us anything about the special someone you’re seeing?

Jaime: I live with my beautiful girlfriend in Portland. She has been an amazing foundation in terms of helping me wade through personal struggles with my family, my self-confidence, identity and transition. I am blessed to be able to lean on her own transition experience, guidance and emotional support. We’ve been through a lot, and I honestly don’t know where I’d be without her.

Caramel: I’m so happy for you! What can we expect to see from you next?

Jaime: Stay tuned for more great porn!

Twitter: @jaime_royale

Thank you for reading my interview with Jaime Royale. I’ve reviewed her GroobyGirls debut and encore performances superbly shot by @RadiusDark if care to read them.

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