Black-TGirls: More Bubbles! Caramel’s Review

Although her performance was lit in “Bubbles Tops”, I’m not a fan of TS/Male scenes with the trans woman topping masculine men. It’s just not my thing. If she’d topped another beautiful TS on or on TGirls.Porn,

I would have absolutely loved seeing that! I love the most recent solo performance, “More Bubbles” because it’s back to the basics. Although she’s more richly endowed with boobs than she was during her debut, we’re reminded of why we found her so incredibly hot in the first place. Bubbles twerks on the mattress in lingerie with long gloves. Her curvy legs and sexy feet are bare and her panties are almost fully off within the first couple of minutes.

Her amazing ass, and playing with it while softly moaning, are the focuses of the first part of the sequence. Bubbles is completely nude when the cock stroking sequence gets fully underway. Even if I wasn’t the biggest fan of her previous Black-TGirls hardcore scene, I appreciate it for showing us what Bubbles can do with her big, girl cock.

I know what it’s like to see her rip off a condom and shoot a fresh load of cum. We have producer KilaKali and to thank for that. Stream or download the 15:45 HD Video that’s complimented by 105 Photos.

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