Brazzers: In Bed With The Ex with Angela White & Emma Rose

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In Bed With The Ex with Angela White & Emma Rose Description: It’s Emma Rose’s big Brazzers debut, and while Emma is ready to move on after breaking up with Angela White, Angela just can’t let her ex go. Angela drops by while Emma is in the shower, and lies in what used to be their bed, smelling the sheets and reminiscing about the hot sex they used to have. Emma enters and is furious to see Angela there, but Angela knows exactly how to seduce her ex, rubbing lotion over Emma’s ass, leading to an intense fucking. If Angela has her way, this won’t be the last time they share a bed.

Caramel’s Review: The opening sequence of In Bed With The Ex brings us a voyeuristic look at Emma checking herself out in the mirror after a workout. She beings stripping and admires her beautiful face and lovely breasts. Then she lowers her exercise pants and reveals the perfection of her bare bottom. As she turns to survey her ass, we get a peek at the cock and balls slightly swaying between her thighs. Next, her bare feet pad into the shower where she lathers up and caresses herself. Little does she know that her ex, Angela, is standing outside of the shower fully dressed, lusting after her naked form.

Angela is next seen holding Emma’s pillow and inhaling the scent of Emma’s fragrance. In a dream sequence, she’s rolling around in bed with Emma and they’re both scantily clad in lingerie. They kiss passionately, but the flashback ends with Angela in bed alone. Angela spots a hairbrush that she remembers Emma holding when they had a terrible argument. Then Emma emerges from the shower in a robe and spots Angela sitting on her bed. She’s pissed and Angela tells her that she’s just there to collect her stuff.

As Emma rubs lotion on her legs, Angela tosses the clothes on the bed that she’s about to pack. But Emma recognizes one of her dresses and calls Angela out on trying to take it. Angela fondly remembers that Emma wore that dress on their first date. She makes an advance on Emma, but it’s rejected as Emma is now dating someone new. But Emma’s body can’t deny the amazing chemistry they still have together. And Angela gets what she wants – at least for now.

The girls fall into a mutual oral session. Once Emma’s cock is rock hard, she rails Angela in the missionary position, sucking her toes as she drills her pretty pussy. There’s a tittie-fuck session and then, Angela rides Emma in the cowgirl position. Analingus evolves into hard fucking from behind. Then there’s a cunnilingus sequence that leads to a missionary position jackhammer pounding! After Emma cums on Angela’s gorgeous face and huge tits, she has the last drops of jizz sucked out of her erection.

I’m not going to say if there’s a chance of them getting back together. The ending is a great way to close a very well-written story. Click here to check out all of the Brazzers trans porn to date. I hope they keep them coming because they’re doing an incredible job with their journey into the trans porn niche!

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