Caramel’s Interview with Alina Wang

March 14, 2016

Social media marketing is absolutely crucial for new models for adult industry exposure. When I learned about the budding career of this stunning London model via Twitter @alinawang694 which led me to her website, I was so impressed with what she’s been doing, I couldn’t resist asking her for an interview. I hope that her clever self-marketing skills and this discussion will give her an extra bump in exposure and that you’ll enjoy reading our interview.

Twitter: @alinawang694

Caramel: How long have you been living in London, Alina and where are you originally from?

Alina: I have been living in London for eleven years. I am originally from China.

Caramel: When did you first begin dressing as a girl?

Alina: I can’t remember exactly, but it was around when I was 8 or 9 years old. I secretly wore my mum’s silky dress, stockings, knickers and high heels at home. I also remember I got found out by my grandma when I was wearing my cousin’s lingerie in my teen age.

Caramel: Awkward, to say the least. When I first began to admire your fashion sense with upscale business attire and lingerie, Ferragamo shoes, etc., I wondered where and when your style developed as an adult. What are some of your biggest fashion inspirations?

Alina: I love fashion since I was young. When I was very young, I loved spending my spare time in shopping centres looking at window displays from different designers. I’ve got friends who have fashion design and management backgrounds. So I learnt a lot from them. Even I helped them with their thesis leading to their degrees in fashion, and some of them eventually joined the fashion industry. By that chance, I learnt fashion from the theoretical point of view. Undoubtfully, London is the world’s fashion centre. I developed my fashion sense hugely since moved here. Especially, the women working in London city inspired me massively in my fashion sense.

Caramel: When did you first venture out dressed as a girl?

Alina: When I was around 14 years old, I went out as a girl to a shopping centre to buy my first bra and that was my first venture out! In my teenage years, my parents were busy with their jobs and they sometimes leave me alone at home for a couple of days or even weeks. During school holidays, I dressed up as a girl at home full time. I remember one time, the parcel delivery man came knocking our door and I was dressed in a mini sexy dress at home. I opened the door, turned around and bent forward, pretending to pick up something so my lace knickers and my whole legs in stockings were in front of him. The man didn’t say anything, but I could see that his face turned so red. I sometimes went out during the night too just to walk around on the street. Yes, it was dangerous and I remember one time in the night a lorry driver stopped to the roadside and grabbed me into his lorry. He eagerly touched my body and searched my breasst while I was trying to, but couldn’t escape. He continued doing that until he suddenly found I might be a boy. He was disappointed I think as he probably thought he grabbed a sexy girl. He then threatened that he would drive me to his factory and ask all his friends to rape me. While he was swearing, I took a chance and escaped! That was so close and so dangerous! However, it didn’t stop me from going out during the night! I so wanted to be a girl, and deep down a slut who enjoy getting a lot of men’s attention on the street.

Caramel: I’ll bet you did get a lot of attention as you still do today. Does your family know about your adult entertainment career?

Alina: No.

Caramel: Are you mainly attracted to men? Do you ever play with other trans girls or with genetically born females?

Alina: I am attracted to men, trans girls and GGs (genetic girls). I played with other trans girls, but never had a chance so far to play with GG.

Caramel: You have your whole life in front of you. Who knows what could happen? If someone is interested in dating you, what can they do to impress you enough to allow them to take you out?

Alina: Show a sense of humour; make me feel girl like me is respected. I may randomly ask them to do something little for my favour and I will go out with the guy who just does it without hesitation.

Caramel: This question can have dual meaning for a trans girl, but how old were you when you lost your virginity?

Alina: 17.

Caramel: Would you consider yourself more of a bottom or a top (passive or aggressive)?

Alina: Bottom.

Caramel: Do you have any interest in BDSM?

Alina: Yes.

Caramel: I’ll come back to that later. What are some of your favorite sex toys?

Alina: Anal beads, dildo, vibrator.

Caramel: Tell me a little about your introduction to the porn world.

Alina: It all started from sharing my photos online. I then realised I am really satisfied by gaining admirers and seeing them sexually aroused by looking at my photos. I then started to share short video clips. Soon I received many requests from fans and some of them offering financial support for that. I got so excited realising people enjoy so much by watching at me. At the same time, I started to think I can make my trans life more supported financially by doing something I really enjoy! That’s the time when I started thinking about setting up my own xxx website. That was at the end of 2014. Last year, I started to pay attention to the “technical” side of the porn industry and websites. It was difficult as I have no experience either the porn industry or website building. I was struggling to find my own business model until one day I visited an xxx website owned by a genetic girl pornstar, whom I have followed for some time for her pantyhose and fetish videos. Her website inspired me so much. It made me realised that it can be so simple to set up my own site. So here you go, my was born!

Caramel: Would you consider modeling for major adult entertainment studios?

Alina: Yes, I would love to.

Caramel: When did you develop a passion for pantyhose and when did you realize the effect of your wearing them on your fans?

Alina: My passion of pantyhose was developed as early as I developed my desire to be a girl. I feel they are so sexy on legs. It does not need to be in fancy styles. The plainest pantyhose just bring out the raw sexiness out of women’s legs. They are like the makeup on legs. I also feel so comfortable wearing them. Since I had an original passion on pantyhose, I think I naturally attracted a lot of fans with pantyhose and nylon fantasies. So to answer the question, it all started from the beginning as I know naturally how the fans would like to see the pantyhose legs. However, on the flip side, it was only in recent months that I realized the effect of when I take them off. I realized there are as many fans who would like to see me in just bare legs and feet!

Caramel: “Makeup on legs.” I like that. If I were an ad exec with a hosiery contract, I might pitch that phrase. And you have also indeed developed a strong and devoted foot fetish base. When did you realize that a large percentage of your fan base consists of foot lovers and have you furnished special requests for them?

Alina: It was in recent years since I started to share small video clips online. I received so many requests on just videoing my feet and toes, with and without hose. I then realized there is a huge foot fetish community. I started to make foot fetish videos. And I started to pay attention to the special requests like: spreading my toes widely; putting on nice dark nail polish; toe rings; ankle bracelets; giving foot jobs from a certain angle, etc. I realized I actually really enjoy doing that. I also developed my love of having my toes sucked. In one of my videos, my stud sucked and swallowed my toes, and to be honest, it made me so excited and horny.

Caramel: This is very erotic area too many girls sadly neglect. I hear this quite often. Now I know that you shoot the bulk of your own content, but who else films and takes photos of you?

Alina: Friends, professional or amateur photographers, fans or even random guys on the street J

Caramel: Some lucky gentleman might be in for a special surprise. What is the average length of your videos and do you ever shoot in HD?

Alina: Their average length is 10 minutes. If the content is too large, I break them into 10 minute parts. All my videos are in HD.

Caramel: One of your earliest erotic shoots involved a fox tail. Are you into the furry side of cosplay?

Alina: Not really. I just found the design of the anal plug was so special and sexy.

Caramel: I agree. Do you have any favorite porn stars?

Alina: To be honest, I am not a huge porn consumer lol. I am addicted to making porn though. I do like Natalia Forrest.

Caramel: What’s the last thing that happened to you that made you cum explosively?

Alina: I had a great sex with my photographer admirer in a hotel in London, specifically Kensington. The shape of his cock is perfect for me to enjoy anal. Long and not too thick. I came explosively after he came twice in my body. Some photos are published recently on my website. Not the sex scene though as he was too shy for camera lol.

Caramel: I cannot wait for the readers to see your website, Alina. Moving in a different direction, what kind of music is in heavy rotation on your playlist?

Alina: Mid-tempo R&B and pops, for example, pretty girl rock.

Caramel: Do you have any particular hobbies?

Alina: I like swimming.

Caramel: Do you ever consider SRS (Sex Reassignment Surgery?

Alina: Yes, but I can’t see it happening in near future.

Caramel: Back to the subject of BDSM for my final question. Do you think there might be some experimentation and exploration into the lifestyle on your website in the future? Are there any other genres you’d like to explore?

Alina: Yes definitely! I would like to try BDSM! I think it will make me so excited if I’m wearing a tight PVC dress with sexy, thin transparent lingerie and nylon on legs, and I’m tied-up in a “public” area with mouth blocked. Men walking past me can search my body, but I can’t move at all to avoid that, although I’m trying to. I then start to enjoy it and welcome them. A stud then comes and takes my knickers off and sucks my clitty, then my nylon covered toes. My mouth is then unblocked while the stud start to fuck my ass so I can shout and scream, however hands are still tied! His big cock is hurting my but I can’t do anything apart from screaming… In terms of other genres, I don’t know too much as I’m still new to the porn world. I did try some wet & messy play for a private customer. We kept a long relationship, however all the work created are offline just for him. Although he found I’m doing that well. I still don’t think that’s my type of thing. I would really like to explore outdoor/public play; playing with other tgirls or gg and group play. I’m very open to try and explore different areas and and as I said I’m addicted to making porn.

Twitter: @alinawang694

In “Naturally Alina Wang” on, the stunning model walks down a corridor of a ritzy hotel somewhere in London in an animal print jumpsuit and matching high heels. She runs into off-screen, Kalin, playing a photographer trying to build his portfolio. Alina poses for him inside her room, remarking that she’s an animal like her outfit suggests. Kalin has picked up that she’s trans and it dawns on her that he’s been following her around since she first checked into the hotel.

Alina Wang on UK-TGirls

Naturally Alina Wang on UK-TGirls

This discussion occurs while Alina moves her top downward to reveal her animal print brassiere, trim mid-section and pantyhose tops. She asks if Kalin would like to see more and she pushes her pants down while bending over the chair. She settles down full frontal for the camera and there just happens to be a big purple sex toy on the table beside her.

The outline of Alina’s bulge is visible through her pantyhose as she starts buzzing the large vibrator across it. Alina removes one of her pricey pumps and asks Kalin to take a look at her hosed foot. She wiggles her pedicured toes around, informing him that she has a lot of fans who are crazy about her feet.

Something else many of them love is the small, perky breasts and nipples she exposes when she removes her bra. Alina looks absolutely stunning in just her glossy pantyhose and there’s plenty of full body footage and foot fetish oriented views to come. There’s also Alina using anal beads in the most advantageous method and the exposure of her uncut cock. She also gives a little barefoot action and jerks her penis to a full erection!

Alina Wang UK-TGirls Encore

Alina Pleases Herself on UK-TGirls

Alina looks amazing in her encore performance “Alina Pleases Herself“. She’s wearing a lightweight leather jacket over a Spring top and skirt ensemble with transparent pumps. She speaks with Kalin, her admirer and photographer again, in a hotel room.

They focus on her high heels (which might make foot lovers lose it before moving any further) and she says how it excites her so much to wear them. Anyone who has spent a good amount of time knows how much Alina loves attention paid to her pretty feet.

Alina’s “top” turns out to lingerie upon closer inspection. You’ll pick this up while eyeing her nipples that show through the lace. It’s a one-piece worn over her shiny pantyhose. Alina spends quite a bit of time buzzing a vibrator across her bulge. She eventually goes topless and begins jerking off with her pantyhose still on!

She encourages you to cum with her and to keep edging. In fact, she doesn’t want you to cum until she tells you it’s okay. Alina fully exposes her erection while talking dirty and she produces a silver butt plug seemingly out of nowhere.

You can hear from her moaning how good it feels. Alina is imagining you pumping your stiff cock in and out of her. She begins counting down the seconds before her raging hard dick shoots a thick, creamy load of jizz! – Caramel Black 2019

Thank you for reading and follow Alina on Twitter at @alinawang694 and visit the website.

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