Black-TGirls: Tiana Brook & Adonis! Review by Caramel

Tiana Brook is about to get fucked by Adonis!

This is the 7th shoot featuring beautiful Tiana Brook once again produced by Omar Wax. Tiana, who made Model of the Month with her 2018 debut shoot, is joined by handsome Adonis Couverture, one of the porn community’s hottest super studs. A fan wrote, “Now this is how a sexy TS is supposed to be fucked on screen,” and I read that statement before I saw the video.

I’m not sure what he was talking about entirely, but he hit the nail on the head with that comment. But it’s not just the fucking that makes this Black TGirls scene so masterful. The production values and intimacy during the foreplay drives the heat of this scene and the chemistry is incredible.

Then there’s the missionary position railing, the doggy style pounding and the side saddle banging that follows and take the scene to a whole new level of passion. By the time you get to the powerful reverse cowgirl fucking sequence, if you can make it so far, you’re likely to agree that this is one of the finest hardcore shoots you’ll ever see on

But you might want to compare this performance to for fun!

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