Caramel’s Interview With Eva Lin

March 16, 2021

Back in April of 2012, I was heavily blogging about the pre-op trans website SMC Productions delivered a powerhouse launch Eva’s legendary website and my reviews of those scenes saw record-high hits on the solo and hardcore scenes. Eva’s content combined glamour photography and film with BDSM and fetish in ways I’d never knew were possible. The hauntingly beautiful Eva reached out to her fans through her SRS transition just as she had with her MTF transition years earlier. She’s not the type of porn star who sits in her ivory tower distancing herself from her fans while enjoying her success. Eva has a remarkable way of making you feel like you’re the only one she’s talking to when chatting. Also, the Eva Lin I wrote about eight years ago is the same girl I knew then. This is the first opportunity I’ve had to share what I know about her with you! I’m so excited to present my interview With Eva Lin!

Caramel: Thank you for doing this interview with me, Eva. I was thrilled when we bumped into each other on Twitter. You know I’ve been a major fan of yours for years. Please set the record straight on the pronunciation of your name first for us. Is it pronounced ‘Ay-vah’ or ‘E-vah’?

Eva: That’s surprisingly one of the most asked questions I get hehe. It’s ‘Ay-vah’.

Caramel: Some of the first shoots I’d ever seen of you featured BDSM content. It wasn’t until years later, going through my own journey as a kinkster, that I realized it was the real thing. Were you already pretty advanced in Domination/submission and BDSM practices when you did those legendary shoots?

Eva: I’ve gotten asked that a lot. I wouldn’t say I was experienced in BDSM before those shoots, but it was something that just came naturally to me. I think a good talent to have as a performer is the ability to adapt.

Caramel: Was your first adult industry shoot with Buddy Wood in around 2011 for (Eva Lin on Grooby Girls)?

Eva: Yes, it was. My very first.

Caramel: Was Yasmin Lee, the major trans porn star who acquired mainstream fame with her performance as Kimmy in the 2011 film The Hangover II , one of your mentors? Did you meet her while dancing at Divas, the trans nightclub in San Francisco, California? Or was it when you filmed on (Eva Lin on Kink)?

Eva: I first met Yasmin in Divas. She was definitely a mentor and helped me a lot during that time. She was also a great friend.

Caramel: You won “Transsexual Performer of the Year” at the 2013 XBIZ Awards, “Best Transsexual Performer of the Year” at the 2014 AVN Awards as well as “Best New Face”, “Best Hardcore Performer” and “Best Scene” at the 2011 TEAs. Does it feel surreal to you that today’s award ceremonies must be attended online because of COVID-19?

Eva: I would say the fact that it feels normal now is most surreal part of it. I’m looking forward to next year when ceremonies will be in person and hopefully be there and enjoy it.

Caramel: In March 2014, you became the first exclusive contract performer for (Eva Lin on Trans500), a studio created by director Josh Stone. How was that experience for you, including picking up your diamond bracelet for your AVN “Best New Face” award?

Eva: It was an incredible experience. I was one of the first trans performers to accept the award on stage. At the time, there was stigma around trans performers so that moment really stands out to me as a highlight in my career.

Caramel: I’ve known for quite awhile that one of your biggest turn-ons was sex between a trans woman and a cis woman. When I saw that you recently did a scene with Madeline Marlowe, I just knew that had to be a killer scene. How did that shoot go into development?

Caramel: What makes a man sexy to you?

Eva: It definitely has to be a good of humor. A man could look any way, but if he can make me laugh a lot, it’s an instant attraction. Funny people are turn me for me. As for physical features, I do love dark features on a guy.

Caramel: What do you think one of the biggest misconceptions about the adult industry is?

Eva: That sex is the only thing we’re about. I LOVE sex but there’s a bit more to a performer than that.

Caramel: Are there any particular industry talents, including actors, actresses, directors, or studios, you’d like to work with?

Eva: That would be long list, but at the top of it would have to be Ava Devine. She is someone that I would love to reconnect and work with one day.

Caramel: I’m a huge Ava Devine fan so I really hope that works out. I started blogging at about the same time you entered the adult industry. Did you ever think that amateur porn would be a big deal the way it is today?

Eva: Yes and no. I’m surprised that it did, but I’ve always said that it would be the future of the business. A lot of people who watch enjoy that realness that comes from it.

Caramel: I think it’s great – just what the world needed. What, if anything, do you think is missing from today’s porn?

Eva: Nothing really. But honestly, I can’t say. The business continues to evolve in a so many ways.

Caramel: You were born in Manila, the capital city of the Philippines, I understand that your family were originally from San Pedro, a city in the Filipino province of Laguna, and you moved with your family to the U.S. at nine years old. Is that correct and what was life like in the Philippines? Do you ever get back there?

Eva: Life there in was normal in that it was a third world. It was very hard growing up there. So much poverty; no running hot water. Eating at McDonalds was considered a luxury. The last time I was back there was during High School.

Caramel: There seems to be a misconception that things for trans people are easier in the Philippines than they are in the U.S. What are your thoughts on this idea, coming from a Catholic, and very traditional, old-fashioned, conservative family?

Eva: Right now there’s a lot of sensitivity around trans issues. At times this makes it easier to communicate, but it also makes people afraid of offending someone, and prevents people from getting deeper into a conversation.

Caramel: There’s also the lack of conversation around sex for women who have had sex reassignment surgery (SRS). So let me just ask – how is it? Are you interested in being penetrated? Is it more important to focus on the nerve endings in your clit, or do you want a lot of depth? Or do you want both?

Eva: I can’t say I’m the biggest fan of being eaten out. The one, and I mean one, person to really do it right was a random hookup off of Tinder and he went at it for two hours. That sets the bar very high and no other person can seem to do it as good as him. As for being penetrated, who doesn’t love a good dicking down (laughs).

Caramel: It’s getting hot in here! Moving in a completely different directions, are you also part Irish?

Eva: On my father’s side. He’s half-Irish.

Caramel: What are your hobbies and interests?

Eva: Hiking. I don’t know if it’s considered a hobby, but I love it. It’s so refreshing and peaceful. Nothing really compares to it. I love to game on my free time or spending time relaxing with my dog.

Caramel: You have some very distinctive tattoos; large roses across your upper right arm (covering up a symbol and small stars), a vibrant blue fish surrounded by red flowers in the centre of your lower back (covering up Chinese characters), ‘Elisa’ and ‘Rosena’ script on either side of your neck, Chinese characters on your right hip, paw prints on your upper left thigh (just below your left hip) and flowers across the top of your right foot. Who are Elisa and Rosendo?

Eva: Those are the names of my Grandparents. They were the ones who raised me.

Caramel: Please tell us what sort of content we’ll get when subscribing to OnlyFans/EvaLin and who some of your co-stars are.

Eva: I’m constantly uploading new content on my OnlyFans and am doing various type from solo to custom videos exclusive to a particular fan. I also have tons of POV content documenting my sex life haha. I love trying new things and seeing how far I can go with anything I do. I’ve worked with several performers, both professional and amateur, but the ones that stand out (as well as being a blast to shoot) are Chelsea Marie and Madeline Marlowe.

Caramel: What sort of music do you listen to?

Eva: A little bit of everything, but mainly Rap, R&B, Old-School, Slow Jam and House.

Caramel: Describe yourself in five words.

Eva: Getting better every single day.

Thank you for reading my interview with Eva Lin! Follow her on Twitter at @EVALINOFFICIAL and subscribe to her on Her legendary website is and you can also find her on and on!