Caramel’s Interview with Bailey Love

April 23, 2016


Twitter: @baileylove69

Caramel: What came first, your transition or adult industry career?

Bailey: Shooting with Tia Tizzianni came first. I did not start my transition until about three months (October of 2013) after my first set with Tia.

Caramel: Were any of your fans of yours who knew you as Ananda surprised about your transition and was anyone upset about it?

Bailey: I don’t think anyone was upset or surprised for that matter. However I do remember lots of people on FetLife telling me that I should keep my cock intact.

Caramel: What led to your decision to pursue an adult entertainment career and how did the process begin?

Bailey: It started with submitting an application to Tia’s transformation website which I did because #1; I love dick and #2; I figured it would be a way to make extra money at the time and Tia seemed like a very good starting point. Since I don’t get out much, I figured I could satisfy most of my sex drive with having sex in front of a camera.

Caramel: Your early transbian scene with KittyKaiti was magnificent. In your TS/Male scenes especially, I thought that one of your greatest sexual skills is giving head. One of your earliest scenes could be used and trademarked as an instructional video for someone who’s never sucked cock before. Do you even have a gag reflex?!

Bailey: First off, thank you and secondly, I do have a gag reflex, but it’s not hard to beat once you get the cock to the back of your throat. I just start to try and swallow and once it’s in my throat, I do the same thing which is how I beat the natural urge to gag.

Caramel: I’m taking mental notes. I’ve seen you in a hardcore scene getting railed in the reverse cowgirl position with your breasts jiggling wildly and your stiff cock bouncing up and down and it looked like you were about to cum hands-free. Have you ever been so stimulated that you’ve climaxed without your cock being touched?

Bailey: Twice, but not on camera. Both times happened when I was not masturbating for about a month and I had an awesome toy at the time.

Caramel: One of the first scenes I saw you in was “MtoF Transformation & Feminization Training of Bailey Love” published on March 6, 2015. I also loved “Bailey Love Transformation & Feminization Training for Goth Event – June 4, 2015” which was about your preparation for a Gothic Event being held just off of campus. You had your eye on a guy going to the event in the theme. Was the theme based on a true story and do you primarily date guys, genetic girls, other trans girls? (Previews can be seen on the Bailey Love YouTube channel)

Bailey: No, actually my first hardcore scene was in 2013 as “Ananda the Virgin Bride”. That was the first shoot I ever did with Tia. Nope I am actually not a college student and I haven’t dated someone in about six years. As for who I date, I really don’t have a gender preference. With guys, I like a man that’s in shape for the most part, but it’s mostly about a person’s character and or the type of person they are. Pretty much all the Trans girls I’ve been with are the girls I shot with in Tia’s Transformation sessions. As for Cis ladies, I haven’t been with one in a few years, but I do love being with them. But then again I love all gender types. I love making a Cis girl moan when she cums, but I very much love to hear them giggle when I can make them laugh. It’s weird though when playing or observing “the game” because people can be so awkward about it or too forward or sometimes hit the nail right on the head in conversation. But it’s fun being able to see it from both sides of the fence.

Caramel: Some of Tia’s models are trans women and other are part-time girls. It was obvious to me that you were in transition from the first time I saw you on YouTube and when I learned about your hardcore performances on Were you nervous one the day of your first porn scene? Do you ever still get nervous before a performance?

Bailey: I was extremely nervous mostly because I was afraid I’d be ugly, but Tia was great. She’s awesome at helping you feel comfortable and sexy which in my opinion helps make the scenes look better. I don’t get nervous anymore when I shoot with Tia since we are good friends now and have a great rapport. I was however beyond nervous for my first shoot. It was easy to bat .750 with Tia, but when i stepped up to the plate for my first pro shoot, I think I kind of choked a bit.

Caramel: Did you have any particular influences who were already working when you entered the adult industry?

Bailey: No.

Caramel: Would you ever like to settle down with someone and would you want to be in a monogamous or poly relationship?

Bailey: Sure. I’m open to a relationship if or when someone comes along. As for mono or poly, I’m not quite sure. I guess it would depend on the other person. I personally think you have to have a unique emotional connection with a person to make a poly relationship with, although I’ve never been in one.

Caramel: You live in Chicago which is not exactly the mecca of trans acceptance. Do you think the fight there is getting easier or harder today with all that’s going on politically and socially?

Bailey: I think with time society as a whole will come to accept trans people, but probably not till I’m old or dead. Black people in this country have only had the right to vote now for like 60 years and there’s still lots of discrimination with them. The more trans people become successful in the vanilla world, the more we will be accepted as regular people which we are.

Caramel: Do you identify primarily as a bottom or as a switch?

Bailey: It varies I guess depending upon the sexual partner. Guys I’m totally not into topping, only catching. With Trans and Cis ladies, I’d say I’m a switch. Guess I just love to please lol.

Caramel: How do you feel about the progress of the mainstream porn world experimenting with and becoming more interested in traditional gender binary adult entertainment today? Do you think there’s been a significant breakthrough over the past few years?

Bailey: I think so. I mean trans porn is huge.

Caramel: We’re all hardwired to confirm to what our families and society expects from us, whether we break away from that or not. When did you begin to question your gender identity and how old were you when you began to make visible changes?

Bailey: It was something that I knew at a really young age, but I hid it very well during my childhood. I grew up in a Catholic family and I remember when being gay meant you were going to hell according to the Church when I was a child, so I did my best to fight who I was. It wasn’t until my 20’s after I quite being catholic that I started to just not give a fuck what TV, religion and “mainstream” society says is okay and not okay. At some point you just have to admit who you are and be that person. Like Jefferson and Adams said “Pursuit of Happiness”, well this is my pursuit of happiness and being a OIF Vet I think I’ve earned the right to be happy.

Caramel: Me too. Did your friends and family take you seriously when you first tried to explain that you were transgender? If they didn’t get it then, when did they eventually get it and realize it wasn’t just some sort of phase you were going through?

Bailey: I actually didn’t come out to my friends until like a year in. My closest friends loved me even more and gave me “props” for my courage (that’s what they said). My family I think was just good timing. My brother was supportive, but my parents were a little apprehensive at first, but they are currently going through a divorce and both of them are looking for as much love as possible. I don’t think my father still understands what transgender really is or means, but my mom loves having a daughter. I lost a few friends, but I didn’t really get mad at them as they are from a self-destructive part of my life where I always hung out with the crowd of misfits and troublemakers. So it was good to cut loose the coke heads and alcoholic loser friends I use to associate with. I lost a couple of friends, but in my opinion it’s their loss. I know I’m a great friend to have. As for family, I’m not quite sure how most of my extended family feels about it, but I’ve never really been close with them. Knowing I was suppose to be a girl at a young age coupled with the fact that I hung out with losers that treated me like shit kind of made me anti-social at a young age.

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Caramel: When did you first learn during a very lonely time that there were others going through what you were with gender dysphoria? How did you do the research and find out there was a name for it?

Bailey: Around 24. I didn’t really know what transgender really was until someone told me to check out a trans girl (one of Tia’s) called Lily DeMure. The first photo I’d seen of her, I didn’t believe she could have a cock and it amazed me to find out that one could make such a drastic change in appearance. Then when one goes higher up the list of beautiful trans women, you find girls like Bailey Jay and I was totally wowed, which is when I started to do my research to figure out how I could go about starting my own transition, which is what led me to Tia.

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Caramel: Did you ever go through purges with your transsexualism or have any problems with drugs or alcohol as a way to escape from your own feelings and impulses?

Bailey: Nope. Once I realized I could actually be a girl and didn’t have to spend my life spiteful to the fact I was in the completely wrong body (through transitioning), I made my decision and stuck to it and if anyone didn’t like it then fuck ’em. (being anti-social kinda helped with the “fuck what other people think” thing). As for drugs and or alcohol, I’ve never really had a problem with those since I’d seen how bad they can make your life. I’ve tried to only be a recreational user and never the habitual user, although I love to smoke pot just to shut my brain off. I’ve never really ever had a problem with drugs or turning to them to ease pain if anything. I try to use pain anger and hate as tools to drive me harder and faster towards my goals.

Caramel: Do you have any particular fetishes?

Bailey: Not really, but I’m all about experimenting new things with someone I trust. What’s life without excitement?

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Caramel: Right. Do you utilize CBT devices like cock and ball cages in your off-camera sex life?

Bailey: To be perfectly honest, I don’t really have an off camera sex life. I do however very much enjoy getting fucked while wearing a chastity cage as I think it helps me focus on where the pleasure of sex is coming from.

Caramel: Can you have assgasms?

Bailey: I’ve only had 1, on camera, and wow I wish I knew how I did it so I could do it again because that is one amazing feeling.

Caramel: Yep! Some porn actors use their popularity as a stepping stone to transition to producing porn. Do consider using your experience in front of the camera to working behind-the-scenes someday? Or is your focus mainly on your continuing performances and you’ll cross that bridge when you come to it?

Bailey: I would say the latter of of the two. But mostly I am into porn not for notoriety, but simply for the sex. Plus you get to meet all kinds of people in the industry which is awesome because all the people I’ve met doing porn were totes awesome to be around.

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Caramel: What do you feel is lacking in porn today in general or in trans porn?

Bailey: Not real sure since there’s pretty much anything a person could want being made today whether it’s in gay, Cis or trans porn. I think the makers are doing a great job anticipating trends. I’m also not real sure. I’m kinda poor so I can’t really buy any trans porn and if there’s one thing I think the “trans porn” industry does really well its keep their shit off the free sites. So I’m not real current on what is being made in the trans porn world. However my acquaintance River Stark who doubles as a star/photographer tells me trans porn is way ahead of the curve.

Caramel: I’m a huge River Stark fan as a model/performer and I hadn’t seen her photography until recently. She’s multi-talented. A lot of people express anger about the use of slurs in the industry that are marketing keywords. Some terms that are actually deeply embedded in the BDSM community like “sissy” for example have created widespread controversy. As a pansexual lifestyle Domme, I’m not often offended by most of the terminology. Why do you think some of these terms trigger people and should people be offended by buzz word and keywords in porn deemed as humiliating?

Bailey: Because certain people are only into being feminine because it turns them on sexually and the rest of us are this way because we’re trapped in the wrong body. I think the issue exists because of the trans feminists fighting for us to be seen as regular people have to contend with the people only doing it because it’s their fetish. In that respect, society is being sent mixed messages and the hardliners fighting against trans rights latch onto the people who only use “being a sissy” or “crossdressing” for sexual purposes as a way to diminish are claim that we are women trapped in the wrong human form. We trans people just want to live our lives and be treated with the same respect as any other woman (Mtf) or as any other man (Ftm) and I think to a lot the trans activists believe the people who are only doing it to enhance their sexual lives are a hindrance to their cause. Me personally, I don’t give a shit. People that are spending money to fight against trans rights should find a better vice with their money. We’re just people.

Caramel: Do you think that the problem today is beyond the terminology and that today’s focus should more specifically on genre inclusion into the mainstream?

Bailey: I think we could very much solve the problem if all the people fighting against trans rights would just tattoo a swastika on their foreheads lol. Then we normal people would know who to avoid.

Caramel: Do you think that trans porn will someday not be recognized as a niche and that will eventually filter into the mainstream?

Bailey: I think it already is.

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Caramel: What can trans porn actors and producers do to widen their audience and have their work exposed to even viewers of mainstream porn? How long do you think it will take until trans porn will enjoy popularity alongside straight, gay and lesbian porn? Do you think that social media platforms like Twitter help to bridge the gap and is intelligent marketing via social media exposure the #1 platform to increase the visibility, acceptance and overall enjoyment of trans porn?

Bailey: I think the two biggest platforms for going mainstream are camming and Twitter. The more people realize the beauty of a woman with a cock, the more mainstream it will become because let’s be honest, girls like Bailey Jay, Kylie Maria and Sarina Valentina are just as hot as any woman in straight or lesbian porn. The more hot trans women like them come to the spotlight, the more buyers that love cock and femininity will flock to trans porn.

Caramel: What’s the last porn scene that you saw that you were not involved in that turned you on the most?

Bailey: Actually it was a straight porn scene where a girl seduces her friend’s dad. It was hot!!!

Caramel: Was there anything on your sexual bucket list that you might not have been able to check off if you weren’t in the adult industry?

Bailey: Probably everything I’ve done so far. I’m kind of introverted, so I don’t meet too many new people and I definitely would not have ever gotten to have sex with another TG with being in porn.

Caramel: As you continue to perform, would you consider doing with a high level of BDSM and/or fetish content?

Bailey: TOTES… I think a BDSM shoot would be HOTT!!! Although I refuse to wear PVC. It does not breath and it aggravates my psoriasis. But I’m open to shooting anything as long as I can start in the cowgirl position to acclimate to the cock size, it’s all gravy.

Caramel: What do you feel is more important to the success of a production, variety or formula?

Bailey: The comfort level of the performers and the skill level of the photographer. In my shoot with Shemale Yum, I would say the only reason I probably didn’t start hyperventilating was because River Stark (my photographer) was so very helpful and patient with me and she really knew how to get good shots even if/when I wasn’t giving her a lot a good stuff to shoot. I think Tia is an expert at getting her girls in their comfort zone.

Caramel: Most trans performers and production companies are just as well rounded entertainment wise as their CIS counter parts. What can be done to help spread that belief?

Bailey: To those that don’t think trans women are as hot as Cis women where porn is concerned, just start Googling it. There are way more than just Bailey Jay that will wow you with their beauty.

Caramel: Are there any particular trans men you’d like to work with in the future?

Bailey: To be honest, I don’t even know of any. I’m sure there’s tons, but I have a hard time remembering names.

Caramel: I don’t really believe that anyone’s transition ends until our lives end. But for all for all intents and purposes, you have fully transitioned. I hope I didn’t just contradict myself, but now that you have, do your parents accept you and identify you as their daughter?

Bailey: My mother does but I don’t think my old man has quite grasped the concept yet. But he’s trying so I’m being patient.

Caramel: Does your family know about your adult industry work? If so, what was the reaction and what are their most harsh objections to?

Bailey: They have NO clue and hopefully it stays that way. I think sometimes ignorance can be bliss and this is one of those situations. Both are Catholic and both would prolly be disappointed to know their baby is (in their mind) degrading herself by shooting porn. Thinking about it makes me giggle.

Caramel: What are some of your hobbies outside of the adult industry?

Bailey: Day trading penny stocks and disc golf. I actually recently just spent four whole days disc golfing at five different course in my area. Disc golf is my yoga (at least until I start missing 10 foot putts. Then it’s time to quit).

Caramel: What music is in heavy rotation on your playlist now and what did you grow up listening to mostly?

Bailey: Right now I’m on a Dubstep kick and I recently decided to go back to the classic 90’s early 2000’s Hip-Hop. You can find what I listen to on Spotify here. My playlist keeps growing with more music that I find, but I have recently found a remix of the “Imperial March” (from Star Wars Vader’s Theme) that I love. 

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