Review: Beautiful Natalie Mars Gets Creampied by Rob Yaeger

November 5, 2016

Scene Trailer

Scene Trailer Rob Yaeger – ManyVids

On October 15, 2016, Adult DVD Talk and TS Dreamland interviewer PornOCD posted his interview-with-rob-yaeger and you can click here to read reviews of some of my scene reviews. Here’s an update of a scene and the ManyVids synopsis reads: Natalie Mars is the perfect performer: beautiful, sexy, smart and charismatic as all hell. I love her, too, and we are going to be working a LOT more in the future. In this hardcore scene, there’s amazing oral, butt-licking, face-fucking and trademark Yaeger slamming all the way through. And to top it off, there is a jaw-dropping, dripping internal cumshot that will leave you breathless. “Beautiful Natalie Mars Gets Creampied” is the title on omnisexual star Rob Yaeger’s ManyVids site and it’s ” Fishnets, Anal Sex & Creampies” on Natalie’s ManyVids site. You can view both trailers, and you really ought to because they’re from different stages of the full torrid video.

Scene Trailer Natalie Mars - ManyVids

Scene Trailer Natalie Mars – ManyVids

This scene that’s also available on Yaegerman’s video store The Fuck Chronicles begins with a little humor to warm things up. Rob and Natalie are in bed and while he notices a few distinctive similarities about them. They both have freckles and share similar background traits and have ancestry in the same geographical locations across the United States. Natalie who sits up beside Rob in a sheer bra, panties, stay-up fishnet stockings and tall pumps, casually rubs the bulge in his shorts. She’s not quite sure where this is going but continues to listen intently. The funny dialogue leads to the discussion coming to an end when they both decide it really doesn’t matter how their paths may have crossed in the past. They’re hot and horny for each other and proceed to make out passionately.

They rise to their knees on the bed while kissing and Rob pauses from fondling Natalie’s curvy bottom to lower her brassiere. Her devours one of her firm, succulent looking breasts and gives her ass a brisk spank. Natalie kneels down to help Rob get his shorts down. He’s going commando and his big cock is already stiff when it springs out into the open air. She scoots up for another kiss while curling her fingers around his erection and stroking it firmly. The gaze of her pretty eyes is fixed on you when she takes the swollen head of his cock into her mouth and begins sucking as far along the hard shaft as she can.

There’s a killer tease sequence that occurs during Rob’s salad-tossing expedition where her panties aren’t completely removed yet. She alternates between sucking is hardon and receiving a rim job and for some considerable time, you don’t get to see Natalie’s family jewels, even when Rob begins thrusting his stiff cock in and out of the prime real estate of her bottom from behind. But during the powerful bareback doggy style fucking, Natalie’s big cock and balls finally escape her panties. While she moans out her pleasure, her large boner bounces and sways fully erect. It’s totally visible and fully erect when she gets banged so hard that her body is fully laid out across the bed. All this happens before we’re halfway through the video. I highly recommend getting a hold of this fantastic scene on Rob’s Store, Natalie’s Store or on Yaegerman’s The Fuck Chronicles outlet.