Caramel’s Interview with Anastasia Coxx

August 3, 2016

I hope you’ll enjoy my interview with Anastasia Coxx!

Caramel: Where were you born and raised?

Anastasia: I was born in Colorado and raised in a small tourist town.

Caramel: When did you first begin to realize that you might be trans?

Anastasia: When I was four years old and some grown-ups asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, I replied, “I wanna be a girl!”

Caramel: Well, alright!  Did you share this information with any close friends or family members?

Anastasia: My family never took it seriously.  I attempted coming out again at the age of 12.  I was prescribed antidepressants.

Caramel: Were you bullied as a kid?

Anastasia: Only by my older brothers, which made me tough enough to not take shit from anyone.

Anastasia Coxx on Twitter

Caramel: What were your best/worst subjects in school?

Anastasia: Best: Music. Worst: The rest.

Caramel: The glamorous and lucrative sides of being in porn are obvious. You’re good looking and great at sex, so you get paid to do it in front of a camera for the rest of us to watch.  How did you get your start in the business?

Anastasia Coxx on Twitter

Anastasia: I remembered how hard it is to find a job with a criminal record.  I submitted an application to Grooby and started escorting. Turns out that I’m a really good escort!  It’s all about customer service and really listening to the needs of the individual.  Radius Dark agreed to shoot me in March.  Although porn is not nearly profitable yet, I enjoy it immensely.  All of my sets look beautiful and they will be my legacy long after I’m gone!

Caramel: I don’t have any numbers to prove it, but as I cover the industry, I get the impression that trans porn is becoming more popular and that there’s more opportunity for trans performers now than even just a few years ago.  Would you agree with that?

Anastasia: Absolutely.  I would say that opportunities are arising everywhere for trans people in America.  I would also say that it still takes a lot of hard work and determination.  I’m also sure that I would get way more work if I moved to L.A.  But I love Colorado too much.

Caramel: I mentioned the glamorous side of working in porn, but working in the industry also has its challenges.  To debunk some trans porn star stereotypes.  What are some of the major ones you’ve encountered, or at least heard about?

Anastasia: The big one is that we all love to top, of course!  Guys get this notion that since we have penises we must love to use them all the time.  It varies widely depending on the girl, but usually we’re coaxed into getting a boner and swinging it around irregardless.

Caramel: Do you ever feel like you’ve been judged unfairly because of what you do?  Do your friends and family know that you’ve done adult work?  If so, were they accepting?

Anastasia: I just recently came out to my family as trans (we don’t talk much).  Maybe next year they will be able to handle another shocker, but for now I am in “marketing.”

Caramel: *Smiles* Do you watch porn on your own time?

Anastasia: Ever since I first learned about the Internet.

Caramel: There’s competition in the trans niche of adult entertainment as there is in every industry. Where do you see yourself in the competition?  By the way, the your technique of using sexy dialogue with the stripping and masturbation in your debut was brilliant.

Anastasia: I believe I am quite amateur compared with the majority.  I have had zero modeling experience, so I’m just coasting on my looks right now!  But with each shoot, I am learning what works and what doesn’t.  I’m also going to begin producing my own porn very soon.  By making and editing my own content, I believe we’ll soon see a new, sexier Anastasia on the Internet.

Caramel: Producing too.  That’s awesome!  Which trans women do you believe are the most influential in the adult industry and who in the mainstream?

Anastasia: I must confess that I haven’t watched much mainstream since first stumbling across trans porn almost ten years ago. Sadly, my most favorite trans star does not make porn anymore. But right now Mayumi Sparkles is my biggest role model. As for influential, I tend to stay away from the politics of porn for now. I’m here to leave naked pictures of myself for generations to come.

Caramel: What are some things you find lacking in trans porn or in porn in general?

Anastasia: I find that it always caters to the male viewer.  As our biggest demographic, this is reasonable.  But I would like to see more where you know the girls really enjoy themselves. Two Tgirls is great when it comes to that genuine content.

Caramel: You can say that again. Do you enjoy amateur porn? Indie porn?

Anastasia Coxx naked with guitar

Anastasia: Like most, I’m picky when it comes to quality.  Which I know is hypocritical since I have a shitty camera phone!  But really all it takes is a decent camera and some lights to really step up your game (I’m getting to it real soon, I promise).

Caramel: Exciting! What about live webcam? Is it something you’ve done or would like to try?

Anastasia: I attempted Chaturbating long before I even considered going into porn.  Dove right in and made about $20 for four hours.  I didn’t like the idea of making 5/hr and dropped it pretty quick.  I still do private shows from time to time, but I really prefer the real thing 😉

Caramel: How long did it take before you felt comfortable in front of the camera?

Anastasia: The very instant I came out as trans.

Caramel: Are you a bottom, top, or verse in your personal life?

Anastasia: My sexuality is as fluid and ever changing as the weather. So I’m gonna say versatile though I most often like to bottom.

Caramel: Damn, girl. In your solo debut (not to be confused with the hardcore scene) when your producer Radius Dark conducted his opening interview with you, you told him that you chose your stage name because you like big cocks.  Is it primarily because of the sensation, visual or a combination of both?

Anastasia: The things that turn me on the most usually resonate with me on a psychological level.  I love the power that my brain associates with big, hard cocks.  I have trouble verbally articulating coherent thoughts, so it comes out as ‘I like big cocks.’

Anastasia Coxx nude

Caramel: You’ve stated that you have a strong jaw which comes in handy which sucking big cocks.  Are there any particular words of wisdom you can share about fellatio for someone who needs to know how to become better at it?

Anastasia: As my music teachers always taught me, perfect practice makes perfect.  Truthfully, it’s dependent on the cock you are servicing.  Everyone has a different preference when it comes to head. Wet or dry, fast or slow – communication with your partner is key to a good time.  And of course building up those jaw muscles!  There is also plenty of good reading to be found online about different methods.  Google is an amazing resource for these things.

Caramel: You’re well hung yourself, Anastasia.  Have you found that most people who’ve had the pleasure of handling your cock had to work up to it?

Anastasia: Those who’ve had the pleasure know all good things take a little hard work 😉

Caramel: Your co-star Ruckus in the hardcore scene is a great male adult actor – very good looking and not lacking in the cock department.  He’s also very experienced.  Did working with him ease any initial nervousness you may have had going into your first hardcore performance?

Anastasia: Ruckus was a total sweetheart and very understanding when it came to my needs.  Also didn’t hurt that he’s easy on the eyes!  I’ve seen some negative comments about his tattoos (which begs the question, why were you focusing on the male talent?).  I am personally a fan of tats.  I hope to work with him again if I get the chance.

Caramel: I like his ink.  Ruckus payed close attention to your lovely breasts and nipples.  I’m glad that you’re happy with them because I think they’re perfect.  Are they very sensitive?

Anastasia: Less so over time.  I once came without anything but my nipples stimulated.  Because of the fluid nature of my sexuality, I have not been able to mimic it.

Caramel: Some trans women don’t actually like being sucked off. Do you like it?

Anastasia: I love good head!

Caramel: When you partner is ready to cum, how do you most like to receive it?

Anastasia: Face and breasts are my fav 😀

Caramel: Has fucking on camera made off camera sex better or worse for you?

Anastasia: Definitely better!  It gives you an idea of what you look like from a different perspective, so you can translate that into the bedroom fosho!

Caramel: Your Two Tgirls co-star was its founder Mayumi Sparkle’s ensemble actresses Keelyn Nyx who I’m a huge fan of.  How did the arrangement to travel to Florida for the “Computer ASSistance” shoot develop?

Anastasia: Mayumi sent me a message on Twitter and the rest is history.

Caramel: Mayumi has a trademark brand of humor at the beginning and end of her Two Tgirls scenes. Right at the start, you had a very funny line that can be seen in the trailer.

Anastasia: This scene has so much truth that it hurts.  Computers really frustrate me in real life and Keelin speaks their language.  Although I usually do know enough to find porn by myself.

Caramel: Keelin can fuck and suck like nobody’s business and that goes for you too, of course.  She was the top in “Computer ASSistance”.  What are the primary differences between being fucked by another trans woman and getting railed by a guy?  Do you have a preference between the two?

Anastasia: Keelin is very talented! I was quite impressed by her rigidity and you can note when her giant girl-stick sends my body into involuntary convulsions.  I almost came before it was time to cum!

Caramel: You do have a way with words.  Do you also enjoy sex with cisgender females?  Might you work in the future with GGs (genetic girls), too?

Anastasia: I’m pansexual.  All people are beautiful, though sometimes I crave a yummy pussy to dive into ;D

Caramel: Hooray for the pan!  Thinking back on the humorous parts of the Two Tgirls scene, do most people pick up on your good sense of humor right off the bat when they meet you?

Anastasia: Either that or they find me eccentric and intolerable.  But usually I’m humorous.  If my dream of becoming a porn/rock star falls through, I plan to go into comedy.

Caramel: I can see that working out well. Do you have any fetishes?

Anastasia: My fetishes are as free-forming as clouds in the sky, but I have some general “base” fetishes that usually apply:

Power Exchange – whether I have the power or not.
Intelligence – usually I like a connection with my partner other than sexually.
Making Out – I love a good kisser.
Spontaneity – which is hard to achieve in porn where everything is so set up.
Public Places – but not being stupid about it. Last thing I need is sex offender status for giving a blow job in a park.
ROMANCE – call me old-fashioned, but I like a few enemies slain in my honor.

Caramel: Are you into BDSM?

Anastasia: Yes!

Caramel: Yay! Favorite position?

Anastasia: Missionary seems to work the best for orgasm, though I love it from behind.  Or picked up and fucked on a wall.  Not many guys can pick up an Amazonian she-beast of my stature though :/

Caramel: I know that many would like to try.  Do you have any thoughts or predictions about the American presidential race you’d like to share?

Anastasia: Hillary will win with the begrudging support of millions of Bernie fans, myself included.

Caramel: I rarely talk politics online, but I haven’t yet managed to get over the Bernie Sanders controversy, either.  What do you do when not working?

Anastasia: Pretty much all I do is try to find more work.  It’s mind-numbing, especially if you consider my stance on computers!  But my leisure activities include eating, cooking, cleaning, listening to music, making music, video games, and the hopeless pursuit of finding a Death Metal band that wants a transgender vocalist.

Caramel: I might know someone.  It’s a long shot due to distance, but I’ll talk with you about that off list. Who is your celebrity crush?

Anastasia: It is and always has been Jennifer Aniston.

Caramel: Are you single?

Anastasia: No, but in an open relationship. I love my boyfriend very much 🙂

Caramel: How would someone get your special attention?

Anastasia: Money always works!  Usually if I get a message other than ‘hi’ and it isn’t completely crude or demeaning, I’ll reply.

Caramel: Would you date a fan?

Anastasia: I actually just met my biggest fan last night.  I suppose if I clicked with a fan I would at least give them a chance.

Caramel: What’s your one biggest pet peeve?

Anastasia: Besides computers?  Mainstream radio.

Caramel: Yeah, frustrating to say the least.  What would be a good theme song for your life?

Anastasia: I love these questions!  It would be ‘There is Nothing Left’ by All Shall Perish.

Caramel: What is your most embarrassing moment?

Anastasia: My 8th grade talent show.  Half my band fell through on me.  It was literally me and my bassist performing Metallica’s ‘Fade to Black’ and Cheech & Chong’s ‘Earache my Eye.’ We still killed it though!  Even though they turned off my mic when I attempted singing Metallica. 😂😂😂

Caramel: Which three people (famous or otherwise) would you most like to invite to a dinner party?

Anastasia: Laverne Cox, Obama, and Caitlin Jenner. #sorrynotsorry

Caramel: What’s your favourite animal and why?

Anastasia: I have always had a spiritual resonance with goats.  Maybe because they climb mountains that most consider impossible to scale.

Caramel: What is your favorite movie?

Anastasia: The Big Lebowski.  I’m not really a die-hard dudeist, but I love the religion and I live the movie.

Caramel: Name a temptation you wish you could resist.

Anastasia: Beef jerky. Sorry, cows. 😢

Caramel: I live in Florida.  I feel more sorry for the goats.  How long have you been playing guitar and when did you first start getting into Death Metal? Who are some of your favorite bands and musicians?

Anastasia: I got my first guitar when I was 11.  I had all but given up on it when I heard Metallica in 8th grade, just in time for the talent show!  Later I would hear Pantera for the first time and it just got heavier from there. Currently my favorite musicians are: Dying Fetus, All Shall Perish, The Faceless, Parkway Drive, Pantera, Quo Vadis, Mors Principium Est, Amon Amarth, Finntroll, Children of Bodom, Nightwish, The Charlie Daniels Band, the list goes on…

Caramel: You like reading fantasy and horror novels. Have you ever read anything so scary that you considered giving it up?

Anastasia: The closest I’ve gotten was with H.P. Lovecraft.  Even through the century, his words capture most readers in his dark world of twisted horrors.  Plus, they’re really short stories, easy to read.

Caramel: What’s your type? (i.e., skater, a rocker like yourself, MMA fighter, nerd, questionably straight, princess, etc.)?

Anastasia: My type will always be changing, though I hold a strong preference for “daddies.”

Caramel: What makes you angry?

Anastasia: Systematic oppression and inherent racism run rampant in our society even though most people won’t address it as a problem.  AKA privilege.  Did I mention I hate computers?

Caramel: For a semi-related question, iPhone or Android?

Anastasia: I hate Apples more than most computers, so Android I guess.

Caramel: On what do you spend the most: clothes, accessories, perfumes, underwear, or anything else?

Anastasia: I shop at thrift stores for everything except underwear.  And of course I *have* to have Victoria’s Secret.

Caramel: What is the prized possession you value above all others?

Anastasia: My guitar, Savannah.  She’s a red Les Paul copy, made by Anthem.  Anthem was a small branch-off from Ibanez, a small line of guitars sold only in small music stores in an attempt to bridge the disparity caused by Musician’s Friend and Guitar Center.  They are now out of business.

Caramel: I gotta hear you shred someday.  How you would spend your fantasy 24 hours, with no travel restrictions?

Anastasia: Snowboarding in France followed by sampling terrible wines and cheeses, but pretending to like them.

Caramel: What accomplishment in your life are you most proud of?

Anastasia: Becoming myself and no longer lying to the world about it.  Also my recovery from substance abuse was no small task.

Caramel: Wow, same here on both issues. Congratulations!  What advice would you give to any trans girl who’s looking to begin a career in porn?

Anastasia: Be active on social media.  Find a college student (who’s not too creepy) willing to take pictures of you for free.  Porn sites want to know how you look in front of a camera that’s not two feet away from your face.

Caramel: Name an unfulfilled ambition that continues to haunt you.

Anastasia: Becoming a famous rock star.

Caramel: What are you most passionate about?

Anastasia: Music, namely Death Metal; helping those less fortunate; avoiding my own issues by helping those less fortunate.

Caramel: What projects you are currently working on?

Anastasia: In addition to getting my own porn going, I’m attempting to start or join a local Death Metal band.  The progress for both has been slow but steady.

Caramel: What can fans expect to see from Anastasia Coxx in the remainder of 2016 and in 2017?

Anastasia: I will have my own creative and imaginative porn online by 2017!!!

Caramel: I’ll be right here promoting it.  Where can we find you on social media?

Anastasia: I use (and hate) all forms of social media!  I am on and on Twitter at @anastasia_coxx

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